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Are social networking sites the business tools of the future? Time will tell. But if you run a small business in these changing times, ignore them at your own risk. Many of your competitors are already networking and blogging their way to a stronger Web presence, enhanced credibility, and more customers. Yes, some social networks are hangouts for your teenaged sons and daughters. But, used wisely, they can benefit businesses too, says Lee Aase, a veteran media relations manager with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His employer has put him in charge of articulating the clinic’s message through sites such as Facebook. Small Businesses are finding value on Facebook. Take the Visa Business Network, a small-business only social network within Facebook, for example. More than 21,000 members joined the network within four months of its June 2008 launch. "The way that most businesses grow is by word of mouth, by recommendations, and by peers and communities," says Aase, who writes and blogs about marketing through social networks. "The whole concept of social media is a lot like birds of a feather flocking together" — in other words, people with a common interest or objective interacting online, he says. Social networks enable that interaction, in professional but also fun and interesting ways, Aase says. While there aren't many strict rules about using social networks, there are dos and don’ts, as well as strategies to employ to get ahead. Here are tips I’ve compiled from experts. 1. Create profiles that avoid hype, but establish your credentials and expertise. The Visa Business Network and most other social-networking sites start you with a profile page. Seize this opportunity to market your skills and position your business, as well as provide the necessary contact information and a Web site address. Avoid blatant promotion. But if you are a credible expert on a given topic, brand yourself as such. In the Visa Business Network, for example, make sure your business name, Web site address and link, and contact info are prominent in your Business Profile. Also, be honest, but not bashful, when listing your areas of expertise. And upload a picture for your profile, one that positions you as accessible, but professional. No party pictures, of course. 2. Use keywords in your profiles to get found more easily. Keywords are words that potential clients, customers, or partners are likely to use in searching for a business that does what you do. Make sure your profile includes an appropriate range of keywords that represent your business, as profiles on many sites are captured by search engines, notes Jinger Jarrett, a blogger and Internet marketing consultant based near Atlanta. The Visa Business Network’s Business Finder feature is where fellow members use keywords to search for businesses they’d like to know more about. So, if you are, say, a professional caterer seeking clients in the Boston area, you want to make sure your profile contains the keywords that your target audience might use to find your company. 3. Join groups and forums and share your expertise. "Get in there and start talking," Jarrett says, about issues and trends affecting your industry, and about questions and problems people may have where you offer a knowledgeable answer or solution. Make sure you have something valuable to say, as well as the experience or credentials to back up your comments. Establishing credibility and trust online is as important as making yourself known. "Commenting on blog posts is one of the best things you can do online," adds Leslie O’Flahavan, a partner in E-WRITE, a Web content training and consulting firm in Silver Spring, Md. Credible comments add to any discussion and can help position you as someone with expertise in a given niche. O’Flahavan suggests these tips for commenting: Keep emotion to a minimum; proof-read your comments; be fresh and interesting; add links to Web pages for details or background, and avoid repeating what’s already been said. Caution: Know that your words can come back and haunt you. Avoid saying damaging things you may regret later. 4. Seek out recognized authorities in your industry or field. Social networking is the online version of good old fashioned person-to-person networking — but in many ways is easier. Use Business Finder yourself to find experts or business owners you’d like to meet in your field. Add them to your list of associates, accompanied by a message introducing yourself and explaining why you’d like to meet this person or get to know his or her company online. Be confident, but make sure your motives are business-related. While you are at it, take advantage of the Ask the Expert and the Resource Center features in the Visa Business Network. Ask the Expert a question about starting or running a business and you’ll get an authoritative answer from a recognized expert at The Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur magazine. The Resource Center provides expert advice on a range of small-business topics. 5. Promote your blog on social networking sites. Blogging is the foundation of any social-media strategy for small businesses, says John Jantsch, a small-business expert who runs Duct Tape Marketing in Kansas City, Mo. “This is the doorway to all other social marketing,” he says. Jantsch tells of success stories such as Brown Lures, a Texas coast fishing lures business that uses a blog to reach fishing guides up and down the Gulf Coast, and Lincoln Sign Co. in Lincoln, N.H., which draws customer interest with detailed blog posts on how it makes each and every sign. If you do blog, make sure you promote your blog with a link in your profile. Also, if you aren’t already, use RSS feeds to distribute your posts and to surface them on social networking sites, and be sure to track and respond to comments. If you aren’t blogging, check out free blogging tools such as Wordpress and Blogger. Seize the opportunity to share your company news and thought leadership. Many of your competitors already are: A 2008 study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research found that 39% of the small businesses in the Inc. 500 are blogging (compared to just 11.6% of large companies in the Fortune 500). 6. Build your network, but be smart about “collecting” associates and friends. The Business Finder tool in the Visa Business Network is a great tool for networking and prospecting, but shouldn’t be used shamelessly to acquire a large volume of associates to attempt to sell to. High-powered marketing campaigns based on collecting abundant e-mail addresses from Business Finder and similar tools can backfire. Also, if you do nothing but promote a new business or product or book, people in your network will lose interest and begin avoiding you, Aase says. Having associates who value your passions and expertise, and who care to network with you regularly, is best for your business. 7. Use street smarts to avoid identity theft and a barrage of spam. Unfortunately, social networking sites, like the rest of the Internet, attract unscrupulous sellers as well as scam artists and thugs. Be cautious about the personal information you post. For example, never publish your Social Security number, and list your day of birth, but not the year you were born in, to guard against ID theft. And when in doubt, reject an association or friend request. 8. Resist the urge to post ads for your business on site pages, comments, and friend e-mails. In an October 2008 study by IDC, more than 50% of the consumers surveyed found ads on social networking sites to be “annoying.” Hard-nosed marketing is a no-no on social networks, and posting ads could color your business as one that doesn’t “get it.” “If you do nothing but promote your new book or new business or product, people in your network will lose interest,” Aase says. "It's all about conversation — not about push." 9. Experiment with different social networks, but focus on the few that give you results. No one knows your business better than you, and promoting a business via social networking today is more an art than a science. That means browsing and experimenting with different social networks and niche audience sites (examples: for entrepreneurs, for baby boomers, CafeMom for moms, and for consumers with disabilities) is worth your while. Most are free to join and use. A social network such as may not seem a fit for your business until you realize how easy it is for you to follow what many blogs and Web sites are saying about your industry, your competitors, even your own business, on a daily basis. Twitter also provides you a quick and interesting way to stay in touch with customers and prospects. Check it out. But as noted blogger Seth Godin says, having a presence on numerous social networks and blogs is not likely to get you a “critical mass” of customers and prospects. “One follower in each of 20 places is worthless,” Godin says. “Twenty connected followers in one place is a tribe. It’s the foundation for building something that matters.” Through experimenting, you may just find your tribe. 10. Get over the “fear of negative feedback.” While social networks won’t address all of your marketing needs, avoiding them because you fear possible negative feedback is a bad move. You’ll be letting more savvy competitors gain exposure and stature in communities that you should very well be a part of. It is true that dissatisfied customers, negative reviewers, or people seeking to damage your name online can make life difficult. But you face these risks whether you delve into social networks or not. And there are ways to protect your business name and to successfully manage your reputation online. Some quick tips, courtesy of blog posts by online reputation management experts: • Monitor your online presence continuously, so you are aware of what is being published and not caught off-guard. • Make your point in forums without pointing fingers. In other words, avoid getting into arguments or name-calling. • Carefully and thoughtfully respond to attacks, but don’t let conflicts escalate. You’ll just be giving search engines more to link to. • Seek legal counsel for truly slanderous attacks. • Have a biography on your business Web site and make sure it and your site are prominent on search engines when people search under your name or your business’s name.
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How to sell using Emotional Inteligence

