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Making the ‘Christmas sermon’ relevant for today’s culture

It’s that time of year! During this Christmas season, I heard several sermons on the birth of Jesus. Now, in our Western culture that is rapidly losing its once-Christian worldview, Christians and Christian leaders need to use this time, more than ever, to challenge non-Christians. But will they give the vital message people need to hear at this time of history?

I was thrilled to be able to bring a friend who has struggled with the Christian faith for his entire life
to church this Christmas season. Just before we arrived, he asked me a question that has been troubling him.
I was fascinated to note that he didn’t ask about Jesus and the manger, or about the shepherds or the angels who proclaimed the birth of Jesus on earth—instead, he asked, ‘Why do many Christians use organ transplants to prolong their life or try to prolong the lives of their children when they’re born with problems when God has deemed it was their time to die?’ He continued, ‘Why wouldn’t a Christian accept their death that comes from God? Shouldn’t they just accept it if they are true Christians and want to go to heaven instead of trying to survive on this earth?’

Now, why would he ask questions like that? The answer is that increasingly, the culture is losing the true meaning of Christmas because the education system and the media continues to indoctrinate people to reject the Bible as absolute truth. Instead, the Christian faith and the Bible is attacked and ridiculed and condemned as a ‘book of stories’ because so-called science has supposedly proved it cannot be true—particularly in its history in Genesis.

I’m sure my friend wasn’t expecting an answer. After all, such questions as the ones he asked have been leveled at Christians for years. (Sadly, many Christians don’t know how to answer such questions, because they, like him, have not believed the true history of the world from Genesis—which explains the origin and meaning of death.)

Now, I was sure the sermon we were about to hear would be from a pastor who assumed people believed the Bible. I thought he would remind them of the babe in a manger and why He came to earth. I realized that my friend needed answers, so he would know that he could trust the Bible before he even heard the sermon. I was pleased he had asked me what was on his heart and what was obviously stopping him from considering the Christian faith.

My friend had viewed death, suffering and dying as something God must be responsible for. He did not understand that death was an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26), an intrusion due to sin. Death wasn’t something that God made and declared ‘very good’ in Genesis 1:31, but a result of sin. I explained that God created a perfect world, and because the first man Adam sinned, death entered the world as the punishment for sin. I had to explain that the earth was not millions of years old as he had been indoctrinated to believe, and thus there was not death, disease and bloodshed for millions of years before man’s existence.

I continued: When man sinned, God as a righteous and Holy creator had to judge sin with death. He also withdrew some of His sustaining power to cause man to experience a taste of what happens without God. Thus God is permitting things like disease, suffering etc., to happen, but He isn’t the one to blame for this—man is. Then it was like a light bulb came on in my friend’s head. With this new view of God, the Bible started to make sense to him.

Sadly, there are many people within the church who accept the supposed millions of years, instead of the truth as given in Genesis. Because of this, they don’t have valid answers for people like my friend, but instead would ignore his questions and instead relate the story of the babe in the manger in the hope my friend would start believing this. [See The god of an old earth.]

Many people struggle with accepting the truth of Jesus and the Bible because they have the wrong view of history. They, like my friend, have been indoctrinated to reject the Bible as a true account of history and the meaning of life. This is a major stumbling block for so many people believing God’s Word and being saved.
Knowing that many non-Christians view God like this and also knowing that they only set foot in church about once a year, I’m praying that Christian leaders will take advantage of this opportunity and address these issues, that are relevant issues for where the culture is at today, while speaking during this Christmas time. This could make such a difference in the lives of many who have a faulty view of God, and thus challenge them concerning the truths of the Bible.

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Comment by ogie on December 23, 2009 at 9:25am
@enejoh, believe it or not,call it some theory by the west or not, the truth is that so many people claim that the bible contradicts itself but how many have really read the bible or can prove it does actually contradicts itself.if the bible was written as a means to enslave Africans with their beliefs and confuse us , how come things that had been written millions of years ago have all began to happen.Guess what even the west that you claim wrote the bible to confuse us don't even believe in a God anymore,they have all abandoned the old held beliefs"every one has gone his own way'.well my brother the bible says that "the message of the cross is foolishness to those that perish",Now i am not saying that u are perishing, all i am saying is that it takes deep understanding to believe the bible.
Take a look at the way our ancestors lived,man always have longed for a supreme being thats why our ancestors made images and poured libations and worshiped it hoping it would bring good fortunes to them.Everything we know today is as a result of what we have been told be it traditional values or the bible,our minds have been conditioned to such beliefs.
Believe it or not ,it really does not change the fact that God is real,Jesus came and died, and there is hell and heaven..Freewill has been given to us all to use as we so please..choose wisely
Comment by Oladipupo on December 21, 2009 at 2:49pm
Comment by OBAJE AFREECA on December 21, 2009 at 2:25am
You mr know it all, who wrote the bible? where did the bible originate? is the bible the true word of god or europeans copying and distorting Ancient African concepts, doctrines, sacramental practices of religion and documents that became the foundations of christianity in europe?
When ignorance gets started, it knows no bounds. " Will Rogers", it was said that when the blind lead the blind, it takes the enlightened to lead them home.
Here we have another brother who may be genuinely preaching the bible thinking he is doing the right thing. Your own knowledge of history is up for questioning bro, what is your true knowledge of the bible apart from what you were told from another victim like yourself?
When europeans in their blind ignorance and racial prejudice set out to control the world by first destroying Ancient Black Egyptian civilization and using the bible as a pretext, they were banking of some of buying these lies.
Our greatest problem, especialy youths of today, many of us are still blind folowers, never has it occured to us to question the system, question the origin, the authors, the lies, contradictions and falsehods of the bible.
Fear and shame is the major factor and reason many stopped using their senses when it comes to the bible, like zombies we hear and follow, no question.
Brother it's better you let your friend find his way to truth and eventually to God, your believe in the bible and sunday worships dont make you better than non christians or other christians.
Running away from your own ideas, culture and way of life dont make you brilliant and better placed to judge others who wont hesitate to call a spade its rightful name, spade.
By calling on christian leaders you are only helping in downgrading your own culture and concepts of God.
Read about your own story, read about Ancient Africa, Ancient Egypt europeans call us to confuse people. Our history dates back to millions of years before christ and the bible, koran and the thieving jewish texts.
Dont stop anyone searching for the truth by taking them to the church, God does not dwell in the church, you are only carrying out orders by church elders who are equally obeying their europeans masters.
The world is messed up now more than in the days of christ if he ever existed.
By the way what has santa claus got to do with christ? you emitating your masters not knowing what you are doing, anyone who worships tha gods of his enemy is his own enemy.
Our history is never what was recorded in the bible, Egypt is still alive, the writings on the walls still there eventhough europeans and their arab thieving partners are trying in vain to erase the truth but its still there.
The tower of babel, the pyramids, the temples all still standing and shining tall eventhough invaders and thieves control it now.
Read, "THE AFRICANS WHO WROTE THE BIBLE" by NANA BANCHIE DARKWA, be courageous to challeng your believes and fear of hell.
Comment by Moses K Tawose on December 20, 2009 at 9:38pm
Your friend isn't the only one, but the so called believers are still confused in their walk of faith because they didn't have the basic foundation for many question they has.
Many so called New Born are shallow and they're the present day Pastors or Bishops showering themselves with big names, but cannot even help your friend when they're asked.
Regardless of our avoidance or the ignorance death is the eventuality no matter what is done to prolong or extend it for every living things death is the finality. Our understanding or contribution cannot change it nor our education.




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