Producer of the action packed thriller “Dangerous Men”, which was banned in Nigeria last year by the National Film and Video Censors Board(NFCVB), Mr. GuGu E. Michaels has vowed never to dream of coming to the country again for any film production.

GuGu made his feeling known from his base in America, while chatting with HVP on facebook last week. He was in the country last year to shoot and release his film “Dangerous Man” in the cinemas.

The film was billed to commence showing at the Silverbird and Genesis Deluxe Cinemas few day before it was banned by the censors board.

GuGu lamented the decision by the board to ban the movie, after he had spent a lot of money to produce the thriller which he said went down the drain.

Lamenting the injustice he suffered in the hands of the Emeka Mba-led censors board, GuGu said, “why would I ever dream of coming back to shoot a movie in Nigeria, knowing my own people won’t allow my dream to come through.

Those people wants to change a lot of things in that movie. It took them three months to tell me what to remove from the movie. I don’t know why they made it so hard for me to succeed in Nigeria.”

“Since I couldn’t make it here, I had to return to my base in the United States. I mean after spending the kind of money I did, while producing the movie and marketing it, they pulled the plug two days to the opening night of the movie at Silverbird .

That really hurt my company and my personal finance. It’s really sad how censors board treat film makers in Nigeria. They do not encourage film makers at all.

The censors board, according to GuGu banned his film, because they claimed it showed Nigeria in a negative way and depicted what is going on in Nigerian politics and crime at the moment.

GuGu who also directed the movie, is an international action director. He has written and directed over six feature length pictures, including “Unge’s War” which is an epic-action adventure.

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