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Money on it's own is a useless asset, useless object and therefore a useless possession. But that it is a medium of exchange or a purchasing power, it has assumed such importance that people value it higher than the human life and are therefore worshipping it.

This perception of money informed pastor and George Buthrick opinion that "of all the masters the soul can choose, there are at least only two- God and money." Pastor Buthrick's opinion is a truism, and of practical relevant to our present day world; such that many have doggedly enslaved themselves to their master-money. This master-slave relationship is not without problems. But come to think about it, who is the real master?; money is an object created by man-while man is in turn created by God. Who then is the better master?.

The mastership of God is without problems, but the mastership of money is full with problems of varying dimensions.Therefore, the distinctive difference between God's mastership full of blessings as against the mastership of money full of problems that the Bible warns against serving God and mammon (money) (Mat. 6:24) Furthermore, the danger of serving money is emphasized in the Bible (l Tim. 6:10) where many have departed from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.

Money is a difficult master to serve, because too much of money or too little of it has created many problems for man. Therefore, when money is poorly handled in matrimonial homes, it has precipitated serveral problems especially in marriages, See below...:

1. My husband spends lavishly, he spends too much.

2. My husband is selfish and spends on himself only.

3. My wife spends food money on her personal needs and blames it on inflation-that things

are expensive in the market.

4. My wife spends carelessly and finishes a month feeding money in two weeks.

5. My husband does not give me food money in bulk for the month but in bits on daily basis, he is a


6. My husband does not give me pocket money, he is very stingy.

7. How can I tell my wife how much I earn, only fools do that, she will finish my money.

8. My husband spends his money on his relatives, but none for my people.

9. My wife insists on separate accounts, I do not know how much she earns.

10. Since I became unemployed, and my wife is the only one working, I am starving.

11. I do not know how much my husband earns, therefore I do not know how much I should ask him

for somethings, for the children and myself.

12. My wife insists that as the man, I should finance the home alone.

13. Inspite the fact that she works, my wife demands for money for everything in the house.

14. It was a big mistake to have a joint account with my husband, he cheats me so much.

15. My wife does not respect me because of lack of money.

16. My husband does not take care of me, the last clothes he bought for me were during our

traditional wedding.

17. My husband does not care how we feed though he works, the responsibility of maitaining the

family falls on me.

18. I am fed up, her demand for money to buy the latest fashion has no end.

19. Since my husband bought a car or built a house etc, we are suffering.

20. Because my wife bought most of the properties of the family, I have become an errand boy in the


21. Since my husband got a new job which he earns higher, he started drinking and goes after other

women, am fed up with him.

These are some of the problems that have torn so many families and marriages into shreds or broken so many homes. It is in this wise that there is a big need to manage 'MONEY" very wisely, either plenty or small of it in a home, to avoid the above pitfalls.

Do not allow neighbours, friends and relatives to manage your home for you.

Do it yourself, and do it very wisely.


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Comment by Chinyere Precious Anakor on June 9, 2010 at 2:47pm
that was a great tin 2 write about money
Comment by Bade on June 2, 2010 at 10:15am
Money is an asset we used to pilot the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Money is important and it answereth many things the church needs. I believe exactly what the bible says, "The love of money is the root of all evil". It did not say money was evil, but the "love" of it. Those who are rich , because of their love of money, keep those who are poor in bondage. They make the rules and they are always in favor of them becoming richer and the poor, poorer, and yes that is evil!!!
Ignorance is cause for much financial suffering & evil. I also believe that however knowledgeable & wise people are, even a majority of people, if there are individuals who have chosen to 'love money' then their greed, avarice, power-seeking, etc. will most assuredly lead to evil. Our education is important, but will not in and of itself overthrow the evil that is rooted in the love of money.


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