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Hausa Movies denied Nollywood ? Kannywood alleges

I think when the world (or even Nigerian federal officials) talk about Nollywood, they are not thinking about the Hausa film industry, a.k.a. Kannywood. Nollywood is simply the Nigerian movie industry WITHOUT its Hausa component. Surprisingly, Nollywood includes the Igbo and Yoruba productions. The question is: why are Hausa movies not included? In my view, it has to do with the fact that federal officials working in the culture sector - Ministry of Information and its parastatals such as the National Film and Videos Censors Board and the Nigerian Film Corporation - hardly remember Kannywood when they are designing policies. Until in recent years, they scarcely included Kannywood stakeholders in their programmes.

Of course, things have been changing in recent years. Kannywood stakeholders have been making an in-road into the federal culture sector - participating in film festivals, awards and meetings. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go before we get THERE, largely due to the dominance of non-Northerners in the sector and in the mainstream mass media. If you take a look at the entertainment pages of Nigerian newspapers where news and gossip about the Nigerian movie world are told, you will hardly see anything being said about Kannywood. That is, with the exception of northern papers like Leadership, Trust, New Nigerian and Triumph.

The senseless attacks on Kannywood operators by officials of the Kano State Censorship Board in the bogus name of sanitising the industry appears to have taken Kannywood back in reckoning. That's the actual target of the censors. But theirs is a futile exercise because only a dimwit will presuppose that a censorship regime can destroy the progress of the new information technologies, of which movies are a significant part.

This is more so in a democracy, which has a preset tenure. As the Hausa say, "Zalunci ba ya karewa!"
Posted by Bahaushe Mai Ban Haushi! at 14:01

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Comment by kenny Star on July 20, 2009 at 7:46am
Mr. Iyoha, I think your comment is very idiotic. What do you mean that when an Ibo is in power, the door will be closed to other cultures? This kannywood or whatever you call, why dont they come into nollywood? Must the north always be ruled by inferiority complex just as ANAN did over ICAN? They are afraid to compete? Because of competition and hardwork, the south has improved tremendously and instead of the north to join, they will create a local, substandard group and shout marginalisation.
Comment by Prince Kennedy Iyoha on July 17, 2009 at 9:47am
Mr. Jameel. I think you are wrong when you try to discriminate a sector of our culture.
I think Noollywood if want to represent the Nigerian culture, most embrace or be willing to incorporate all into its Fold
We have had not only Kannywood, but also other organizations from minority regions that fills being discriminated by Noollywood. Such as Edo, Ibibio, to mention but few in the industry, while the Ibo culture almost dominate the industry.
The Ibos should be aware that Nigerians are watching what could be called tribalism in Noollywood, and most be willing to do something to correct this impression or it will reinforce the notion that almost all Nigerians have about the Ibo, that when they are in any position, the door will be closed for all other groups in the country, this is the opinion of almost all I have spoken with. This I think is not good news for the political class of eastern region.
Comment by Jameel on July 16, 2009 at 12:19pm
Hausa movies and their governing body (Kannywood) do not deserve to be Nollywoods, because they do not normally portray Nigerian cultures. They are neither Americans nor Indians. Give Nollywood a break, period!!!



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