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October 2008 Daily Books (15)

Confusing Chinese Names

Confusing Chinese Names

Caller : Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan (anyone)?

Operator : Yes, you can speak to me.

Caller : No, I want to speak to Annie Wan (anyone)!

Operator : You are talking to someone! Who is this?

Caller : I'm Sam Wan (Someone). And I need to talk to Annie Wan (anyone)! It's urgent.

Operator : I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But what's this urgent matter… Continue

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shake it off and step up !

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbours to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he… Continue

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weboga shk out shoutcast.com internet radio station

bros arrange the internet radio station from shoutcast.com

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It’s nice and lovely joining this great site and meeting my Naija brothers and sisters in sharing the message of One Pure Love peace and unity. Our great Home Naija has come of age and so has gone through many difficult times notably, the Biafran war, religious riots and other civil unrests that we all had to deal with to survive up to this very moment.

This and many more challenges we have faced as a people struggling to make our mark on planet earth but never before have we faced a… Continue

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The federal government is sending each of us a N60, 000 tax rebate

The federal government is sending each of us a N60, 000 rebate. If we spend that money at Shop-rite, the money goes to China. If we spend it on fuel it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer it will go to India. If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. If we purchase a good car it will go to Germany. If we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the Nigerian economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it… Continue

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naijatechtalk yabbis of 9jabook and other nigerian sites

answer from frank at the naijatech guy ! lol !

nice review ! who paid you mr originality .if i even decide to review yr site u will cry .lol ! in 3mths we are clocking 3000members plus we have an alexa rating of 170,000 ! have you ever heard of a guest book that is where facebook originated from . ok maybe u are new to the web.! jambanjatis and soxl are new originations of the words . naijatechtalk is not original mr original so called original .goto techtalk.com . its dumbasses like… Continue

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The future of Social Networking is in your wallet

The future of Social Networking is in your wallet! ...and the wallet of your closest friends, and their closest friends, and so on and so on.

Forget the hype about total networks on each of the many social networking platforms ... it's just that... hype. There is no point in building a platform of social networks without also providing the means, method, and support system to allow those Network Creators and their members to make money... lots of money! The halcyon days of Social… Continue

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guest book


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I know you don't know me but am an artist.

DAAFROOCOOL a.k.a CORPORATE RAPPER that is the name.

i am on promo. two CLASSIC tracks. won't mind if you

be the first to give my songs to djs, friends and music lovers to play my jamz. they are tight, that is a promise.

pls get back to me asap. thanks in anticipation of your support

and God lift you high. 1

Pls do send me your e-mail, so i could attach and send my songs....

use… Continue

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When they tell you

that you should know

your limitations,

tell them

you have no limitations.

When they tell you

that you won't make it,

tell them

You will make it.

When they tell you

that you aren't good enough,

remember that

you are good enough.

When they tell you

that it's hard to succeed,

tell them

you'll try your best anyway.

When they tell you

that they can't… Continue

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As Long As...

As long as there's a breath

left in your body,

there's hope.

As long as mankind

has prowled the earth,

miracles have happened,

restoring life and health.

As long as you have

a loving heart,

God will send much

warmth and love

to you in return.

As long as you've been alive,

God has been watching over you

and answering your prayers.

As long as the heaven

and stars exist,

God will be… Continue

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Accept others for who they are and for the choices they've made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions.

B--Break Away

Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life.


Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with.


Decide that you'll be successful and happy come… Continue

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Lessons Of Life..

I feared being alone

until I learned to like


I feared failure

until I realized that I only

fail when I don't try.

I feared success

until I realized

that I had to try

in order to be happy

with myself.

I feared people's opinions

until I learned that

people would have opinions

about me anyway.

I feared rejection

until I learned to

have faith in myself.

I feared… Continue

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JB4Presido !

fellow 9jabookers,

I hereby declare the official launching of my humble aspiration to become the next president of Nigeria.

This will take place online on various websites .Starting with Facebook and then 9jabook.com and then coming soon to a site near your browser.

the following please take note for bad belus reasons:

Former Presidents

open teethmakaveli 2pac i go chop your dollar n give u change

Gen oloose gun OBJectives not met in 8yrs gimme… Continue

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