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Globacom Staff Resignation STINKER Email Glo Rule your World !

The mail below was sent to HR by an aggrieved GLOBACOM staff upon resignation on September 14, 2010. The same staff copied the ED HR, several Executive Directors including Bella Adenuga, Paddy Adenuga and over 50 other staff. Please enjoy this piece below:

Subject: I quit.

I resumed at Globacom on the 25th day of May, 2009.

I came having heard more negative stories than positive stories about working at Globacom believing that the stories maybe exaggerations but I found that the stories were 99% true.

I tried to fit in even when my well cultured corporate mind could not believe nor tolerate the level of lack of professionalism at work in virtually every aspect of operations and business in Globacom.

I am tired, I am tired and I am very tired..

What am I tired of ?

1. I am tired of being harassed by Mr. Anil Kumar, Head of Risk Management whom constantly attacks me verbally about coming to trash out customer's issues with Globacom Credit Control Department, Globacom Relationship Department, Globacom Activation Department and the Archive room as no sensible salesman will carry vital approval documents about constantly. Calling and shouting down Mr. Kamaldeen Shonibare, Head of Post Paid and claiming to report me for not working on the field but camping out in his Department. Needless to say, Mr. Anil Kumar does not have any respect for his Host Country and its citizens as he shouts at every Nigerian he believes he can get away with shouting at.

2. I am tired of the standing order that I should get out of the office from 10:30am to 4:30pm even when I need to get back to the office to pull up some vital data in order to service my Clients.

3. I am tired of being told to stay away from the Island because somebody is afraid that I will see something wrong and tell the people with the most to lose if Globacom is hurt of impending dangers.

4. I am tired of having to beg Globacom Finance to act on my Client's email instruction for new lines even as Globacom expects my Clients to respect my emails and to act on them.

5. I am tired of having to beg Globacom Finance, Globacom Credit Control and Globacom Activation Departments to activate lines of Clients whom are owing arrears even as Glomobile Post Paid has credit over shoot issues that no blanket approval for arrears allowance has been made neither has a Team of Staff being allocated to tackle this phenomenon through an immediate alert approach.

6. I am tired of Memos going to the GCOO for one off exemptions on Post Paid Account issues that are common to all Post Paid accounts of the same type such as three different exemptions for three BSCS Post Paid Accounts for Arrears.

7. I am tired of remembering How I was recruited without being told of the 50-50 Principle thereby causing me to earn less than what I was earning in Fidelity Bank that I came from.

8. I am tired of remembering how when training people in the past and when I inquire of their Pay and Job Function in order to be sure that they are in the right place i find that they are scheduled to do the same Job as myself for twice the Salary and in the following months I do not see any magic reason.

9. I am tired of having to explain why I cannot promise my Client of timely Service or any service at all as I do not know at that very point in time I speak in my Client's Office of the Client's Account's report card with Risk Management.

10. I am tired of remembering how I almost died in the first few months in Globacom at a slaughter slab that was recommended to me as a Hospital for me to attend at near Chevron, Springtime Medical Center it took the intervention of a friend to save me.

11. I am tired of trying to work harder, think faster and more innovatively for a company that does not appreciate my existence.

I believe it is time for me to clear my desk and seek out a new dream.

I have seen enough working in Globacom is like playing football where all the remaining 21 players are all refrees.

I believe that an Honest Man placed as a Compliance or Best Practices Officer answerable to only the person of the Chairman. An Honest man whom is a firm believer in improvement, filled with great zeal for success whom is not married and is ready to marry Globacom for three years straight without any distraction. Below 34 years of age with at least 7 years of work experience in other fields and at least 9 Months of Post Paid Corporate Sales Experience is adequate.

There is still adequate room for great improvement in the Fortunes of Globacom but we need to be ready to let Market Forces beat us into the right Shape.

I will be winding down my involvements with Globacom though when a man has tied his aspirations to the aspirations of another man or group of men it is hard to totally break away from others.

I wish Globacom well and to all the staff in Globacom i pray you find your own dream that will allow you build your own "Globacoms".

Stay Safe and live Strong.

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Comment by Samuel Apewalen on September 19, 2010 at 1:25pm
whaow, this is a mind blower, several other Nigerians suffer same plight, i will forward this to my folks and colleagues. I wish the writer finds his dreams.


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