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Pastor Jailed For Trafficking African Child 'slaves'

What is the world turning into? You may ask. Be warned all that glitters is not gold, hypocrites have infiltrated the holy vocation, and pastors have become vampires, thus making it salient to sound this note of caution:” be careful under whose care you entrust

the welfare of your minors”.


A church pastor is facing jail after trafficking children into Britain and keeping them as servants in her home in a case described as "modern day slavery", it can be revealed today.

Lucy Adeniji, 44, smuggled two children and a 21-year-old woman into Britain from Nigeria on false passports claiming they were her own.

With disturbing echoes of the Victoria Climbié tragedy, the Nigerian, an illegal immigrant and mother of five, promised the children's parents she would give them a better life in the UK, but instead delivered vicious beatings if they failed to please her.

The alarm was raised when the older "servant" ran from Adeniji's Barking home in just a towel after being beaten and forced to strip and kneel down.

Adeniji, who has written a series of books on child care, was convicted of assault, child cruelty and facilitating illegal entry into the UK of a child.

She also admitted six counts of obtaining false passports for herself and her own children and two counts of facilitating illegal entry.

Detectives from the Met's Operation Paladin squad which tackles child trafficking say the case highlights growing concern over children brought to Britain for domestic servitude or benefit fraud.

Adeniji faces a separate inquiry into thousands of pounds she claimed in benefits for her own children.

Two of her "servants" gave evidence against her at Isleworth crown court.

A jury heard how Adeniji took Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji into her five bedroom home in Ray Gardens, Barking, after she was brought into the country aged 11 from Nigeria on a false passport.

Buki, who arrived in 1997, was supposed to be continuing her education in Britain but was never sent to school and was forced to wait on Adeniji's own children. Her day started at 5am and she was not allowed to bed until 1am.

She was regularly beaten, prosecutor Tim Starkey said, and on one occasion pepper was put in her eyes and genitals as punishment and she was struck with a meat cleaver.

Adeniji also brought Solomon Ordu, who arrived when he was 15 in 2000, and Dorcus Amoo, who was 21, when she arrived, into the UK on false passports. Both were kept as house workers and routinely beaten, the court heard. Mr Starkey said: "All three stayed at her house, effectively as domestic servants and worked unpaid carrying out chores looking after her own five children. They were physically mistreated."

Detective Inspector Gordon Valentine, of Paladin, said : "At just 11-years old, a time when any child should rightfully be at school, this poor young girl was forced to feed her keepers' children, wash their clothes and do the household cleaning, with little or no access to the outside world.

"Not only this, but she was in a strange country and beaten. This is an illustration that even in our society that slavery still exists and is happening within in our communities. We are asking people to be aware of this and bring these matters to the attention of the authorities."

Adeniji faces sentencing next month after being convicted on Friday. Victoria Climbié was eight when she died at the hands of her guardian, great-aunt Marie Therese Kouao, who was found guilty of murder along with her boyfriend Carl Manning in 2003.

The girl's parents sent her to London from Ivory Coast for a better life but she was beaten and tortured and died in




Huhuonline.com can disclose that in the last two months, two members of the clergy, originally of Nigerian descent were found guilty by the British legal system on charges stemming from molestation of minors. The latest is a Pastor (Mrs.) Lucy Adeniji; who was convicted on Friday 11 February at Isleworth Crown Court for her role in keeping trafficked children as domestic servants and assisting with illegal immigration. At her sentencing on Friday March 18, forty four years Lucy Adeniji was handed an eleven and half a year sentence for assault of a child, child cruelty and facilitating. the illegal entry of a child into the UK.


Huhuonline.com understands that her woes began in early 2009, when a 23-year-old woman (Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji), after a brutal assault by Pastor Adeniji, ran out of her Ray Gardens, Barking home in towels and went to a police station and made historic allegations that she had been brought to the UK in early 1997, abused and exploited as cheap childcare until 2006 by Lucy Adeniji. Our checks show that under interview on 15 April 2009 by officers from Operation Paladin, a joint Metropolitan Police Service and UK Border Agency team, Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji, further stated that at the age of 11 years old, in December 1997, she was brought to the UK by a man she knew as 'Kenny' and placed in the Adeniji household. While in the Adeniji household Buki was to care for the 4 children, in particular their disabled daughter.


Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji stated that she was not enrolled in school nor registered with a doctor, denied friends and regularly verbally abused and beaten by Lucy Adeniji.


However, in 2000, the Adeniji family moved to the USA and victim Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji was sent to live elsewhere until they returned in November 2003.


