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SaharaReporters’ investigation of the outgoing Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, has unearthed that he owns a startling $1 billion stashed away in a domiciliary account at the United Bank of Africa (UBA). Our investigations revealed that the account is being operated for Mr. Bankole by his Principal Officer, Maurice Ekpeyong.

The account was opened in 2009 and had since been operated on behalf of Bankole by Mr. Ekpeyong.

Our investigation confirms that the 41-year old outgoing Speaker had diverted funds into the account from budgetary allocations to the House of Representatives.

Sources at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) told SaharaReporters that their investigators were stunned by the massive scale of Mr. Bankole’s money laundering activities. Two officials of the anti-corruption agency as well as a source in the Presidency disclosed that President Goodluck Jonathan was standing in the way of the EFCC’s plan to arrest Mr. Bankole in response to his latest scandal financial scam as well as a spate of other money laundering activities in their docket.

The outgoing Speaker, who has made extensive real estate deals since he became Nigeria’s fourth most powerful man, is considered to be one of the most corrupt officials in public service today in Nigeria.

He has grown immensely rich as Speaker, routinely using a variety of proxies in his extensive deals. Through such willing individuals, he has bought several houses in South Africa and the US.

The outgoing Speaker, who was trounced in his reelection bid, also recently bought the 32-storey NITEL building in Lagos for N4 billion, and is the owner of a N7 billion hotel resort undergoing construction in the Akodo area of Lekki in Lagos.

Our investigations revealed that one of Mr. Bankole’s key and most trusted money-laundering pals is Adenekan Gbadebo, the son of the Alake of Egbaland. Our sources disclosed that Mr. Gbadebo has helped Bankole move about $500 million through several bank accounts.

The Speaker and his father also recently completed seven duplexes after he tore down his father's old house in Abeokuta.  Our investigations show that Mr. Bankole has built a huge mansion in Abeokuta that is completely hidden from the public through the use of tarps and construction covers.


In an investigative report in September 2010, Saharareporters had identified two ladies being used by Mr. Bankole in a N5 billion scam.  The women, Angela Oselukwu and Uduak Akpan Israel, are now fugitives and have been declared wanted by the EFCC. They were involved in stealing N5 billion from the Rural Electrification Agency (REA).

Speaker Bankole and his siblings used the two fugitive women to open accounts at the UBA. Payments were then made into the accounts for the benefit of four companies belonging to the Bankoles: Vulysteke Metallic Construction Ltd, Parthenon Acropolis Nig. Ltd, Complete Trade Nig. Ltd, Zobra Global Services Ltd and F-Plus Concept Ltd.

As Speaker, Mr. Bankole was also notoriously embroiled in a N2.3 billion car scam as well as the misuse of the N9 billion capital budget of the House for 2008/2009.

Last year, the EFCC boss announced that the commission had concluded its investigation of the issue and sent its report to the presidency, but nothing further was heard from the presidency. 

Mr. Bankole is also currently entrapped in another scandal in which he used the House of Representatives as collateral to obtain a personal loan of N10 billion from UBA. The loan is yet to be accounted for. The EFCC summoned Mr. Bankole to appear for interrogation last Thursday, but he did not show up.  Instead, he sent a letter to the agency pleading that he was tied down by “inauguration” activities.

A baffling turn in the story is that the embattled Speaker has persuaded Mr. Goodluck Jonathan to order that the investigations against him be stopped. SaharaReporters learned today from different sources within the EFCC and the Presidency that Mr. Jonathan, who will be inaugurated tomorrow for a term of four years as President, assured the outgoing Speaker that he would prevail on the EFCC leadership to end the investigation against the speaker.  

Mr. Jonathan’s intervention on behalf of the speaker contradicts pledges he made during his presidential election campaigns. Mr. Jonathan had vowed never to interfere with the work of any anti-corruption bodies.


Our Apologies It is his Junior Brother that was Arraigned for Visa Scam :

But Bank Ole na Bank Ole ! Their Cup don full !

Toyin Bankole, the younger brother of out-going Speaker House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole is now in troubled water over an alleged visa scam.

The man was today charged before an Abeokuta Chief Magistrate Court alongside another accomplice, identified as Segun Baruwa, accused of conspiring to defraud one Modinat Odunlami of N2.8million under the pretence that they would help her and her daughter secure overseas visa and admission, respectively

The police prosecutor, Paul Etusi, had on Jan. 15, 2009, told the court that Messrs Bankole and Baruwa conspired to commit fraud, by collecting money from Ms Odunlami with fake intent.

At the hearing yesterday, Mr Etusi called eight witnesses to support his claim, but only six of them were in court. He informed the court that he was ready to open the case for full trial.

The police inspector, who expressed regret that efforts by the complainant and the police to get the matter settled out of court had failed to yield result, said the accused were not ready to refund the money.

The prosecuting officer noted that the offence is contrary to and punishable under Sections 516, 419 and 390 (9) of the Criminal Code Laws of Ogun, 2006.
Defense counsel, Adedotun Akinmade, represented by Carol Omobujo, pleaded for short adjournment., saying they were not ready for trial.

The Chief Magistrate, Kolawole Peters, granted the request and adjourned till July 13, for further hearing on the matter.



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Meet the Jonathans The First Family of Nig.eria in Pictures !

12166313081?profile=originalTHE Original Bank Thief : Dimeji Bank Ole ! EFCC Discovers $1 billion In Speaker Bankole's FX Account In UBA, Jonathan Halts His Arrest . WHY ? Also wanted by police for Visa Yahoo Yahoo.

Ndeye-Mareame-Sarr.jpg?width=123German Policewoman Shoots And Kills Nig.erian Woman for allegedlly stabbing her thigh


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Moshood with items recovered from his bag

A 15-year-old boy, Teslim Moshood, has said he made about N3,000 daily by dressing like a lady to deceive unsuspecting men.

He said, “I dress like a lady to attract sympathy from men. I always tell people, especially men, that I am stranded and I need transport fare to travel.

“Initially, I was doing that as a boy and used to realise about N1,000 per day. But when I started dressing like a lady, I realise between N1,500 and N3,000 per day.

“I have been doing this for eight months. There are men that will approach me that they want to date me. I usually collect their telephone numbers but I don’t normally call them.

“There was a time a man came to meet me at my hotel room. It was when he was romancing me that he discovered that I am a boy. He then told me that he was going to sleep with me through my anus but I declined.”

Moshood, who goes about with a lady name of Oyinda Alarape, was arrested on Friday in Ibadan, by the men of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Oyo State Command, who had earlier suspected his movement.

