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Why Choose India for Weight Loss Surgery


Gastric Band Surgery in India

Various people with excessive weight troubles are turning to weight loss surgery or obesity surgery. It is becoming a popular option very fast when various other weight-loss methods like diet, exercise, and supplementation have failed. The failure of such methods means that the person is not able to maintain the healthy weight and in several cases, weight is regained. The excessive weight, if not dealt properly may lead to long-term health problems like cancer, heart disease or coronary strokes.

The gastric band surgery is the procedure undertaken to lose weight. It is suggested strongly that one undertakes the surgery only if one has had a detailed discussion with their doctor over it. The surgery requires the surgeon to perform certain incisions on the stomach and turn it into the pouch that may only take an ounce of the food at one time. A gastric band is tied around the stomach making it's size small.

This is generally suggested by the doctors when the patient is not able to lose weight by alternative and simpler methods and it is affecting his health in a very negative way.

The gastric band in India surgery is performed at several hospitals in the country. Further, the surgery is very affordable in India when compared to various other countries with similar procedures and the quality of services. Lastly, the ultimate free consultation about gastric band surgery in India given to the patients by the hospitals is remarkable.

India is among the most popular and best destinations for weight loss surgery around the world. Each year, hundreds of people from around the globe visit the top hospitals for the bariatric surgery in India. There are various reasons why people opt to undergo weight-loss surgery in India. The major reason is that the top hospitals for weight-loss surgery in India are well equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities that used to perform all types of surgical procedures for weight-loss.

Weight loss surgery for Obese patient

Weight loss surgery is predictable for the extremely obese people who are unsuccessful in losing weight through conventional weight-loss strategies like diet control, naturopathy and exercising medications.

Nowadays, bariatric surgery or obesity surgery has become the most popular option for immediate and quick weight loss. This is very much important for people who are at an increased risk of health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and stroke because of the excessive weight.

How gastric Band is Best for above 40 BMI

It has been seen that bariatric surgery is safe and effective in patients with BMI between 30 and 35 kg/m2, and international associations currently support this indication.

According to Chilean “Comprehensive obesity treatment program”, in order to point out surgery, the multidisciplinary team should evaluate BMI (greater than equals to 35 with co-morbidities or greater than equals 40), co-morbidities, patient expectations, food habits, age, support network, adherence to program, and the absence of contraindications.

The gastric band is best above 40 BMI as it is easy to make an incision in the stomach and turn it into a small bag that may only take an ounce of the food at one time.

Best Hospital for Weight-loss surgery in India.

Below is the list of best hospitals for the weight loss surgery in India:
1.Jammu Hospital Jalandhar
2.Apollo Hospitals
3.Fortis Hospitals
4.Radiance Hospitals
5.Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai
6.Aster Hospitals
8.Manipal Hospitals
9.CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad

Patients, national and international can register themselves at any of these hospitals to get affordable gastric band surgery in India and get rid of the excess weight.

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Bariatric surgery includes a selection of techniques performed on those who are obese. Weight reduction is achieved by way of reducing the size of the stomach with an implanted medical device (gastric banding) or via removal of a part of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy) or by way of resecting and re-routing the small intestines to a small belly pouch (gastric bypass surgical operation) with the aim of weight loss and resolution of weight problems associated co morbidities. There are improvements in life expectancy and quality of life is attributable not only because of the weight loss, but also because of the improvements in co morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia etc.

Obesity Surgery in Mumbai

As long as you do your research on Mumbai weight loss surgeons and clinics/hospitals, you can find options with an excellent safety record. Americans and Canadians have been traveling to Mumbai for many years to receive safe, successful bariatric surgery, and we keep going back. Costs of weight loss surgery in India are often much lower than costs in western countries. Mumbai provides reliable and affordable all-inclusive weight loss surgery packages with certified surgeons and accredited hospitals facilities. By offering gastric sleeve and hard-to-do surgeries, including revising failed surgeries. Patients from the entire world have undergone weight loss surgery in Mumbai to get a second chance at life!

Best 16 Obesity Surgeons in Mumbai

If you are looking for 16 best obesity surgeons in Mumbai you must first know about its background. Here are some the best obesity surgeons in Mumbai:

  • Ramen Goel is the first master surgeon in bariatric & metabolic surgical treatment in India. He is one of the few surgeons who perform only bariatric surgeries.
  • Sanjay Borude is a bariatric surgeon in Mumbai and has an experience of 35 years in this field. He has treated several patients suffering from life-threatening obesity in India.
  • Aparna Govil Bhasker is a bariatric and advanced laparoscopic GI surgeon. She is one of the first surgeons in India to be accepted through the surgical evaluation company (SRC) as a center for excellence (COE) general practitioner in 2011.
  • Muffazal Lakdawala is known internationally over for his pioneering work inside the discipline of scar-less bariatric surgical operation and is an eager researcher in the field of diabetes surgical operation.


