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Bestiality: Behold, 32-yr-old who engages in sex with goats

Caught in the act. Semiu with his ‘lover’ goat. Photo: Oluwatoyin Malik

ON Wednesday, 13 October, 2010, Semiu Lasisi had woken up with his wife and children. He stood and headed for a nearby mosque at Ajimututu area of Akobo in Ibadan, Oyo State where he was living to observe the Subhi prayer. After the prayers, muslim faithful filed out of the mosque and headed for their different homes to prepare themselves for the day. It was around 6.30 a.m.

Lasisi, a 32-year-old father of three however had other thoughts in his mind as he made his way home. After allowing some distance between himself and others, Lasisi stopped where a she-goat was lying with her two kids.

Suddenly, he felt some warmth in his groin and his manhood became turgid. Looking left and right and seeing no one, the man grabbed the she-goat, went on his knees behind her, inserted his manhood into the rear of the goat and started pumping away furiously.

The goat, which few days before went through agonising pains to deliver her two kids, resisted the action of Lasisi by bleating in protest, but the man was carried away by the animalistic lust in him that he cared less. Unknown to him, someone heard the goat’s cry and as he approached the direction of the noise, the sight he beheld shocked him.

Determined to catch Lasisi by the wrist, the witness creeped in behind and grabbed him, asking him what he was doing with the goat. Lasisi, who saw that there was no hiding place for him, immediately admitted to what he was doing. ‘I won’t be the only one to behold this abomination’, the witness said to himself, so he raised an alarm that attracted neighbours. Before anyone could blink, a crowd had gathered from nearby streets and started beating Lasisi, condemning his bestial act and cursing him. His wife, pregnant with their fourth child, stood there and was weeping profusely, telling anyone who cared to listen that her husband must have been bewitched as they left the mosque shortly before his act. She was however taken away from the scene.

Sunday Tribune gathered that this was the situation when a police officer who was going to her duty post early that morning met the huge crowd. Quickly, she rescued Lasisi from the mob and took him to the police post at Alagbayun area from where the case was transferred to Akobo Police station which is the Divisional headquarters.

Narrating his story to Sunday Tribune, Lasisi, who said he was a commercial driver plying Akobo Oju Irin to Bodija in Ibadan said “I can not really say what pushed me into this shameful act because I have a wife at home and she had never refused me sex. This thing (mating with a goat) once happened to me when I was in Lagos with my mother. I was not married then. I saw a goat tied in the compound where I was staying. I was moved to have sex with her and I removed my trousers but before I could commence the act, a man saw me and exclaimed, asking me why I wanted to have sex with a goat. He then called my mother to take care of me as my act was abnormal. My mother took me to a pastor who had a church behind where we were living then and I was prayed for. Since then, I have not been involved in the act until the recent one which led to my arrest.

“On the day of my latest act, I saw the goat lying down in front of a school beside where I was living and I made her to stand. I then knelt behind her, raised my Jalamia, pulled the edge of my boxers to one side and penetrated the goat’s rear. Unknown to me, someone was coming from behind but I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t notice him. He just grabbed me, asking me whether I wanted to kill the goat. I said no. He took a big stick and started beating me before others came to join him.”.

Lasisi said he would have prayed in the mosque in front of his house but because of a problem which involved his wife and the Imam of the mosque, he decided to be praying in another mosque. He also admitted that he had been overtaken by the passion to mate with a goat not too long ago when he sighted a she-goat while driving along the road. “I parked the vehicle and ran after the goat but it did not wait for me so I could not carry out my intention.”

It was further gathered that Lasisi once had a case against him at the station when he was arrested for attempting to burgle a room. He was alleged of breaking the louvres of the room to gain access into it but was caught in the act by occupier of the room. Lasisi confirmed this, saying also that he did not know what pushed him into the act that day. “The incident happened this year at Akobo Oju irin area around 9a.m. I was just walking past the house when the thought came into me to steal. I took a plank and started breaking the louvres. It was in the process that I was caught. I was brought to the station and charged to court but my mother appealed to the complainant and he agreed to withraw the case. I was granted bail but when I could not meet the bail condition, I was taken to Agodi Prisons. Later, my mother was contacted and with the help of a lawyer, she came and fulfil the bail conditions after which I was released after a week,” he stated.

When Sunday Tribune tried to find out if his act was part of the process for money making ritual, Lasisi denied this, stating he was not doing it for any purpose and had even been getting spiritual help from his mother and father-in-law. “My father-in-law, though a muslim, had been to a church at Iwo Road area because of me. He took me there for prayers and we were told I was being attacked spiritually from my family. He was told to come back for things that I would use in the process of cleansing and deliverance. Unfortunately, as he was going there on Tuesday, a day before my act, he was hit by a bus and was seriously injured. When I had that case of stealing, my father-in-law asked me to move into his house with my wife and children and he gave us accommodation. He did this to help me and also keep an eye on me so that I could be spiritually helped,” Semiu said.

Since his stay at the police station, Lasisi said none of his family members had visited him while his mum who resides in Lagos was yet to be aware of his present problem.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Oyo State, DSP Olabisi Okuwobi however said Lasisi’s act is categorised under the criminal code as unnatural sexual act and his case would be charged to court after all investigations.

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Comment by Jameel on October 25, 2010 at 4:37pm
May God intervene in your actions. What else can one say?

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