He told PUNCH METRO in Alesinloye, Ibadan, on Saturday that he devised the method so that his targets, mostly men, could assist him financially.

The teenager, who claimed to be an indigene of Iwo in Osun State, said he dropped out of school when he was in Junior Secondary School II and absconded from his home in Iwo to Ibadan.

He claimed he was lodging in a hotel located in Iwo Road, Ibadan, where he paid N1,000 per night.

Moshood confessed that he had at a time put up with some female students of the University of Ibadan on the campus and they did not know his true sex before he left.

His pictures as a lady also dotted his Facebook page.

At the time of his arrest, his hair was braided and a lady’s handbag recovered from him was full of items such as powder, lady’s sandals, toiletries and condom among others.

The state commandant of the NSCDC, Mr. Bello Paiko, told our correspondent he would invite Moshood’s father and hand his son over to him.

Paiko added that if the father was not favourably disposed to the arrangement, he would hand him over to social workers with the aim of reforming him.

“But the first thing I am going to do is to take him to a barbing salon to cut that hair of his,” the NSCDC boss added.

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Carrying-Mrs.-Christy-O.-Schnudeck-away-from-the-scene-of-the-incident.jpgAccording to the Bild News paper, (Mrs.Christy Schnudeck nee Omorodion, (39), was shot in her stomach at a close range by a German police woman at the job centre in Frankfurt. She collapsed and died afterward at the hospital. The bitter news spread like wild fire with shock and disbelief across African communities in the Diaspora. 

According to the one sided report, the reason of the bloody drama was apparently a dispute over government support money (about 300 -600euros) between the late woman and the staff of the Job Centre. The woman wanted her support money in bar rather than the normal Bank transfer payment. The problem escalated when she was told that, it won`t be possible to pay her in bar.

The in-house security service alarmed the police at about 9am on the 19th of March 2011: "That a customer would not leave after a dispute with the staff at the Job Center and that she is rioting and disrupting the office operation. " A police spokesman said.

Upon the two police officers (woman and man) arrival at the scene, they asked the woman for her Ndeye-Mareame-Sarr.jpg?width=234passport for the normal control which is obligatory in Germany. According to the unconfirmed report, instead of the ID card, she pulled up an eleven inch long knife blade from her pocket - and stabbed the police woman on her thigh. "Beware, she has a knife." The police alerted her partner. 

Like in Nollywood films, the same officer grabbed her weapon (Pistol) and fire at her in the stomach. The 39 years old Nigerian – who relocated to Frankfurt since May 1st, 2011 from Aschaffenburg, collapsed and was confirmed dead an hour later from the injuries sustained from the gun short.

“The stabbed police woman`s condition is stable.” Said the police spoke person but no independent person has seen the police in question with bandage or otherwise.

Interestingly, the incident occurred in a designated Job Centre specifically met for groups of homeless people and those with addiction problems in the care of the Rhein-Main Area. In a nutshell, that means, the Police are expected to be extra-ordinarily careful due to the kind of persons such job centers are meant for. It simply means that, this couldn`t be the first time the Police are been alerted for such incident, but probably, the first time a black person is involved.

The general question in the lips of Africans in Germany is, why on earth will she carry a knife to job centre? The answer is simple considering the area it happened. It is well documented that she had a mental problem and by law, such people are treated with respect and absolute care. In a Country where one can escape judicial punishment when alcohol is found in Peoples blood system, one could imagine what happens to people with mental illness in Germany. 

The state police in Wiesbaden have taken over the investigation. The question of necessity of firearms use "is being examined anyway.

Shock Amongst Nigerians In Germany.

If there is anything Germans are respected for, it`s certainly their respect for blood after the 2nd World War. Germany´s Highway roads for example, are well protected against wild animals. Killing of Birds or anything with blood even Trees are considered as crimes in German court of law. Sadly, the only blood that is not respected in Germany or protected by German Law in practical, is the blood of a black Person. It may sound funny but that is the bitter truth. German Police are well trained that defending themselves with Guns from fellow women with knives is totally unthinkable and a defeat to German grade “A” standard training Police enjoyed in this country.

Though this is not the first time a Nigerian or African will die in the hands of Police. All traced to racism within police against Africans in Germany. the obvious unanswered question is would the Police have reacted same way if the victim was a German or European or better still an American citizen with the possibility or consideration of mental imbalance as with the woman in question and the area the incident happened? Going back to memory lane, it might be right to conclude that German law protects especially, the police when a black person`s blood is shared.

Some of the known crimes committed against Africans in Germany;

In March 1996, M, a 29-year-old asylum-seeker from Uganda had gone to take a shower on the second floor of the asylum hostel where he lives when he was suddenly attacked by a number of masked men. M who was slammed against the wall several times by the masked men was struck in the face and on the body. He fell to the ground and was kicked on the ankle. M who offered no resistance during the assault witnessed several uniformed Police officers nearby. All refused to intervene.

John Anyanwu was killed in 1999 in Frankfurt by the police during control in an attempt to deport him and no Police was ever convicted.
N`deye Mareame Sarr

14. Juli 2000, N'deye Mareame Sarr – Senegalese, was shot dead by the Police while fighting for the right of her baby in her Ex-husband`s house in Aschaffenburg (Bayern State) and the police involved were never punished.

Friday, the 7th of January, 2005, the 22 year-old Oury Jalloh was tied down with his hands and feets to a fireproof mattress located on top of a concrete base in a jail cell tiled from floor to ceiling. The supervising Police at the time ignored the fire alarm for quite some time. Oury Jalloh burned to death. An expert's report confirms: If the police had reacted immediately they could have saved his life.

Laye Konde, 35 was killed by Police in Bremen after they brutally administered an emetic. German officers who suspected Laye of ingesting drugs attempted to induce vomiting in order to secure evidence for his prosecution. When Laye resisted, Police officers bound him and a hose was pushed into his nose. The officers forcibly administered the drug alongside several liters of water Laye was forced to swallow. 

The consulting emergency Doctor wrote to the Public prosecutor’s office stating that "the patient had suffered substantial, probably fatal brain damage due to oxygen deficiency, which resulted from water penetrating into the lungs.... The colleague as well as the two police officers gave the impression that this was a completely usual standard procedure."

It was reported; “After each spasm of vomiting, the stomach hose was refilled with water and reinserted. After about 20 minutes, the young man had virtually stopped breathing. Artificial respiration succeeded only “after a relatively long time” since “enormous amounts of water” spilled from the mouth and bronchial tubes, filling the throat with the liquid. Kondé lay in a coma for several days before the Bremen Public prosecutor’s office announced his death.”