Top Bariatric Surgery Hospitals Mumbai

Mumbai has become a world-class destination for patients who want to undergo weight loss surgery. The network of physicians coordinating at top bariatric surgical treatment hospitals Mumbai performs surgical procedures which is equipped with tools and technology that meet the same rigorous standards as hospitals in the U.S. A limited number of surgeries are performed at the hospitals here each day so patients can expect to receive dedicated, personalized care at affordable prices. All patient meals are protected in your surgical procedure package. You can also take advantage of continuous post-operative nutritional counseling and a private online support group to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Best Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeons in Mumbai

Best laparoscopic bariatric surgeons in Mumbai provide one of the best medical solutions for weight loss in India. They carry out laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic gastric bandaging as the best treatment methods. The medical team performing the procedure here is excellent in terms of quality and experience. Most of the weight reduction surgeon’s right here is certified from prestigious universities of the world, which has the history of producing ace medical professionals. Surgeons determine the exact metabolic procedure technique after patient’s complete diagnostics. The surgeons’ offer 2-3 times lower prices for bariatric procedures than in Europe, the USA or the Middle East.

Our experienced medical counsellors are happy to answer your questions, assist in scheduling your free and instant appointment and help you on your journey to achieve your health goals.

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The gastric balloon surgery is a weight loss option for people who do not wish to undergo the knife or undergo the weight loss surgery. The best gastric balloon surgery cost in India is quite affordable and this attracts many medical tourists from across the globe to fly down to India for this surgery. India offers world class facilities, amenities, best bariatric surgeons, affordable cost weight loss procedures without any long waiting lists as compared to the western nations. Patients who are either or do not want to undergo any kind of surgery can opt for this weight loss procedure in India.

The intra gastric balloon (IGB), also called as the gastric balloon is a simple non-invasive procedure for treating obesity. This surgery involves placing a balloon inside the stomach to reduce the food intake and hunger which results in weight loss. It is a very simple procedure in which a soft, expandable balloon made of the pliable silicone material is inserted in the smallest, deflated form. The balloon is filled with a sterile saline using a small catheter once it reaches the stomach.

An individual having a body mass index of more than 30 or 40 percent above the ideal weight and do not want to undergo a surgical procedure and looking for a temporary treatment solution to change their eating habits and lifestyle, ready to accept the implant in the stomach and have no heartburn or poorly stabilized diabetes type II are considered to be a good candidate for the gastric ballooning surgery.


The gastric balloon is a little silicon pouch that is endoscopically introduced through the mouth into the patient’s stomach. This procedure is painless and the balloon is inflated using the saline. After undergoing this procedure, the patient feels fuller due to the presence of the balloon and this decreases the food intake thereby leads to weight loss. The placement time will vary but usually, it takes about 20-30 minutes after which the patient will be monitored by the physician for a short time and can return back home.

The extent of weight loss with gastric balloon surgery is around 15 to 25 kgs and this will depend on the level of adherence to your diet and exercises. On an average, a patient can loose up to 50 percent or more of their excess weight. Recovery post the intra gastric balloon is quicker since you can go back from the hospital the same day or shall stay overnight where you will be kept under observation to see how your body reacts. Most patients tolerate the balloon well and only a small number of them feel nauseous, uneasiness and discomfort for a couple of days. This can be controlled with drugs and you can resume your daily activities within week post the surgery.

The gastric balloon surgery has benefits over the more complex procedures such as:

  • It is a simple small procedure and not a major surgery
  • The balloon is adjustable and has a good life
  • Weight loss is interrelated with a proper diet and exercise and also effective
  • The cost of gastric balloon surgery in India is lower
  • The procedure takes only 10 minutes and has quicker recovery than other major weight loss procedures
  • Relatively less complications when compared to the major procedures


Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India has an association with the best surgeons and top hospitals located across different cities in India. The best gastric balloon surgery cost in Indian Currency is 1,80,000 whereas it may cost about 8,00,000 in the US. Avail the low cost gastric balloon surgery in India with Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India, #trusted guide for the gastric balloon surgery.

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