Emotional Inteligence Team, We are up against the clock now so lets pull out the stops and close the deals. Here are a couple more closes to try before the close of play. These 3 work on the emotions of a sale. Please Note: None of the close techniques I have shown you today are trying to sell something that a customer does not want or need, they are aimed at supporting you at getting the customer to buy your one clear recommendation. We offer World Class Service and Support, and it is imperative that the customer buys from The naijabay as we are the best place in the world to support our customers buy what they want. None of our competitors come close! Handshake Close Technique As you make a closing offer, extend your hand for a handshake. Smile and nod as if the deal is done. Look expectantly. If necessary, raise your eyebrows slightly. Examples (Extending hand) So, are you ready now to do the deal today? (Extending hand) We have a deal? (Grasp their hand) Well done. You've got a good deal today. How it works When you offer your hand to somebody in greeting they will automatically feels obliged to shake your hand in return, often doing this without really thinking. When they do shake your hand, they may realize that they are also agreeing to the close. Most people will not then feel able to retract their agreement. IQ Close Technique Imply that intelligent people make this purchase. This is particularly useful in selling technology where people may shy away from the complexity. The intelligence can also be associated just with doing a good deal. You can also imply that it is stupid not to buy. Examples I sold one of these to a doctor yesterday. This is a really clever solution. It's a bit complex, but you look like you can handle that sort of thing. It would be stupid not to buy it at this price. How it works The IQ Close works by associating intelligence with closure. Thus, if people think they are intelligent (and we all do) they will be attracted towards purchasing the product and hence feeling that they are intelligent. If the person has an avoidance preference, then implying they would be stupid not to buy makes them aim to avoid the stupidity. Companion Close Technique Rather than sell directly to the person you are targeting, sell to a person they are with. This can be a husband, wife, child, friend, grandparent, etc. Start by being friendly with them (the target person won't mind this) then gradually increase the selling to them. Cast them as an authority (particularly as they buy into your idea). When they are making approving noises or say they would like one, start selling to the real target of the sale. Rope in the companion as a sales assistant. If you are lucky, you might make two sales! Examples Hello sir, I can see you have been brought along as the expert, which phone do you have? You seem to like this too, madam...Which colour would best suit him?... How it works The Companion Close works because the companion to whom you are selling the idea does not have to make a financial or other commitment and so will be more ready to agree with you. When the real target of the sale sees that the other person has agreed, they are more likely to also agree, in order to maintain consistency with their thoughts of their companion being intelligent and to maintain harmony in their relationship with them. Happy Selling! sales tips !
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Spiritual Prostitutes: Recent conference on racismPosted: Wednesday, October 16, 2002The Progeny of Neo-Colonialism and White Racism (Part One)Re recent conference in Barbados on racismby Ras historical white racism that created The White World Order of this day has become a self-regenerating ideological and economic system that makes it no longer necessary for whites to be racist on an individual level. This self-regenerating ideology of white racism has been established for so long on both sides of the railway track that it has acquired an aura of credibility, respectability and normality. As a result, the inferior behavior that Blacks were forced to adopt in an effort to escape their own outlawed and scorned identity has now become fashionable and normal. The victims of such scorn have been convinced of their own inferiority and have firmly resolved to convert to the image of their Caucasian master and mistress. Because their basic view of themselves and the world has been learned from the centuries-old manual of white racism, the victims have actually been enlisted in the oppression of their own image as well as their own kind. Though their skin is black, they have become chauffeurs on the carriage of white racism.Oppression of THE BLACK IMAGE was the first code of the plantation, and it was instituted in order to make real the lie of African inferiority.Oppression of one's own image is the same as oppression of one's own kind. Whenever a Black woman perms her hair in the Caucasian image of the slave-mistress she is automatically collaborating, even if unknowingly, in the centuries-old oppression of her own kind and also cooperating in the original racist scheme to clone A NEGRO. The cloned Negro was supposed to be AN INFERIOR COPY of the Caucasian slave-master and slave-mistress. By their futile attempt to attain straight hair, straight nose, white skin, and blue eyes, an image which they were not biologically equipped to attain, they thereby made real the lie of Black inferiority, and gave their owners great pleasure at seeing ludicrous yellow-headed and straightened hair caricatures of themselves. When slave behavior becomes fashionable and normal, CLONING is complete.Racist slave-masters well understood that if the mother of Black civilization could be coopted in oppressing her own image, the rest of Black civilization would be raised from the cradle nursing on the complexes of inferiority. Because of the great success of this mission, there is no longer any need for a white slave-master or a white slave-mistress to be around, because the mother of Black civilization has been tricked into pinning the white beauty standard and the badge of inferiority on her progeny. Therefore even when no white folks are around, WHITE RACISM still enforces itself in the Black community. In that manner the ideological system of white racism has become self-regenerating. Once the germs have been sown, the victim becomes a carrier.In addition to the psychological operation of cloning THE NEGRO, the robbery and enslavement of Blacks fostered an economic system that operates on a basic law which says you must have money to get money. Of course, if you had been already robbed of your land and your natural resources, you would not have started off the race with money, so the only money you would ever get would be determined and measured by those who started off with the money that was gained from having slaves and stolen property.Emancipation therefore became a smokescreen that actually legitimized and perpetuated A PERMANENT GAP between the inheritors of the slave-master legacy and the inheritors of the slave-legacy. From the very beginning of the race for economic development, the basic laws of the race left no possibility for there to ever be a catch up. That is why the nations that benefitted from robbery and slavery are so far ahead and Africa is so far behind. This head-start that came from having slaves, now makes it possible for the recipients of the said legacy to not have slaves but get increasing benefits from the time when they did have slaves, because money begets more money and so there is no longer any need to be personally racist.Because of this ongoing historical reality of white racism which has been systematized and impersonalized, life for the victims is a constant battle with invisible racist forces which predetermine the quality of their human existence, and this battle takes place even when the races are not in contact. Meaningful debate about racism is therefore not about the need for blacks and whites to become color blind and intermarry, because even if they do become friends and lovers, the dynamics of white racism will still be inflicting pain. Its impersonal, systematic, and robotic nature makes it totally indifferent to what form of human relationship exists between the races. The educational system, the information system, the political system, the legal system, the religious system and the economic system have long been geared to perpetuate the status quo of the plantation, so without radical change to all of these systems, being COLOR BLIND will not change anything. None of these systems are color blind, and even the most well-meaning of whites are forced by the economic chains which also grip them too, to cooperate in the maintenance of The White World Order. The same also goes for the Black victims. They too cooperate in the maintenance of The White World Order because of the controlling force of economic chains and psychological chains.The robot has become bigger than its maker and independent of its maker. In fact, when the emphasis is placed on becoming color blind, Acute Negro Psychosis always tends to increase. That is why racial integration without restoration of the black psyche which has been damaged by the teachings of black inferiority and white superiority can only serve to perpetuate the hypnotic trance that is now the legacy of black slavery.INTRUSION is the first crime of white racism.Even the most sacred of Black spiritual spaces have been invaded and contaminated by violence and destruction, to the extent that there are no longer any black sacred spaces left haloed and uncontaminated from intrusion. The mummies of Black ancestors, the great Black Kings, Black Queens and Pharaohs are right now being dissected in white laboratories as white scientists peep up in their insides, and all of their sacred possessions are now in white museums exposed to the same peeping intrusive eyes. The temples of the black man and black woman which are their living human bodies have also been penetrated and polluted ruthlessly by rape and sexual abuse throughout their long history of enslavement. Every day from the cradle their minds are being invaded with thoughts that emanate from the U-rocentrick soul. On a continual basis their psyche is being penetrated by THE WHITE IMAGE which is always dressed in robes of false superiority, whether it be in the form of blue-eyed Jeezus in church, or Hollywood "stars" on tv. Black sacred culture has been so profaned and commercialized that it is only valued now as a tourist attraction, a thing to be peered at by the same intrusive eyes. How then is it possible to decry and condemn the victims of such TOTAL INTRUSION for wanting to have family reunions without intrusion?Who can blame a gathering of African peoples for wanting to discuss their strange and unique predicament amongst themselves? Who can blame them for wanting the opportunity to look around at each other and say "WE, the same we who were bound together at the bottom of the slave ship, the same we who have toiled and never got any pay, the same we who were raped and abused by the rapist's sperm, the same we who felt the lash of the slave-master's whip, the same we with whom no one wanted to mix, the same we who have been cast aside as non-humans, the same we who have always been scorned and kept down, the same we who were torn apart from the love of each other, the same we who never had a chance to be WE." ? Is it not A HOLY THING that those who never had a chance to come together in unity as "WE" should at last want to say "WE" without having to qualify that "we" ?This desire and this sacred right is the first right that the scattered family of African peoples around the world must establish in order to regroup and rebuild that oneness which has long been prevented. It is a healthy sign that those who were taught to despise their own image are now wanting to savor the beauty of their own image without distraction from THE WHITE IMAGE that they have been so long forced to worship. It can be said of such a gathering, "This is a gathering of those who suffered the destruction of their natural image at the hands of white racism, and have come together to behold the mirror of their own painful experience in the faces of their family who were brutally ripped from their embrace almost forever."There was a time when the cruelty and wretchedness of plantation slavery did not allow such ones to even cross over to the next plantation a few hundred yards away to see their loved ones. Even now economic chains still bind the vast majority of African peoples to the plantation that was chosen for them by their slave-master. And now at this late stage in history, that which ought to have been a common and regular occurence must now be hailed as a great historical achievement.Condemnation of the attempt to reclaim the "WE' that was deliberately hindered by white racism is clear proof that white racism can even spring from liberal white mouths and black mouths too. But this is a logical outcome of the historical intruder's long years of arrogance, contempt, and insensitivity to the human dignity of African peoples. Long years of such INTRUSION accompanied by attitudes of contempt for the African sacred space have actually bred a sense of ENTITLEMENT which now causes indignation at the thought of putting an end to intrusion. Because the U-rocentrick thought process has now become a norm in black heads, it is not even surprising to hear the U-rocentrick echo proceeding from black mouths.So because the evil of white racism has long been internalized by Blacks who now unconsciously echo the sentiments of their masters, it is quite obvious that a great part of the work of dismantling white racism has to be done amongst blacks themselves. Equally important is the internal work that has to be done amongst whites, for the simple reason that white racism is a cultural norm that is internalized from the cradle, and it permeates the fundamental myths of white society, conferring honor and sainthood on the architects of genocide and robbery. Fed from cradle on such myths which totally disembowel non-white peoples of their humanity, racism becomes such a normal world view that it is easy to be nice, liberal, and racist at the same time without even being aware of it.Too often in addressing the evil of racism, failure to identify the root makes the problem look like a mankind problem, but the evidence of history shows that it is a white disease that eats black blood vessels. When one considers the fact that David Livingston never ended up on a plate, it is quite obvious where the real cannibals and savages have always had their nesting place. The truth must be faced that the ideological root of racism lies in the soil of U-rocentrick thought, and that which is often described as black racism is very often A REACTION to white racism when Blacks fail to act in the way that is expected of Negroes. As A GOOD NEGRO you are supposed to always act like you have "gotten over it and moved on." You are supposed to be totally non-racial and eager to be MIXED in order to demonstrate your voluntary amnesia. In former times when a slave failed to comply with the etiquette of Negro-hood it would be said that he was getting "uppity." Today this "uppity-ness" is now being used against the slave by describing it as racism, and thereby diverting attention from the real root of racism.When the root is not properly identified there is naturally a tendency to generalize the problem, and the prescriptions for healing the infectious disease therefore consist of. integration medicines with the vain hope that intermarriage, color blindness and having at least one or two friends from the other race will effect a cure.Such simplistic analysis of the disease of white racism will therefore never place emphasis on the system itself which has become master of the individual participants. The fundamentally racist economic and psychological structures which underpin racial domination and racial submission are indifferent to smiles and shake hands. Even with a Black government, a black judiciary, a black police force and a black army, one can yet suffer excruciatingly from white racism on a daily basis, because the black faces are just the deputies. They are not THE SHERIFF.White racism is an international world order created on the profits from black slavery. It is the mother ship upon whose deck little black nations march. Dollar bill rule is assisted by mental slavery, and if the mind has not been thoroughly purged of the plantation blue-print, black political power is powerless in understanding and addressing the results of white racism.If your mind is a product of the same white racist ideological and cultural system, it is most likely that you have grown to understand the master's point of view. You have been rehearsed by the education system of the plantation to see the reasonableness in what the slave-master is saying, and you have grown to understand why it is his land and not your land. That is what the plantation education system does for the Negroes of the plantation, it makes them forsake their own thoughts and prefer those of the master. The U-rocentrick education system endows the white mind and the white idea with a stamp of authority and God-hood, because after all, such education says that whites discovered everything including Black folks and brought them to civilization.With such God-like authority conferred upon it, the white idea or the white mind can say "that plant is evil" and it can be expected that all the Negro minds will say "amen." Even though you are supposed to be an independent "black" government, if the white mind says "Your chief judge must wear a white head, and your speaker in the parliament must also wear a white head," it can be expected that the "black" government will say amen. The overshadowing power of long indoctrination will not allow the black mind to see the symbolism of "the white wig." Under the influence of long indoctrination, it will not be understood that such symbolism establishes the right and authority of the white mind to rule the black head and the black mouth. This explains why even under black governments the movement for African liberation has always been met with stout resistance. The black mind has been so conditioned to wait for authorization from the white mind that if the Pope, the Queen or the White House say "Rasta is the right way, stop persecuting them for practicing their culture," the black mind that now thinks of persecuting the Rastas could be expected to adopt a different point of view.We should not forget that many times in history, plantations have been run by appointed slaves when the master was away, and to their credit, those plantations were run very efficiently, never wavering once from the master's point of view. Many times the slaves would be glad for the master to come back, because the need to prove their faithfulness caused the temporary masters to be real severe. If the real slave-master would give you twenty lashes for being black, the temporary masters would give you twenty for being black and twenty more for being a reminder of their own blackness which they despised.The economic and psychological legacy of white racism has therefore become a robot that no longer needs whites to make a personal input. The program has already been laid down, and the many human parts of its machinery do their appointed tasks in order to remain on the vital payroll. The inherent evil in the system itself is actually endorsed, since CRIMES AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY are legitimized in the psyche of the victims and the victimizers by yearly observation of such festivals as Columbus day, Thanksgiving day, Settlers day, Hole Town Festival, Crop Over etc. Black humanity and Black self worth have therefore been ideologically relegated to the realms of unimportance and insignificance to such an extent that walking in another man's image now comes natural to the children of Africa. This is inevitable when all the annual rituals of the colonial plantation have succeeded in placing CRIMES AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY more firmly beneath the radar of human conscience.These invisible economic and psychological forces which have been unleashed by historical white racism place the present-day victims in a predicament of wide-spread psychic pain which is shared only by those of similar fate wherever they are scattered. The evidence of this UNITY IN PSYCHIC PAIN is to be found in the music which emanates from their souls, be it Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, or Reggae etc. They all draw from A UNITY OF PSYCHIC PAIN, and the music, the art and poetry that come from the soul often contradict the lie of having "gotten over it."Despite this predicament, the precarious condition of economic insecurity, total dependency, and critical vulnerability that historic white racism has placed upon the inheritors of the slave legacy, now forces them to present an appearance of "the non-racial Negroes who have gotten over it." This situation is somewhat similar to one where a bully is standing on your toes but you have to smile and pretend he isn't doing it. Such forces if not resisted unceasingly can actually infect the victims with that wide-spread disease of ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS which is so prevalent today on the plantation.But in accordance with the Willie Lynch Plan, the psychology that now operates in Middle Class Heaven is such that Negroes can actually "get over it" by immersing themselves in the hamburger and plastic bag delights which are commonly mistaken for progress. These ANESTHETICS of Hamburger Heaven help the Negro to desensitize his perception of pain to the extent that he becomes distanced from the pain of the majority of his race. It is not uncommon to hear such Negroes say "we Negroes over here in The Big House are different, we don't hurt so much like those out there who are always getting on so bitter." And they will say it very loudly, because it is very important that their master hears and makes note of their unflinching fidelity.True to the spirit of Negro-hood, the Negro's brain will not be busy studying how to correct the vulnerable and insecure predicament which has been bequeathed to him by historical white racism. Instead, the Negro will be more concerned and agitated about the spoiling of the "good Negro" name, thinking that preservation of the good name will forestall the inevitable.Negro-hood is so binding on the consciousness, that Negroes will try to preserve their servile hold on the plank until whenever the slave master pushes them off. Their lack of historical memory will not remind them that the Arawaks also had a good name and it never helped them to escape genocide. Despite the oncoming rush of the economic precipice which has no regard for Negro fidelity, misplaced concerns will naturally cause agitation over "those other ones who are giving us a bad name"And so, the ANAESTHETICS of Middle Class Heaven continue to create a wide division between those that "haven't gotten over it and moved on" and those that have "moved on" to A LOANED PROGRESS, where month to month leases on borrowed houses, borrowed cars and borrowed gadgets is more important than your soul. It is therefore important to maintain the etiquette of the plantation and suppress the visions that come from your own natural origins, because such visions do not pay when neo-colonialism is the order of the day.
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“Sexy Saturdays “

