is it coincidence?

Anyone will feel very angry, frustrated and betrayed when given a job to do and after all the planning, hard work, sweat, sleepless night to make it work according to plan, it is given to another three fourths to completion. None of this feeling you will have when this job causes the new person to be in jail for an illegal transaction. How will you feel when you are on an important appointment and about to enter a bus when the sit of the bus tears your trousers/skirt ……but when you return home to change, find that the bus you were about to board had a fatal accident and nobody survived? How will you feel when you run into the bank to deposit a huge amount of money and you are asked to go to another branch of the bank which is miles away to make your deposit………..but after 5mins of leaving the bank, everybody was robbed. I could still go on and on about how someone, something, an object, an advice, a gum under the slipper, a phone even an enemy has prevented us from having a bad or a near death experience. I ask, is it coincidence or is there something behind it. I had a friend who did not commit himself to church but was approached by one of the door-to-door evangelists of which he decided to listen passively, some time later that evening he almost fell in a well after another friend who doesn’t fetch water decided to follow him to the well [who eventually saved his life]. I ask again; is it coincidence or is there a reason?I am not asking for an answer but a rethink. But remember, anything either little or big that makes you angry, sad, cry, feel down, don’t forget to thank GOD for it could just be you avoiding a bad or near death experience….
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