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SPECIAL Weekend Magazine: Actors in music ? Omotola,Mama G, Jim Iyke who are they now ? Musicians ? Actors or just Entrepreneurs

Now I need y’all to help me out here. I really don’t understand what it is with these actors that make them decide they want to go into music. What exactly is wrong with the world today? Why can’t folks just be content with the amount of talent they have been allocated with in life… why do they want to force themselves into different aspects that they are CLEARLY not supposed to be in? When are you guys gonna get it into your brains that it is not gonna work, except… of course, you are Nkem Owoh or Patience Ozorkwo a.k.a Mama G (yea… I know, I was also shocked when I found out that she too had an album) whose albums were more comical than they were professional- totally understandable for their age. I even heard that they are giving Akanchawa a run for his money in the East.
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Oh… don’t get me wrong; there are a few good eggs whose venture into music was not a wasted effort. I am talking about the likes of Stella Damasus Nzeribe who has a relatively good voice and a fairly good stage presence… nothing to make you go WOW but something to make you get that warm fuzzy feeling on the inside of you. Oh yea… that’s right! Some of y’all don’t know that she has remarried. Well, just keep logging on and I promise to give you an inside scoop on that gist. And of course there are the wanna bes like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Genevive Nnaji, both extremely gorgeous women with absolutely NO talent in music. All well and good, they are fantastic when it comes to acting but someone needs to tell them not to quit their day job to go into singing. It is a dead end… period!
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9JABOOKSHAKARA TODAY Special Focus (JI) aka Jim Ikechukwu Jim Iyke .He can he become the P-diddy of Naija
na wa o where was I going to with all this… (Scratch my head ) Ah yes! Reports have reached us that the talented and handsome actor, James Ikechukwu popularly known as Jim Iyke has been as busy as a bee lately. Why…? Well… apparently, he has put finishing touches to his (eyes rolling) album… yea! You heard me right… HIS ALBUM! Now before some of you ladies get all excited about your favorite actor venturing into music, I think it’s only fair that I remind you that others (actors) have tried and come up with nothing… NADA! ZILCH! Folks like Genevieve, Desmond Elliot, Omotola and the rest of them actors who tried… failed. So I wouldn’t be counting my chickens before they hatch if I were you. I mean, I could be wrong but I rarely am.

Now the gist is that our boy Iyke has released his musical video which he spent quite a load of cheddar to shoot in South Africa. It is a video he features Two Face and Micheal Blakson the US based Standup comedian from Ghana. It is really amazing how everyone… and by everyone I mean actors, seems to have hopped onto this band wagon hoping to be the next 9ice or D’banj or Asa out of Nollywood. Yea… like that’s gonna happen. Pff! Iyke seems optimistic though and who could blame him?

Now the boy is said to have golden fingers… who said it? I haven’t the foggiest but IT has been said on a few occasions. The boy is currently shuttling between the U.S where he is shooting a new home video. Reports call it a movie but we all know that it is actually a home video. You all know the difference right? Home videos are those really awful stories being played by absolutely untalented actors shot with the same kind of cameras folks use at funerals and oh… lets not forget the ridiculous dialogues and stupid soundtracks… (Head shake) (sigh) Sources say that Iyke’s new movie will have a lot of Hollywood stars… (eyes rolling) in it. Pa..leaseeee… they ought to say that the film has plenty oyinbo waka pass. Hollywood stars? Haba! Yea… I’ll believe that when akamu gets sold in Tesco UK and my man Osita aka Jadon the gangster grows 7feet tall and Nepa functions 24/7 non stop.

Anyways, asides his successful career in acting and the non-existent but ‘here’s hoping’ one in music, Iyke is doing extraordinarily well for himself; having recently moved from his 3 bedroom apartment in Ikeja to a palatial mansion in lekki area, near Alpha Beach. The former model and proud owner of a car dealership who hails from Enugu state is showing that he has all it takes to be a typical Ibo man… Nna meeeen! All that’s missing are those trousers they all wear that reach their chests.

Iyke has been voted one of ‘the most sought after five’ in Nollywood, as a matter of fact, he has occupied the all important A-list of male actors since the last four years. Yet, the process, rather than tire him out, has seen him rejuvenated and even better in the interpretation of his roles…. Now I stole this paragraph word for word from a local newspaper… you’ll forgive me if I don’t believe a word of it.

I do have to say that Jim Iyke has fared better than most of his peers, as a matter of fact; he is, to an extent, a better actor that a good number of the male folks in the industry, even though he is fond of scaring the kids when he enlarges those massive eyes of his when he is in character. Between his and Segun Arinze’s, I don’t know who is better (pls your comment ). He has made a fortune from the acting. That’s right, movies have paid off so well that jim has transported himself from that role seeking, broke dude who just dropped in from Jos in the mid 1990s, to the super star he is today who is completely swimming in cash.

