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Sunday Home Sermon:Alone but not lonely The search for Self,Creation & Creator

For most being alone, is a kind of punishment... many find solitary confinement to be the worst....

And why is this? Because, people have learned to use others as a prop for their ego, and without the other there, the ego cannot be crystalized.

You seek out the community because it reinforces your fantasies about yourself, no matter how crazy they are, and because they are fantasies without the other there, they will cease to exist.

This is why being alone is so difficult because without constant reinforcement, the false self cannot maintain its existence. It dissappears. Poof !

Man is born alone, man dies alone, and there is nothing he can do to escape his aloneness. Fleeing to groups, stadiums full of people, sporting events, concerts, all they can do is distract for a few moments. And for many this only heightens the feeling of aloneness that they have.

Unless a person can be alone, they cannot find happiness in any relationship, because those relationships will only represent and escape from the fear of being alone, and a dependency. And relationships based on fear can never succeed.

Only when one experiences the nature of their aloness are they capable of loving another without fear.

For in the depths of your being, in deep meditation, in the center of your aloneness, you will discover, the eternal. And int that momement you will be free.

I lift up my eyes to the hills .Where does my help come from ? My help comes from the Lord,maker of heaven and earth .

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Comment by Samson Bitrus T on May 30, 2010 at 2:03pm
We truly seems to be alone as people but, we did not create ourselves and so he (GOD) who created us promise to naver leave us, an I think thats the reason why he sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us, to be our companion,to direct us an so on an so forth, so you can see that we are not alone, Especially with the Gift of WIFE......
Comment by Moses K Tawose on May 24, 2010 at 5:06am
We were never alone as it might seems in the physical, but his unseen hand is right there with us rocking the cradle. His promise is assured that he would never live us nor forsake us no matter what.




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