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CrowdRising is a Person to Person, Direct Funding and Crowd Sharing Platform. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, etc. CrowdRising is a Platform made by the people and for the people. It was created by a group of like-minded people for this very purpose.
Things you should know about the business
1. It is available worldwide. (Presently having over 100 thousand members worldwide)
2. There are no fees of any kind to register.
3. The Founders of the CrowdRising Platform offer the system 100% free of charge.
4. Donation is done with just $20 (N7400) directly to your referrer's bank account and he/she should confirm you in not less than 24hrs that he/she receives your donation.
5. You receive donations directly from another participant, you will need to verify that funds have been deposited in whichever processor your Referral chose. Then and only then should you approve the donation.
Way to get involved:
It is highly recommended. If you have been invited to join, click on that person’s referral link and you will be instructed to fill out a simplified registration form. Just click on the URL below for your registration:
Then call +2348170625900, +2348032416290 for questions and guidelines

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What are the benefits an online MBA studies?

mba-ghana.jpg?w=300&h=168Students that enroll in online MBA Programs, a program to any other in the matter, quickly that benefit is derived from your registration. Freedom from the great staff benefits of saving of money, until students are getting huge benefits that can be obtained from the study is online. In addition, Online since that opportunities may done assisted inn Students to School and you can get one title that they have not had to opportunity of another way of obtaining, online study act have increased in popularity this. One of the main benefits is derived when students in an online MBA in Nigeria  from Student seem to work freely is in the Lifestyle his lathe. Students are in full-time enrollment opportunity of one partial study student and I cannot schedule adjustment from one of meeting strict class to class can access to convenient When them through online. The idea that students of classroom virtual Login to treat the two hours, Como do really is for many, those students have to work to keep one of full time while studying have obligations Still one can remain faithful family up to current responsibilities. Essentially I auditorium of Online Students is open, 24 hours a day seven days of sowing.

Clearly, online MBA Students advantage over large have one traditional University students finished the course in programming flexibility. Online students also one of those who discovered benefits of online study that is receiving I’ve done of online study that is less costly to the assist of one traditional university. What sense is less expensive online study him? First, students do not have to be could’ve Paying for communication of the food and one of the gangs of Older Students pay to attend college. I made of student I have that no one bird one bedroom is double the benefit Students can stay up families for their study. In addition, online students may remain enrolled in one distance learning MBA program and has trailed up to that minimum gangs of travel is reducing. No one need constant round trips of the house at school, students enrolled in online study did not have to face the cost of fuel one of the maintenance CAR her audience Shipping Cost.

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Being one of the most advanced forms of education, distance learning in Nigeria has gained popularity worldwide. You will encounter several universities and educational institutes in Nigeria, offering distance learning courses. This wonderful mode of education provides the benefit of self-study as well as the opportunity to participate in various educational programs offered by some universities in Nigeria. If you are among those working, you definitely get the most benefit from this type of courses distance education. Because of hectic schedules, it becomes one of his most difficult subject to regular classes. Taking all these facts into consideration, Online study in Nigeria has been presented as the last option for those individuals who aspire.
In the past, Nigeria was known for his community tensions and political turmoil. These factors led to insecurity of thousands of students in pursuit of education in the land of Nigeria.  Nigeria today is much more developed and offering countless opportunities for student s and professionals. Therefore, the distance learning in Nigeria has emerged as a necessity, especially for those who reside abroad. The students from distant places can opt for distance education courses. There can be a better option for people who work registration for distance learning courses.
One of the advantages of distance learning in Nigeria is that it frees you from the obligation to attend regular classes and strict. online MBA in Nigeria brings everything typically receive while undergoing regular courses. Besides offering a wide range of courses, some institutes of distance learning allows you to participate in certification programs. There are undergraduate and Master courses. After successfully completing his graduation, you can go for a master's degree. Distance learning in Nigeria has been a fashion among students in recent years. The online study is necessary to have an Internet connection, a new Microsoft Office version, a personal email address and a browser. With the help of these tools, you connect to peers and participate in programs related to education online. Your personal email address allows you to enter and therefore contact the instructor via emails. Discussion boards to help resolve queries of students regarding the extent to which they are pursuing. These distance learning MBA programs in Nigeria equip students with skills covering areas such as computer science, mathematics, management situation, etc.
Leaving all the terrible circumstances, Nigeria has again become a vibrant nation offering advanced technologies and modern education systems and senior management courses as UK MBA in Nigeria. To get the rhythm going, many UK universities in Nigeria are focusing on human resource development. There are a variety of off-shore campus in Nigeria and universities that are opening centers of human resource development, as well as places of learning UK MBA. However, their goal is to empower Nigerians to meet the challenges and cope with the pace of modern technologies. Distance learning in Nigeria can also opt for citizens Nigerians and people from foreign soil.
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See what God created on the 7th day