Brown Sugaz entertainment and 2winz entertainment Presents……….. “Sexy Saturdays “Launch Nite Saturday 27th december 2008 & every last saturday of the month. @ Club 266 (live and let live) 264-266 Romford Road forest gate E7 9HZ. (3mins from Barclays bank).Time :10pm-5amLadies free b4 11PM, £5 thereafter gents £5 b4 1 more thereafterGroup of 5 ladies £20 all nightGroup of dancerLaunch nite celebrating 1 year anniversary of brown sugazCD giveaways, T-shirt, Goodies bag, prizes to won and much more.Music policy: Bashment, funky house, RnB, Hip hop, old skool garage and SocaDJ's: Andy famous, 2 Rascals, DJ clem and roblife,Guest DJ Valentine (ALPHA JUNIOR)info numbers 07940092614,08000828723,07737563897,07826515123Dress code: SEXY n’ SMART. NO HOODS, HAT, CAP & SPORTWEAR.AGE: OVER 18’s .ID may be required.Booking welcome: Birthdays & Private parties.
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Hello My Naija People,Have think about this before that "why am i paying monthly subscriptions to Starcoms, Multilinks, Zain,Glo, and MTN"?I have an ideal that's useful to everybody and here is it: you can browse on your pc/laptop computers using your mobile phones as a modem on your favorite network either MTN, or Zain for FREE. All you need is to have a phone that can access the internet.For more information contact 08086855761 or email:
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What has changed since the first white mans ship anchored on our blessed but now corrupted shores? What did they bring with them if not deception and lies? Can one who took advantage of your innocence be trusted to give you justice let alone teach you? We know what is it to be free, freedom is not what the confused bloody invader brought to our land, they never had what they blindly and arrogantly claim was theirs to share, justice peace and equality they fart on the rest of the world but pure brutality and greed for other peoples property is their postal stamp, how they grab other peoples land and cry foul when the owner claims his power back makes me ask why in this time they think their tricks still counts?To all educated illiterates who never give us time to express our rightful anger on the situation white invading thieves put our continent to, I tell you, We wont stop, till we are satisfied our lands free from the hands of God confused children who run away from the truth creating more problems in the blind name of solving them.The situation in Zimbabwe has awaken in us something always denied us, something blind men claim they see, claim the own to point of stealing, killing for it, POWER.Uncle Mugabe has done for us what cowards have been claiming to do for us, liberate us, free us from white oppression.The racist organization, human rights watch should turn it’s searchlight on itself first and see if all is great there. We know why you cry, you are not crying for the lack of security, democracy, justice, rule of law to mention but a few of your shortsighted observations on Zimbabwe, you cry when you loose, when your age-old dirty tricks fail you. From the blind misguided archbishop to his used and rewarded second in command who’s statutes stands in the dead men’s square, nearly fooled into taking him as a hero, a coward stripped of his land and power and given half independence, who saw nothing wrong in the continued exploitation of Afreeca and Afrrecans, Blind desmond tutu, coward Mandela I say thank you but no thank you, you can’t represent me, your great friends are riding on your cowardice subjecting my whole being to mental torture making me cry out loud leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone white man leave me alone, you got your plans I got my land work your plans on your land, there is nothing new about you, it’s a waste of time disguising racism, white supremacy, we know it’s hard for you to believe we know you in all your disguises, your people needs saving, some of them, those who have bought into your lies designed to fool the world you fight day and night to control in vain.Love, respect, kindness and all that make us humans is never to be taken or given by force, you bribe in the name of giving, divide in the name of uniting, it’s your way or no other way, there are other better ways but since you are not good at admitting your mistakes it’s the same old shit in your blind mind ever since Columbus.Afreecans are capable of everything, it’s a waste of time on your part to continue to fool your innocent people into thinking otherwise, help them not us.Keep watching, the more you look the less you see blind watchmen. We taking over what rightly belongs to us, our land, our lives, our power Olichoke bestowed on us from creation, no jackal can steal my joy, hell no, not this time.News of Gallant President Mbeki following what looks like a Charles Taylor lovely move leaving office so as to pave the way for the resolution of conflicts and power struggle on the political scene of his Country came as no surprise at all more so they noise from opponent of our dear brave fighter.I was however not pleased with what I heard on the radio mostly as bbc who have been the major voice against Great Mugabe, kind of selected letters written by educated illiterate Africans who saw his stepping down as a good thing as Great Mugabe will have no more support and eventually like him go down, come a British who Spoke as if he appointed Gallant Mbeki as president of South Africa, they never like Great Mugabe so any one who understand what’s happening in Africa and puts his or her life on the line to correct it will definitely not be loved by sons and daughters of British and other western thieves sucking Afreeca dry on a daily basis.Gallant Mbeki was not the first man to step down from office due to political crisis in Afreeca; President Taylor did and is the first recognized leader to do that though he’s paying for it in the exploiters jail, thieves holding an innocent man captive.BBC reports on issues in Afreeca especially where they are concerned is nothing but absolute nonsense, nonsense as their reporters don’t just report lies but say what they felt should be said, talking for people who are not contacted because they the British and their gang of monster backers don’t recognize them, like the ruling party in Zimbabwe the ZANU PF, the opposition may have a member interviewed and you hear nothing but white lies from a Black mouth, divide and rule the old trick at work , you get one side of the story and you wonder why people who lay claim to democracy, equal rights, freedom of speech and their various labels of confusion not give equal chance and time for all to express their anger on issues affecting them as a people divided by politics and western hypocrisy.No matter who gets out or goes into office in South Afreeca we know for sure land is the issue, the white minority in South Afreeca still hold economic power, and over 80 percent of the land is under their control.Nothing really moved me about the leader of Liberia, ever since she was imposed and hailed as the first in Afreeca I find it difficult to see her as a true first Afreecan woman in power, she is not and will never be but only the first errand girl yes, we love using others to get what we want, we allow ourselves to be used so when we use others we really don’t care for their lives as long as we can get our ways.The ECOMOG military team put together by leaders of West afreeca in the wake of the Liberian war did with much challenges bring the war to an end and an election conducted in which Taylor won but Taylor had no western friends, no world bank background and the west does not want to see Afreecans solving their own problems like Abacha did bringing peace to Liberia and putting a stop to bloodshed, the world watched as America and her thieving granddads armed Taylors opponent with the support of Sir leaf and the UN she’s praising today to kill innocent Afreecans in the name of fighting a rebel leader causing problems in the sub region but it was to put their favored child in power.I have never heard her say anything in praise of Afreecans who gave their lives for peace in Liberia and even if she did her second speech at the UN is a clear indication of her none recognition of ECOMOG and the positive and constructive role played by this regional body in bringing peace to West Afrreeca.We need strong leadership like in the days of Ameh Oboni, King Jaja of Opobo, Shaka, Nkrumah, Sekou Toure, Lumumba, Malcolm, Garvey, Steve Biko and now Great Mugabe, leaders with heart, Tinubu, Queen Amina, another Warrior Queen Asantewa are amongst great mothers Afrreca has been blessed with not an educated illiterate accepting partial power and colonialism all in the name of putting and end to imperial rule.Would she be here to praise her western backers if Taylor were to be mean, cruel and a dictator as she and her blind friends call him?George Weah who was rejected because he was not well indoctrinated and sociable to western standards to me was a mistake in the sense that we could have got a real first, the first Afreecan who clearly worked his way to the top not because he is a man, no sex has nothing to do with it, we have learned mothers allover the continent who are equally capable of holding such responsibilities, only time will tell.Our leaders should know that true Afreecan leadership is based on skills, the courage to be your own man, with your own mind and the ability to work with the people without imposing your will on them, knowing the people and the king belong together, we know our historical past is something wiped out of many minds but we know it’s not all gone, let liars be silenced once and for all, we have no faith in thieves and their organizations.America founded and built on slavery with her granddads Britain and France leading the way sat in Germany to decide how well to under develops Afreeca.In shamelessly praising America and Britain for installing you in power and putting your brother in jail you fail to realize that eyes are watching and the truth of events though not always given the light of day will surely as the morning sun come out.We are no longer interested in western praising politicians, artists, musicians, sportsmen and women; the focus now is afreeca and afreecans.Let’s focus on love for ourselves, our culture, continent, let’s celebrate our achievements no matter how little, unity without love and respect for one another is nothing but pretence, we are capable of anything but agreeing to remain enslaved no.An agreement under which the president was to have the final say but every work done would be by international donor representatives hand picked by the US and Britain called the Government and Economic Management Program, forced on Liberians who were not consulted and given details, involves the installation of these hand-picked international representatives in every revenue generating arm of government to oversee activities there.In every revenue generating arm of government Liberians are represented there by non Liberians who whether or not they care to be responsible they will not be blamed for failures as the body that set them up is not known for living up to it’s words, the World bank backed by the EU and the US partners in the underdevelopment of Afreeca insisted on GEMAP between them non is ready for Liberians to control, manage and take charge of their land, resources and revenues for the development of Liberia.Let Liberians continue to hold and manage their lives, land, resources and people; they can only do that when in total control, how can one learn without trying? What country has the UN, EU, US and other donor shylocks being able to develop from this kind of plan?Taylor they know will not agree to such sell-out so he has to go and so we hear all sorts of lies, the usual thing, giving a dog a bad name so it can be victimized, Americans are offering rewards up 25 thousand dollars for Afghans to turn in freedom fighters, a deceptive ploy to divide the already suffering and divided people into more confusion making it possible for them to pile up innocent Afghans into planes to their various torture chambers round the world in the early days of the invasion of Afghanistan, the Country and people the supported against Russia, the same dirty trick is at work in Sierra Leon and Liberia even when huge amounts of money is not involved, turning manipulated Afreecans against themselves in the name of bringing justice to the victims of war.Until the truth about these wars are known, how they were planned, by whom, where and why monster powers should stop wasting their time fooling themselves with domination, exploitation, deception and colonizing plans, that’s all they are nothing to develop only to create job opportunities for their citizens and business for their political backers in their home countries.When cheats choose a leader for you, you are doomed if you accept such a leader.IT’ JUST THE BEGINNING!
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men n women

