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Which is more controversial? Men-kissing-men or Females-kissing-Females? Same-Sex Kiss in nigerian movies: Which Is More Acceptable? The ghanaians are doing it !

Is there a double standard in the Ghana movie industry when it comes to seeing same-sex kisses on screen?Are make-out sessions between two females more widely accepted than two guys? The reason is:

The movie Jezebel was the first Ghanaian movie to feature two women kissing openly.

The sequel to the movie is even more raunchier..and you almost want to scream out "Pearl Klugenu — you can come out of the closet now".

Now lets flip the table, if this same movie featured two Ghanaian actors openly kissing each other, what would have been the public reaction?

It is now apparent that directors featuring lesbian themes in movies is widely acceptable otherwise there wouldn't be a Jezebel Part 4 with more lesbian action scenes. I myself do not wish to see neither Sex make out on screen whether is two females or two males.

Which is more controversial? Men-kissing-men or Females-kissing-Females?

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My mama told me not to play wit fayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
My thoughts are that women would be seen as less controversial, although I have no scientific proof to back that thought, apart from the fact that Western Society has mounted an orchestrated campaign to infiltrate the African culture with these things, so as to make Homosexuality accepted.

They proceed gradually, with caution, therefore it may seem that by starting out with women, folks generally take that to be more acceptable. Then next they move to men on men, and then on to men/women on animals....we've seen it happen before.
I agree with you completely.
the ghanians are doing it! thats does not mean we should also do them. we have a culture to protect.its like pple r losin there sense.
Oteri does make a very interesting point. I remember the first girl/girl kiss shown on UK television created a huge public storm, but when you see it twice, three times and so on, then people have the boundary pushed further at what will shock them.
I agree with Mr. Oteri....America is flooded with this sort of perverted and abominable behavior, to the point that is is sickening! I am from America, so I can say that! The word of God tells us that a little laven, infects the whole lump! And before you know it, your streets will be full of this type of behavior and perversion, and there will be no shame!

Let your televison stations know that you do not want that type of programming on your networks...if it would do any good...B-blessed everyone!
i follow d Bible 2 d core, there will be consequences `and i wont be there 2 witness it
The two is madness. The essence of the home video is not only to entertain but also to teach. Pls let us not encourage things that contradict our norm. things that are tantamount to abomination in our home video. It should not even come up as a topic for discussion. PLS NO SAME SEX KISSING!!!!!
Big deal?
The two are not worth doing. Bone to bone; that's nothing but societal decay and attrociy. We learnt all this abnormality from the western way of ife, it is not our culture, niether is it our tradition to do so. If this happens in Ghana, let the Ghanians advance in the way they so desire and our societi must not be like that. Note: that is sodom coming back and God's decision on Sodom was not a good one at all
i fink men kissing men is mur terrible


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