Today we would be talking about our to manage our and am sure by the end of this discussion we would learn something very useful in life. 1. Have a plan (definite) for your time and also have a time management technique.This would go a long way in helping you decide what you want to do,how you want it done and when it should be done. 2. Identify time wasters in your life.It can be television, games, friends, relaxation, books and even the internet. e.t.c. Don't be a time waster yourself. 3. Identify talebearers and throw them out of your life. 4. Do not procrastinate. What needs to be done should be done and done fast.say no to tomorrow. 5. Have discipline. Set time for yourself for everything you need to do. Be disciplined in the time you spend with your friends, television, on phone, games, the internet and even when relaxing. 6. Break big tasks into small tasks. Take your time in whatever you time in whatever you do and do it well,don't rush things because you want to manage your time. Remember those things you rush and don't do well,you would need to do them all over again. Thereby wasting more time. Am very sure we had a great time learning how to manage our time.You can send in questions and comments.

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