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…….Youths are vital organs of the society. A society without youths is like education without certificate. Consequently, this society has no future and no prospect. Many communities are in a state of brouhaha as a result of animosity exhibited by their youths. A society is favorable and progressive when the youths are recognized and have the love the society. The effects of youths in the society will not be over-emphasized.
In recent times, the challenges that lead to unhappy situations amongst youths are enormous;
• Socializations had been a major issue for the youth today. One of the major factors is more of an economic effect. While decades back the mother stayed to home to tend her offspring, today's mothers have to work to support their family. There is a high divorce and teen pregnancy rate which is to blame to the high economic needs. Some of the major problems caused by this are the young children who are looking after themselves. Families are disrupted through divorce, separation, desertion or death. Without stability and a set pattern that children can depend on, and the lack of love and nurturing, children can easily become involved in delinquency.
• Lack of Education/Illiteracy
• Unemployment
• Intimidation/Sexual harassment from employers
• Distractions/Deceptions from the opposite sex and many more.
These are mare distractions. Take no notice of these and claim what belongs to you.
You are left with choices to make. Your choice will either make or mar you. People consult their Parents, Friends, etc while making their choice of life. Some people might even decide to go on their own but whichever way we choose,” DO NOT FORGET YOUR CREATOR”. Lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths- Proverb 3: 5-6.
The time to make your choice is now. Any good choice is always blessed by God.
A time has come for every youth to be liberated from the shackles of ignorance and primitivity, from financial nakedness, despite the status quo of the economy, no matter your academic level, where you are, who you are, and your condition.
As the law of nature states, a body will continue in its state of rest unless it is acted upon by a force.
So, get up and start something, call upon your Creator and He will definitely direct you. Believe and you will make it. Ask questions and you will surely get the right information that will enable you succeed.
*Be useful to yourself and to the society*

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