..Wen men r gathered 2gethr alone,they discuss Sex.Wen women r similarly gathered,they discus Luv.Wat may we deduce frm dis paradox? That women r hypocrite. No.....OR......I dont understand...
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Three things in life that once gone never come backThree things in life that once gone never come backThree things in life that once gone never come back........1.words 2. opportunity.3.time. Three things in life that are never sure ...1.dreams 2.sucess 3.fortune. three things in life that make you a great person..1.hardwork 2.sincerity 3. sucess.. Three things in life that are most 2. self respect 3. friends , Three things in life that must not be lost....1.peace 2. hope 3. honesty Three things in life that destroy a person...1. greed 2. pride 3. anger..
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famale folks value

I'm asking all the girls this question. why is it that all the girls in Nigeria have compromised their value for money? You hardly see any decent girl around now a days.When you have money, do any shit with any girl you want.Some double dates and call this back-up. They have sex from one man to the other and still claim decency. At least they should know that they have something to protect. I want the girls to answer this question for me, cos i have not found an answer to it since i have been searching for an answer.
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I sat in a predominantly Jamaican church and realised that stereotypes are found everywhere.

I speak today on the stereotype of physically percieved beauty.

Our eyes don't lie, when you see a beautiful thing your lips are sure to confess it.

Typically Guys go 'did you see that chick's ---- !' and girls scream 'he is so fine !'even little boys and girls do this ! trust me on this.

As physical beings men are sight minded and women �flattery� oriented.

I ran all these through my mind and soul as I sat in a predominantly Jamaican church and realised these old former slaves were really just like other Africans I know.

Racial interbreeding had with time acquired caucasian looks and mannerisms, which the �left behind� Africans love to hate or is it the other way round.

Jamaicans have been typecast as fun loving, reggae singing and sometimes as mystical, Marijuana smoking and Drug pushing lords like the yadi fame. Ill mannered patois speaking folk, That is the stereotypical Jamaican ! Rasta man eyrie !

As I sat in this predominantly Jamaican church, I said to myself.

"How Wrong !"

The average definition for a Nigerian has no difficult description, unlike the Jamaican, his is immediate recognition.

Imagine dear people if this got into the toefl tests. It could !

Section c

Fill in the blanks.

Question 1.

As Patois is to Jamaicans so Corruption is to -------- ?

Maybe someday as the crow flies, the word Nigerian might become Webster dictionary speak for people wanting to say words like Conman, fraudsters or scam artists etc.

Nigerians on the other hand call themselves or the stereotype of themselves �419� not four hundred and nineteen but 4.1.9 four one nine and that is the four one, dig !

Well you might be thinking frank is no Jamaican, well I ain't no Nigerian either Neither am I a spam or scam artist. (laughs).

As it is for the Jamaican .How wrong it also is for the Nigerian. Well, maybe eh?

1 Sam 16:7

7 But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

NIV �The beautiful ones are not yet born " is the title of a book by some fellow called Ayi Kwei Armah.

The story classics of Beauty and the B east ,Shakespeare's Othello.The ogre Shrek's search for unconditional love and Helen of Troy.

The Guinness book of records defined Helen of Troy to be the most beautiful woman in all the world , from their calculations, if the war between Troy and the Greeks was caused because of Helen's beauty then her beauty was able to launch those thousand of ships and men and blood with death and glory that resulted in that show of authorized murder called the battle of Troy!

Beauty pageants! Miss World, Miss Universe etc. Stereotype of skinny, leggy and tall. Caucasian nose it all. Features that usually win the day, beauty has been orchestrated for outward appearances !

I watched a telling movie recently, where this young lady wanted to show the world her beauty but alas her mum , and even her fianc�e etc mocked that she would make a fool of herself by entering into a beauty pageant.

Obviously, from the world's point of view she was not beautiful!

You agree ? yes ? No ?

was she not beautiful ? at about 5 feet and very buxom and quite a tad overweight, she told herself that she really was beautiful .

