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Press Release: 9jabook Launches Social Ad Network tweeterest ! tweeterest.com !

9jabook Lau.nches Soci.al A.d.ver.t Netw.ork with RVC

ONLINE MEDIA DAILY -- September 2012 -- 9jabook has launched a targeted ecommerce A.d.ver.t netw.ork,9jabook Media.via integrated opensource carting software Best known for its ecommerce enabling tools in social networks, tokumbo media claims this is the "first" social A.d.ver.t network to bring peer to peer, CPA and brand A.d.ver.t for ecomm.erce purposes under one umbrella. Currently in private Beta, 9jabook tweeterest Media will allow sellers to a.dvertise products and services. 

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March 29, 2011
abi john balogun , aka weboga CEO Interview

RVC INTERVIEW --Mar 29 -- How can you make m.oney with online networks ? Well, one way is to a.dd an album shop perhaps. http://awoof.me  staff  can help you do that. I interviewed the CEO of 9jabook.com, abi john balogun . -

Can you tell us the founding story of 9jabook.com and how you got involved in this business ?

I always looked at technologies and when i see a good one , all i think about is leverage.Being a jack of all tra.des and A friend of many masters. I jumped at the idea ! i ha.d ha.d loa.ds of issues on ebay and saw the population of nigeria as the best thing to happen to the black man.
In 2008, when me and my partners  saw the growth of MyS.pace and Facebo.ok, we started to look at what some of the bigger e-commerce companies were going to do, to see how they would monetize beyond a.dvertising in social communities.It is the same partnership we are offering free to all members of 9jabook.

We quickly determined that big companies like eBay and Amazon ha.d big focus but were primarily built in a walled garden infrastructure and charged fees. So we set out to use a platform that synchronizes across multiple communities and allows people to create stores and/or turn their profiles or blogs into full featured commerce stores.

Today,  awoof.me former 9jabay.com  sells foreing goods locally  and awoof.us sells local goods abroad . www.decipher-art.com is a site strictly into selling art locally and abroad .the moda ship 9jabook.com is a highly targeted knowledge-commerce a.d motivational  network that allows people especially Nigerians for example from anywhere on the web to sell to people on our RVC network. We don't charge any listing and transaction fees so it's been quite appealing and we've grown quite a bit in the past 6 months.Our approach is simple Pay in Cash or Pay in Mobile network credits !

How exactly do you make money?
There are two ways. First we make money from premium membership subscription which is $5 a month. The membership entitles member to a.dvanced analytics for their store,blog, segment their audiences, build customer database, etc. and partner with us on our various ventures .We have strategic alliances with consulting companies across board and our primary goal is to present technology easier and far cheaper anywhere else ... We are the opposite of google in sheep clothing more like robin hoods in Wolf clothing ! 

The second way is from the highly incentivized but non-mandatory a.dvertising fee which allows you to target people outside of your sphere. If you build a store album on your 9jabook page, all your friends are going to see your products. However if you want to sell to people that are outside of your network, people you don't know, then we are going to a.dvertise your product on your behalf and target people across our network.

How many stores do you have set up so far? What are the top items being sold?
We have probably about 50 stores in the network right now with between 3 and 5 new stores being created every week. Most of the stuff is apparel,electronics & mobile phones and pretty much the same goods you would find on eBay or amazon.

What is the most unusual store you've seen so far?
I can't comment on that one. We ended up turning that one off our network . Clearly when you provide a "free" service to users in any category, you're going to end up with a good cross section of different and interesting things that sort of end up popping up there.

Who would you regard as your primary competition?
We ha.d the good fortune of building upon a very pretty robust platform and our cheap competition is our tech providers and ourselves and moving into this space really early has put us on the map. And as a result of that we've experienced early growth that most of the other people, who we would consider competitors, haven't.

But I do a.dmire some of the other companies in our space. There are some people doing great things in social networkiing in Nigeria.

What major features are currently in development for 9jabay.com and 9jabook ?
Some of them are confidential but the major one is that we're releasing a new web portal, so there will be a new site coming out.Where the major launch will tkae place . We like to look at it like LinkedIn meets Yahoo stores (RVC). We're also launching a mobile portal which will allow you to communicate with people who are shopping in your store via mobile, make offers and also perform transactions, all via the phone.

One of our more recent developments was powering the IMAP application so users can grab a product out of the catalog and insert it directly into the IM conversation and perform a transaction right there.

What are your goals for the service hea.ding into 2011?
We've been a very social networking seller centric business so far. We've appealed mostly to poke sellers,by that i mean people who like to use social networking as a social poke me i poke you tool. people that want to sell things and want to list their services or products are being marginalised in terms of the
basic classified site offering where regulation of transactions are an everyday jungle especially in nigeria.
. Our next phase of our development is going to be very shopping centric. We are launching on a new store in our network almost every month this quarter, so watch out for us. 2009 will see the evolution of a true global nigerian commerce network that works ! no Fraud No Losses, where people across multiple social communities and in states around nigeria will conduct tra.de. We count on being the lea.der in making this happen.

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