John Achidi, 19 (Nigeria/Cameroon) who was suspected of ingesting drugs was killed in Hamburg after German officers forcibly administered Ipecacuanha syrup and 800 ml of water against his will by inserting a stomach probe through his nostril. 

John, who suffered from a heart condition, was laid on his back with his hands bound behind him and pinned to the floor by five officers who sought evidence to prosecute him. They held his legs, upper body and also pressed his head down onto his chest. John desperately sought to resist the brutal treatment, crying out, “I will die!”. Tragically the overpowering force of the officers was too great and John urinated before eventually laying motionless on the floor.

On 14 April 2006, Dominik Kuomadio, 23 (Congo) was shot to death in the streets of Dortmund by the police.

African women in an expulsion detention centre in Bremen were found to have been raped by officers. None were convicted of their crimes. 

Amnetsy international also reports;

Aliu B, a 16-year-old youth from Sierra Leone, alleged that he was slapped by police officers and by a Police Doctor following his arrest outside Bremen railway station.

Two Togolese women, Ramanou Muyibatou and Alietou Zato became paralysed after jumping from a building at a great height out of fear of Police brutality in Hamburg.


Africans in the Diaspora are united over the death of Late Mrs. Christy O. Schnudeck and are eager to see Justice over her death. Plans are on the way for a peaceful protest in Frankfurt before and during the upcoming FIFA Female World Cup in Frankfurt when Nigeria will be playing Germany, close to the scene of the incident and a straight match to Frankfurt Stadium just to send unprecedented message to outside world.

We, the Edo Community of Nigeria, Germany e.V (National Body), The NIDO and the Nigeria community in Germany are waiting anxiously to see what step the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin/ABUJA will take to avert a recurrence of this bloody experience that has become a tradition in Germany?

We there be another cover up? Time shall tell…

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Singer Sean Kingston
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Kingston, 21, was driving the personal watercraft with a female passenger on board when the accident occurred, said Officer Jorge Pino, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

About 6 p.m., the hip-hop and reggae singer slammed into the Palm Island Bridge, which connects the MacArthur Causeway to Palm and Hibiscus islands. Both he and the passenger were thrown into the water, Pino said.

A passing boater saw the accident and took the two on board his vessel.

Miami-Beach Fire Rescue took Kingston to the hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

Scores of nationally known hip-hop artists converged on Miami Beach this weekend for Urban Beach Week.

Kingston’s first single, Beautiful Girls, topped the Billboard charts for three weeks in 2007. He recently toured with pop superstar Justin Bieber.

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Bauchi:Bombs kill 10 after GJ sworn in

ABUJA (AFP) - Bomb blasts at a beer garden and eatery at a Nigerian military barracks killed at least 10 people hours after President Goodluck Jonathan was inaugurated, an emergency source said. Three bomb blasts hit a "mammy market" -- commonly found at Nigerian military barracks and open to civilians -- in the northern city of Bauchi, located in one of the states hard hit by post-poll riots last month. The attacks at the market were caused by "locally made devices", Bauchi state police commissioner Abdulkadir Indabawa said. Authorities gave varying death tolls as is often the case in Nigeria, with officials frequently seeking to downplay the number of victims. An emergency source who declined to be named said at least 10 people were killed, calling the incident "devastating," while Indabawa said four were dead and some 20 people wounded.


There was no indication of who was behind the blasts. "There were lots of people since it's a Sunday evening," Indabawa said. "People were relaxing, eating and drinking. The market is inside the barracks." The barracks commander told reporters that the three bombs went off at "exactly 8:00 pm when people were relaxing." He said two people were killed and seven wounded. "All victims were civilians," said Brigadier General Agbo Robinson. Civilians are allowed into such markets at military barracks. Bauchi is located several hundred kilometres away from the capital Abuja, where Jonathan was sworn in. In a separate incident in Zuba on the outskirts of Abuja, an explosion hit a beer parlour, causing minor injuries, according to a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). "NEMA officials report that there was no serious casualty at the beer parlour where it occurred as the three victims took themselves to hospital," said Yushau Shuaib.

Jonathan was sworn in on Sunday following an election seen as the fairest in nearly two decades in Africa's most populous nation, pledging in his inaugural address to transform a divided country hit by deadly post-poll riots. He took the oath amid extremely tight security, with some 10,000 security personnel deployed, mobile phone services cut and helicopters flying overhead. The 53-year-old southern Christian comfortably beat his main opponent, ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari from the mainly Muslim north, in the April 16 vote, but three days of rioting followed which killed more than 800 people. The rioting and massacres spread across the north, with victims hacked, burned or shot to death. Mobs torched churches and mosques, beat people after pulling them from cars and attacked shops. Some two dozen African heads of state attended the inauguration at Abuja's Eagle Square. Twin car bombs occurred near the same venue during October's independence day celebrations, killing at least 12 people. "Together we'll unite our nation and improve the living standard of all our peoples, whether in the north or in the south, in the east or in the west," Jonathan said in his inaugural address. "We will not allow anyone to exploit differences in creed or tongue, and set us one against another," he added later, drawing applause from the crowd of several thousand. Jonathan also spoke of improving Nigeria's woeful electricity supply and unleashing the economic potential of the continent's largest oil producer, but suspicion remains in the north, poorer and less educated than the south.

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jpeg&STREAMOID=H3Zf$l9MbjWfVI7RYKsXSS6SYeqqxXXqBcOgKOfTXxSoANgk7Jb2IirZIQwIx_jPnW_PgxgftuECOcfJwS6Jtlp$r8Fy$6AAZ9zyPuHJ25T7a9GKDSxsGxtpmxP0VAUyHL6IDcZHtmM2t7xO$FHdJG95dFi6y2Uma3vSsvPpVyo-&width=234Bauchi State governor, Isa Yuguda has announced a compensation package of N20 million to the families of ten National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members killed during the post-presidential election violence in Bauchi state.

He also announced that the state has given 30 Hajj/Jerusalem seats to members of their families, as well as scholarship to two of the younger siblings of the slain corps members from secondary School to tertiary institutions in any university of their choice in Nigeria.

Mr Yuguda, while addressing a tumultuous crowd that converged at the IBB Square to witness his swearing-in ceremony, gave the NYSC director in the state the cheques for the money for onward transmission to the families of the deceased on behalf of the state government.

The occasion, which was low-keyed as a mark of honour to the slain youths and six others who were killed in the post-presidential election violence in the state, was done amidst tight security.

