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Sunday Sermon: THE ONLY ONE by Deborah Ese Ekperigin

There are many stories in the bible that have become so popular among believers and unbelievers, to name a few Jonah and the whale, David and Goliath, Joseph and the colourful coat. The one that caught my
attention this time was Noah and the Ark as i was read the story in
Genesis 6 a few of the verses ministered to me. verse 9 says "
This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man THE
ONLY BLAMELESS person living on EARTH at the time and he walked in
close fellowship with God".
People this man was the ONLY
blameless person on earth, now i thought of the world today it will be
hard to find one blameless person in a family of four. I know it might
sound funny, but it's the truth.

The world we have today no one wants to be the ONLY ONE when it comes to things that are righteous or holy. They are scared of been called names like slacker, I
too know , sister/brother holier than thou and as the Nigerians will say
over sabi or mugu ! We seem to forget that the only reason we talk
about Noah today is because he was the ONLY ONE...

So why can’t you be the ONLY ONE

Among your friends/family/colleagues that decides to earn a honest living instead of duping people (yahoo yahoo/419)

Among your friends/family/colleagues that decides to wait till you get married before you sleep with that wife/husband

Among your friends/family/colleagues that remains faithful to that wife/husband that you asked God to give you

Among your friend/family/colleagues that decides to honour the vow you made to God/spouse instead of divorce

Among your friends/family/colleagues that decides to honour their father and mother no matter what

Among your friends/family/colleagues to tell the truth no matter

Among your friends/family/colleagues not to steal no matter the situation you find yourself

Among your friends/family/colleagues to enter/end a business transaction with integrity

Among your friends/family/colleagues to be forgiving because you know YOU have been forgiven so many times.

I say this because I myself never wanted to be the ONLY ONE, the world makes us feel out of place when we are the only ones, but really we have to put an END to it and realise that we are UNIQUE when
we choose to be the only ones and it really is not a bad thing like the
world is trying to make it seem it has its great rewards, we do not
have to be part of the craze going on at the moment the divorce rate sky
rocketing, adultery, fornication, killing, hatred all on the rise, all
because people want to be part of it and not left behind on the trend.
Forgetting that they will be left behind if they continue the way they
do when our Saviour comes.

When Noah decided to be the ONLY ONE he was not disappointed and God never let him down, in fact he had what I will call extended favour, this is the favour that you posses that is then extended to your loved ones that probably don’t deserve that favour, think about it the Word
did not say Noah and his family were blameless, he had 3 sons named
Shem, Ham and Japheth the Word does not say they too were blameless, but
when you go to chapter 9 it says " then God blessed Noah and his sons"
extended favour and blessing, be careful what you decide to do now or
decisions you make because they might have a negative effect on your
generation. We need to make right decisions NOW so our generation will
blessed by it.

Please have a think about it today and I pray as we do we all become ONLY ONES like Noah.

Have a blessed weekend people

Ese signing out.

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Comment by Ese on December 6, 2010 at 8:52pm
Thanks people i give God the glory, i agree its not easy to swim against the current as Micheal mentione, but is what we posses inside nt stronger? we need to be more conscious and stop being non chalant at certain things as christians, because we are passing this mentality to d next generation
Comment by Moses K Tawose on December 6, 2010 at 6:51am
Thanks for being who you're and passionately out spoken on it to be the only one if that's what it takes for the good of others.I can't agree more with your standing of integrity, self esteem and insight if Noah can and Jesus Christ at his time did why not you and I.Today the scenario is different where the question is what is in it for me otherwise I can't suffer for the benefit of all. I'm touched and I hope others heart would be touched too.............Remain blessed and have a great week.
Comment by 9jabook.com on December 5, 2010 at 7:21pm
Comment by Michael W Sr. on December 5, 2010 at 3:40pm
Very Insightful and challenging words Ms. Ese; Swimming against the current is not easy but it is rewarding, especially when everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes!
B-blessed as well my sister.




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