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Lesson #1.

Just because I sin and mess up doesn’t make God’s truth any less true.

Lesson #2

Just because it hurts to hear the truth, do not assume that the truth is an unfair judgment of your own or anyone else’s lifestyle.

Lesson #3

Get used to the idea that when your life is held up to the Standard the Bible presents, you WILL fall short of the mark. Therefore the truth(judgment) you do not like from lesson #2 is always fair because lesson #1 IS STILL not changed even if you think truth=judgment.

Lesson #4

The only way we can truly expect freedom from judgment is by living our lives identical to the life Christ led.

Lesson #5

NOT ONE of us CAN or will live our lives identical of Christ, so we are still found lacking under what we learn in lesson #2 because lesson #1 is STILL True.

Lesson #6

Because I cannot meet the expectations of lesson #4, and because lesson #1 is STILL true, There is nothing I can do to escape the truth of Lesson #2.

Lesson #7
In light of lesson #6, if I do not want to face judgment, I must find something with-in God’s truth to free me of the judgement.

Lesson #8
Since Lesson #1 is STILL true, even if I am a sinner, if God’s word shows us a way to escape judgement it must work because Lesson #1 is STILL true.

Lesson #9
God’s word claims that Jesus took my sins and shame. Since Lesson #1 was STILL true when Jesus took my sin and shame, he became able to take my judgment for me leaving me(us) in his place, which is judgment free..

Lesson #10
Praise God for Lesson #9, because if it isn’t true, I would still be trying to figure a way out of Lesson #6.

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Comment by Moses K Tawose on October 25, 2010 at 7:59pm
Our God didn't want a perpetual death of a sinner,but his repentance while all else hold true according to all the rules. If we confess our sins before God and believe in our heart that Jesus Christ died for the remission of our sin were are forgiven and we become his children. If we don't go back into doing samething again it's then our forgiveness by the blood is total otherwise we are mocking God and there's know forgiveness. It's now amount to be deliberate action and intentional and the finality is death by his judgment.



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