K01 ft Adio Elekunmefa-IDI ESHIN from
K01 ft Adio Elekunmefa-Idi eshin is another Hit banging single from K01 Oba Abinibi featuring the sensational singer Adio Elekunmefa
K01 was known with hit singles AFROHIPHOP ABINIBI & AKANDA ENIA MEJI featuring DAGRIN (R.I.P)
Idi Eshin's inspiration was derived from the talking drum language tones often made by talking drummers in the olden days,
but the storyline behind this song was about my experience with a lady that had a crush on me the club.
This lady is ready to do anything to to get me commited to her, so she use all seduction weapons in her disposal & @ the
end...... u only need to find wot happened to me in this storyline after listening to this song.



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12166299480?profile=originalIT HAS been all change at the top of two of Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech giants this week. First Apple revealed that Steve Jobs, its boss, was
stepping away from day-to-day management responsibilities
... at the company to focus on an unspecified health problem. Then on January 20th Google said that Eric Schmidt, the firm’s chief executive, would hand over that role in April to Larry Page, one of the firm’s two co-founders. Mr Schmidt will become executive chairman, focusing on areas such as acquisitions and government relations, while remaining an advisor to Mr Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s other co-founder, who is going to concentrate on certain strategic projects. (Messrs Schmidt, Page and Brin, from left to right, are pictured above with one of their experimental self-driving cars).

The change makes sense, though arguably it should have happened sooner. As Google has grown from a start-up into a global powerhouse with 24,000 employees,
some of its original entrepreneurial spirit has been crushed
 by a burgeoning bureaucracy. Several prominent Xooglers, as former employees of the company are known, have complained that it has become difficult to get things done at the firm. And rivals such as Twitter and Facebook have exploited this growing sense of frustration by pinching talented executives from Google’s ranks.

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To enjoy cost effective internet, you need to activate an internet bundle for your internet browsing. If not you will be browsing at pay as you go, which is billed at per kb or per minute bases. Internet browsing on pay as you go is very expensive, so going for bundled internet access is recommended. Here we provide browsing activation codes for various internet bundles offered by networks in Nigeria. The aim is to provide easy access to Activation codes for internet browsing bundles across networks in Nigeria. To make it more useful, we also included the cost and data limit of the internet browsing bundles. You will also find info on checking your data balance.

Networks in Nigeria offer two forms of activation for their internet browsing bundles. One is the USSD method, where you dial a code ended with the hash key (#). Once you dial the code, you will receive a response if successful or unsuccessful. The second method involves sending a code to a number via SMS. You will receive an SMS if activation is successful. When using a modem, some come with software that makes it possible to activate browsing packages without any code, just click the button for the internet browsing bundle you are interested in on the software interface and it will be activated automatically...

Activation codes for Internet bundles in Nigeria

Here are activation codes for different internet browsing bundles in Nigeria. We focus on GSM networks as those are the ones we have activation codes for. If your CDMA network uses activation codes, you can share it via a comment.

Activation codes for Glo Internet bundles

Here are activation codes for Glo internet browsing bundles. Glo activation code involves sending an SMS containing a two-digit number to 127.

    * Glo Always Max (30 days) – N7,500 (6GB data limit) SMS 12 to 127
    * Glo Always Min (30 days) – N5,000 (1.5GB data limit) Send 11 to 127
    * Glo Always Micro (30 days) – N1,000 (150MB data limit) text 13 to 127
    * Glo Always Day (24 hours) – N500 (150MB data limit) send 10 to 127
    * Glo G300 (300 hours internet bundle) – N15,000 (4GB data limit) SMS 21 to 127
    * Glo G100 (100 hours internet bundle) – N6,000 (3GB data limit) send 20 to 127
    * Glo G Work (8am – 9pm) – N6,000 (3GB limit) send 31 to 127
    * Glo G Leisure (8pm – 9am + all day weekend) – N5,000 (3GB limit) SMS 30 to 127

To check your data balance, SMS info to 127.

