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Reconciliations: cant we all live together in this ole humpty bumpty

I have just slightly emerged from a weary and trying period, where from nowheres, questions and ideas that seemed vague and hazy before, jumped right in front of me and did an 'in your face dude ! '

Christianity is a 'perilous' journey and with the stuff you see on the internet these days can make you run fer spiritual cover!

Some christian websites are so harsh that they look like the spiritual equivalent of adult sites. You see things that you dont normally read or hear especially in church.

Like porn, the effects can be disastrous but God cherishes his own, the elect, so no fear .

The elect also became part of the questions that were trying to disrobe my church mind . I heard names like J Preston Eby, read some stuff on calvinism and a bunch of other isms.

Please, before you go a googling this guy's name or any theological word within this article. be warned . Whatever you dredge up can be quite "scary".

God as the general all time omniscient good God, put in the "Even the very elect will not be deceived" clause into his master journal.

He also gave us warnings about false prophets , ravening werewolves and some surefire texts in the bible like the one good old Johnny came up with, in the book of Revelations.

I like to call it the book of some really weird and scary shit!(my french is really bad this year, I apologize ) this book also warns about smartasses doing an edit ,delete, cut and pastey thingy . It also promises a lot of weird beasties if you do.

In times of weird �n scary stuff i go and read weird and scary books.

Revelations, always reminds me of the resurrected Christ and the eternal body he is now encased with, which we groan for daily, i cant wait !

The description of the Son of man amongst the candlesticks also shows that Jesus aint no sissy ! I saw something on discovery on supermassive black holes (smbh)and I got very ashamed of myself ,how can I have been made in the same image by the guy that created these smbhs just By his word!

Yeshua said "If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me" is also a precursor to the idea that ALL men have been saved ,

The faith "name it and claim it and miracle healings" folks do not agree with the J Preston Ebys of this world.

I ask who the heck are the folks that Jesus would say about " ��.I never knew you " even though your butts had done great and mighty works, which is quite prevalent these days !

When I first realized that Adam the first man, was the fella that bungled the eden joyride with Eve riding shotgun, us all in the backseat with like a 'what did he have to do that for?' look. I got very mad at Adam .

I forgot the faithful Evil dude Satan, who has a million akas and wannabe Devils that would make even Freddy Krueger look like a Sunday School teacher on palm sunday .

I shiver momentarily at this fellows abilities which were given to him by who else but the big man upstairs!

Well I reckon he needed us overcomers to have sumthin to come, so we could walk over or through it hence the word overcomer got coined .

If not for the fact that God has made me fearless, says so in the scriptures . I would really, really run away from this Satan dude.

He is been around you know and he walks to and fro looking for ignorant fools, it says so in the scriptures. It does it does.

I know Christians are known to be at each others throats but I see that the Sunni and Shiite Moslems are still blowing each other up, see Saddams Iraq.

Satan actually likes to stick his noose everywhere, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Scientologist , Hindu, Buddhist or mass murderer!

We always think we are warring against flesh and blood. we know that demons and stuff do exist but we actually ignore their pervading influence on our wills. We simply always believe that the person is to blame for the pain .

You know whom we should blame it is our ignorant selves! it is the �forgive the executioner syndrome�. The hired gun principle .

"For we war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers �����.."

Suddenly, bara bim bara boom, it blew up right in my face there and then ! kapeesh. Once you realize this principle forgiveness takes a different perspective, it becomes easier to contemplate!

It behove me to shudder that respected Christians like Joni eareckson Tada (the famous quadriplegic ) dares to and calls Benny Hinn and co. False prophets !

The Faith mongers ,The Baptists and the evangelists and the charismatics and the �.

All haranguing themselves and not only turning the reason for Jesus into a literal and Debating society Crusade Rock and Roll concert thingy that you begin to wonder, because it sure looks like a hell of a lot to pick from who these money grubbing false prophets are.

Who are we kidding ? some big preachers request huge amounts of money to come preach at church conventions etc, they drive big flashy cars and live in holly wood style mansions and some to boot have private jets and live like kings and queens .

I aint got no problem with all that kinda prosperity but I dare say and ask how did they come up with all that kind of money ?

Quick answer is from book sales , from seminars and lectures, from offerings and tithes etc that you and I give , but I am not here to talk about prosperity because I know this little verse that says be content with such that you have .

Right now i wonder how to classify worldliness and loving the thingys of the world.

Preacher man is wearing Gucci and rolex and has a Cadillac 'n two bentleys and he be saying in church he want a private jet too ! and to explain it, you tell me that When Jesus was alive he was rich !

You begin to classify the Son of God, the one who owns everything and use him and his riches and claim he was rich when he was on earth , that is amazing (TELL US SOMETHING I DON�T KNOW ! ) and you go on to explain that the darned soldiers were fighting over his clothes !

You forget it was Herod that robed him up and sent him to pilate !If God wanted him to be born into a rich family do ye think he couldn't have made Daddy Joseph win the darn Jerusalem lottery .

If you like nice thingys, just say so man and we would understand, everyone likes the dollars, all them benjys, I sure do ! all that prosperity bull explaining is supersizeme mammon on rampage !

Y'all then also holler about the healing thing, yet your butts are reading the bible with glasses !