Participants were subjected to thorough search by security agents at the gate of the venue.

Mr Yuguda, who was re-elected as the state governor on April 28, 2011, added that 600 suspected perpetrators of what he described as ‘dastard and animalistic and barbaric act,’ have been charged to court and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Bauchi State Chief Judge, Ibrahim Mohammed Zango, who headed Yuguda’s Commission of Inquiry into the administration of former governor, Adamu Mu’azu swore in Mr Yuguda and his deputy, Sagir Aminu Saleh at a solemn ceremony.

Patience of electorate

The six emirs in Bauchi State, other traditional and religious leaders, civil servants, politicians and traders who abandoned their businesses were among the thousands who witnessed the ceremony.

Mr Yuguda who also commended traditional rulers in the state said his government has approved the creation of various districts, wards and hamlets and there will be a law to give them sufficient powers, to checkmate the growing insecurity in Bauchi State.

The governor expressed gratitude to the electorate for their confidence in him and the trust bestowed on him, “having gone through a rigorous process of patiently queuing under the hot sun to cast their votes to re-elect me as the governor of the state for a second term in office.”

The governor declared that he will continue to employ consensus-building methods in his dialogue with various communities before embarking any project to make it demand driven for the people’s benefit.

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The police in Akwa Ibom are keeping two brothers in custody for the kidnap and sale of their three-year-old nephew even.

The uncle of the child, Israel Nkereuwem Asuquo, who lived with the child and his parents in the same house was said to have abducted the child and alongside his accomplice, Emmanuel Edet Morgan and sold him to one Peter Ekanem for N200,000.

Afterwards, Ebere Peter Ekanem, wife of Mr Ekanem who is currently on the run, allegedly sold the child in Aba, Abia State to Godson Echedi for N400,000.

Mr Echedi, in turn allegedly sold the child to another woman, Ethel Chika for N480,000 before the this sorry trade was ended by the police.

The child, who was kidnapped on April 29, 2011 was recovered on the 25th of May, 2011 in Umuahia where he was moved to from Aba.

He had been adopted by a childless couple, who had applied to the child welfare centre there since 2009 for a child.

The 20-year-old hair dresser and mother of the child, Ime Nkereuwem Asuquo, said the loss of the child was an unkind cut from relatives she was taking care of.

“I left for work and kept the child in company of my two brothers. When I returned and asked for the child, my junior brother, Edet told me that Israel took the child away.

“When I asked Israel, he said he took the child out to buy him biscuit. But when he could not produce the boy I raised an alarm.”

However, in an attempt to scuttle investigations into the case of the missing boy, Israel and Emmanuel sought the services of a self-proclaimed prophet, Evans Dick Eshiet, who was paid N20,000 out of the proceeds of the sale of the boy to ensure they were not caught.

Profiteer from crime

His intervention proved useless, however when his clients were arrested by the police.

Commissioner of police, Felix Uyanna, who revealed that investigations were on to verify if the couple who finally adopted the child are culpable in the crime, noted that the female suspects were in the employ of the orphanage and child welfare department of the state women ministry. He said they use the cover of their work to engage in child theft and kidnapping.

“We are witnessing another version of kidnapping,” the police boss said. “Meanwhile, the mother and father of the boy were in distress looking for their son who was kidnapped by the very uncle living with them in the same house and the same building, feeding from the same soup pot.

“You could see the profiteering. As he moved from one hand to another, the price and the value kept going up. We thank God we are on top of the game and we have been able to get all of them.”

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Written in queens English with a touch of naija pidgin and occasional kokomaster Dbanj lyrics .. Oshe !  Hmmmmmm.


What does God want A writers impression of what God might want  .


ps not everyone will understand this Story Retell .. Thanks ! 


Ok here it is :


We know what we want from God but what does he want. We want good Jobs ,wives and husbands ,protection  power , fame ,good health .

Haba someone please tell me what does Jehovah want at least what does he want from us !


No Chop Fruit ! 


12166313492?profile=originalBaba God but Fruit is good for the body o ! 

Lets Start from the first man Adam . All baba God wanted from Adam was a simple amendment to his regular diet . Beware of Apples ! The forbidding fruit of knowledge of good and evil. But we know the rest of the story .Eve chop am Adam join am Devil laugh last or did he ?


 I want a boat !

12166313858?profile=originalNext person to show up as we will select from the list of people that God wanted something from was Noah . God needed a ship large enough to carry him and his family and two of every animal on earth then, some say this is where the dinosaurs got left behind in that end of the world prophecy that came true no thanks to Harold Camping and the rest of his may 2011 the world is ending congregation.

Back to old man Noah and his large canoe..

Somehow a special ship name was given to it . Ark ! Not hark the angels sing , not even ark of the covenant but Noahs Ark !  You see how ark is one word God likes .

 Well God got what he wanted this time from a man, saved him and his family and all the wonderful animals we see now on earth and killed d all the bad guys maybe some dinosaurs too .


Ok, but then he wanted more !


Then comes honest Abe aka abram aka Father of many Nations .You see  God wanted a people . A people called out to be a priesthood of nations from every tribe and he had looked up and down the world and was about to hiss mchew like some naija babes do when they look a man up and down  ! But then gbosa !


"Abraham dey there ? He dey o  he dey he dey he dey !" (una know dat church song ? I hope so o ! )  "Alleluia Amen Amen Amen ....."   ok Ozugo to dis praise and worship ! 


 12166313867?profile=originalI want an Abraham


meaning He wants a Father of many nations ! See Angels running up and down the world looking for Abraham dem no see na im one sharp ogbonge Angel come think well . Abram dey for Haran o ! Abram means High Father or in todays parlance you can call him Big daddy !  and him come put two and two together because abram and abraham no mean the same thing but him come make one psyhchological angelical calculation wey Baba God sabi dey call things which be not as though they were and vice versa . na him the Angel  shout o !



Angel: Oga kpatakpata of all the Oga kpatakpata The Ancient of Days I See am for Haran !


Baba God bolted to haran. O yes God sabi run where you think say Usaini Bolton get him name from and  of course God no dey carry last ! .


Looks like God is getting what he wants abi ?

Abraham obviously had wanted something maybe  long before he got his new name and by now must have given up !

Ok ok no long tin as Dbanj dey talk .  he wanted a son ! he had given up on this heir business sotay Sarah his very very ogbonofelifeli wife am hotter than hagar according to Dbanjs koko way of calling fine woman fine ! She begin to dey laugh for her belle ! Like you dey laff by now at this tori wey I dey yarn for 9jabookuru !

