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Venomous Snakes were being ferried from Africa to Europe in a plane. Unfortunately, the person who packed the snakes forgot to lock the box where the snakes were put. Once the plane took off and started responding to plane movement, the snakes found their way out of the box...passengers could see various snakes on the isle. While they scream on top of their voice, some fainted, the brave ones sought refuge wherever they could inside the plane.

The air hostess ran to the pilot to inform him of this scaring incident. The pilot quickly alerted the air controllers on the ground.

"We are very sorry, says his boss. We forgot to lock the box where we put the snakes. They are indeed some of the poisonous snakes in the world."

"So where can I land? Please advise me before passengers are bitten," asked the shaking pilot.

"No, do not land, stay there for some time let me think and tell you what to do," the boss advised.

This advise sounded so stupid to the impatient pilot. But he has to follow the order of his boss.

The boss contacted him after some time. "At what altitude are you flying? He asked.

"300," The pilot replied. "Go higher" the boss advised.

"But the snakes will..." Before he could finish the boss shouted "l said GO HIGHER!!" He then complied.

Now what is your altitude? the boss asked

"500.66" the shaking pilot answered.


"But Sir....."

"I said GO HIGHER captain" He complied.

By then the snakes were already all over the plane, even one male member of the cabin crew collapsed. It is unbearable. A few Have been bitten And they died instantly. Yet, the majority kept on seeking for refuge.

"Now Captain, keep on going higher," said the boss.

The pilot complied and kept on going higher and higher.

"Now, what's your altitude?" The boss asked.

I am reaching "1200," pilot replies. "Now I am on "1200," he says quickly.

"Now stay there."

"Tell the cabin crews, that at this altitude, the snakes are harmless. They can just pick them up with their hands and return them to the box, and this time they should not forget to lock the box." The boss advised.

This is true! One cabin member shouted as he tried holding one snake. "It is numb and harmless.

It was a game in the plane within the passengers, some for the first time they are touching a snake. Holding it in their hands and returning them to the box.

"Look at this black Mamba, it was really after me. now, I can hold it, throw it and catch it like a ball."

One passenger said while throwing and catching the Mamba.

This was the end of the seemingly dangerous ordeal in the plane.

Even those who fainted were resuscitated and they gained consciousness.

Now, What is the lesson of the story?

In "2010," The Snakes or problems of "2009" will follow you.

However, There is need for you to increase your altitude in Prayers. And surely, there is a certain point in praying that you will reach, and this is the point when even the most seemingly unconquerable problems are defeated; They lose power.

Never faint at the face of any problem that seem impregnable. God still have more than enough Grace for you to scale throgh. IN JESUS' NAME....(Amen).

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Quite inspiring


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