By the end of the movie it was clear that she had the most beautiful heart in the pageant and her coming 2nd runner up proved it ! Look for that movie folks, I think it is titled I am beautiful .

Guys and girls, dating and getting married inclusive of associations are not factored by ones looks or whatever stereotype you belong to .

The perfect stereotype most people strive towards is that of Rich, Famous, beautiful , intelligent and maybe happy �.

Happiness and Joy seem to take last place, after all, Money cant buy happiness but said one billionaire ,you just don�t know where to shop !

The word of god states Eccl 7:12 12 For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the Excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

KJV I had been on this article for some time wondering how I wanted it to go. Now I know thank God. I have also been with a lot of people, had conversations with Guys and Girls , fine beautiful, rich ugly, nice ,mean or downright creepy.

Something always struck me .The excellency of knowledge was hardly manifested . 99% of the time wisdom was not a means to give life to them that had that wisdom.

People ignore the stereotypes of wisdom and shirk them as social misfits , it is the turkey and eagles syndrome . Attaining perfection is for Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein and Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson's in the secular world while D L Moody, AW Tozer  Peter Paul & john  are mutants, X men like the comic book , they must be ! They are just geniuses God made them so !

The story behind these successes is usually unpalatable because of the hard work behind it !

No one wants to hear about Abe Lincolns failures or John sweating it out on the Isle of Patmos  before the Revelation interlude or that Job even praised God on the day his Children Died  !

I have heard girls (some 'ugly' too !) say that if the guy is not about six foot tall or as handsome as Denzel Washington , Nothing for him at all ! Mr Right is not in the house ! Guys go the same way too ! In marriage , in Relationships even getting a Job The physical outlay is of great importance to the Human Race.

Even in church we have ugly people, all the so called spirit folks that have Gifts of the Spirit sometimes look down at the struggling Christians still trying to come out of sin�s clutches and umph ! at them and forget that a gift is simply that .It was given ! and that it is the blood that cleanses and not by works !

Then I feared greatly for the people and I declared to myself


Should they go and die ! ? Have they nothing to offer the world ? did the God who said

Luke 16:15 15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. KJV

It struck me also that amongst the �ugly� were fat, skinny, dunces, short, very tall and some deformed also .Some beg on the street, some have been made ugly by accident and disease ! Yet we still meet folk that look down on 'ugly� people and we still also meet �ugly� people that look down on other �ugly� people .

I have met beautifull people that think they are �Ugly� , I have met very �ugly� people that not only think they are beautifull but also know it ! I have met some Miss universe type people that should get on ebay and purchase horns for the devilish ugliness they eventually belie .

And I became �mad� at the �ugly� people ! I was very Angry at them ! Who told you that you are ugly !

Thank you Albert Einstein ,Abe Lincoln, Paul and a host of others that eventually understood the excellency of wisdom, that a Woman or man's beauty is not a function of his outer appearance but of what God says he is �Fearfully and wonderfully made.�

Psalm 139:14 Then I became Afraid !

That was when I realized that I was still sitting in a predominantly Jamaican Church and they were speaking and praying in tongues and not Patois, Jah man come say whatta fi gwan then I and I come give enuff rispect !

Blessings from Dad who is EVERYTHING.

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On July 8th, just a couple of weeks ago, a group of shepherds outside Gevas, Turkey, were surprised to see a lone sheep jump off a nearby cliff and fall to its death. But they were stunned when the rest of the nearly 1500 sheep in the herd followed, each jumping off the same cliff. When it was all over, �450 of the sheep perished in a billowy, white pile� according to the Washington Post story. The sheep jumping later in the pack were cushioned by those that created the growing pile below. The estimated loss to the families of Gevas topped $100,000 � an extremely significant amount of money for the 26 families whose sheep were grazing together. (Average income for this country is $2,700.) Now we know sheep aren�t too bright � but we�re intelligent people � right? Maybe not. *Psychologist Ruth Brenda tested this theory with teenagers. She put the kids together in groups of ten. Members of the group were instructed to raise their hand when the teacher pointed to the longest line on three separate charts. What one person in the group did not know is that the other nine had been instructed ahead of time to vote for the second longest line. The lines were clearly different � not even close to the same length. As the experiment began, the nine plants quickly raised their hands for the second longest line. The tenth student glanced around, looked briefly confused, and then slipped his/her hand up with the rest. Time after time, the tenth student would agree that a short line was longest just to keep from challenging the group consensus. This phenomenon was played out 75 percent of the time, and was consistent with small children all the way up through high school. *(Illustration from Accept No Mediocre Life � by my friend David Foster.) Space here does not allow a full exploration of this phenomenon in our own lives. How many times have you made decisions because it seemed the popular thing to do � but perhaps defied common sense? Is eating at McDonald�s a good health decision or just popular with the kids? Is buying a Mercedes the best use of your money, or just an attempt to impress others? What about staying in a job that does not fit just because of the �benefits?� Getting a degree in something you don�t enjoy because of the �opportunities?� Don�t be a sheep! There is an old Arab proverb that says, �An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.
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Spamming theory a short thesis

