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Hi Guys,

I ran into an online video last year of a Network Marketer/Personal development expert who was teaching on the process of personal development. According to this guy every book we read or audio program we listen to affects us on a subconscious level whether or not we are aware of it.

He said the initial effect, though rarely noticeable, should not deter us from continued exposure as it will produce a cumulative effect resulting in an undeniable change in thought pattern and consequently our productivity. And so he suggested that we all be engaged in a continual process of reading and listening to books and audios regardless of whether or not we sense any significant change because we know that eventually it will produce the desired impact.

That theory made lot of sense. Not sure I believed it completely but it made me feel like I wasn’t wasting time feeding on all those books and audios. So I kept on reading and listening, buying and downloading anything that caught my attention. With each new material I gathered I got a better understanding but nothing significant happened for a period of three months.

Then suddenly on the first day of 2010, I felt a degree of power I’d never felt before. Things I’d struggled to believe for months finally seemed possible. Fears I’d harbored in my heart for years, though not shrunken in size, seemed so surmountable. I saw myself bigger and better than I’d ever imagined I could be. I felt a desire for discipline stronger than my compulsive habits and the eagerness to exercise my will power. I’m even managing my time better and witnessing an increase in my productivity.

I used to wake up in the morning listening to the audios just before any negative thoughts usually penetrate my mind. Unknown to me each of these materials; Think & Grow Rich, The Secret-The Law Of Attraction, Thought Vibrations by William Atkinson, The Message Bible, Science of Getting rich by Bob Proctor ,and the free podcasts from Roy Masters and others, were deprogramming my mind of negative thoughts and replacing them with empowering ones.

What a blessing this exercise has been. I encourage you all to try it and reap the rewards of an empowered mind through personal development in 2010!

- Dan

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An idle mind is the devils workshop according to popular saying. Human being are curious animal who wouldn't rest to search and find otherwise alzheimer's take over. Thanks for the write up.
Thank you too Moses.


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