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Frank entered the internet again and spoke boldly there on netchurch “spam”, arguing persuasively and trying to reason things out with naysayers that God cherished so much about the coming kingdom of God and the Return of the KING .

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Eh this really gets interesting even if it is gets weird and stupid sometimes ! You might think I am crazy ! well I know I am !

I don’t really write stuff for people that are not just a bit weird and losing some worldly nuts , I write for folk like myself, weird, outcast. The ones that have been called this by the Great Physician

“ people that are well don’t need a doctor ! “

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The way things are by Frank Adeche (JCSE)

Hi All,

“When I think about Jesus and what he has done for me I just dance dance dance dance o dance!” excerpt from kirk franklins album stomp.,

That guy can sure STOMP a party up !

I have this friend his name starts with B and men Is he going through a rough time now !the worst thing is for the enemy to make you think you are the enemy !so If we can say this diatribe. “All say B lets pray to G for B , in Jesus name amen !”

God is good , greater love no one has than to lay his life down for his friends .God was willing and actually did this great phenomenon and he threw this freebie in for those that had been deceived into thinking they were his enemies .

You might say what is the big deal ? dudes lay down their lives regularly for much less !

Prince or is it the artist formerly known as prince has this song titled .

“I would die for YOU !”

The stage performance of this song in the movie “purple rain” was a massive frenzy of emotional dance pyrotechnics that sparked up the deepest passion of one in throes of desire and protective custody of a rare part of their existence.

John 3:16 states

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whomsoever believeth in him may not perish but have eternal life !

I don’t know if God dances or does pyrotechnics like Prince but this verse says he did something like prince did in that movie but in a very different way .Prince was hugging the floor and screaming like a banshee about some girl that left him .Incidentally Vanity one of Prince’s former girls is now a saved ! eNuff respect to the Lord !

What did God do ?

The verse says that for God SO loved the world ! SO loved the world ? , The word SO means a lot , while a mere mortal like Mr prince will shout and scream I Would die for you. ! God SO SO SO much loved the world . that he gave his ONLY begotten !

ONLY ! all he had !which was ALL he had .

There lies the sacrifice ALL he had .

What does he have ? ask yourself this question and he did it for whomsoever cares or even bothers to believe him, anyone ! certainly some would not believe him but he did this “knowing fully well this deed was going to be snubbed and wasted and rejected , because the blood that was spilled was able to cleanse the sins of ALL that BELIEVED !

He put all he had on a race horse that was sick and tired and kicking at its rider and snorting and cavorting and not even wanting its rider to get on it !God was in the race stands and he told the amazed bookies “I put all I have on this sorry looking horse He is sure gonna win ! “

When Lawyers and the legalese define issues relating to crimes and trials , the word MOTIVE plays a strong part !

“why would I die for YOU ?”

“what have you done for me lately ? “

“Can you pay my bills ? “

If I did not really care about myself , I would Die For U, If I had cancer I would DFU

If I was drafted into the army in Iraq insurgent or marine, I would DFU. If I did not know my worth I would DFU. If I had no future ambition I would DFU. If I did not know my purpose on Earth I would DFU !

There must be a motive for every action .When you hate someone you must have a motive, when you love someone you must have a motive , when you die for someone you must also have a motive.

The things of God are not like the way we see it.

From a legalistic point of view God had no real motive to DFU, just as the people or spirits that hated Christ for no reason ! .

Some times you meet someone and you just like that person or just as well say I just hate that guy’s guts ! (I used to have this boss, man I really, really would have loved to .. …….”@$%&^****((*?””@# to him ..ah ! God help me !)

Motiveless purposes that produce meaningful goals ? God’s “motiveless” purposes are far greater than the imagination s of purpose by today’s Business executives and scientists who determine their purpose or Business Plans and strategy using all kinds of decision software and Enterprise Technology employed by Corporations today in amassing the ever elusive Stocks and shares of an Earth they don’t own .Or the invention of mindless scientific thoughts to determine the mind of God, The Everything theory, Quantum theory, thank God Einstein had the sense to believe in the existence of God. 1 Cor 1:25

25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength.


God’s love has and will never be characterized by whatever gifts you posses or don’t posses, Money, Beauty Fame, Skill etc or poverty, Ugly, unskilled .His love is absolutely based on the fact that He SO loves you for no “apparent” reason and it is his GRACE that is his testimony.

Or look at those special sightings that love birds call LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT !

Honestly, these things happen some even say that the chemistry was right !

eh man it has happened to moi and I cant even begin to describe the feeling !

My friends out there, especially guys, Love is sweet, very sweet .I tell you no lie.

All you single brothers out there Go and Look fer ya RIB ! Winter can get really cold !(laughs ).

As for me and my house the ache in my ribs is not getting any easier at all.

Did God know his motive for man on Earth ?

His motive for man was pure and simple let US make man in our own image and let him take dominion over all the EARTH ! .A bunch of heavenly guys, Melchisedec and the US dudes gathered together and watched Jesus in the beginning (some people translate this as in beginnings ) create the world .John 1:1

Pls note : US does not mean United States , I trust any american redneck reading this will automatically think the US was contracted to rebuild the Earth, iraq etc and they were there in the beginning, you know they actually believe they run this world and not the god of this world .

But the bible says ye are yourselves gods alleluia !

Did Jesus know his motive on earth ?

Do YOU know your PURPOSE in LIFE ?

He Became Sin, he who knew NO sin for us so that we could live .

Isa 61:1-3 says “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon us……For he hath anointed me to preach deliverance to the captives………………”

He laid down his life by offering his son , .In so doing sacrificed his own child so that we could all Live.

