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Ancient Egypt : King Tut had an Ipod and cell phone ! claims Dr Yarner Z. Hogwash

(Memphis Egypt) Famed egyptologist Dr. Zany Hogwash announced to a stunned world that King Tutankhamun owned an Ipod and a cell phone. The items were discovered in 1922 by the Carter expedition but were misidentified as kitchen utensils. King Tut lived from 1341 BC to 1323 BC.

Dr. Hogwash said the Ipod was damaged with age but the song selections were readable. It appears King Tut was like any normal teenager and loved rock music. His favorite song was Pyramid to Heaven by Ded Zeppelin. The young king was also very fond of the Dark Side of the Tomb album by Rosetta Floyd.

The Rolling Stones were alive back then but no selections were on the Ipod. The same can be said for The Dung Beatles. The king didn't seem interested in the Hittite Invasion bands of the early 1330's BC.

King Tut was fond of 'The Pharaoh of Ra and Roll'; probably because they both lived in Memphis. The recording of You Ain't Nothing but a Jackal was played numerous times.

King Tut's cell phone also yielded much information. According to Dr. Hogwash the young king liked text messaging. The messages are very hard to read because they are abbreviated hieroglyphics; only a teenage egyptologist would be able to decipher them. The king had Queen Nefertiti and Queen Neferriti on speed dial so he wouldn't mix them up. He had Cleopatra on speed dial also but dropped her after a recent spat.

Dr. Hogwash says they are looking at other items in King Tut's tomb more closely and hope to find his laptop or his Iphone.

Nigerian Amebo

In futher confirmation of this strange occurence A renowned babalawo Baba Lamidi Egunjemide has claimed that The ancestor of the yoruba's, King Oduduwa had a microwave oven and a binatone blender used for preparing gbegiri and amala for the great king ! This came in very handy as he was migrating from Egypt ! possibly given to him by King Tut himself also a known gbegiri man but our sources claim he preffered poundy not amala .

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To ERR is human but to gossip takes great skill
by anonymous ancient amebo

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