Wetin God want o ! odikwa risky as iboman dey talk .

God now said Sarah will give birth to a child of promise. His name will be Isaac . To cut tory short Dem come born isaac eh !

Get bingo ?

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSa6HNkwETJxF4XaCXyoYQTq3J8oQ1WAsJpstauP3cnwucxdCpCKkJrMA&width=234After some odd years God seemingly wanted something else, he wanted blood ! Blood of Jesus ? No ! Blood of ewu,ram,nama or nkita like some calabar and ondo peeps ? Kai ! Him come want am for Isaac death shikena !

Did Abraham want this too ?

Of course not ! but dis na baba God bring dis pickin o and me sef i believe say he fit bring am back to life ....

Abraham:ISAAC o ! make we go make sacrifice to Baba God .

Isaac: Popsie we no go take sacrifice ?  ( poor boy JJC )

Abraham:Baba God go provide o ! ( na im give you to us anyway ! )

Isaac the dutiful son: I trust baba God ! 




 Are you getting the idea now ... Of what God wants from you ?

He wanted Abrahams dream that he waited for many long years for ,he wanted him to turn it into a nightmare!


Na which kind God be dis owey eh eh eh eh !


pls forgive our language on this article it is one of the Things that God wants too ! 


 To be continued if Jesus Tarries ..



"I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the LORD your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life"


Luke 10:27 He answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"


Re edited for english speaking Christians and non Christians if possible by frank Adeche Mr Netchurch and for ! 

All Language translations if any are from the original English, hausa ibo Yoruba and some efik all others we say oshe !  to the kokomaster Dbanj and his sidekick wey dey always carry stick not Goodluck but  Don Jazzy and their new Dog Snoop Doggie dog wey BabaGod love too like you and me .. 


All rights unreserved all parts of this publication can be pirated to your hearts content .


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(CNN) -- One woman was killed and another injured after they fell from a 10th-floor window at an Atlanta hotel, authorities said Saturday.

According to Atlanta Police, witnesses said the two were attending a birthday party early Saturday at the W Atlanta-Midtown.

The pair were "play fighting" when they accidentally crashed through the window around 3:15 a.m., according to a preliminary investigation, said department spokesman Officer John Chafee. It was unclear Saturday where they landed.

The Fulton County medical examiner identified the woman who died at the scene as LaShawna M. Threatt of Atlanta. The cause of death is pending. The other woman, who was unidentified, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Hotel manager Michael O'Donohue said information on the investigation must come from authorities.

"The incident at the W Atlanta early Saturday is very tragic and our thoughts and prayers are with the woman who was injured and the family and friends of the woman who died in the fall," he said in a statement.

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Her name is Pwashikai Nideno; aged five. She is the survivor of a brutal attack by suspected ritualists in Dong Village of Adamawa State, which resulted in the mutilation of her vagina and intestine by her assailant, now in police net. The child is currently hospitalised at the Yola Specialist Hospital’s children surgical ward and needs half a million naira for a vaginoplasty, a procedure to reconstruct her private part and rectum. Even the doctors who treated little Pwashikai, who was brought to the hospital soaked in her own blood and her intestine dangling outside her body, have expressed amazement at her tenacity for life. But then, the doctors are worried that even though the child has turned the corner physically, she might have to live with the psychological trauma of the incident. Chuks Azubike, who led a team of doctors who carried out a set of two operations on the little girl, said she would need psychological therapy to lead a normal life. “It would be hard for her to accept any man,” he said. “Any attempt from anyone to open her up, particularly her legs, will be resisted,” Mr Azubike said. The last surgery to reconstruct her vagina is, however, too expensive for the hospital to bear on its own. The hospital has solicited for help, but it only has been able to raise N20,000. Little Pwashikai’s misfortune seemed to have occurred at the most inauspicious time, as her father himself is currently hospitalised and at the fringes of death. A relative, Zidon Diga, who said he is the family’s benefactor and uncle to Pwashikai’s mother, said he could not overcome his shock upon sighting the little girl in her own pool of blood after a woman going to fetch firewood in the early hours of May 7, found her in a crouched position in the bush. Mr Diga, a retired police officer, said he had supported his niece by taking care of the bill of her sick husband who is hospitalised at the Numan General Hospital. The tearful man, who said he sometimes had to even borrow money to offset the bills, noted that it was under such circumstances that he awoke to Pwashikai’s own “misfortune”. He said the family has spent well over N100,000 to pay for Pwashikai’s medical bills, mostly from financial contributions of kind-hearted people. “She simply refused to die,” he said. “She just wouldn’t die. It’s a miracle of God.” Mr Diga refused to allow NEXT to speak with the girl’s hospitalised father on the grounds that his knowledge of the incident might further aggravate his already deteriorating medical condition and possibly hasten his death. He, however, said her mother was aware of her daughter’s condition, but has asked that it be kept away from her sick husband. Mr Nideno was said to have been admitted for appendicitis by the hospital. But his condition did not improve after doctors performed the operation. A second operation has been performed; but it doesn’t appear to have, in any way, ameliorated the health condition. “Pwashikai is missing” Mr Diga said on the 7th of May, Pwashikai’s other siblings awoke around 5am that morning only to discover she was missing. What further compounded their fears was the discovery that the door to their hut had been cut-off. He said Pwashikai’s elder sisters quickly rushed to his house to inform him about the disappearance of their sister. He recalled that the little children ran to his place, saying “Papa, Papa, Pwashikai is missing”. A search party was organised immediately following the alarm. Then a woman (name not given) who was going to fetch firewood later raised an alarm that she found little Pwashikai crouched on her feet and arms, drenched in blood. The woman was said to have informed the community that she first sighted the girl about 500 metres away from their hut. She wondered what a child could be doing in the early hours of the morning in a bush. “In her explanation, the woman said she suspected little Pwashikai must have crawled on her own to the foot path,” Mr Diga said. He said on getting to the scene, he quickly carried the little girl, as every other person was afraid to touch her. Being a retired police officer, he said, and conversant with the requirement of the law, he reported the incident to the police and arrangement was made for a vehicle to convey the girl to the hospital. At this point, he said, they were faced with a dilemma. Since the girl’s father was himself hospitalised in the nearby Numan General Hospital, they consequently proceeded to the Yola Specialist Hospital to prevent news of the incident from filtering to Mr Nideno, the father of Pwashikai. How Pwashikai cheated death When NEXT visited little Pwashikai, two days after running a story on her encounter with the assailant, who is now in police net, there was a quiet determination to live on her face. Lying on her back, she made attempts to sit up as the reporter approached her bedside. The look in her eyes this time, compared to the first visit, looked more engaging and it shone with optimism and hope. Surprisingly, she was still conscious at the time she was brought to the Yola Specialist Hospital, Dr Azubike said. The doctor, however, said there was some initial complication because of contamination of the intestine. “The thin layer separating her vagina and rectum was also mutilated,” he said. “The second operation we carried out was to pass a tube through her intestine because she cannot pass faeces through her rectum. A third operation is needed to join the vagina and rectum together.” The commissioner of police in Adamawa State, Adenrele Shinaba, last week paraded one Kunini Jacob and a herbalist as the attackers of the child. Mr Jacob (23), who was arrested along with his mother who was allegedly shielding him from security agents, told journalists his action was “the work of the devil” and that he was acting on the instruction of a herbalist who told him to procure the intestine of a virgin along with her private part for ritual to give him instant wealth. Incidentally, the suspect was only recently released from jail after serving a three-year jail sentence for a related offence. Police investigation led to the arrest of the suspect, as well as the herbalist, Mijinyawa Bala, of Dong village. But Mr Bala distanced himself from the crime, saying he did not instigate the main suspect to commit the crime. The police boss said the suspects would soon be charged to court for criminal conspiracy, house trespass, kidnapping, rape, and attempt to commit culpable homicide. NEXTCARES: To help with the cost of little Pwashikai’s surgery, please pay to: Specialist Hospital, Yola Relief Account. First Bank of Nigeria: 3602040000842. Yola Specialist Hospital Tel: 07034859567.
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PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has vowed to provide good governance being an obligation he owes Nigerians to atone for the loss of lives and property in the post election crisis which followed his overwhelming victory in the April presidential election.