I marvel at this because there can be no Sacrifice or atonement without an offering, there can be no gain if there is no PAIN !

He mimed this direliction “Eli eli lama sabathani why hast thou forsaken me ! “

I still try to fathom the cost of Calvary ! the Cost of an atom of Christs Blood .Now,When I look at the items he has purchased with his blood I therefore cringe at the fact that I used to question God’s appreciation for human life, the atrocities and massive misuse Humans have subjected themselves over the centuries since Adam .Saddam, Hitler, Stalin, Shaka, Alexander, Nero ,Vlad the impaler the ancient greeks the Trojans.

The senseless slaughter of humans because of the negative effects of the dominion principle for Power that intoxicates to the highest where sheep would say to its shepherd “baa baa baa Shepherd we will stay home while you go out and get the wool ! “ or a wife would say “let me wear the pants in this house” or a son say to his father “Dad that is not what they taught us in school “ or a congregation tell it’s pastor “we don’t want you anymore .”Or the worst and scariest.

Where a creature will tell his maker “Isa 14:14

14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.


Those early days , I came to this conclusion that God does not care about humanity. Even looking at wildlife Predators etc , on telly the chaotic organization of God’s Nature is profound , the callous destruction of Zebra, wildebeest and other herbivores on the plains of the African Serengeti by Carnivorous animals like Lions etc seemed senseless and pitiless, Lions will actually prey on animals that are weak or young , they shy away from animals that belie size and have no fear, but will surprisingly attack and kill Large Elephant bulls should they have to !

Also, Female Lions will instantly devour their young should the need arise and yet stand their ground against rhinos who come too close to their cubs. Male Lions will always execute cubs not fathered by them during a pride takeover!

I like what Wildlife shows about Animal behavior it gives an insight into what man really is capable of !

It is amazing ! The organized chaos, inexplicable behaviors , completely unprecedented and thereby showing who God can be !For he is a consuming Fire The lord of Sabaoth

And then I think of the blood of Jesus and the price of this blood ! This means each of us, every single one of us costs a lot of Money, Blood Money to be exact .Our design and presence is a complete calculated Risk investment by a being who has the very deepest emotions for us .

WHO can love me the way God loves me , His statements are profound and clear !

John 3:16 states

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whomsoever believeth in him will not perish but have eternal life !

What does it Take ?


I am amazed! BELIEF! is that all ? !!!

What is belief?

“A vague idea in which some confidence is placed “

this is from my wordweb dictionary on my laptop! A vague idea ! some confidence !

what is faith then ?

The bible the greatest reference that I know of defines it like this.

"Now Faith is the substance (or possibly, in the light of recent inquiries into the type of Greek used by NT writers, "the guaranty") of things hoped for, the evidence (or "convincing proof") of things not seen."

(from International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Electronic Database Copyright (c)1996 by Biblesoft)

And we know that faith comes in measures, if you have faith as a mustard seed thou canst say to this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea and it shall be so !

“Because they had little faith ! “

“For without Faith it is impossible to please God !” finito ! C’est finite ! Case closed !

Now taking John 3:16 again I repostulate these Laws of the Lord of Lords

For God so Loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whomsoever believeth in him , eh ! wait a minute there , or we can say whomsoever faithed in him means whom sover hath Faith in him as a mustard seed or any kind of seed as the case may be will not perish but have everlasting Life and eternal life !

And this belief comes in various forms because some Biblical old timer said this once

“Lord increase our faith ! “

It is this same faith that Christ demonstrated that made the miracles happen in those Jerusalem days and also happens from and to believers or Faithers all over the world that Jesus created, for without him was nothing that was created made ! So therefore

2 Cor 4:13

13 We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak;


Me, you , everyone, must face this reality ! We must start to try and believe, start speaking ! .Confess,fess up , your confession must change because it has the ability to change things !

There is this pastor called Chris Oyakhilome see www.christembassy.org. This guy, very “controversial” in Nigeria, is a panorama of pastors :Benny Hinn,Td jakes,KC Price, Kenneths Copeland/Hagin,Oral Roberts,Benson Idahosa and a host of men of God all rolled into one.

In my opinion ,He understands confession more than any preacher I have listened to. He speaks about it like he is possessed with its potency and he is, His confessions have transcended into the one which we might not understand. He will just shout out and tell you” begin to speak in tongues “ and everything is gonna be alright , that is because he knows the efficacy of Mouth Power . Tongue domination is Faith run amok , speaking to things that be not as though they were !

Confessing good things is crucial this hooks you up to the Spirit realm where matters arise and matters are settled. Your confessions are betrayed from your prayers, thanksgiving and PRAISES ! Lord have mercy ! there is POWER IN OUR PRAISES !Praise Adonai for ever more !

How you talk and walk and gesticulate spills your Spirit of love, power and sound mind !

That book called the bible is a vast ocean of undiscovered treasures amazing content

It contains tales of wine women and song , War, SEX , Death some really scary shit ! forgive my French some extreme porn stuff , things that would make those XXX sites cringe with embarrassment , Weird stuff that JK Rowling (Harry Potter) and JR Tolkien (Lord of the rings ) say man that God guy is deep !

You don’t say ?

go and read it.It also has some real sitcoms and funny stuff with romance and Soap Operas that would make Dallas and Holly wood look like spiritual entities ! (entities got that off database research skool)

GO AND READ IT ! I say this because you have to , everyone has to Find out about this God yourself, search his word and he will REVEAL himself to you ! just as he is doing to me but whomever cometh unto him must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently search for him WOW !

Diligently his first and then yours


Heaven Bound we are, Join the Zion Train. Get the real Force, The Holy Spirit of The Living God !

meet us at

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