Activation codes for MTN Internet browsing bundles

Here are activation codes for MTN internet browsing bundles. Like Glo, MTN activation code is done via SMS. However, in the case of MTN a three-digit number is used and 131 is the number to send the SMS to...

    * MTN Monthly for mobile, 100MB (24/7 30 days) - N1000 (text 106 to 131)
    * MTN Daily for mobile, 10MB (24 hours) - N100 (SMS 104 to 131)
    * MTN Weekly for mobile, 25MB (24/7, 7 days) - N500 (text 105 to 131)
    * MTN Daily Internet, 150MB (24 hours) - N500 (text 103 to 131)
    * MTN Monthly Internet, 5GB (24/7, 30 days) - N8,000 (text 101 to 131)
    * MTN Day Time Internet, 3GB (9am - 9pm, 30 days) - N6,000 (text 107 to 131)
    * MTN Night Internet, 3GB (9pm - 6am, 30 days) - N2,500 (text 102 to 131)
    * MTN Weekend, 3GB (9am Fri - 9pm Mon, 30 days) - N3,000 (text 108 to 131)

To check your data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

Activation codes for Airtel Internet bundles

Here are activation codes for Airtel (formally Zain) internet browsing bundles. Activation for Airtel internet is done via USSD.

    * Airtel Day Internet, 50MB, N500 – dial *141*712*3#
    * Airtel Lite, 100MB Internet, N1,000 – dial *141*712*4#
    * Airtel Plus, 1GB Internet, N5,000 – dial *141*712*1#
    * Airtel Max, 3GB Internet, N10,000 – dial *141*712*2#
    * Airtel Premium, 6GB, N15,000 – dial *141*712*5#

To check your data balance, dial *141*712*0#.

Activation codes for Etisalat Internet browsing bundles

Here are activation codes for Etisalat internet browsing bundles. Like Airtel, Etisalat's activation code is done via USSD.

    * Etisalat Flex 100MB Internet, N1,000 - *229*2*1#
    * Etisalat Flex 500MB Internet, N3,000 – *229*2*2#
    * Etisalat Flex 3GB Internet, N10,000 – *229*2*3#
    * Etisalat Daily Internet, N500 – *229*3*1#
    * Etisalat Night and weekend, N5,000 – *229*3*3#

To check your data balance, dial *228#.

That is the activation code. Hope you find it useful. Feel free to notify us of errors via comment. You can also notify us of activation codes for internet browsing bundles for other networks not included here.

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ZURICH (Reuters) - Argentina's Lionel Messi won the World Player of the Year for the second time in a row on Monday and Jose Mourinho walked off with the coach's award, leaving Spain's World Cup winners disappointed.


Messi surprisingly held off Barcelona team mates Andres Iniesta and Xavi, second and third respectively, to win the newly-created FIFA Ballon D'Or, a fusion of the previously separate annual awards handed out by FIFA and France Football magazine.


Mourinho, now with Real Madrid, won the inaugural Coach of the Year award after leading Inter Milan to a Champions League, Serie A and Italian Cup treble.


The honour went to the self-styled Special One, who described himself afterwards as "proudly Portuguese", at the expense of Spain's World Cup-winning coach Vicente del Bosque, second, and Barcelona's Pep Guardiola, third...


"The most important trophies for me are the collective ones, not the individual ones but this is a historic trophy for me and Portuguese football," Mourinho told reporters after edging Del Bosque with 35.92 percent of the votes against 33.08.




Iniesta and Xavi had been favourites after helping Spain win last year's World Cup while Messi had failed to score a goal or produce his best form at the tournament in South Afica.

"It was just good to be here with my team mates," said Messi, who looked as surprised as anyone by the result which was announced by Barcelona coach Guardiola.

Mourinho puts himself among Portuguese greatsimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcSp5jGQPi4KGmNv4x-Ne2-ScRepjMFUKtHQ_RURZVHST2nLQcwInw


ZURICH: Jose Mourinho put himself on the same pedestal as revered Portuguese compatriots Eusebio, Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo after becoming the first winner of the Coach of the Year award on Monday.