He made the solemn pledge during the thanksgiving service at the National Christian Centre Abuja organised as part of activities for his inauguration today for a fresh term in office urging religious leaders to continue to pray for his success.

He also urged Nigerians to pray for him.

He observed that “We and the government I would lead owe Nigerians good governance based on the fear of God. That is the only thing we can do to atone for the great loss this country witnessed. I therefore appeal to our religious leaders to continue to pray for us because no matter how committed you are as an individual if God does not touch all of us who are to run the affairs of the country then we cannot go anywhere.”

He said his election was in answer to the prayers some of which were said at the venue of the thanksgiving before the election.

According to him, “We were here in this centre last year September to place our supplication before the almighty God. Most of you here today were there that day. I thank God we are here today to thank God for answering our prayers.”

President Jonathan noted that the elections had solidified democracy in the country, hopeful that the country was already on its way to transformation.

According to the president, “That everything is working is a clear indication that transformation has started. Let us use this opportunity to ask ourselves what we should do as individuals, as Nigerians for this transformation to be consolidated.

“I plead with you to pray for me as I said before, pray for all of us who the Lord has given the privilege to run the affairs of the country both at the executive, legislature and judiciary because I on my own cannot manage the affairs of this country, only God can make it possible.”

He thanked the Church of God and religious leaders for praying for the country and Nigerians for their support and sacrifice especially during the last elections.

Also speaking, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oristejafor, chastised politicians for resorting to diabolical power in their bid to capture political positions saying that the end of such politicians was near.

The religious leader, who noted that the cost of running the country was too high, appealed to members of the National Assembly to do something about it even as he observed that the controversy over N18, 000 minimum was unnecessary as the amount was meagre.

He urged President Jonathan not to depend on human beings but God in his assignment of providing leadership for the country saying that God would be with him.

“Some leaders depend on men others depend on God. That is the difference between leaders. Any God fearing leader at any level, God is with you.

When you face challenges, the Lord is with you. When you are surrounded by evil men, the Lord is with you. When your friends become your enemy, the Lord is with you,” he declared.

Among those present at the church service were Vice President of Kenya Stephen Musyoka representing his country’s President, Senate President David Mark, former Nigerian leaders General Yakubu Gowon, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ernest Shonekan, and former Vice President Alex Ekwueme.

Meanwhile, all is now set for the inauguration the president with security beefed up in the Federal Capital with the deployment of military and paramilitary personnel to strategic parts of the city in apparent bid to ensure that no ugly incident occurred in today’s event.

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TRAGEDY struck on Friday night in Ilorin, Kwara State, as about 30 people, mostly women, lost their lives in a stampede during the valedictory party held for the outgoing governor, Dr Bukola Saraki. Dr Saraki met his political supporters, about 5, 000 of them at the Mandate House around 6 pm on Friday, where he thanked them for their support in the last eight years. Trouble started when the supporters were asked to queue up to collect money and clothes for the inauguration ceremony coming up today at the Metropolitan Square, Ilorin. The stampede occurred when a fence collapsed on those on the queue as people started to run from pillar to post for safety. Most were not aware of what was happening. Sunday Tribune gathered that corpses of those who lost their lives were brought to the mortuary, while those that sustained injuries were treated and discharged accordingly from the hospitals. Meanwhile, Saraki has expressed shock and saddeness by the ugly incident. He had consequently directed security operatives in the state to investigate the incident. The outgoing Chief Press Secretary, Alhaji Mushood Adebimpe on behalf Dr. Saraki commiserated with the people of the state and the family of the victims who lost their lives during the stampede. Meanwhile the Police Public Relation Officer of Kwara State Police Command, Mr Dabo Ezekiel, on Saturday confirmed the incident saying that the Command was not certain on the number of those that lost their lives. According to him investigation was on to find out the courses of the stampede as he called on the people of the state capital Ilorin not to be disturbed.
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Lionel-Messi-Barcelona-Ma-007.jpgThere was no repeat of 1968 Wembley euphoria for Manchester United in their bid to lift a fourth European Cup, just an unwelcome reminder of how it felt to be outplayed in 2009 in Rome. Once again United could not get enough of the ball to do themselves justice, once again their most experienced players were unable to impose themselves, and for a second time in three years Barcelona did almost exactly as they pleased.

It is supposed to be United who do what they want, or so their supporters have taken to singing, though few had the stomach for that particular ditty after seeing their side even more comprehensively taken apart than was the case two years ago. With Lionel Messi dazzling once again, United only had Wayne Rooney's aggression with which to counter some scintillating passing and movement, and only some erratic, almost casual finishing from the Spanish side prevented the score reflecting what a mismatch this really was. Barcelona could easily have been three goals to the good by half -time, and must have been in double figures for scoring opportunities in the second half by the time David Villa scored their third to kill off any faint United hopes of recovery.

