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.Behind enemy lines

There comes a time in the Christian life when you realize that the verse “Who will deliver me from the

body of this death” becomes a REVELATION. Paul went through that phase and from his words , the

agony of bondage was best described .


This is when you know that you are at the CROSSROADS of your belief  in God .It might take a few

days to struggle through this or it might take many years to realize that ,there is a  a real WAR going

on ! .


If as Christians we do not realize that the weapons of OUR WARFARE are not carnal but are mighty

through God to the pulling down of STRONGHOLDS We will be beaten utterly.


If I make a false move I will be overrun and crippled by the enemy .IT IS REAL.


In Physical WARFARE the reality of DEATH is ALIVE , it is a very clear and present TRUTH. It was

recorded that in the Battle of the Somme one of the largest battles of the First World War: by the time

fighting had petered out in late autumn 1916 the forces involved had suffered more than 1.5 million

casualties , making it one of the bloodiest military operations ever recorded.

There are times when we forget who we are and where we are, sometimes, some of the worst

circumstances and situations in our lives are occurring,Relationships  e.g Marital, financial maybe even

Spiritual conflicts within us where we SEARCH frantically around us for the God that promised to bea

VERY PRESENT HELP in TROUBLE …….   and Gbosa ! a mighty offensive by the ENEMY is launched and

we come crashing  DOWN wounded, crippled sometimes “DEAD”.


The Bible talks about those that heard the word and received it with JOY ! but when trials and

tribulation arise they not having a root in themselves FALL.


In War the word FAILURE means DEATH.In Spiritual warfare the word FAILURE also means DEATH , but

of the ETERNAL sort.Christ is coming for overcomers ,OVERCOMERS ! not FAILURES.

Who loved not their life unto death. Who never gave up. But believed that God could actually raise

Isaac from the dead.

See Hebrews 11:33 for the HALL of FAME for FAITH.

In the movie behind enemy lines we learn of two American Fighter pilots shot down in Bosnia.

One was captured and immediately murdered while the other one had the run of his life behind enemy

lines.He went thorugh physical trials that had his resourcefulness not come in he would have perished.

 Are you behind enemy lines ? Are you surrounded and escape has become a sightless proposition the

weapons of your warfare have become carnal and you “know” you are dogmeat

! Where is GOD ? where is he ? He is not coming my dear, he can't come especially when he has

already come.The bible calls him a clear andpresent help in times of trouble.This absolves him off your

pitiful cries forhelp.Because he is right there  with you, you either agree or disagree it is your choice.

He has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies, how he treats you is different from

everyother person that has been alive , he said it himself , I will have mercy on whom I wilt and I

chasten those whom I love !

God’s chastening  is not a small thing at all.

If you are going through anything the mighty God has assured you that he will not allow anything that

you can't overcome. He knows this fact that YOU yes you reading this are an overcomer !

In this wilderness period be clear in your heart that God Loves you. It is a foundation of Victory and

the exact manifestation of your relationship with God and exactly whom you perceive the Lord to be .


In this my life Pain and suffering  have been very close friends, Betrayal and loneliness siblings elder

Brother and younger sister respectively,Apathy and despair first cousins and Nanny day care,

Still diligently searching for life to make sense were my nannies and the quintessential “Body of this

Death” became my shadow, In all this I knew the truth , I was sure of the existence of “the” God the

one that had the key .I remember telling a close friend in college this during one of our far flung

discussions into the wee hours whilst we were having bottles of beer I said ,”

There has got to be a God , there is no way else else we will all be dead for the evidence of EVIL

around the world needed no Prophet to prophesy “ My friend laughed but ever since then I had this

understanding etched within my medulla oblongata, I can even sense his presence now.


Just like that revelation in my  college days I am now FULLY aware that we are in a massive

SPIRITUAL BATTLE , Big one very big one, Victory means Overcoming ! even If this overcoming means

dying without seeing anything Abraham never saw himself become the father of all nations but that

old Papa , stuck to the “weird” voice talking to him.

Old man Noah must have honestly had some really horrible nightmares, I am not talking about the fact

that he must have also been the local fool, imagine building a Ship of those dimensions on dry land

without a trace of water around and here he is preaching his sermon “folk ,It is gonna be raining Cats

& Dogs  soon” and come to think of it the man was neither affiliated with the Norwegian ship builders

nor had any close pals at Julius Berger  !


All these guys were deep behind enemy lines but my o my they kept at their ministry in spite of the

bad chemistry , they HAD the ministry of FAITH and by this they PLEASED GOD.

So you see behind enemy lines is where we can make the worst damage not amongst friendly troops

and it is also the be easiest place to be SHOT DOWN !
Christ was the absolute underground resistance fighter , he went so deep behind enemy lines that he

is said to have made an open show of them and he even PREACHED to the souls in Hell ! Triumphing

over them in it ! AMEN.

Satan must have been dancing for Joy when he heard all these words from theauthor and finisher of

our faith



42 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be





4 And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lamasabachthani? which is,

being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me ?


God never did. He was always with his Son Deep Behind Enemy Lines Which he Created !

And He is With you too EVEN NOW !




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Comment by Moses K Tawose on January 9, 2011 at 2:40pm
Thanks for the uplifting and reassuring word...............God Bless!
Comment by ijeme uanzekin on January 9, 2011 at 1:37pm
Inspiring...God is always so close to see us thru


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