Spamming theory a short thesis

The word spam means " " Before I wrote this , it meant unwanted or unsolicited mail or literally speaking, Stuff that you see in your email inbox from someone you don�t know and you are not very keen on knowing, electronic garbage to put it digitally, that you have to dispose off with your own money and time . Imagine waking up every day and meeting tons of garbage out side your doorstep that you have to take out else the Sanitation authorities will penalize you and the smell is awful too! Now that is a graphic description of Spam, that means the stammer is the original web lowlife, bottom of the chain in Digital Ethics ,morals etc Well sorry to say .I fess up and say proudly. I am a "SPAMMER". It is a funny confession, I bug peoples mailboxes with Christian articles etc and you trust humans they bug me back with replies and requests, some nice, others plain dumb, some very expletively REMOVE ME FOM YOUR MAILING LIST! Since I started my �SPAMMING� career this last group got me thinking, and they actually got me worried and harassed as I was new to this business of sending out Jesus mails to people I never knew before .Like the proverbial Nigerian 419(con or scam artist) funny Spam and scam go together, see! They actually rhyme (it is a �p� and �c� that distinguish, short for PC some coincidence huh) Well, back to the gist. I used to think, this is really bad, sending out Christian articles to people that don�t want them esp. to those that scream bloody murder (forgive my French) when they hear the "J" word (J is for Jesus, say it loud, �JESUS LOVES YOU!�) . It amazed and bothered me initially, that I was getting really, really bad replies from folk about my SPAM cum �SCAM� tactics. Well, then I used to unsubscribe them at their request thinking to my poor capitalist self, we are in a "CHOICE" world. �FREE WILL� is what got us here in the first place and as the Blessed Lord said Mark 6:11 11 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment, than for that city. KJV Well that was what I just did then I quickly shook them off my Subscribe list just like that, UNTIL now. You might be getting bored or better still gearing up for what adeche has to say ...."dis guy no dey tire sef " (sorry, non pidgin readers best phrase i could come up with ) Everyday recently I have noticed a new kind of Spam (yes I get spammed too) in my mailbox .It is "THE SCAM SPAM OF FREE PORNOGRAPHY) all sorts mails from fictitious email addresses that have pseudo gobbledok like etc.. and they just land inside my mail box with all the audacity of the internet . Well initially, I used to bother meself and reply back with emails telling them about Jesus etc but I got even more mail from these folk so I stopped doing that. It was pretty funny and amazing the kinds of stuff advertised out there, FOR FREE, I sometimes imagine what teenagers are facing now with the ease of the Internet to distribute corrupting wares, It must be quite overwhelming, in those days in boarding school old bad boys had to get a hold of a playboy or a penthouse magazine and those didn�t come easy or cheap. Now, just go to the google search engine and type in the words you want and append "free" and I bet you the list of sites out there will amaze you! For some time it got me really angry, etc but then I thought to myself don�t get mad, get even! So, I stopped throwing my digital tantrums because I simply just delete them (porn and get rich quick schemes) off my inbox/bulk folder whenever I can and thank God yahoo now gives 100mb free! God bless yahoo. (I, like a lot of folk I know LOVE free STUFF). I just trash them off and don�t even bother to find out where they came from obviously from some poorly configured email relay server somewhere in China or Timbuktu!. (See attached spamming manual or better yet send in a request for one) Ok guys, on to the rest of this short gist. Well, it got me going cos the more I responded to these unsubscribe requests the more I felt bad at the language proffered by my angry readers in making them. Also, my readers list got smaller (sigh congregation numbers low not good for netchurch "purse" incidentally we are a free site) UNTIL I read somewhere in that same wonderful Book the HOLY bible that: Matt 24:14 14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. KJV And then "eureka!" enlightment came in. I reckoned to my self, well who wants out should get out as long as the gospel has been preached ,Apollos planted, Paul watered but the Holy Spirit is the one that giveth the increase amen ! I began to unsubscribe those that did not want to hear and to thank God for those that didn�t esp. the ones that replied with kind words of encouragement , and yes, maybe the others did not just give a damn about netchurch and our "junk mail" eeeyah, (funny word my Pastor says when he feels really, really sorry for you) Well now on to the main topic The theory of SPAM All around us today there is Spam everywhere , from when you wake up in the morning till you lay you down to sleep ,you are being spammed and in most cases scammed. Even in your dreams, so there seems like no escape from this, except us Christians have a reply. Peculiar huh? Well �we are a peculiar people� 1Pet2:9 and O yes, I agree we get spammed too but no sir we aren�t supposed to get scammed for �GREATER is he that is in us ... We have the mind of Christ.� You might not notice, all around you, from whenever you do your free willy thingy (nice movie it was too, boy and fish) there is either a Spam or scam going on or a combination . As Spam means unsolicited messages, scam means a conception of deceptions from the adechefranksters dictionary. From the time you wake up or your alarm clock does the job and look at yourself in the mirror in your bathroom (if you have the time unlike me) and lets assume you got spammed while you were dreaming (nightmare !) and somehow you know "it is gonna be a bad day. WHAM! SCAM done! BUT: those are them days when the Son or Daughter of God El Shaddai says Lam 3:22-23 22 Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, For his compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness. NIV From then on the great SPAM/SCAM continues. How you dress depends on what Gucci, Calvin Klein etc have spammed and scammed you 300dollars for a Shirt! Because you want to be part of the in crowd. How you choose your breakfast depends on what Cadbury, Nestle or Sainsbury has spammed you with. You drive (BMW, Benz, Toyota, and Honda Spam) to work and see variations of "britney spears" and �R.kellys� with or without any clothes SPAM again! You notice the cute blonde dressed just like britney and you stare with your wife riding shotgun, SCAMMED too! You get to work and one look at your boss and you know it is gonna be a bad day SPAM. (He got spammed too!)All through the day it is work, work and some kinds of work is like spam, plain backbreaking ugly monotonous job that you have no desire or skill for, but it sure pays well, so you do it to pay for the BMW,Gucci,Bel Air mansion (SCAM done again). And so it goes on and on until you get home and switch on the Mother Ship of Spam the ubiquitousTelevision Set, which you watch until you go to bed that day and you say it out aloud. "What a day!� When it is clear that it should have been �What a Scam!� Oh yes, the scam/scam game will continue until Christ returns but God still calls us all to: James 4:7-8 NIV �submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. 1 Cor 2:14-16 14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. 16 For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. KJV
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I have just slightly emerged from a weary and trying period, where from nowheres, questions and ideas that seemed vague and hazy before, jumped right in front of me and did an 'in your face dude ! ' Christianity is a 'perilous' journey and with the stuff you see on the internet these days can make you run fer spiritual cover! Some christian websites are so harsh that they look like the spiritual equivalent of adult sites. You see things that you dont normally read or hear especially in church. Like porn, the effects can be disastrous but God cherishes his own, the elect, so no fear . The elect also became part of the questions that were trying to disrobe my church mind . I heard names like J Preston Eby, read some stuff on calvinism and a bunch of other isms. Please, before you go a googling this guy's name or any theological word within this article. be warned . Whatever you dredge up can be quite "scary". God as the general all time omniscient good God, put in the "Even the very elect will not be deceived" clause into his master journal. He also gave us warnings about false prophets , ravening werewolves and some surefire texts in the bible like the one good old Johnny came up with, in the book of Revelations. I like to call it the book of some really weird and scary shit!(my french is really bad this year, I apologize ) this book also warns about smartasses doing an edit ,delete, cut and pastey thingy . It also promises a lot of weird beasties if you do. In times of weird �n scary stuff i go and read weird and scary books. Revelations, always reminds me of the resurrected Christ and the eternal body he is now encased with, which we groan for daily, i cant wait ! The description of the Son of man amongst the candlesticks also shows that Jesus aint no sissy ! I saw something on discovery on supermassive black holes (smbh)and I got very ashamed of myself ,how can I have been made in the same image by the guy that created these smbhs just By his word! Yeshua said "If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me" is also a precursor to the idea that ALL men have been saved , The faith "name it and claim it and miracle healings" folks do not agree with the J Preston Ebys of this world. I ask who the heck are the folks that Jesus would say about " ��.I never knew you " even though your butts had done great and mighty works, which is quite prevalent these days ! When I first realized that Adam the first man, was the fella that bungled the eden joyride with Eve riding shotgun, us all in the backseat with like a 'what did he have to do that for?' look. I got very mad at Adam . I forgot the faithful Evil dude Satan, who has a million akas and wannabe Devils that would make even Freddy Krueger look like a Sunday School teacher on palm sunday . I shiver momentarily at this fellows abilities which were given to him by who else but the big man upstairs! Well I reckon he needed us overcomers to have sumthin to come, so we could walk over or through it hence the word overcomer got coined . If not for the fact that God has made me fearless, says so in the scriptures . I would really, really run away from this Satan dude. He is been around you know and he walks to and fro looking for ignorant fools, it says so in the scriptures. It does it does. I know Christians are known to be at each others throats but I see that the Sunni and Shiite Moslems are still blowing each other up, see Saddams Iraq. Satan actually likes to stick his noose everywhere, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Scientologist , Hindu, Buddhist or mass murderer! We always think we are warring against flesh and blood. we know that demons and stuff do exist but we actually ignore their pervading influence on our wills. We simply always believe that the person is to blame for the pain . You know whom we should blame it is our ignorant selves! it is the �forgive the executioner syndrome�. The hired gun principle . "For we war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers �����.." Suddenly, bara bim bara boom, it blew up right in my face there and then ! kapeesh. Once you realize this principle forgiveness takes a different perspective, it becomes easier to contemplate! It behove me to shudder that respected Christians like Joni eareckson Tada (the famous quadriplegic ) dares to and calls Benny Hinn and co. False prophets ! The Faith mongers ,The Baptists and the evangelists and the charismatics and the �. All haranguing themselves and not only turning the reason for Jesus into a literal and Debating society Crusade Rock and Roll concert thingy that you begin to wonder, because it sure looks like a hell of a lot to pick from who these money grubbing false prophets are. Who are we kidding ? some big preachers request huge amounts of money to come preach at church conventions etc, they drive big flashy cars and live in holly wood style mansions and some to boot have private jets and live like kings and queens . I aint got no problem with all that kinda prosperity but I dare say and ask how did they come up with all that kind of money ? Quick answer is from book sales , from seminars and lectures, from offerings and tithes etc that you and I give , but I am not here to talk about prosperity because I know this little verse that says be content with such that you have . Right now i wonder how to classify worldliness and loving the thingys of the world. Preacher man is wearing Gucci and rolex and has a Cadillac 'n two bentleys and he be saying in church he want a private jet too ! and to explain it, you tell me that When Jesus was alive he was rich ! You begin to classify the Son of God, the one who owns everything and use him and his riches and claim he was rich when he was on earth , that is amazing (TELL US SOMETHING I DON�T KNOW ! ) and you go on to explain that the darned soldiers were fighting over his clothes ! You forget it was Herod that robed him up and sent him to pilate !If God wanted him to be born into a rich family do ye think he couldn't have made Daddy Joseph win the darn Jerusalem lottery . If you like nice thingys, just say so man and we would understand, everyone likes the dollars, all them benjys, I sure do ! all that prosperity bull explaining is supersizeme mammon on rampage ! Y'all then also holler about the healing thing, yet your butts are reading the bible with glasses ! What I worry about is "babes" like me that would like to point out to all of these plank eyed folks out there that the ministry or the Good news is all about, how God has reconciled himself unto us and if the reconcilers (us) are not even reconciled who in the blooming world is gonna take us seriously. If J Preston Eby believes that all men are saved and the whole of Christendom calls him a heretic , how does that affect you and me ! Am I gonna be sad that just because a fellow rocked his life with drugs and stuff and got married a gazillion times and lived off the fat of the land mostly Hollywood style, he still gets to go to heaven ! . Ok lemme put it straight up, Let us use someone like slash (crazy guitar dude in MJs dirty diana concert ) formerly of guns and roses. Or maybe the original bad boy Bobby Brown. According to this dude J Preston Eby, a fellow like slash or the brown bomber will end up in heaven without even becoming a Christian ! Well, church Folks call the Eby guy a heretic etc and I also wondered at the guys supporting arguments and quite mind boggling scripture to boot too ! But the thing that kept on jumping into my eye was . And so ? Am I slash's God ,or bobbys, did I make him ? nope ! Heck, we are nothing nothing if we don�t have him and vice versa. So if he rocked and rolled all through his life and ends up in the same place as me or you (yeah, we be for sure going to the good place) "Which one come concern me ! " This is a Nigerian pidgin expletive that means in urban new Yorker "It sure aint none of ma darn business !" That is Gods business because he be raving somewhere about having mercy on whom he digs but Christians shudder at this because they feel that somehow they been shortchanged from all the partying, drugs,wine women and song sorriness because of all the praising God and choir practice and all the general goodie two shoes Dorothy in Kansas versus the you are going down wicked witch of the west that comes with the Holy Spirit ! (think this out in many directions just don't follow the yeller brick road , phew ! ). I daresay being a druggie or an alcoholic or a womaniser aint as pretty as you might think. I have done all of that and I tell you I sure wasn't enjoying myself ask another rocker that maxed it, good ole smartass kingy Solomon and the wacky book of Ecclesiastes is your eureka. The other way to see all these reconciling jokers is also to look at the " name it faith and Claim it " dudes ! Most of these are downright uncontent folk . The bible tells us a lot of stuff that God has already done things for us in the spirit world , Jesus hollered out on the Cross "it is finished " The same Jesus also rolled out a general all time pardon for his killers and yelled a prayer that I am sure some people think was not answered "Father forgive them for they aint got no brains ! " If you Benny Hinn guys can do miracles and stuff and raise folks from the dead and a bunch of other Christian non David Copperfields cant, well that is all well and Dandy . It doesn't make them less of Christians nor you guys the apparent Super Christians (I have always wanted to be but keep forgeting I am ) . Clark Kent either way you look at it was Superman whether he had on a cape and tights or not. I recently got my old big screen telly to work after it kept on messing up time after time by not powering on . I dinna have no money to spare to get the tv repair men , one exhausting day after I had opened its circutry innards in sheer frustration, i poked my daring screwdriver somewheres and it blew up in my face . I got angry and shut it and I just commanded the darn thing to work in Jesus name out of sheer anger and a lot of frustration. Switched it on and it has been working ever since ! does that make me a Christian David Copperfield ? I don�t know, all I know is that I believe God�s words about me and had just had it with the darn telly ! People see miracles and they go a running and screaming like injuns dancing with wolves when signs and wonders are for thomas folks that have very little or really teeny weeny faith ! Real Christians have divine health because the word says by his stripes.... neither do they need miracle money because the Dada says' I got the putting food on the Table bit, take it easy folks I is here, Leave big Dada to get busy.' I lived for a year once in London as a student not working and no finances but God provided every time and sometimes quite to overflowing ! Some folks where I was living thought I was some kinda scammer or something but on the contrary, that is a testimony I will give someday! I learnt how to scam the perfect scammer , Ignorance. At the same time, The bible says that we shall cast out devils, we shall heal etc so what the heck is anyone hollering about ! If you wasn't getting healed Joni Eareckson, it don't mean you should call The Benny, a false prophet. Also, all the Bennys should not think Joni and friends have little faith since a certain saviour once said "With Little mustard faith �.. you know the story of the jumping mountain and the casting into the sea bit ! Come on guys, at this rate Jesus is gonna take a bazillion years to show up because some smart brother says he be coming for a bride , a church that is more ravishing than a gazillion beyonces on a grammy night. In this case the Lambs Supper Wedding Bash .�the mother of all parties� ala saddam (may God have mercy on his soul) Open your eyes dudes. "We war not against Flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high heavenly places not even low eartly places !" We are playing with the big boys . From what I have heard about the eternal crib called the Lake of Fire, I aint gonna be happy to let even my best enemies or someone like his royal Naziness, the evil furher , mass murderer Hitler near it . It was created for Devils and demons. It is a real freaky place to want to go to or get sent. So even if J Preston Eby and the Joni earecksons are right or not, lets all get out ze planks from our eyes before we go a yammering about the speck in the eyes of our so called neighbors that we are supposed to love as ourselves . Then our pulpits and sermons will begin to make sense so that we can get this Lamb Supper party thingy Started in this ole humpty bumpty ! Woo Woo ! reconcilingly yours Frank
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1. - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. "Absolutely," said the professor. "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say "hello." I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. 2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain One night, at 11:30 p.m., an older African American woman was standing on the side of an Alabama highway trying to endure a lashing rainstorm. Her car had broken down and she desperately needed a ride. Soaking wet, she decided to flag down the next car. A young white man stopped to help her, generally unheard of in those conflict-filled 60s. The man took her to safety, helped her get assistance and put her into a taxicab. She seemed to be in a big hurry, but wrote down his address and thanked him. Seven days went by and a knock came on the man's door. To his surprise, a giant console colour TV was delivered to his home. A special note was attached... It read: "Thank you so much for assisting me on the highway the other night. The rain drenched not only my clothes, but also my spirits. Then you came along. Because of you, I was able to make it to my dying husband's bedside just before he passed away... God bless you for helping me and unselfishly serving others." Sincerely, Mrs. Nat King Cole. 3. - Third Important Lesson - Always remember those who serve. In the days when an ice cream sundae cost much less, a 10-year-old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of him. "How much is an ice cream sundae?" he asked. "Fifty cents," replied the waitress. The little boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and studied the coins in it. "Well, how much is a plain dish of ice cream?" he inquired. By now more people were waiting for a table and the waitress was growing impatient. "Thirty-five cents," she brusquely replied. The little boy again counted his coins. "I'll have the plain ice cream," he said. The waitress brought the ice cream, put the bill on the table and walked away. The boy finished the ice cream, paid the cashier and left. When the waitress came back, she began to cry as she wiped down the table. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were two nickels and five pennies... You see, he couldn't have the sundae, because he had to have enough left to leave her a tip. 4. - Fourth Important Lesson. - The obstacle in Our Path. In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock. Some of the King's wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the King for not keeping the roads clear, but none did anything about getting the stone out of the way. Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. After the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the King indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway. The peasant earned what many of us never understand! Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition. 5. - Fifth Important Lesson - Giving When it Counts... Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a hospital, I got to know a little girl named Liz who was suffering from a rare and serious disease. Her only chance of recovery appeared to be a blood transfusion from her 5-year old brother, who had miraculously survived the same disease and had developed the antibodies needed to combat the illness. The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the little boy if he would be willing to give his blood to his sister. I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking a deep breath and saying, "Yes I'll do it if it will save her." As the transfusion progressed, he lay in bed next to his sister and smiled, as we all did, seeing the colour returning to her cheek. Then his face grew pale and his smile faded. He looked up at the doctor and asked with a trembling voice, "Will I start to die right away". Being young, the little boy had misunderstood the doctor; he thought he was going to have to give his sister all of his blood in order to save her. When all the angels are really busy, God can send help in human form, that could just be YOU!
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The Pursuit of HaPPyness

