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Jokes  to Tickle the Funny Bone.

                emeka owns a mechanic and repair shop somewhere in Akwaibom.  emeka has a pally named fidelis, and emeka and

fidelis like to get together from time to time and play kashi or cards.  Well, one day they were doing just that, and emeka

was not doing well - he was about N10,000 down.

                fidelis brought up an old argument.

                "I still don't think you know tuface," says fidelis.

                emeka replies, "I tell you say know tuface."

                Now emeka is the type that insists that he knows everyone, and he and fidelis argue back and forth for a

while as to whether or not emeka really knows tuface.  Finally, they agree to settle it once and for all.

                fidelis says "Okay, nna tell ya what.  I'll bet you, double or nothing, that you don't know tuface.

                emeka: "You have a deal."

                So, they run out back and hop on emeka's taxi and take off towards lagos.  As they are getting to lagos at

lekki, emeka points out dbanj's place and several others.  When they finally get to tuface's house, emeka rings the doorbell

and the butler answers.

                "Is 2baba in?" emeka asks.

                "Who may I say is calling" returns the butler.

                "Just tell him emeka is here," replies emeka.

                The Butler turns and closes the door.  In a few minutes, to fidelis's astonishment, tuface himself comes

barreling out the door and wraps himself around emeka.

                "emeka!!  How in the world are you?  How have you been?"

                They spend a good while laughing and catching up on old times, and then they take their leave.

                On the way back , fidelis turns to emeka.  "nna Okay, you win that one.  So you know tuface.  But I bet I can

come up with someone you don't know."

                "Okay, shoot."

                "I'll bet you don't know jim iyke ."

                "Man, jim and I are old buddies!"

                "No way.  Double or nothing you don't know jim iyke."

                "It's a deal.  I'll take you to his restaurant." " he get restaurant  ? i tink say na actor" ? said fidelis

emeka replied "jim likes to cook . "

                So, emeka and fidelis head for jim iyke's celebrity restaurant at ogba .  When they arrive, emeka grabs a

waiter and asks him if jim is in.

                'Who's asking'

                "Just tell him emeka's out here."

                The waiter disappears, but in a few seconds out comes jim, jumping tables and knocking people out of the way.

                "emeka!  HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?"

                They laugh and talk about old times over a free meal.  fidelis is simply dumbfounded.  Later, back in the

car, fidelis asks for one last chance.

                "Look, emeka, I'm about N30,000 in the red.  Give me one last shot, and I will think of someone I am CERTAIN

you cannot know."

                "Okay,pally.  I'm just making lots of money off of you.  One last chance."

                "Okay.  I know there is absolutely no way that you can know goodluck jonathan."

                emeka bursts into laughter.  "Man, ebele and I have known each other for years.  We be old paddy."

             "There is absolutely no way.  You cannot know GJ."

                So, emeka gets  plane tickets  and they head for abuja.  They arrive at asokoro it is election time , and

emeka stops fidelis. "Now, you will have to wait out here.  The security here is very high.  They know me, so they'll let me

in, but you will have to stay out here.  So, will it be good enough for you if GJ and I come walking out on the balcony arm

in arm, smiling and laughing, and we pick you out of the crowd and wave at you?"

                fidelis thinks a minute and replies, "Yeah, that will be great."

                "Okay, stand out here, right in the center of the crowd here , so we can find you."

                emeka enters aso rock, and presently he and the president appear out on the balcony, arms around one another,

smiling and laughing.  They search the crowd, and emeka points to fidelis, and they smile and wave.

                fidelis smiles and waves, but in the next instant he faints dead away.  emeka, alarmed, excuses himself from

the GJ and goes running down to fidelis.  As emeka approaches, he grabs fidelis and begins shaking him.  "fidelis, fidelis,

are you okay?"

                fidelis opens his eyes and says, "I bin dey kampe when you knew tuface.

                And I could even handle it when you knew jim iyke.

                But when I was standing there waving  and the guy standing next to me in the crowd asked

        "Who's that guy in the black cap with walking stick standing next to emeka ?', I just couldn't take it anymore!"



We pray by 2015 goodluck jonathan will not be this popular That is if he wins tomorrow  ! 

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Comment by adesanya tosin on April 19, 2011 at 12:13am
it doesn't even make sense...what a dry joke
Comment by Kasarachi Azubuike on April 18, 2011 at 10:34pm
datz really 9ce.
Comment by Joke on April 18, 2011 at 11:01am
hnnnnn nice one.
Comment by sade on April 15, 2011 at 7:39pm
Comment by esohe on April 15, 2011 at 5:55pm
nice one!
Comment by ALLISON IBIKARI DAGOGO on April 15, 2011 at 4:33pm
9CE 1!!!!
Comment by Agnes Olufunmi Fashola on April 15, 2011 at 12:44pm
it's a nice one!
Comment by Moses K Tawose on April 14, 2011 at 9:38pm
That's interesting and thanks for giving us reason to smile~~~~~~~~~cheers!!!



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