Barcelona were unable to name quite their strongest team, with their influential captain, Carles Puyol, fit enough only for a place on the bench and Javier Mascherano having to continue as an emergency centre-half. The United line-up was the one everyone had guessed in advance, though Sir Alex Ferguson too sprang a surprise among the substitutes, with Michael Owen's selection nudging Dimitar Berbatov out of the squad.

United began like a team with a well-drilled plan, with Park Ji-sung quickly closing down Dani Alves and Wayne Rooney enjoying some success in the air against Mascherano. For almost 10 minutes Barcelona were penned in their own half, though not uncomfortably so.

The closest United came to an early breakthrough was a raking pass from Ryan Giggs that almost found Javier Hernández in space, but Gerard Piqué just got away with a risky interception.

Lionel Messi had been content in these early stages to alternate between positioning himself high up the pitch and dropping back into his own half in search of the ball, and United sensibly declined to get dragged out of position by following him. He did not remain isolated or idle for long, and by the midpoint of the first half Barcelona were building attacks in the familiar waves around the edge of United's penalty area, with Xavi, Andrés Iniesta and David Villa always involved but Messi never far from the ball or the point of danger. Rio Ferdinand was obliged to block a shot from Villa after Messi's pass created the opening,

Pedro Rodríguez missed the game's first clear opportunity in front of goal, Villa put a shot narrowly wide and Nemanja Vidic pulled off a superbly timed tackle to stop Messi in full flight in the area before the United fans at the end Barcelona were attacking had a chance to catch their breath.

When a Giggs mistake offered Messi a chance he was surprisingly slow to accept, allowing Ferdinand to dispossess him, Ferguson's furious reaction showed the strain United were under. A couple of minutes later, almost inevitably, the first goal arrived. Xavi ghosted across the edge of the United area, biding his time, keeping the defence guessing, until releasing Rodríguez on the right with a flick of the outside of his boot. United realised a fraction too late that here was an option they did not have covered, and Edwin van der Sar was beaten by a low shot into his bottom‑left corner.

What United had to do was find a better reaction than they managed in Rome two years ago, when their self-belief and organisation began to wilt as soon as Barcelona took the lead, and remarkably they found it within seven minutes. When Michael Carrick and Fábio da Silva won the ball following a Barcelona throw on the right Rooney set off on a determined diagonal run, exchanged passes with Giggs and hit a confident drive beyond Víctor Valdés as soon as he had a clear sight of goal.

Barcelona protested with some justification that Giggs was standing in an offside position, though he never touched the ball and was not in the goalkeeper's way. Encouraged as United were by the equaliser, they should still have been a goal down at the interval. Messi carved them open once more, yet somehow failed to apply the finishing touch when Villa declined to shoot and rolled the ball invitingly across the face of goal. It was a bit like Arsenal – over-elaboration in front of goal when a more direct approach might have paid off, but not so much like Arsenal that United could kid themselves their opponents would fall to pieces in the second half.

From the moment Mascherano began the second half with a buccaneering run from his own half into the United penalty area to the 54th minute shot from Messi that restored Barcelona's lead, United were hardly able to get a touch of the ball. Barcelona were not stroking it around in their own half, or moving sideways and backwards in the way they sometimes do. They were creating clear openings, and if anything wasting them through being over-ambitious. Alves had already hit a post and Patrice Evra cleared off his line before Messi claimed his first goal in England.

By that stage he could reasonably have had a hat-trick, but perhaps tired of over-complication, he settled for banging the ball past a possibly unsighted Van der Sar after Iniesta had found him on the edge of the area.

With the game being played at one end to an almost embarrassing degree, Barcelona were literally queuing up to take shots at Van der Sar before Villa scored. The goalkeeper made notable stops from Messi, then Xavi, then Iniesta, before Villa gave him no chance with an exquisite curler, after Nani had come on for Fábio and was immediately let down by his first touch. He probably should not reproach himself too much. Standing next to Messi, almost anyone in the world would look clumsy.
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Afghanistan-Takhar-govern-007.jpgBomber in police uniform targets provincial governor's office killing a police chief and injuring several others
Afghan policemen inspect the outside of the governor office in Takhar province. Photograph: Wahdat Afghan/Reuters
A Taliban suicide bomber attacked a provincial governor's compound in Takhar, killing the police chief of northern Afghanistan and seriously injuring a top Nato commander. Two other Afghan officials were also reported to have died in the attack. Several international servicemen were reported injured by eyewitnesses.
German officials confirmed to Spiegel magazine Major General Markus Kneip, who commands Nato forces in the north Afghanistan, had received wounds that were "severe" but not life-threatening.
A Nato spokesman in Kabul confirmed western casualties but was unable to provide details.
The Taliban, meanwhile, claimed responsibility for the attack and pledged that "killing high ranking officials will continue."