Now, Iyke place in Lekki is said to have cost the Nollywood star a whopping N50 million; land, building and all. The duplex is also said to have 10 rooms with imported furnishings and marble works from Italy. Oh… and for all of y’all who have that little devil on your shoulder telling you to plan some kain strong thing for the brother, you will be wasting your time. Iyke’s security gadgets are one of a kind. What do you expect? He is Ibo, dem no dey play with dem money o!

The house boasts of a swimming pool to impress the ladies, a well stocked bar for all his drunkard friends, a kitchen that ought to be in vogue homes, a private lounge and den and we must not forget to hype the bedroom. Careful ladies… try not to get a crease in your knickers okay? You know what…? on second thoughts, I am gonna skip this part before some of you ladies get any bright ideas.

There is no doubt that lyke has it all. His taste in clothes and cars are impeccable. His wardrobe boasts of different brands of designers and I am not talking about the cheap ones. I mean the really big labels. From shirts to shoes to belts to sunglasses… you would think you were in the best fashion house for men in Naija. Not only does the dark handsome actor have an eye for clothes and cars, he is also a huge collector of accessories- bangles, rings, chains, wristwatches… name it. Bros dey rock jewelry pass woman. At least the lucky lady ought not to be scared about her man picking out her engagement and wedding rings but she should be worried that he wouldn’t rock the engagement ring as part of fashion… if you know what I mean.

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Iyke is also an auto freak! He buys them, he drives them and he sells them. His garage looks like a freaking car dealership. Folks barge in, see his cars and make him an offer he can’t refuse. He takes it and then gets a better and more expensive model for himself, all for another friend to come pick it up. Ha! Ibo sense. But this is just like his second habitat because this original ibo boy has an auto sales business which his father manages for him.

Specially adapted and rewritten from various sources contact me for more details or if you have more details.

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Comment by SoulZealla on July 21, 2009 at 11:53pm
watching this video d 2nd tym,
man dat shit was a bomb from 9ja and i trip for this one.
u've got a lot of lessons to learn and i think somebody like 2face and ur super rap-stars can put u thru. rap game is for the strong, talented, cool, sexy and wise & i think u gat it all.
Comment by SoulZealla on July 21, 2009 at 11:33pm
some kudos to this writer. anyway this isnt about race though. the guy is multi talented. he sings (rap) and love to do music ( taking it as a career) thats great. Many of us love, write, produce and sing very well but its just a plan B for us cos music as so many people dont understand take more than talent. Man, u've gotta have money to produce quality music, (quality music producer, studio, equipment, education & training, etc). its not a joke.

In case u dont know, i have many songs recorded (my demos) but aint got enough money to take it to the next level and thats why am working today. there are thousands of great, capable and unpopular artistes coming soon. jim ike is just one of them. what would u say when i step on stage.

Advice for ma broda jim iyke: just do ur thing man. its a game. play it 2 favor usrself. but dont 4get to represent 9ja, where u are coming from. Remeber the son of whom u are, Omo 9ja the ibo boy. holla me on soulzealla@yahoo.com. You gat mouth. b Meanwhile am waiting to buy that album for me and all my friends. am outta here. Peace. Soulzealla.
Comment by Frankiyo on July 19, 2009 at 10:08am
The writer of this article is nothing but a fool... Why wasting time to criticize the work of Art, be it Music or Acting... You took your impractical, hopeless, and useless time to follow peoples progress, putting yourself behind their achievements. I couldn't count the number of times you emphasized Ibo Boy, sounding so tribalistic. You rather logout from this site and learn how to criticize effectively, without any trace of hatred. Nonsense... Why not go and criticize Americans who sing and act, 'because your Papa tattooed the deprivation of intellectual property right for your body'. I am sorry for your tribe!!!
Comment by Oladipupo on July 18, 2009 at 1:19pm
Jack of all trades
Comment by Oladipupo on July 18, 2009 at 1:19pm
Like the Yoruba will rightly say "They are O no kan O woja"
Comment by Inegbenijie Oziegbe on July 18, 2009 at 9:15am
Comment by eucharia ukoha on July 17, 2009 at 3:13pm
d guy don hit am big time.all d best bro
Comment by rosemary Ekeng Henshaw on July 17, 2009 at 9:30am
whats wrong with singing and acting, we Nigerians have a way of running our own folks down, they need encouragement not insults, the likes of Beyonce sings and acts, Whitney Houston sings and acts, a whole lot of them and their media do not run them down, all the Nigerian actors / musicians needs is to get professionals to write their music, and with time they will perfect it, leave them alone. a guy can have more than 3 talents, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. let them be, after all RMD sings, acts and is even a politician now, whats wrong with it, stop beefing! if u think it is easy, go try do am na.



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