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Light Up Nigeria: Enough Is Enough

Despite being a country rich in oil, Nigeria’s electricity supply situation is insufficient. “In most parts of the country, darkness pervades and generators have taken over as the source of power”, says Adebayo’s blog. “When the power shuts down – which it does all the time – people sit in the dark or, if they’re lucky, fire up generators that cost the country $140 billion to fuel (add a chunk more for capital and maintenance costs)”, says David Steven at Global Dashboard. Adebayo adds:

But to explain or fathom the reasons why it is so complex. From the cartels who import generators, the contractors who fail to complete power projects, citizens who vandalize power lines and installations, languid attitude of government up to the manufacturers of the generators (in developed countries); all these have a vested interest in the continued failure of power
provision in Nigeria.

Now Nigerians have started a massive online demonstration
against this frustrating situation on social media sites, especially on Twitter with the hashtag #lightupnigeria. There’s also a Facebook group, with the following description:

Are you tired of the constant excuses being given for the incompetence of PHCN, we are forming this group as a voice for our generation. It is time for something to be done,the 7th oil producing nation is one of the world’s worst electicity providers. The time has come, Nigeria belongs to all of us and if we do not speak out now,its the same burden we will all have to bear. So join,tell your friends, family andybody you can, enough is enough. Our voice may be small now but as the group grows and the word is spread, the government will hear our words and something will be done. LIGHT UP NIGERIA so progress in all the other sectors can advance also.

Energy is the engine that drives industrialization, which improves communication, helps innovation in science and Technology, provides sound healthcare delivery system and improves citizens’ standard of living. Since energy is the engine that drives industrialization, a sound energy policy would indirectly create jobs even in unexpected sectors.

Archiwiz at To fit or not to fit? commented on the campaign:

The hashtag itself will not do much if the responsible parties don’t take notice and do the right thing, but this is a good first step. Awareness is always important when it comes to movements of change […]

So you ask, what is #lightupnigeria? The words that make up the tag are self explanatory to any Nigerian, or anyone that has spent a good two weeks in Nigeria and has experienced firsthand the impact of lack of electricity in Nigeria. I can give you a long laundry list of what we lose because of lack of electricity, but several things surface: money, time & productivity.

[…] This movement needs to get to get to the media and to the ears of our Nigerian leaders. We cannot continue to wink at our lack of electricity.


Here’s a selection of some of the things people have been saying on Twitter as part of the #lightupnigeria campaign:


Nigeria’s economy can’t change until we #lightupnigeria


#lightupnigeria so that her 140million nigerians can say goodnight and really look forward to having one


the only thing to known to be stable in nigeria is darkness #lightupnigeria


the money we use to buy diesel for a year can pay 10 years light bills, so pls #lightupnigeria


#LightUpNigeria so that people don’t go to work on weekends to iron!


#lightupNigeria Nigerians leaders love darkness, cos the works of their hands are so dark, it cant stand no light


#lightupnigeria cos wen there is no light at nite & i need to pee… aiming for that bowl has to be intuitive!! damn!


have not had power for 4days now… #lightupnigeria pls


i’m planning to relocate to nigeria soon but plans to visit london every week just to charge my phone #lightupnigeria


It’s 11pm, which means it’s another night without electricity. Hopefully we can #lightupNigeria so that ‘Goodnights’ can actually be good!


#lightupnigeria because that’s my country & my country deserves light


As we fight 4 dis to work,i know u r all tired, but think about your kids, how much u want them 2 grow in a good environment/nation #lightupnigeria


i would be mighty ashamed if in future my kids called me d generator generation & i did nothing #lightupnigeria


it ain’t right that at this time and age we dont’ have regular power supply #lightupnigeria


#lightupnigeria cos constant power supply should NOT be a luxury in 2009


The pollution from generators is stunting the brains of Nigeria’s youth. Now many of us are no longer imaginative. Please #lightupnigeria!


Obama’s campaign didn’t stop until a day before elections. Our #lightupnigeria campaign won’t stop until 24/7 electricity. Tell ‘em


#lightupnigeria because we have the resources – both natural & man-made..what are we waiting for??


Nobody will listen to #lightupnigeria by just twittering,u hve 2 kill somebody&tell d police u mistaken stabbed the fellow cz it was dark…


Our greatest challenge isn’t in Abuja. It is in ourselves. It is that voice that says: “This will all amount to nothing” #lightupnigeria

So what are we waiting for lets light up Nigeria !

