There were over a hundred political parties that were clamouring to be registered before the last general elections. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was magnanimous enough to register a good number of them (over 60). Out of this large number, only five were able to win seats at governorship level in the general election. Since then, the other so called political parties have gone into oblivion. Most of their offices are obsolete and locked up. Hardly any of them is currently making efforts to restructure their parties, mobilize membership and build their parties for the next election. In few years time, you would see them springing up to distract Nigerians from making a reasonable choice of the few serious political parties. Out of the serious five, PDP has cleverly shown serious growth and consistency. They still have the largest number of membership and the most spread in the country. Their website is still the most consistent and best organized. What actually they need to do is to review their constitution to be grassroots oriented. The party is designed like an oligarchy and monarchy instead of democracy. If this is done, many people will have the opportunity to participate. The ACN is filled with effective strategies to improve in the next election. Out of the whole parties in the country, I think they are the most hardworking. The strategy to join forces with CPC and APGA will make it a national party and if this is effectively done, they may wrest the power from PDP come 2015. They also need to review their constitution to be people oriented. Currently, the party is run like a monarchy where office holders are picked by the blue blood and after they are elected, they become kings and not civil servants. The party is still revolving around one individual. The party should build a website to enable people access information. Currently, they do not have an effective one. All Progress Grand Alliance (APGA) with base in Anambra and Imo States looks like a child of circumstance. The party has been enmeshed with leadership crisis for a long time thereby hampering its growth. The party does not have large membership strength and is doing nothing to improve on this. Where they are at the seat of power, other parties are controlling the grassroots. To worsen matters, their leaders seem to be eyeing higher positions which might lead to either joining forces or decamping. The latest news item on their website was in 2008. It might not go far wearing the toga of an ethnic party. Her best survival bait is to merge with other upcoming progressives at this point in time. The CPC has a very strong base in the North. It may stand out as the most credible party in the country. Their leader’s credibility is also very transparent even though he is not loved by politicians. The good thing is that Gen. Buhari, the leader of CPC seems the only person who can look the politicians and their corrupt practices in the face and dare them. However, such party as CPC will need time to sensitize and orientate Nigerians on their vision. As far as I am concerned, the party has no religious bias with top faith zealots as its leaders. Merging with other parties in the south will pave way for its success. The challenge I foresee is that ACN may not be as disciplined as CPC especially in fighting corruption and in strengthening the polity and this might bring conflict. I also wonder what the party will be in absence of Gen. Buhari. The one State Labour Party is revolving around Gov. Mimiko. It is just managing to survive. There is actually no sign of further growth beyond Ondo State in the next three years. The party may not be sustained after the current governor leaves office. The best it can do for itself is to merge with the upcoming progressives with its current structure. For other political parties in Nigeria, your best survival strategy is to merge with either of the two biggest parties so we can have two effective national political parties. Experience has shown that we do not need more than these. Others are mere distractions.

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