But Mourinho was not entirely satisfied with the evening, saying that the Inter Milan team he coached to a treble last season should have been represented among the three candidates for the Player of the Year award won by Lionel Messi.

"Obviously for me, the most important are the collective titles, not the individual ones... but it's an historic trophy, historic for me, historic for Portuguese football as well and obviously I feel great pride," he told reporters.

"I'm proudly Portuguese, the Portuguese don't have so many of these proud moments, and this is certainly good for Portuguese ego.

"After Eusebio, Figo, and Cristiano (Ronaldo), we are now four golden balls."

Mourinho's award was the result of a poll conducted jointly by FIFA and France Football magazine, who also joined forces to produce the first FIFA Ballon D'Or Player of the Year award.

Figo and Ronaldo each won both the old FIFA and France Football awards while Eusebio, who played long before the FIFA award existed, also won the latter.

Mourinho, now with Real Madrid, won a Champions League, Serie A and Italian Cup treble with Inter last season.

That success only went on to enhance his reputation further as he was already one of the world's most sought after coaches having won the Serie A title with Inter in 2008/9, two Premier League and one FA Cup titles with Chelsea and Champions League, UEFA Cup and two league titles with Porto.

Barcelona trio Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi were contenders for the player's award but Mourinho said there should have been room for at least one member of his Inter team.

"Inter were a little hard done by in my opinion, European champions, world champions, champions of everything, to have not had anyone among the players sitting in these three chairs," he said.

"For me it was something of an injustice. It had special meaning that their trainer had won an historic trophy."

Mourinho was close to tears during the ceremony when Inter player Wesley Sneijder thanked him from the stage after being picked in the world XI.

"The most important is to hear words like the ones from Sneijder which affect you more than the trophies you can win," said Mourinho.

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Time's Person of the Year

The guy with more friends than anybody has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year: Mark Zuckerberg, the controversial, 26-year-old founder of Facebook, the newsweekly announced Wednesday morning.

Winning the honor over such short-listed names as WikiLeak's Julian Assange (the favorite in a readers' poll), the Tea Party, the Chilean Miners, Apple's Steve Jobs and Afghanistan leader Hamid Karzai, Zuckerberg on his own Facebook page describes his personal interests as "openness, making things that help people connect and share what's important to them, revolutions, information flow, minimalism."

As Time tagged Zuckerberg's on the Web site of the Today showTime editor Rick Stengel made the announcement of Zuckerberg's selection on the NBC morning program – "More than half a billion people on the planet live in a world created by Mark Zuckerberg. The good news is, their friends all live there too. Zuckerberg founded the social networking site Facebook in his college dorm six years ago, but 2010 was the year that Facebook reached critical mass, both in sheer quantity of users and in its presence (through its 'connect' features) all over the Web."

The profile continued, "Zuckerberg spent much of the year fighting privacy concerns, and this fall he had to shake off a movie that depicted him as an alienated loner, hacking to get girls. But the world's youngest billionaire has no plans to slow Facebook's growth, nor does it show any sign of stopping."

That movie is The Social Network, which, besides doing well at the box office, is an Oscar Best Picture frontrunner. In the past week it's been honored, too – having been named Best Picture of the Year by the National Board of Review, the New York Film Critics Circle and critics' groups in Toronto, Boston and Los Angeles. In addition, the movie and its leading man, Jesse Eisenberg, who plays a hard-boiled Zuckerman, received Golden Globe nominations. .

Time's Person of the Year tradition harkens back to 1927, the year the magazine (which, like PEOPLE, is today part of Time Inc.) was launched. The first Person was aviator Charles Lindbergh. Others named throughout the decades have included Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932, 1934 and 1941), Adolf Hitler (1936), the American Fighting Man (1950), the Generation Under 25 (1966), American Women (1975), and, during their terms in office, Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton and Obama.

Photo: Mark,AAssange, Chilean Miners

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Two Democratic consultants are accusing Arianna Huffington and her business partner of stealing their idea for the powerhouse liberal website Huffington Post.

