Is this Tupac's Killer ?

Suge Knight Arrested – Has Suge Knight Killed Tupac?



Suge Knight Arrested

Suge Knight Arrested – Has Suge Knight Killed Tupac? That’s the big question on millions of peoples minds right now, if they are falling for the hoax videos and silly rumors that are spreading across the net today. Whether Suge Knight did kill Tupac or not, we don’t know the answer to that, but we do know why he was arrested.

Although Suge Knight was actually arrested today. According to CNN, it was as a result of not appearing at court on a traffic violation. According to reports, The 45-year-old consented to go with the police and was booked and issued a citation to appear in court again on the traffic violation. The whole process took about an hour.

It would seem that now some people have managed to turn that arrest into something much more than it actually was. Quite a difference between a traffic violation and being charged for murder.

I guess this latest rumor makes a change from all the death rumors that have been round the net over the last few days. We have had the death of Aretha Franklin, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy and a few other stars over the last few days. Needless to say, each and everyone of them are actually still alive.

Well, I suppose the latest rumor is a bit more imaginative, than the death rumors. wonder who is going to come up with the next one and what it will be.

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