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For all those who want to get well with or without Surgery India is one of the most sought after destination in the world. You will find several hospitals that provide best medical facilities and few of the top surgeons are associated with them. Not only that, companies like IndianHealthGuru would design economic packages for you so that you can get your treatment done at a much lesser cost than the other countries like UK or USA. The hospitality will impress you and you would remember the tour for the rest of your life through sweet memories. Wont you?


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It’s Sunday again and some of us will be heading out to our various churches for fellowship and worship. Some of us are really excited about meeting our fellow brethren again after a long working week. Some of us are eagerly anticipating the praise and worship as an opportunity to express our love to God. Some are keen to hear what God has to say to them through the sermon that will be preached. Some just want to encounter Christ and have their hearts tuned to His frequency. Others can’t wait to see their Pastor stand on the pulpit and tingle their ears with a well-thought out sermon. I don’t know which category you belong too but there is a clear warning for all of us. DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF IDOLISING YOUR PASTOR INSTEAD OF WORSHIPPING CHRIST.

Personally speaking, I find my Pastor very inspiring and I look up to him in many ways. I sometimes have to check myself to make sure I don’t elevate him to a place that belongs to Christ in my heart. Whilst we are to appreciate and love our pastors, we must not under any circumstances give them the worship that is due God.

In this day and age of celebrity pastors, we have never been more in danger of falling into this trap. We must remember that our pastors are undershepherds appointed by the Chief Shepherd of our souls. Jesus always comes first. Period. Paul Washer drives home this message in this short clip.


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