Peter Daou and James Boyce charge that Huffington and partner Ken Lerer designed the website from a plan they had presented them, and in doing so, violated a handshake agreement to work together, according to a lawsuit to be filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The complaint is a direct challenge to the left’s most important media property from two stalwarts of the progressive movement. And it challenges Huffington’s own oft-told story of coming up with the idea in conversation with Lerer and other friends.

“Huffington has styled herself as a ‘new media’ maven and an expert on the effective deployment of news and celebrity on the Internet in the service of political ends,” says the complaint. “As will be shown at trial, Huffington’s and Lerer’s image with respect to the Huffington Post is founded on false impressions and inaccuracies: They presented the ‘new media’ ideas and plans of Peter Daou and James Boyce as their own in order to raise money for the website and enhance their image, and breached their promises to work with Peter and James to develop the site together.”

The suit against Huffington, Lerer, and Huffington Post also sheds light on the very political aims of the left’s most powerful – and valuable – online voice.

Democrats need “to develop a dominant position within the Internet,” Daou said during an early meeting about the site, according to the complaint. “It is a system [for] pushing the message, not just for fundraising,” he allegedly said.

Huffington called the charge of stolen ideas and broken deals “a completely absurd, ludicrous supposition” from men whom she’d turned down for jobs on the site.

“We have now officially entered into Bizzaro World. James Boyce and Peter Daou, two political operatives who we rejected going into business with or hiring 6 years ago, and who had absolutely nothing to do with creating, running, financing, or building the Huffington Post, now concoct some scheme saying they own part of the company,” she and Lerer said in a written statement to POLITICO, writing that the two “tried to cash in” before filing suit and “said they’d go away for just a little money.”

“For months now they have been trying to extract money from us. They are filing the lawsuit of course because we did not agree to any payment,” they wrote.

Boyce and Daou said they are filing suit now only for recognition and vindication: They will, the two said in a statement, use any proceeds beyond legal fees and expenses “to support progressive causes and citizen journalists and bloggers who are active in support of those causes.”

“How noble,” Huffington and Lerer said in their statement.

The lawsuit touches on the same legal frontiers of intellectual property and deal-making as did a famous lawsuit Facebook settled in 2008. The success of the suit, which seeks unspecified damages, will hinge on whether Daou and Boyce can prove they had offered “something more specific than a generalized notion” and that Huffington had agreed to make them part of the deal, said Dan Kornstein, a prominent New York litigator.

Huffington Post has emerged as a juggernaut since its launch on May 9, 2005. The site’s front page offers a leftward tilt on political news, a sort of mirror image of the Drudge Report. A cadre of bloggers contribute analysis for free and a growing staff provides original content on politics and whatever other content – notably, celebrity – drives traffic and buzz.

Forbes reported that the site was valued at $100 million when it last raised venture capital, in 2008.

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Oprah Winfrey picks book by Nigerian author

SPECIAL BLOGGERSFEATURED BLOGS..NOLLYWOOD BLOGS..NETCHURCH BLOGS..GHANA BLOGS..LAGOS BLOGSPOLITICSDuring last Friday’s airing of the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’, Nigerian author, Uwem Akpan’s debut collection, ‘Say You’re One of Them’, became the first collection of short stories selected by the talk show hostess as the next choice for her widely-followed book club.It was not too much of a surprise as news from the grapevine had hinted at the selection some considered unlikely and unexpected.Describing the book on her show as “incredible,” Oprah said the stories in the collection had left her “gasping.” She said the book got the nod as her first short story pick because it was different from others she had read.In what has been known as the “Oprah Effect”, demand for previous selections have been sent skyrocketing, most times beyond even the authors’ expectations. Akpan’s case with ‘Say You’re One of Them’ has not been different with reports already shooting the book into Amazon’s Top 5 from an unattractive position at no. 165,769.For the Jesuit priest, who grew up in a storytelling environment here in Nigeria and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, a trail of recognition for the book has preceded Oprah’s selection.A story from the collection, ‘My Parents’ Bedroom’, was a finalist in the 2007 Caine Prize for Africa, while the selection itself was a finalist at the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction.The book won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book (Africa region) in 2009 and the PEN/Beyond Margins Award in the same year. Some of the stories in this collection have also featured in The New Yorker Magazine.Certain critics of Oprah’s selection of ‘Say You’re One of Them” say the book’s focus is stereotypical of Western beliefs about Africa as a bed of conflict and child soldiering amongst other evils: themes that seem to have been over-flogged by many African writers or writers about Africa.Uwem Akpan’s ‘Say You’re One of Them’ is a collection of five short stories based on the plight of African children with a focus on war, religious conflict, and human trafficking.The Oprah Book Club started in 1996, with 63 books selected so far, and a bundle of controversy in its wake. This selection is the first for a book by a Nigerian author.
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Don't Worry, Be Happy