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Comment by a on July 31, 2009 at 10:50am
Comment by OBAJE AFREECA on July 31, 2009 at 12:39am
Enough is enough, yes, enough is enough and on this I'm ECHOING YOUR VOICES and frustrations because they are mine also, but we must not claim them but work on them.
Power, real power comes from us accepting and acknowledge the fact that something is wrong with the ways things function on this earth, inequalities, racism, meaning white domination, the dynamics, structures and institutions set up by a few rich whites to maintain and control the resources on earth.
We have no real understanding and never take the time get to seek true knowledge, knowledge about ourselves, our likes, dislikes and what’s really important in our lives letting others dictate and our lives the manipulate.
Our frustrations must be met by an understanding of how we got here, I'm 43 heading towards 44 and have come to realize that many of the problems our governments and politicians have been promising the people was nothing but promises in foreign and new words, good words without any meanings as the
hopes and inspiration of the majority who have relinguished their powers and control over their own lives get’s constantly dashed.

Why do we find it difficult to acknowledge that our lives belongs to us and only we can do the best we can to better our situations? Many of our great ancestors died seeking knowledge and in their quest developed and equipped themselves with technical know-hows raising the greatest civilization known to man, the Egyptian civilization, the very foundation of human progress on planet earth, we lost that power through centuries of wars and exploitation by the very white men we run to for the improvement and development of our land and expect a better result.
True light comes from taking the power and control of our lives from politicians, imams, popes and bishops, mosques and churches. Politicians, the clergy the news media, western governments, the un and all white controlled, created institutions are the new slave masters the same old slave masters.
We would rather kill ourselves for ALLAH, JESUS worship white images and gods instead of acknowledging our power and standing up to our responsibilities.
I waited yesterday for jesus not today, freedom came my way the day I turned my back on fear and with courage face my life and not wait, rely, depend, count on me but no one but me for true knowledge about myself, family, community and place in the world.

Before I became Nigerian, Christian and a minority, labels that really don’t define me, I must know who I was, before slavery, back I went to my roots and I now speak with confidence that I’m free and fighting never to be boxed anymore.
Let’s start from acknowledging our limited understanding of the white dominating world, things will start to make sense when we do away with the nonsense. A select few are enjoying from our situations and we find it difficult to live good and make our own contributions but are only lamenting our woes blaming power hungry, attention seeking, good for nothing politicians who like their white masters who think they only are the solution when indeed they are the real problems.

No leader is courageous enough today to uplift the people, politicians, businessmen and women are only gate keepers, to get past them before you see the master takes time, reason they ask you to wait for Jesus and Mohammed before you see the light, in the dark do the majority perish, our oil and other minerals resources will only benefit us when we have the courage to seek for more in life than our oil riches.
OUR LAND IS RICH BUT OUR HEADS CONTAIN NO TRUE SELF KNOWLEDGE, SELF WORTHNESS, SELF LOVE, SELF ACCEPTANCE from whence comes self confidence, self governance and elevation we never seek but to self destruct we are champions.
Let’s take a fresh look at ourselves and situations and boldly tell ourselves the truth, foreign influences has fucked, messed things up for us. Time we turn the table on liars, time we stand up, time we drop the Korans in the mosques and bibles in the churches and see if the two prophets will come and force them on us like the arabs and white race did keeping us in confusion and self destructions, keeping you and I separated.

Why is 9jabook silent on the nonsense killings in the north?
Comment by Omogoroye Festus on July 25, 2009 at 11:20am
For the issue of light in this country let us pray fervently. So that God will intervene on the problem that facing this country. let us pray that a might thunder should strike off all the bad leader that have associate themselves with devil to draw this country backward.
Comment by Chika Uche Dudu on July 22, 2009 at 11:54am
My brother believe me that is the main problem we are having right now there in naija, Please we should look into it, it is very bad that we suply light to others while we dont have light crazy
Comment by Benjamin Agajelu on July 21, 2009 at 7:07pm
Light up 9ja cos darkness belongs 2 d devil.is 9ja d devil?
Comment by Inegbenijie Oziegbe on July 21, 2009 at 11:48am
Comment by Clemon on July 21, 2009 at 10:34am
#lightupnigeria so dat sicknesses, diseases on call for will stop and our children will not die of these avoidable illnesses and they will not run abroad for greener pastures.
Comment by kingsley ozuem on July 21, 2009 at 9:37am
is true my brother
Comment by NURIDIN on July 20, 2009 at 9:52pm
iam not a nigeria man but i went say little small for african government what they know only curroption
Comment by a on July 20, 2009 at 9:34pm
@Tony..good points. It is little drops of water that makes an ocean. We have never stood up with one voice to bring about a cause. If one person shouts, that minimal. If we all shout together in unison, our voices will break the walls and the so called powers that be will not have any other thing to do but cooperate...

What you said is what is happening but can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Change you see a change coming right ahead? It is only those who can see that can make a change right now!

Cast away your unbelief and believe in a united voice for one time and others falls inline thereafter...

hogwash my foot

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