I have never pursued happyness, I dimly recall going after love not happyness, I became aware unknowingly that happyness was a figment of my mind state and I rarely pursued it . I went after love because it made more sense .but I went after the wrong kind of love and it almost killed me . I learnt about love from one source first .The love of a creation .It took me a while to realise that this love was not my one true love , when I found this out i decided to go after the love of truth , the truth of completion the holy grail of my existence . Good things they say come to those who wait but waiting was not in my dictionary . A virtue is a big thing to ask for especially when that virtue is patience . I write to explain to myself my existence I write because I think I might be good at it .a writers life can be a sorry life .Iit is a life that is usually mixed with sorrows and lows and at the same time joys and highs .The original book the Bible is interspersed with such because the fruits of writing are always hidden in the way it is birthed. As a creation it sounds really weird to create stuff because if you are a writer after completion then the truth you seek has to be an image of yourself .Hence the Cats and kittens theory not the Dogs and kittens relationships, we experience daily. Relationships , wow ! what a word, it lives within the essence of our lives, no man is an island but in birth we are like small atolls congregated in the same idea , the idea of birth and in death we return within these atolls as separate islands . Our relationships will hence transpire into the singularity our ourselves. Naked I came naked I return .Alone I came alone I shall return. The body makes it easier for us to appreciate our existence it is the graphical interface for the operating system called life and there is no open source solution and microsoft nor google can explain our purpose nor our lack of it . The truth is certain , many have run away from it , sometimes it is a blessing not to be aware of it but like a sure constant, it exists and will for all time . To pursue happiness within this GUI (pronounced G.U.I not Gooey, ew ! ) is like pouring butter into a hot plate and expecting it to freeze .it will never happen. The bible calls it the flesh, and using my old church mind the word flesh sounds weird, It sounds so spiritual so carnal like as if it is some strange distasteful lifeform .An absence of life means that the body exists in vitro but the life has gone into the ether .To pursue happiness inside this body is ignoring the obvious, they do not mix. When they mix something eternal obstructs their satisfaction and this belies the truth of completion .The body must therefore be the paradox. What if we did not have bodies ? this is not a sad piece, it is a revelation of the limits this body has strung us from time. It shows our limitations and our absolute helplessness as long as we are within its shell. The famous writer paul sighed out once �who will deliver me from this death.� like new born babies that know nothing else but �waa waa ! feed me! �The body also screams its own selfishness. Clothe me house me ,marry me .. It is the quintessential nuisance as its existence limits the joys of a Happy pursuit. The new Will Smith movie showed a will smith I have never known, a sad, sorry, unlucky man that the possession of two extra bodies in his wife and his son was a reason why happyness should become something we must pursue. He is not only one of the funniest �arrogantest� movie man I know but he is also a very gifted actor to boot. Another rendition of that movie could be the pursuit of God . Just as someone coined Godchasers which I am certain ( I hope ) is a dire misnomer by man as God can not be chased except he wants to nor can he be seen except we are certain we can recognize, you can only recognize someone you have met Before. It is he who lives in us and vice versa and in him we have our being . The Rat race used to be a depiction of the poverty of recycled hours , the happiness pursuit race is the one that should have hope or is it ? To get out of �bof of yers� we have to die in the sense of real death which is the death of self and this will lead us into the truth of happiness which we pursue fervently and which whilst we are resident pursuers we will never get. I wish for a body that will lead me to the truth of happiness , that will explain clearly what exactly it means to be happy .I found that in the bible . Encryptions and decrying words like Davinci codes as if it is even any ones business if Jesus had a wife ! Does it suffice that the bible insinuates he had a mommy ? Folks actually think that the preservation of the bible was an effort of human will . Yikes tothat .It is no wonder that God allowed our downgrade to just three score and ten years and also introduced a myriad of languages else we would do even worse than even old evilness, the Devil himself ! I aint joking. Our bodies define a lot about us , they contain the clearest devices that enable us to search for happiness ,even animals respect these laws as their constitiution enables them to pursue happiness from their own perspectives.The joy of a full stomach. They have no understanding of sin except maybe my dogs who have this uncanny ability to pull a guilty face when I tell them what bad dogs they are. Their abilty to survive is based mainly on their ability to use their bodies just as well as we do. I am a star, I am a genius, a being of gifts , my existence has been blessed by my gifts .If I use them I will become a star. If I don�t well �.. what is the opposite of a star ? Happiness means you are part of the crowd , the rich crowd that is , exemption from this means I have not utilised my gifts which are inherent within me .Why ? I have a brain . The brain is the citadel of the body it operates on the premise that it is a controller a cpu , a vast memory bank that rules the body . What if we did no have brains ?
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Alien nation: The Alienation