A Message of HOPE from A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ) feat. Ray Zeem... saying don't worry, be happy...forget bout yo troubles!Listen, Subscribe, Rate and Listen...

Thanks!Follow this link to listen, rate and comment on the song!Don't Worry, Be Happy
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Please watch your kissing also lol ! As a precaution to an outbreak of swine flu in Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Health has issued an alert but assured Nigerians that measures had been put in place to tackle the epidemic. The alert issued by the Minister of Health, Professor Babatunde Osotimehin, came on a day the worldwide death toll rose to 149. Osotimehin said that surveillance had been strengthened at all ports of entry into the country – airports, seaports and all land borders. “We have our surveillance officers present and fully ready in all local government areas, states and at the Federal level,” the minister said, adding that so far, no suspected case of the flu had been reported in Nigeria. The minister also said the Federal Government was fully prepared to contain any outbreak of the flu in the country with adequate stockpile of Tamiflu, the drug of choice for treatment. “We wish to by this inform all clinicians and health workers to report any suspected case of Swine flu to the Epidemiology Division, Department of Public Health, Federal Ministry of Health,” Osotimehin stated. The ministry gave the phone details of contact persons, in the event of any concern, as Dr. J.Y. Jiya (08034030212) , Dr. A. Nasidi (08037006349) , Dr. Henry Akpan (08037626718) and Mr. John Kehinde (08023210923) . Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has described it as a "public health emergency of international concern". According to current projections, a pandemic today could result in up to 7.4 million deaths worldwide, the WHO says. CNN reported yesterday that Mexico's government is ordering closure schools nationwide as the suspected death toll rose. Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said only 20 of the deaths had been confirmed to be from swine flu and the government was awaiting test results on the rest. He said 1,995 people had been hospitalised with serious cases of pneumonia since the first case of swine flu was reported on April 13. The government does not yet know how many were swine flu.Of those hospitalized, 1,070 have been released. He said schools at all levels nationwide are suspended until May 6. Schools had already been suspended in Mexico City and five of Mexico's 32 states. The United States and the European Union (EU) have urged travellers to Mexico to exercise caution, amid concerns over the spread of the flu virus. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US - which has 40 confirmed cases - was taking the issue "very seriously". Earlier, the WHO said there were 40 laboratory-confirme d cases of swine flu in the US, 26 in Mexico, six in Canada and one in Spain. Tests are also being carried out on individuals or groups in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Britain and Israel who fell ill following travel to Mexico. In most cases outside Mexico, people have been mildly ill and have made full recovery. Concerns arose over the health of US President Barack Obama weekend as one of the people he shook hands with on his recent trip to Mexico reportedly died suddenly of a lethal pork flu pandemic that has claimed 149 lives worldwide. Obama had shaken hands with an archaeologist, Felipe Solis, who died of the disease soon after the encounter. The White House, however, said Obama’s health had not been endangered by his trip to Mexico City last week, in spite of reports in the Mexican press that an archaeologist who met the US leader, died soon after from “flu-like symptoms”. All the pork eaters be careful of the swine you chop !
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The United States of Nigeria

