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Asari Dokubo threatens to bomb Hausa's in Niger/Delta


While addressing a press conference in Abuja on Monday,the former Ijaw Youth Council president and founder of Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force said: 

The arrogance of B/H is un-islamic. The type of bomb they are using is small small pikin bomb. If we begin, nobody will stay in Abuja. 
We don’t manufacture bomb but we buy bombs & dynamites. I started armed struggle in the N/Delta. It's because of GEJ that we at quiet. Soon, we will not be able to guarantee our patience any more. If Ijaw people should retaliate, every household in the North will cry. It is the North that needs peace more than us.

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Comment by yusuf bashar on August 15, 2012 at 10:50am

Hi stevens, most times i wonder what is in my country men brain, at any level people tend to take the Boko Haram issue as the northern and northern muslim problem, that is utterly wrong and our national collective undoing. Reason, when there were kidnapping and armed robbery embrasingly rampant in certain parts of the country in our recent history the world didnt take is as regional matter but Nigerias and every Citizen traveling to any part of the world carry that stigma. Two, we muslims would have protested if doing so could change any thing positively, but unknown to any one blindfolded in stereotype hate and misconception it wouldnt change any thing. Just like nothing changed in all the shouting and the gated streets against kidnapping and armed robbery: stealing in Government and all of it. Solving the problem of Boko Haram is firstly Government matter, then we ordinary citizens will contribute with information including your pesimistic self. Finally, iam always  taken aback if a Nigerian refers to oneself as northerner or a southerner, though it shows some sparks of attitude and lack of self confidence to ones national true standing.Stevens, be it known to you that you are southerner in thoughts only, you are considered and would be treated as Nigerian once you step out of this Nation. Worst of all, let me tell you some nations border control outfit may consider you as boko haramist or a terrorist worst than the one you left at home just because you are a nigerian. all the kidnaps and robberies, political killings and all are considered Haramist activities and you represent each and all of them as a Nigerian in diaspora. so forget about this inherited internal hatred of the tribal and regional campaigners, rather think National, think Nigeria like i do. It is good to let you know that iam above tribe , religion, or any allegiance.Iam first, a bonafide Nigerian citizen just as you are. All i want from you is that water down this southern/northern thoughts and think National. The moment you are able to throw away that nativity, then you would see the way we see things and your folly in not seeing it that way for so long. I wish you well.

Comment by obi steven on August 15, 2012 at 12:11am

 Yusuf and Co . who professed that you don't like what Boko Harams are doing , let me ask you

 and your Co Muslims . If you people are not happy or indirectely suporting Boko Harams

why hav'nt you come out enmasse and condenm what they're doing , and made them to unde

rstand that you real Muslims as you claimed are not happy and in support of their action .

Because i believe that if you all come out enmasse and demonstrate the evils they're committing daily against innocent citizens , they'll definatly think twice . When you northners 

are killing christains and the southners nobody will regard them as Nigeria citizens but when

the hamer falls on you you will know that you're Nigeria citizens . Again let me ask you all

were you more citizens than others , we all have the same  right and previlege as the citizens

this country .We can not be calling one Nigeria at the expense of one side of the country .


Comment by joseph osukwu on August 11, 2012 at 12:36pm

You Yusuf.You talk like a terror activist.Every of your language has crafty hate attached to it.No one needs division of Nigeria.Whoever tries must be ready to pay the costly price.I have a good number of Hausa good friends likewise else where in Nigeria.It is true that some are trying to establish their hidden nature terming Boko Haram up rising.My advise to Boko Haram,Dokubo and whoever is making any kind of plans to attack innocent people should know that those who live in glass house should not throw any stone.And finally terror crafty writers should be banned  from this or any other sight used for social or political talks.

Comment by oyedapo oyetunde on August 11, 2012 at 12:18pm
Thank you, my good brother of Nigeria for your massage .
Comment by yusuf bashar on August 9, 2012 at 9:47am

None sense, utter none sense! If truly you think you can just bomb us like chickens then no need to shout just do it the way Boko Haram have been killing us and no one cares. I smell you know all about the antecedent of that group as i reflected back on your utterances all this while. Sadly, where are the security operatives in this land that you are threatening the existence of a part of the country and no one cares. Democracy does not mean rascality and threats. Iam disappointed in you, your opportunistic language and the National Security angle of our system. Mind you, bombing the North would be your undoing as it is only people like you who are enjoying through the pains of your kinsmen that thought violence is lawful. Treading through Boko Haram way means that you are also Boko Haramist or there sponsor else how could one open up to say that one buys bombs and dynamite to inflict great injury on his own nation and still work freely. Well let us see the genuineness of you threat at the end of your alleged tribesman tenure. Too bad that governance is reduced to tribal links which is the determinant to peace or violence. Because you are a beneficiary of violence against this country doesnt mean every day is for the thief.We in the north are not on our knees begging to be spared of your bombs, just go ahead and fulfil your threats then we awaits the judgement. You know what i meant! Errant none sense, telling the world that you are renouncing violence because of GEJ. Big lie, if you are sincere pick your guns and start again and let us see how you will singularly survive through it. Every one who has eaten fat through national ineficiencies like you did, open wide mouth to say all funny things and go away with it. Watch your back Asari, you are biting more than the two of you can chew. Time will tell, sure. And when its time your mouth shall be sealed!!!

Comment by THE QOHELETH on August 9, 2012 at 8:33am

Any one who cannot confront the Boko Haram terrorists head on or find a way of exterminating the insurgence but rather wants to vet his anger and flex muscles on hapless and innocent citizens is a coward any time any day!

Comment by Kehinde Oke on August 8, 2012 at 7:46pm

How else will Asari benefit from the conspiracy if he does not make noise. Our common enemy are the corrupt political office holders and those at the corridor of power, they benefit from every crisis within the country. The way to fight Boko haram is to fight against corruption and ignorance. Technology driven solutions will also bring about institutional stability

Comment by Sane Nigerian on August 8, 2012 at 6:45pm

2 wrongs do not make a right. killing northerners is certainly not right. use your resources to search out the perpetrators as much as you can. Also use your human resources to kick against corruption and vote out inept leaders not minding your tribal or sectional interest.

Comment by Giwa tukur on August 8, 2012 at 5:18pm

@jaane pls tlk wit  oga ASARI DOKUBO mk he stop fight ooooooooooooooo

Comment by Giwa tukur on August 8, 2012 at 5:13pm

stop voilence

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