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Death Sentence for two cops for killing Student, Court Judges.

A balancing act says Judge .An Eye for An Eye.

The court heard that trouble started when Ajikere, his brother and two girls boarded an unpainted taxi cab operated by Fabiyi, who was in plainclothes. The group had to alight from the cab following disagreement on the fare charged by the driver.

Fabiyi was angered by the group’s decision to abandon his taxi in preference for another and made his resentment known to the group, following an exchange of uncomplimentary words between both parties.

Bent on getting his pound of flesh, Fabiyi trailed the group to a mobile police check-point close to a five-star hotel along GRA and hurriedly lied to the policemen that the occupants of the other cab were criminals and should be dealt with.

Testifying at the trial, the younger brother of murdered Ajikere said the group was ordered out of the cab and frog-jumped, beaten black and blue and ordered to lay face-down on the tarred road. This was even as the policemen refused to listen to their own side of the story.

Photo:instance of police brutality

Unable to bear the torture any longer, he said, Ajikere tried to stand up and was shot at point-blank range by Cpl. Aminu. His life could not be saved as he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital that said Ajikere died of excessive bleeding.

Delivering judgment after sentencing the men to death by hanging, Monday, Justice Boma Diepreyi said the sentence would serve as a deterrent to other uniformed men “whose stock-in-trade is to kill innocent citizens under the guise of accidental discharge.”

Diepreyi said it would be unfair to take the plea of both Fabiyi and Aminu for mercy, adding: “In as much as I sympathize with them, there is the blood of the young Nnamdi Ajikere, the deceased 20 year-old final year student of University of Port Harcourt crying for vengeance.

“Justice is a balancing act and the only way to a balanced justice in this case is to make the accused persons face the consequences of their reckless act and hope that this will serve as a deterrent to those who may want to emulate their terrible example.”

Meantime, in preparation for the 2011 elections, the Nigeria Police Force has warned its officers to steer clear of inducements by politicians or their agents during the elections stressing that officers found culpable may be dismissed from service and jailed.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Operations, Mr. John Hamza Ahmadu, who gave the warning, Tuesday, while addressing the officers at the state command headquarters in Ilorin, also announced that N2billion has been released for the housing projects for officers nationwide.

Ahmadu charged the officers not to compromise their professional ethics and destroy their career because of what he described as chicken fees from politicians assured them that all their allowances would be paid before the elections.

He also urged politicians to warn their supporters to restrict their campaigns to their manifestos and play the game according to the rules adding that those who foment trouble will be dealth with.

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Comment by Akinse Omolara Christanah on May 6, 2010 at 12:44pm
nice judgment to wicked and stupid uniform men
Comment by Olatinwa Adeola Oluwaseun on May 4, 2010 at 2:20pm
Comment by dan audu on May 3, 2010 at 8:54am
We want 2 c more of such just judgement
Comment by cejib on April 30, 2010 at 9:47pm
that is nice but,those hidden people should be deal with also
Comment by 9ja4lyf on April 30, 2010 at 2:42pm
9ICE 1
Comment by ONYEULO on April 30, 2010 at 2:23pm
justice indeed, sentence also those behind d jos killings, apo six, every other unjust killings
of innocent and harpless Nigerians by those uncivilized thugs in police uniform.
Comment by Moses K Tawose on April 30, 2010 at 12:39am
We cannot continue paying back in kind for every acts committed rather we must let our peace officer to know that they cannot serve to be judge and jury. Their role is to secure peace and security of every citizens regardless whether they're rich or poor.
As much as I deplore the act of those officer involved yet two wrong doesn't make a right. I has empathy for the family of Nnamadi Ajikere on their loss and same would be for this two officers through ignorance perpetrated this act on this poor innocent victim thinking that because they're in uniform it's a liberty to harass and abuse due to their poor training received.
It would serve as a detterent to other abusers in uniform and who for a small token would go to any length to bully and harass the masses like the khaki boys of old. They must be retrained which most of them need anyway and made to know their duty is to keep peace and security of the masses. In the event they would gain the confidence of the citizens making their job easier to resolve many hard crime perpetrated against the citizens.
What a strange turn of event when a judge would be on the side of the masses. I was made to believe that both the judges and the law enforcement agents are cohorts because they on the side of the law no matter what. I believe their lawyer would do a good job to save their lives from the noose of the hang man and while that is going on they would be remorseful for their role in killing Mr. Nnamadi Ajikere and the hurt they have cause his family.
What about Mr.Fabiyi what was his gain as to the turn of event to the family of Mr. Ajikere and the two officers who would be paying with their lives for the lies he concorted. He started the whole thing in the first because in the scheme of the whole event he side is lost. What would his fate be he must must go scot free when three people would loose their by end of the whole episode for his own selfish reason. That would be interesting to know....................?
Comment by Dan WebNutritionist/Motivator on April 29, 2010 at 8:14pm
It's so sad that a life had to be lost for officers to be disciplined.Still this will serve as a deterrent to others.
Comment by hybraih on April 29, 2010 at 6:47pm
i love this.I do hope this will serve as a deterrent to others....
Comment by Leke Oluwatosin on April 29, 2010 at 5:01pm
very good judgement...I love that...the taxi driver too deserves to die




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