Hi all, "Now the conversation seems right "(reply to a debate about chatting out of sync by Homer Simpsons alter ego from the life of Brian recut) The Revolution has begun. The United States of Nigeria Join us Why Nigerians need another President . The need for a Nigerian Internet President. The options available to a population where existence has become more of an evolutionary procedure totally disparate from the creationist views will allow us to envisage an utopia of human beings in a world of their own .(goto Technology in itself has created a barreness within societies where mobile phones might necessarily still be an anomaly within its hinterlands whilst the proposal by a scion from this supposed dark continent has initiated the next consciousness (The downloading of the Human Brain on the Internet see Prof Emeagwali's paper ) In a Society bereft of any morals attuned towards justice and the right of every man, woman and child to raise their head up high The need for this utopia must necessarily arise . Hence the request for a leader to coagulate us. Like milk within a womans bosom and hence feed the hungry mouths drooling for sustenance . This is the reason for the Internet President of Nigeria .The need for A Nigeria on the internet hence the United States of Nigeria. "i never kid myself about life the only thing i kid myself with is living not even death" excerpt from Franks article God is not a Woman i dont think he is a man either . Sounds a bit darkish but heck b4 light there was darkness or maybe there was always light (get it ! Lol) want more email us ! The United States of Nigeria ProjeKt The Revolution has begun. Join us
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Are social networking sites the business tools of the future? Time will tell. But if you run a small business in these changing times, ignore them at your own risk. Many of your competitors are already networking and blogging their way to a stronger Web presence, enhanced credibility, and more customers. Yes, some social networks are hangouts for your teenaged sons and daughters. But, used wisely, they can benefit businesses too, says Lee Aase, a veteran media relations manager with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His employer has put him in charge of articulating the clinic’s message through sites such as Facebook. Small Businesses are finding value on Facebook. Take the Visa Business Network, a small-business only social network within Facebook, for example. More than 21,000 members joined the network within four months of its June 2008 launch. "The way that most businesses grow is by word of mouth, by recommendations, and by peers and communities," says Aase, who writes and blogs about marketing through social networks. "The whole concept of social media is a lot like birds of a feather flocking together" — in other words, people with a common interest or objective interacting online, he says. Social networks enable that interaction, in professional but also fun and interesting ways, Aase says. While there aren't many strict rules about using social networks, there are dos and don’ts, as well as strategies to employ to get ahead. Here are tips I’ve compiled from experts. 1. Create profiles that avoid hype, but establish your credentials and expertise. The Visa Business Network and most other social-networking sites start you with a profile page. Seize this opportunity to market your skills and position your business, as well as provide the necessary contact information and a Web site address. Avoid blatant promotion. But if you are a credible expert on a given topic, brand yourself as such. In the Visa Business Network, for example, make sure your business name, Web site address and link, and contact info are prominent in your Business Profile. Also, be honest, but not bashful, when listing your areas of expertise. And upload a picture for your profile, one that positions you as accessible, but professional. No party pictures, of course. 2. Use keywords in your profiles to get found more easily. Keywords are words that potential clients, customers, or partners are likely to use in searching for a business that does what you do. Make sure your profile includes an appropriate range of keywords that represent your business, as profiles on many sites are captured by search engines, notes Jinger Jarrett, a blogger and Internet marketing consultant based near Atlanta. The Visa Business Network’s Business Finder feature is where fellow members use keywords to search for businesses they’d like to know more about. So, if you are, say, a professional caterer seeking clients in the Boston area, you want to make sure your profile contains the keywords that your target audience might use to find your company. 3. Join groups and forums and share your expertise. "Get in there and start talking," Jarrett says, about issues and trends affecting your industry, and about questions and problems people may have where you offer a knowledgeable answer or solution. Make sure you have something valuable to say, as well as the experience or credentials to back up your comments. Establishing credibility and trust online is as important as making yourself known. "Commenting on blog posts is one of the best things you can do online," adds Leslie O’Flahavan, a partner in E-WRITE, a Web content training and consulting firm in Silver Spring, Md. Credible comments add to any discussion and can help position you as someone with expertise in a given niche. O’Flahavan suggests these tips for commenting: Keep emotion to a minimum; proof-read your comments; be fresh and interesting; add links to Web pages for details or background, and avoid repeating what’s already been said. Caution: Know that your words can come back and haunt you. Avoid saying damaging things you may regret later. 