On her return to the Adeniji household, Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji found that the Adeniji's had a further house girl, Dorcus Amoo living with them and that a boy Solomon Ordu had also been used as a houseboy but had run away. Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji describes life back in the Adeniji household as volatile and she was regularly beaten and verbally abused by Adeniji.


Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji described a number of assaults to police, One particular assault in April 2006 was described in detail whereby Adeniji repeatedly hit her with a stick following an argument over a fish meal, to the extent that Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji fell to the floor unconscious and was then kicked in the head by Adeniji. Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji states that Dorcus Amoo witnessed this assault, and then told her that Adeniji was going to kill her.


At around the same time as the alleged assault and threat, a pastor at church gave a sermon about parental responsibility and childcare.


Olubukols 'Buki' Adeniji told police that this spurred her on to leave the house and she ran away to stay with friends. Metropolitan Police Service, Detective Inspector Gordon Valentine, from Operation Paladin, said: "At just 11 years old, a time when any child should rightfully be at school, this poor young girl was forced to feed her keepers' children, wash their clothes and do the household cleaning, with little or no access to the outside world. Not only this, but she was in a strange country and beaten for her loyalty".


Julie Reene, assistant director, UK Border Agency, said:


"This was a truly shocking case in which vulnerable children were trafficked into the UK and treated appallingly. Adeniji exploited her victims in the most terrible ways. We will continue to work closely with the police and other law enforcement partners to prevent and prosecute this kind of awful crime". "On 19 May 2009, Adeniji's home address was searched by police and she was arrested on suspicion of trafficking for the purpose of domestic servitude".


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Comment by Ajoke Adegoke Mojirade on March 24, 2011 at 10:57am
Wicked soul she is a woman but not a mother Insha- Allah she will sofar and  i never pray the children should be turtuched that way coz they are innoncent they don't no wat there wicked mother is doing may God reward her with her bad behaviour.
Comment by Gabriel Edem Archibong on March 23, 2011 at 6:56am
What this woman did can only be justified if she didn't forge passport to facilitate the illegal entry of the abused children into UK, if she also routinely beat up her own children the same way too - putting pepper in their eyes and private parts or beat them to state of coma? There is your answer to this womans character - pastor indeed in sharp practices.
Comment by Moses K Tawose on March 21, 2011 at 10:00pm
It very unfortunate the turn of things. She has very good intentions,but the way she went about it was all wrong.We can't have it both ways she was trying to brought them up in the good ways she knows how,but only to discover that in the world she found herself things were completely the opposite. Now she's face up with reality about Western lifestyle and where everything are played to the gallery for mockery and attention gaining.My impression from the headline was that another quack Pastor, but from the story I came out with different perception. Those kids were lucky,but how many has died in the process of what she did for them or sent into prostitution or end up homeless and just to mention a few. Regardless I don't condone breaking the law which contradict or compromised her standing as a Pastor. She would learn her lesson that for whatever she shouldn't have done that.
Comment by Abraham Ndu on March 21, 2011 at 9:50pm
Oh God what is the world turning into......I just can't believe that even in this age people could still do this.
Comment by esohe on March 21, 2011 at 11:55am
Many people are dragging Christianity into mud, but i know anyone doing that will not go unpunished, God is slow to anger just for the grace He has for us. But the most confusing thing is this; after all these said stories about child abuse, you see some parents still stupidly give away their children in the name of, poverty, ignorance or is it greener pasture??? to people, wether close relations or friends or neighbors, whoever.
parents should be able to take care of their kids since they are not dead. what is a parent or parents expecting from a child below 15 years old to go abroad without contributing to his or her education? who will be like a parent if not the real parents. the child will never be free. Anybody that like free thing will always loose his or her freedom.
As a parent or parents if you dont have much, seeing your children around you is enough happiness.
I dont blame people that use children as slaves with the parents consent, i can only blame when its a kidnap.
Am happy the woman will suffer for her bad deals. but parents should beware..
Comment by funsho on March 21, 2011 at 11:10am
That serves her right.  Everyday for the Thief, sure, One day for the Owner. Nemesis has caught up with her. She is using other peoples children to serve her own and she calls herself a P A S T O R. Its only God that knows WHO the REAL Worshiper are. May God save us ooooooooooo.
Comment by Paschal on March 21, 2011 at 10:50am

Pastor  is just a title, 

If you are educated it gives you the opportunity to venture in any business including

a pastoral  business. Use motivational words and bible quotations to attract people,

gain popularity  and make money for yourself.  But we still have few people who are

called by God in our society to day.

God  have mercy  and save your children from the hand of this evil once.

Comment by Bob Akinwumi on March 21, 2011 at 10:42am
I am short of words; and I believe you people out there too. May the Lord have mercy on our souls!



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