i saw the movie Aliens vs Predator and all I could think was violence on rampage. oh so gross ! Who ever came up with that screenplay must be close friends with Stephen King. On the Earth Predator Aliens were coming in to incubate other aliens using human beings the real owners of the Earth ! wow , never has bottom of the food chain become Homo Sapiens ! Today there is a slowly growing alienation that is creating Alien Nations .This new society is not unsung in just terror antics. Nevertheless Sapiens has topped the charts time and again when selective leadership based on survival of the fittest leadership by brawn rather than brains. This has been pervaded within a fallen nature inherited from Adam resurrected by Jesus yet ignored by mankind. The growing attitudes towards Religions and humans are rapidly accentuating the prophecy of the last days. In the last days men shall be lovers of themselves.. 2 Tim 3:1-4 mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God NIV The globalization of Nations posthumously directed awareness for the generous effects of Massive Economic spread across vast geographic regions. A global village of Utopia has long been deemed as its main exponent. Alas, this has proved myopic and unprophetic as the effects on the African Region has shown that GM crops can not provide towards Abundant and for free food because the genetically modified patents are owned by the rich biotech companies ,most of which are American. Also what massive outsourcing is colliding within western cultures, will always reflect what Nike,Microsoft, Tesco and Walmart really wants are increased revenues. More Money ! the Mo� money we get ,the mo� problems ? For all the Economic freedom globalization promises it is still resident within the crux of alienation , churning out alien beings, peoples and nations. How alienated can one be if one wakes up one morning and decides to blow himself into bits ? How can you explain this kind of alienation ! How do you fight it ? what sense does it make in sending Osama Bin Laden and his cronies to the Electric Chair ? or giving him a life sentence ? Can you sense the futility of such warfare ? The Bible keeps itself within the Love definition, simplifies it like this .God is love and love thy neighbour as thyself .Simple and short. No matter what anyone says Violence can never be the way. War is a game that breeds peace only when many are dead and the few left on one side are too tired or too dead to go on on fighting. So the other side wins game over. Christians must show the God of whom they are being modified and upgraded into. Jesus is said to have learnt obedience from the things which he suffered scripture puts it like this Heb 5:7-10 during the days of Jesus' life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission. 8 Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered 9 and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him 1 NIV How do I say I am a Christian then and not go according to the way of my Christ. My name �Christian� to others will sound like that froggy adaptation of the eddie murphesque mobile phone ringtone taken from the hit movie Beverley Hills cop. Grossly irritating to their ears. I like the way Dr Myles Munroe puts it He calls us Kings within the Kingdom, Not posturing a religion but proclaiming a coming kingdom with Christ asking mankind �Fight with me and regain your Salvation ? What say you ?� These Aliens have turned the pride of life into a serengeti style madness .Mutual hatred between Lions and Hyaenas is based completely on their differences, but they at least live within a cooperative pasture and the way of the living .the plants are eaten by the Zebra,The zebra are eaten by the Lions and the Lions die and get eaten by the plants Organized crime was a milestone for the mafia, yet organized alienation has not reaped its benefits. If I am the only little green man on earth what profits me if I destroy all the puny eathlings. Who will worship and adore me then. Yet man�s alienation serves him no purpose. Kill them all ! we must wipe them off the face of the earth. . I want to understand why the growing alienations continue, Strife,discord War amongst Nations Humans have perfected Wickedness to the point where their maker once said "It grieves me that i made man ! " Everyone prides themselves on their individuality and these individuals create theeir own niches and ideologies .Osama Bin laden wants to create the jihad all over again. George is ramming down Democracy down the throats of the world creating a new kind of imperialism. The American culture has helped to further the Alienation of the Alien Nations, unparelled Capitalism has ruined the fabric of Commerce, Outsourcing jobs for Slavery , a new world order of the Slave trade has ensued confirming that Man when pushed will become the grossest epitome of his own disgust. Yet God is not a democracy. Absolute Ruler, The great Rester , The word calls him that He had finished all his work since the creation of the world and he actually beckons to you to make every effort to enter into his rest. Even if we decide to become aliens within our own nations, ostracized stratas within our own tensile reach. What unbeknown to us is that one of the most popular alienations took place two thousand years ago. An Alientation from Self,Dad and of God . A passion that I am completely certain Mel Gibson did not and can not comprehend .A passion that led to death. I and you know not one place where death is productive but a learned Pharisee, the high priest in his day once said �It is good that one Man die for the peace of the Nation.� If I ask you about your own alienation and the kind of Alien Nation that you are creating Is there goodness and mercy in your alienation or are you pitifully become one of those within the last days, unforgiving, slanderous.... The theory of the others. liitle tommy was once told by his mum ,�Son God has put you here so that you must always be helpful to others � Whereupon Tommy piped �If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?� What is in it for me ? What have you done for me lately ? I challenge you today to become an Alien within this world ,I challenge you to create a new kind of Alien Nation today, A nation within the kingdom so that your Temple will show forth the alienation of Hate and distrust, The bible quotes about the light , in him was life and this life was the light of men. Dear friends, Darkness can never comprehend the light . Peoples all around the world must proclaim their understanding of Religion, the Bible specifically states that Jesus is the way the truth and the life ! I believe that whole heartedly, this is my own alienation , even if the Hindu,budhist or muslim ..... does not but whomsover so called Christian that believes this too must be able to belie the same results that his grand predecessor did. Die ! be resurrected and seat down at the right hand of God. Most of the so called religions claim one God and definitely if there is only one God then we must all be focussed on the same being, goodness gracious if The insurgents in Iraq knew that in ancient Persia that Cyrus had once given a decree that the Temple of God be rebuilt by isrealis and Persians fueled with Persian money in hard cash Gold and silver ! .Who is alienating these archives from everyone ! Ezra 1:2-4 This is what Cyrus king of Persia says: "'The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. 3 Anyone of his people among you-may his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem in Judah and build the temple of the LORD, the God of Israel, the God who is in Jerusalem. 4 And the people of any place where survivors may now be living are to provide him with silver and gold, with goods and livestock, and with freewill offerings for the temple of God in Jerusalem.'" NIV If you believe in your alienation so much why don�t you show me the money ! then I will become a part of your alien nation ! Show me the money Christian Pastor, Jewish Rabbi, Muslim imam ! I am a creature of freewill and of choice! Whether my reward is eternal life in heaven or reside in the bosom of 77virgins in heaven .choice has made me just that. Free willing. Then why do we try to create alien nations ,create alienations without good results , within our churches, schools, offices etc. Microsoft has alienated us so much yet Linux is a better product. Morally, the American culture is one of the most debauched yet they have alienated our kids and minds with their way of life .Hollywood has made certain of this. Take a look at a bollywood movie now and twenty years back and the difference will be as cold as ice sizzling in the desert sun. I want an alien nation where all the citizens are true aliens not a smorgasbord of undirected peoples claiming an alienation without any good.A good cause yes but no effect . I remember when the album the Ecleftic came out by the musician Wyclef Jean, My girlfriend then introduced me to it. I was initially skeptical, lampooned in my church mind and then wham ! The scales fell off, It was a cultural masterpiece from the Alien nation of Haiti. When Wyclef was in the Fugees his genius was unknown and then came alienation,well we know the rest.The album was a smash. The album also featured a track named after the young man who fell victim to 41 police bullets in the Bronx: "Diallo". This may be one of the most moving songs that Wyclef has ever produced as he describes the murder, as he believes it has taken place. The song starts with the voice of Youssou N'Dour imitating Diallo and a possible monologue he may have been having as he was entering his home, looking for his keys as he noticed the lights of the van. His first thought was that he was going to be robbed and so took his wallet out as to just give the money away and maybe save his life. As he realized he was being approached by New York's finest, the poor innocent sighed " Oh! It's the police, let me show them my ID so they know I am good people", and those were his last words before the shooting took place. The album is very descriptive and straightforward especially in the Diallo track where the police are referred to as Vampires. In the track, Wyclef says that he is not looking for peace but equal rights and justice. If your alienation brings �good people� like Wyclef says then Show us your ID ! Let it then SHINE ! for the world to see so that The one true God will be glorified, if not then We the people, the masses will do you in like the NYPD and send your body back to your alien nation. Like Aragon said in the Tolkien remake of the movie: The Return of the king to the King of the Dead Fight for us, and regain your honor. What say you?" [Aragorn surveys the dead soldiers.] Aragorn: "What say you?" Gimli(that little guy with the great AXe): "You waste your time, ... What say you today goes to the Aliens within our midst the predators, the blood beep ! ers Is it a Gimli efect. Are we wasting our time ? He owns time for with him a thousand years can be a day and vice versa and time wasting to you might mean he tarries BUT ! O yes the king of Kings is definitely coming and he is coming to a Soul near you. And he is coming on a white Horse . �What say you ?� God bless
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The Sexiest Bank

I used to have a bank account with one First Inland Bank before the merger. I stopped using it even with promises after the merge. But what comes to your mind whenever you see FinBank's signpost out there? I have the feeling that FinBank is a sexy bank after they have pimped their colour and logo. now they have a very beautiful look and feel. I don't know how far they realised what they have done but i never knew you'll look at a bank and look at it the second time when e no be woman. FinBank truly looks sensual, nifty and sexy. maybe the person that pimped that bank with the make up was a woman. if it was a man that guy would probably be a gay! I'll still find out who. but i never knew a bank as a brand could look so sexy. I like touching their signposts with the tips of my fingers...what? I'm a bad boy?...well i'm reactivating my account, can't wait to feel some sexy chicks in there. I don't like their payoff though, it spoils the whole show, and that tagline is cliche. they need to make it sound as sexy as the pimped everything they've got. how about a sexy bank account?
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i carry your heart with me (i carry it inmy heart)i am never without it (anywherei go you go,my dear; and whatever is doneby only me is your doing,my darling)i fearno fate (for you are my fate,my sweet)i wantno world (for beautiful you are my world,my true)and it's you are whatever a moon has always meantand whatever a sun will always sing is youhere is the deepest secret nobody knows(here is the root of the root and the bud of the budand the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which growshigher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars aparti carry your heart (i carry it in my heart
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