If your Penis is burning you may have a STD

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted Sexually active individuals and individuals with multiple partners are at highest risk. In men, chlamydia may produce symptoms of(discharge from penis or rectum, burning on urination or defecation), However, up to 25% of infected men may have no symptoms. Females(only approximately 30% of women will have symptoms due to chlamydia -- hence screening sexually active women for chlamydia is necessary to diagnose and treat asymptomatic women in order to decrease the risk of developing complications. Women who do have symptoms may note vaginal discharge, burning on urination, or abdominal pain. Note-May have a yellow-green dicharge and smell fishy,painful sex any untreat STD can harm you and lead to death..if you are pregnant you are at risk of loosing your baby if untreated.Call your health care provider if you have any of the symptoms associated with chlamydial infection So Men&Women my motto is this "If you love it,put a condom on it"

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