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Which is more controversial? Men-kissing-men or Females-kissing-Females? Same-Sex Kiss in nigerian movies: Which Is More Acceptable? The ghanaians are doing it !

Is there a double standard in the Ghana movie industry when it comes to seeing same-sex kisses on screen?Are make-out sessions between two females more widely accepted than two guys? The reason is:

The movie Jezebel was the first Ghanaian movie to feature two women kissing openly.

The sequel to the movie is even more raunchier..and you almost want to scream out "Pearl Klugenu — you can come out of the closet now".

Now lets flip the table, if this same movie featured two Ghanaian actors openly kissing each other, what would have been the public reaction?

It is now apparent that directors featuring lesbian themes in movies is widely acceptable otherwise there wouldn't be a Jezebel Part 4 with more lesbian action scenes. I myself do not wish to see neither Sex make out on screen whether is two females or two males.

Which is more controversial? Men-kissing-men or Females-kissing-Females?

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Here comes RE-INCARNATION of SODOM and GOMORAH!!...God is watching patiently as He is being provoked. Absolutely debasing, even animals can't condescend to such low levels. Think of it, have u seen a female goat going after another female goat?
The topic on which is more controversial on men kissing men or female kissing females. Sounds dirty and nasty. Have we forgotten so soon the sin of sodom and gonora in the Bible? I feel worried over see lesbians and homosexuals on screen. It's sin so...
female on female is fine.. male on male, its disgusting... all male gays should be hanged.
Lesbianism is a dirty game. Oh I cant imagine what same sex would be like. It sounds nauseatic.
Both are luciferously senile and lugubriously ludicrous. None is acceptable because according to the law of magnet: "Like poles repel, unlike poles attract!"
So because the Ghanaian are doing it we should do it and loose the last of our moral no now. Let keep some and not throw all to the winds. We have culture to protect and a tomorrow to watch over.
It is Wholly Wrong.It is dinate behaviour that is rampaging the so called ''Developed Countries''.The same Culture is being gradually being foot tested in ma dear Africa!!!Lord show us Mercy.The Bible said God created Adam and Eve AND NOT Adam and Steve!!!God in HIS INFINITE COMPLETENESS did not create EVE and Evelyn!!!! We should all beware of those i refer to as Children of Perfidy!!!!Flee or turn away from their likes!!!
Both are abnormal.
In my own opinion, i believe both is very wrong.
Come to think of it, ure sinnig against ur creator who has specifically joined man n woman interms of marriage
again 2 ur self
and lastly were u r from
Left 2 me its quiet disgusting.
I rest my case.


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