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Google TV: Web meets TV. TV meets web.

Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet. Watch an overview video below, sign up for updates.

Apple TV competition ?
When Google announced Google TV last week, the company made it clear that it would attempt to combine the appeal of the Web with the abilities of set-top boxes such as TiVo
or Apple TV. And although it didn't give all the details that consumers
will want to know before they pick up a Google TV device in the fall,
the company made it clear that it views the entertainment text-decoration: none ! important; border-bottom: 0.2em dotted rgb(...
as center to its consumer operations going forward. And it plans to do
as much as it can to take over that space.

However, as Steve Jobs has said numerous times since its launch, his
company views the Apple TV as a hobby product. And that likely won't
change anytime soon. Google TV isn't a hobby product. And the company
seems committed to being the dominant player in the home-entertainment
space. Although other solutions could come out between now and the fall
to hurt its chances of achieving that, the company ensured last week
that at least one font-size: 100% ! important; text-decoration: none ! important;

- Apple TV - won't have a chance to compete.

Sites Will Be Optimized for It.
There is one potential problem with the Google TV that the search giant needs to address: sites won't be optimized for the set-top box. Luckily, Google has already thought
about that. According to the company, it will offer an SDK to site
operators, so they can optimize their pages for the Google TV. Once
sites start supporting the Google TV, pages will be displayed just as
they are on typical monitor sizes. Unfortunately, Google said that the
SDK will likely appear sometime after launch. That means folks who pick
up a Google TV box in the fall will be out of luck for some months. But
that shouldn't keep it from becoming a superior alternative to the Apple

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