Mujeebullah Rahman, the deputy director of the local council in Takhar province, said the attack took place at about 4pm when a meeting to discuss local security operations was ending.
"The bomber was waiting in the corridor, wearing the uniform of an Afghan policeman," Rahman said.
The attack capped a bloody 48 hours in which seven Americans, two British and two other Nato servicemen were killed by roadside bombs or by insurgents in the south of the country. So far 44 Nato soldiers have been killed this month, and .nearly 200 have died in the year.
The British servicemen, from 42 Royal Marine Commando, were on patrol when a hidden explosive device was triggered. However, the Takhar attack was more audacious.
The German general may have been specifically targeted as he commands a zone which has seen a high number of special forces operations against insurgents in recent months. But the main target may have been General Mohammed Daoud Daoud. He served as a deputy interior minister for narcotics before being posted as police chief in the north, and was also the former bodyguard of the legendary guerilla leader Ahmed Shah Massod who was killed by suicide bombers in 2001.
Targeting high profile figures has long been an aim of the insurgents, for having a major propaganda impact overseas.
The fighting this year is seen as a key test of strength as it comes against a background of US decisions about troop withdrawals this summer, the death of Osama bin Laden and tentative moves to find some kind of political settlement to the conflict, now in its tenth year.
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jpeg&STREAMOID=LWRybU8tbolDvQMGhFOftC6SYeqqxXXqBcOgKOfTXxRMxbRW8r68qdXUoqFZlfm3nW_PgxgftuECOcfJwS6Jtlp$r8Fy$6AAZ9zyPuHJ25T7a9GKDSxsGxtpmxP0VAUyHL6IDcZHtmM2t7xO$FHdJG95dFi6y2Uma3vSsvPpVyo-A group of Boko Haram militants on Friday sacked the Damboa Divisional Police Station in Maiduguri, killing three police officers and two civilians. Mohammed Abubakar, the Commissioner of Police in the state, who confirmed the incident, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the group, about 70 in number, also raided police barracks and a commercial bank in Maiduguri metropolis. ``Today is a black Friday to us, because we have just received information about an attack by some 70 suspected Boko Haram militants in Damboa area. ``The hoodlums attacked a police divisional station, police barracks and a commercial bank,’’ he said. Mr Abubakar said the militants used explosives and other assorted weapons to carry out the attacks in the early hours of the day. He said a team of policemen had been deployed to visit the area and access the situation, and vow to hunt down the attackers. The police commissioner linked the dastardly act to last Thursday’s botched attack on a Church by the same group at Kwanar Yobe area of Maiduguri metropolis. ``They were frustrated by the gallant efforts of the police, which prevented them from attacking the Church in Maiduguri. So, they decided to launch another attack in a remote area. ``We will get them sooner or later. We have launched a joint manhunt for them. The search team includes police and military officers,’’ he added. Mr Abubakar said the command had earlier seized an AK47 rifle, some motorbikes, GSM handsets and other items after intercepting some of the suspects while trying to attack the Church. He reiterated the determination of the command to confront the activities of the Boko Haram suspects and restore peace to the state.
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_images_anglechair_standing.jpg?width=180This ultra sci-fi computer chair shifts from a normal seated position all the way to "reclined standing," with several other points in between. Meanwhile, the computer monitor and keyboard positioning unit moves vertically so that your whole workspace is ergonomically optimized no matter if you're up, down, or somewhere in the middle. Ambience Doré, the designer office furniture company that Xeni co-founded, is a distributor of the Stance Angle Chair and Plasma2 positioning system.


Maybe someone in naija can design and make them here and sell them too! 

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Naturally Everyone will think Nigeria will at least be amongst the top ten but actually we are not . This is not because these servers are not hosted here because the ip addresses can be detected by regional internet service providers . So next time they say we are the top yahoo yahoo country out there . Somebody is lying really well ! 



The 10 Worst Spam Countries
As at 28 May 2011 the world's worst Spam Haven countries for production and export of spam are:

United States Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 2225

China Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 932

Russian Federation Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 571

United Kingdom Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 420

Brazil Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 264

Japan Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 226

Germany Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 225

Italy Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 216

Canada Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 214

Argentina Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 203

Check out project honey pot No naija there too !






Top Spam Server Countries 

Top-25 Countries
Where Spam Servers
Are Located
#1 cn.png China (10.0%)
#2 br.png Brazil (9.0%)
#3 us.png United States (7.3%)
#4 de.png Germany (6.5%)
#5 ru.png Russia (6.0%)
#6 tr.png Turkey (5.5%)
#7 in.png India (4.7%)
#8 it.png Italy (4.2%)
#9 gb.png Great Britain (3.8%)
#10 kr.png South Korea (3.8%)
#11 pl.png Poland (3.4%)
#12 es.png Spain (3.2%)
#13 vn.png Vietnam (2.4%)
#14 ar.png Argentina (2.3%)
#15 co.png Colombia (2.1%)
#16 fr.png France (2.0%)
#17 ua.png Ukraine (1.5%)
#18 cl.png Chile (1.5%)
#19 mx.png Mexico (1.5%)
#20 tw.png Taiwan (1.4%)
#21 ro.png Romania (1.4%)
#22 th.png Thailand (1.3%)
#23 il.png Israel (1.2%)
#24 pt.png Portugal (1.1%)
#25 sa.png Saudi Arabia (1.0%)



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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaAlGbnoqeIHm-4od-orFlxZTR_6lya7Yw6rJlSV3mPkGf2Uon-kQy_QAs a tornado tore his Joplin, Mo., home apart, Don Lansaw did what came naturally: He threw himself on top of his wife Bethany to protect her. And in doing so, he gave his life for her.

Lansaw's is just one of several tales of heroism, heartbreak, and amazing escapes that have emerged from the spate of violent weather events that swept the center of the country this week. As many as 125 people are thought to have been killed by the Joplin tornado alone.



A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. They are often referred to as a twister or a cyclone[1], although the word cyclone is used in meteorology in a narrower sense, only to name hurricanes or typhoons. Tornadoes come in many shapes and sizes, but are typically in the form of a visible condensation funnel, whose narrow end touches the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of debris and dust. Most tornadoes have wind speeds less than 110 miles per hour (177 km/h), are approximately 250 feet (80 m) across, and travel a few miles (several kilometers) before dissipating. The most extreme can attain wind speeds of more than 300 mph (480 km/h), stretch more than two miles (3 km) across, and stay on the ground for dozens of miles (more than 100 km).


"The house was ripping apart, it all happened so fast," Bethany Lansaw told NBC News. "All the pillows were flying off of us, the only thing I managed to do was keep one in front of my face."

Once the wind died down, Bethany recounted, she looked over to see that her husband was turning blue. He died before she could find an ambulance to get him to the hospital.

Don, 31, was a former high-school football star, and owned a machine shop. Bethany, 25, worked at a local university. The couple had been married six years and planned to start a family.

"You know, people kept saying he wouldn't have wanted it any other way, but if I could have taken twice as much damage just to have him alive, I would have," Bethany said.

"He did what he could to protect his family," she added. "He's my hero."


Also in Joplin, Will Norton was driving home from his graduation ceremony with his dad when the tornado struck. Norton, 18, looked to have a bright future: A YouTube channel he created called "Wildabeast," in which he posted comedy routines, had almost 1.5 million hits:

As the Hummer H3 started to flip, Norton's seat-belt snapped, and he went flying through the roof of the vehicle, as his dad tried in vain to catch him. Afterward, the only trace of him was his cellphone and graduation cap.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma's Canadian County, Hank Hamil cried at a news conference after his 3-year old son Ryan was found dead, floating in a lake. Hamil's other son, 15-month old Cole, was also killed by Tuesday night's violent storm.

"I lost both of my boys," Hamil said through tears. "Ryan was my little buddy. Cole was too. I loved them both."

But there were also happier stories. Cecelia Beveridge of Joplin showed CNN how she and her husband survived after taking refuge in a tiny closet.

"We stood huddled in here," she said. "The next thing we knew the roof was off, and we were getting hail and rain and everything on us."
"I had my arms locked around my husband and I was just saying please dear God in heaven, just please let us all get out of this alive," Beveridge recounted. "That's all I ask."

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