What I worry about is "babes" like me that would like to point out to all of these plank eyed folks out there that the ministry or the Good news is all about, how God has reconciled himself unto us and if the reconcilers (us) are not even reconciled who in the blooming world is gonna take us seriously.

If J Preston Eby believes that all men are saved and the whole of Christendom calls him a heretic , how does that affect you and me !

Am I gonna be sad that just because a fellow rocked his life with drugs and stuff and got married a gazillion times and lived off the fat of the land mostly Hollywood style, he still gets to go to heaven ! .

Ok lemme put it straight up, Let us use someone like slash (crazy guitar dude in MJs dirty diana concert ) formerly of guns and roses. Or maybe the original bad boy Bobby Brown.

According to this dude J Preston Eby, a fellow like slash or the brown bomber will end up in heaven without even becoming a Christian !

Well, church Folks call the Eby guy a heretic etc and I also wondered at the guys supporting arguments and quite mind boggling scripture to boot too !

But the thing that kept on jumping into my eye was . And so ? Am I slash's God ,or bobbys, did I make him ? nope ! Heck, we are nothing nothing if we don�t have him and vice versa.

So if he rocked and rolled all through his life and ends up in the same place as me or you (yeah, we be for sure going to the good place)

"Which one come concern me ! " This is a Nigerian pidgin expletive that means in urban new Yorker "It sure aint none of ma darn business !"

That is Gods business because he be raving somewhere about having mercy on whom he digs but Christians shudder at this because they feel that somehow they been shortchanged from all the partying, drugs,wine women and song sorriness

because of all the praising God and choir practice and all the general goodie two shoes Dorothy in Kansas versus the you are going down wicked witch of the west that comes with the Holy Spirit ! (think this out in many directions just don't follow the yeller brick road , phew ! ).

I daresay being a druggie or an alcoholic or a womaniser aint as pretty as you might think.

I have done all of that and I tell you I sure wasn't enjoying myself ask another rocker that maxed it, good ole smartass kingy Solomon and the wacky book of Ecclesiastes is your eureka.

The other way to see all these reconciling jokers is also to look at the " name it faith and Claim it " dudes ! Most of these are downright uncontent folk .

The bible tells us a lot of stuff that God has already done things for us in the spirit world , Jesus hollered out on the Cross

"it is finished "

The same Jesus also rolled out a general all time pardon for his killers and yelled a prayer that I am sure some people think was not answered "Father forgive them for they aint got no brains ! "

If you Benny Hinn guys can do miracles and stuff and raise folks from the dead and a bunch of other Christian non David Copperfields cant, well that is all well and Dandy .

It doesn't make them less of Christians nor you guys the apparent Super Christians (I have always wanted to be but keep forgeting I am ) .

Clark Kent either way you look at it was Superman whether he had on a cape and tights or not.

I recently got my old big screen telly to work after it kept on messing up time after time by not powering on .

I dinna have no money to spare to get the tv repair men , one exhausting day after I had opened its circutry innards in sheer frustration, i poked my daring screwdriver somewheres and it blew up in my face .

I got angry and shut it and I just commanded the darn thing to work in Jesus name out of sheer anger and a lot of frustration.

Switched it on and it has been working ever since ! does that make me a Christian David Copperfield ? I don�t know, all I know is that I believe God�s words about me and had just had it with the darn telly !

People see miracles and they go a running and screaming like injuns dancing with wolves when signs and wonders are for thomas folks that have very little or really teeny weeny faith !

Real Christians have divine health because the word says by his stripes....

neither do they need miracle money because the Dada says' I got the putting food on the Table bit, take it easy folks I is here, Leave big Dada to get busy.'

I lived for a year once in London as a student not working and no finances but God provided every time and sometimes quite to overflowing !

Some folks where I was living thought I was some kinda scammer or something but on the contrary, that is a testimony I will give someday! I learnt how to scam the perfect scammer , Ignorance.

At the same time, The bible says that we shall cast out devils, we shall heal etc so what the heck is anyone hollering about !

If you wasn't getting healed Joni Eareckson, it don't mean you should call The Benny, a false prophet.

Also, all the Bennys should not think Joni and friends have little faith since a certain saviour once said "With Little mustard faith �.. you know the story of the jumping mountain and the casting into the sea bit !

Come on guys, at this rate Jesus is gonna take a bazillion years to show up because some smart brother says he be coming for a bride , a church that is more ravishing than a gazillion beyonces on a grammy night.

In this case the Lambs Supper Wedding Bash .�the mother of all parties� ala saddam (may God have mercy on his soul)

Open your eyes dudes. "We war not against Flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high heavenly places not even low eartly places !" We are playing with the big boys .

From what I have heard about the eternal crib called the Lake of Fire, I aint gonna be happy to let even my best enemies or someone like his royal Naziness, the evil furher , mass murderer Hitler near it .

It was created for Devils and demons. It is a real freaky place to want to go to or get sent.

So even if J Preston Eby and the Joni earecksons are right or not, lets all get out ze planks from our eyes before we go a yammering about the speck in the eyes of our so called neighbors that we are supposed to love as ourselves .

Then our pulpits and sermons will begin to make sense so that we can get this Lamb Supper party thingy Started in this ole humpty bumpty !

Woo Woo !

reconcilingly yours


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