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Today's fast-paced world where information about most things, including the secrets behind the makings of a film, is readily available on the internet has taken away some vintage sensations. And one of these is the pleasure of getting terrified while watching a horror movie.

Now, even kids know the secrets behind most horror flicks, just like they know that Santa Claus who visits their school is probably one of their teachers. Most horror flicks are now emphasising stunts, hoping that will provide more attention because even video games are now as gory as a horror film can be.

However, it's a different tale entirely about two decades down the line. In the late ‘80s, a drama series aired on the Nigerian Television Authority that was capable of provoking a ‘brown trouser' time for both children and adults alike. It stood at par with Hollywood flicks including ‘Evil Dead' and ‘The Devil Dog' in its ability to make viewers shiver with fear. It was the Hot Cash series.

The series chronicled the diabolic tale of an unfortunate young man popularly called Willy Willy whose brother (was it uncle?), out of desperation, sacrificed him in a money-making ritual. The money came and all was going rosy for the wicked brother (uncle?) until the wrath of Willy Willy decided to return and haunt the entire village, starting off with taking revenge first on his murderer.

The storyline, believed to be a common practice within many communities, made the series appear so real that it left a long-lasting fearful feel. Typical of most moral-teaching films, the series was plotted such that the ghost of Willy Willy only attacked people who had exhibited greed or had bad intentions.

Although there was a form of comical appeal in some episodes, the seriousness of the series always meant the moral got more attention with the comical feats rarely taking away the terror. The after-effect of watching also provided parents with a virtual babysitter; kids had better behave lest they summon the powder-faced man in a white garment - Willy Willy.



Now Imagine If Freddie Kreuger the Dreammaster met Appearance from NTA Benin horror Show and jason Voorhees Locked Horns with Willy Willy in a Nollywood vs Hollywood Royal Horror Rumble ?



ok who is Appearance ?


some old school Benin dude should inform us lol !

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Replies to This Book Discussion

How could one forget a one of most fearful and interesting plays of that times........willy willy was my favourite NTA shows.......and it was really scaring then..........but i just wonder where the guy who acted as willy willy is now and what he does for now because there was this rumour that he died after acting such plays.........
Favourite!! ur'e kidding right.. This wasn't my favorite show, because it was so so scary, God, Even till this day, I still feel shivers down my spine when i hear the name Willy Willy, I dreaded the show but i always looked forward to watching it, even though i always held on to out chair upholstery.. The story line was Amazing, terrifying but full of suspense. I wish they could make a remake, or maybe a full length movie, i think a movie is better.

Willy Willy don die

Na who kill am

Na uchele kill am

Killing no Good.



Life lesson 101.........!!!


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