Telephone scam: Nigerians urged to be on alert

Telephone scam: Nigerians urged to be on alert| Print | E-mailWritten by Joseph AjayiNIGERIANS have been advised to be very wary of fraudsters who now use telephone calls to deceive people and dispossess them of their money.According to a statement monitored online, a man who preferred anonymity was called by someone who claimed to have come from a telephone service provider and asked to shut down his phone for two hours for an update to take place.The man, the statement read, quickly shut down his cell phone and on suspicion that the caller did not even introduce his name immediately turned it on only to be inundated by calls from his terribly-worried family members asking him if he was safe or not.The parents alleged that they had received a call from someone claiming that they had the man in question with them and asking for money to set him free, adding that the call was so real and convincing that they even heard the man’s voice crying out aloud for help.“My parents were already at the bank waiting for the next call to proceed for money transfer. I told them that I was safe and asked them to lodge a police report.”“Right after that, I received another call from the guy asking me to shutdown my cell phone for another one hour which I refused to do and hung up. They kept calling my cell phone until the battery ran down. I quickly lodged a complaint to the police and was informed by the officers that there were many such scams reported and in most of the cases, the victims had already transferred the money,” the man stated.He urged every Nigerian to be careful as those guys were so professional and convincing during calls, advising further that anyone asked to shut down his cell phone for updates by the service provider should ask round as his family members or friends might receive the same call.
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