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HI,first of all this question isn't directed to anyone that thinks that anything thats got to do with sex should be left in the bedroom,am talking about those hypocritical conservetives around,or the holier than thou's that haVE somehow infested our society,and mind you,you are one,if after reading this discussion,you still go INSTEAD OF BEING HONEST,go ahead and post any form of critiscism about this topic,this question is directed to those that are or crave to be sexually librated,inteligent,boys and girls,those that know and apretiate the value of knowlegde,and understands the meaning of the sentence"NO KNOWLEGDGE IS A WASTE".those that constantly want to improve and learn,and understand the opposite sex.so stay out if you think you are a priest or nun{why reading it,in the fist place,hypocrite};Nuf Said.Back to the topic. couple of month ago,I met this really sexy chick that was in thesame class with me,back in school,thing is back in school i was dating her friend,whom i really was into at that time,but still this chick whose friend was my girl,was giving me the eye(you know,the i want to fuck you kinder look,too bad if you dont know or ever seen it b4),this girl not only gives me the eye but the touch,hugs,But we never got around to do the dos,if you know what i mean.So i met her at this function like a few months ago,and what do know,she at it again,the flirting but this time around i was doing ot too,so after thehugs,Hi and hellos,numbers exchanged,we set up date,(Dont blame me I was single and searching,still is at this moment).so after everything said and done,we went back to my place,and was at it,then, Bang,She explodes,i mean dynamite,(oh men, the girl fit do,)but what knock me out was the way she was reacting like shes was sex starved,or won a lottery or an all expenses paid trip to bahamas,she was mourning like her life depended on it,as a pro i tot she was just fronting or acting but men check out the fluid flowing (and be rest assured it wasnt from me) from her,She was all over me bed,twitching,scratching,screaming till she you know now.Well this got me thinking who really enjoys it most is the guys or girls,am talking about sex.LADIES YOUR ANSWERS ARE REALLY VALUED AND APPRETIATED.BLACK SWAN.

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