4. Seek out recognized authorities in your industry or field. Social networking is the online version of good old fashioned person-to-person networking — but in many ways is easier. Use Business Finder yourself to find experts or business owners you’d like to meet in your field. Add them to your list of associates, accompanied by a message introducing yourself and explaining why you’d like to meet this person or get to know his or her company online. Be confident, but make sure your motives are business-related. While you are at it, take advantage of the Ask the Expert and the Resource Center features in the Visa Business Network. Ask the Expert a question about starting or running a business and you’ll get an authoritative answer from a recognized expert at The Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur magazine. The Resource Center provides expert advice on a range of small-business topics. 5. Promote your blog on social networking sites. Blogging is the foundation of any social-media strategy for small businesses, says John Jantsch, a small-business expert who runs Duct Tape Marketing in Kansas City, Mo. “This is the doorway to all other social marketing,” he says. Jantsch tells of success stories such as Brown Lures, a Texas coast fishing lures business that uses a blog to reach fishing guides up and down the Gulf Coast, and Lincoln Sign Co. in Lincoln, N.H., which draws customer interest with detailed blog posts on how it makes each and every sign. If you do blog, make sure you promote your blog with a link in your profile. Also, if you aren’t already, use RSS feeds to distribute your posts and to surface them on social networking sites, and be sure to track and respond to comments. If you aren’t blogging, check out free blogging tools such as Wordpress and Blogger. Seize the opportunity to share your company news and thought leadership. Many of your competitors already are: A 2008 study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research found that 39% of the small businesses in the Inc. 500 are blogging (compared to just 11.6% of large companies in the Fortune 500). 6. Build your network, but be smart about “collecting” associates and friends. The Business Finder tool in the Visa Business Network is a great tool for networking and prospecting, but shouldn’t be used shamelessly to acquire a large volume of associates to attempt to sell to. High-powered marketing campaigns based on collecting abundant e-mail addresses from Business Finder and similar tools can backfire. Also, if you do nothing but promote a new business or product or book, people in your network will lose interest and begin avoiding you, Aase says. Having associates who value your passions and expertise, and who care to network with you regularly, is best for your business. 7. Use street smarts to avoid identity theft and a barrage of spam. Unfortunately, social networking sites, like the rest of the Internet, attract unscrupulous sellers as well as scam artists and thugs. Be cautious about the personal information you post. For example, never publish your Social Security number, and list your day of birth, but not the year you were born in, to guard against ID theft. And when in doubt, reject an association or friend request. 8. Resist the urge to post ads for your business on site pages, comments, and friend e-mails. In an October 2008 study by IDC, more than 50% of the consumers surveyed found ads on social networking sites to be “annoying.” Hard-nosed marketing is a no-no on social networks, and posting ads could color your business as one that doesn’t “get it.” “If you do nothing but promote your new book or new business or product, people in your network will lose interest,” Aase says. "It's all about conversation — not about push." 9. Experiment with different social networks, but focus on the few that give you results. No one knows your business better than you, and promoting a business via social networking today is more an art than a science. That means browsing and experimenting with different social networks and niche audience sites (examples: for entrepreneurs, for baby boomers, CafeMom for moms, and for consumers with disabilities) is worth your while. Most are free to join and use. A social network such as may not seem a fit for your business until you realize how easy it is for you to follow what many blogs and Web sites are saying about your industry, your competitors, even your own business, on a daily basis. Twitter also provides you a quick and interesting way to stay in touch with customers and prospects. Check it out. But as noted blogger Seth Godin says, having a presence on numerous social networks and blogs is not likely to get you a “critical mass” of customers and prospects. “One follower in each of 20 places is worthless,” Godin says. “Twenty connected followers in one place is a tribe. It’s the foundation for building something that matters.” Through experimenting, you may just find your tribe. 10. Get over the “fear of negative feedback.” While social networks won’t address all of your marketing needs, avoiding them because you fear possible negative feedback is a bad move. You’ll be letting more savvy competitors gain exposure and stature in communities that you should very well be a part of. It is true that dissatisfied customers, negative reviewers, or people seeking to damage your name online can make life difficult. But you face these risks whether you delve into social networks or not. And there are ways to protect your business name and to successfully manage your reputation online. Some quick tips, courtesy of blog posts by online reputation management experts: • Monitor your online presence continuously, so you are aware of what is being published and not caught off-guard. • Make your point in forums without pointing fingers. In other words, avoid getting into arguments or name-calling. • Carefully and thoughtfully respond to attacks, but don’t let conflicts escalate. You’ll just be giving search engines more to link to. • Seek legal counsel for truly slanderous attacks. • Have a biography on your business Web site and make sure it and your site are prominent on search engines when people search under your name or your business’s name.
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