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Ray C. Stedman in his book Understanding Man has analyzed the meaning of the names of the descendants in the line of Seth to Noah and gives the following explanation:.

"a way of escape [for man] is indicated again in a most fascinating way in this chapter by the meaning of the names listed. There is some difference among authorities as to the meaning of these names, depending upon the root from which they are judged to be taken. But one authority gives a most interesting sequence of meanings. The list begins with Seth, which means 'Appointed.' Enosh, his son, means 'Mortal;' and his son, Kenan, means 'Sorrow.' His son Mahalalel, means 'The Blessed God.' He named his boy Jared which means 'Came Down,' and his boy, Enoch, means 'Teaching.' Methuselah, as we saw, means 'His death shall bring;' Lamech means 'Strength,' and Noah, 'Comfort.' Now put that all together: :

God has Appointed that Mortal man shall Sorrow;
but The Blessed God, Came Down,
Teaching, that His Death Shall Bring,
Strength and Comfort.

"Is this book (Genesis) from God? God has given you and me a life to watch just as Methuselah's generation watched his. It is your own life. God has written "Methuselah" on each one of us. "His death shall bring it," or "When he dies, it will come." How far is it till the end of the world for you? When you die. That is the end of the world. That is the end of man's day. Is it fifty years from now, ten, tomorrow? Who knows? But at any moment, when he dies, it will come."

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I have never pursued happyness, I dimly recall going after love not happyness, I became aware unknowingly that happyness was a figment of my mind state and I rarely pursued it .I went after love because it made more sense .but I went after the wrong kind of love and it almost killed me .
I learnt about love from one source first .The love of a creation .It took me a while to realise that this love was not my one true love , when I found this out i decided to go after the love of truth , the truth of completion the holy grail of my existence .
Good things they say come to those who wait but waiting was not in my dictionary . A virtue is a big thing to ask for especially when that virtue is patience .
I write to explain to myself my existence I write because I think I might be good at it .a writers life can be a sorry life .Iit is a life that is usually mixed with sorrows and lows and at the same time joys and highs .The original book the Bible is interspersed with such because the fruits of writing are always hidden in the way it is birthed.
As a creation it sounds really weird to create stuff because if you are a writer after completion then the truth you seek has to be an image of yourself .Hence the Cats and kittens theory not the Dogs and kittens relationships, we experience daily.

Relationships , wow ! what a word, it lives within the essence of our lives, no man is an island but in birth we are like small atolls congregated in the same idea , the idea of birth is not optional in death we return within these atolls as separate islands .
Our relationships will hence transpire into the singularity our ourselves. Naked I came naked I return .Alone I came, alone I shall return.
The body makes it easier for us to appreciate our existence it is the graphical interface for the operating system called life and there is no open source solution and microsoft,facebook nor google cant explain our purpose nor our lack of it .
The truth is certain , many have run away from it , sometimes it is a blessing not to be aware of it but like a sure constant, it exists and will for all time .
To pursue happiness within this GUI (pronounced G.U.I not Gooey, ew ! ) is like pouring butter into a hot plate and expecting it to freeze .it will never happen.
The bible calls it the flesh, and using my old church mind the word flesh sounds weird, It sounds so spiritual so carnal like as if it is some strange distasteful lifeform .An absence of life means that the body exists in vitro but the life has gone into the ether .To pursue happiness inside this body is ignoring the obvious, they do not mix.
When they mix something eternal obstructs their satisfaction and this belies the truth of completion .The body must therefore be the paradox.
What if we did not have bodies ? this is not a sad piece, it is a revelation of the limits this body has strung us from time. It shows our limitations and our absolute helplessness as long as we are within its shell.
The famous writer paul sighed out once “who will deliver me from this death.” like new born babies that know nothing else but “waa waa ! feed me! “The body also screams its own selfishness. Clothe me, house me ,marry me ..
It is the quintessential nuisance as its existence limits the joys of a Happy pursuit.
The Will Smith movie showed a will smith I have never known, a sad, sorry, unlucky man that the possession of two extra bodies in his wife and his son was a reason why happyness should become something we must pursue. He is not only one of the funniest “arrogantest” movie man I know but he is also a very gifted actor to boot.
Another rendition of that movie could be the pursuit of God .
Just as someone coined Godchasers which I am certain ( I hope ) is a dire misnomer by man as God can not be chased except he wants to nor can he be seen except we are certain we can recognize, you can only recognize someone you have met Before. It is he who lives in us and vice versa and in him we have our being .
The Rat race used to be a depiction of the poverty of recycled hours , the happiness pursuit race is the one that should have hope or is it ?
To get out of “bof of yers” we have to die in the sense of real death which is the death of self and this will lead us into the truth of happiness which we pursue fervently and which whilst we are resident pursuers we will never get.
I wish for a body that will lead me to the truth of happiness , that will explain clearly what exactly it means to be happy .I found that in the bible .
Encryptions and decrying words like Davinci codes as if it is even any ones business if Jesus had a wife ! Does it suffice that the bible insinuates he had a mommy ? Folks actually think that the preservation of the bible was an effort of human will . Yikes to that it is like turai Yaradua telling us Yaradua is well .It is no wonder that God allowed our downgrade to just three score and ten years and also introduced a myriad of languages else we would do even worse than even old evilness, the Devil himself ! I aint joking.
Our bodies define a lot about us , they contain the clearest devices that enable us to search for happiness ,even animals respect these laws as their constitiution enables them to pursue happiness from their own perspectives.The joy of a full stomach. They have no understanding of sin except maybe my dogs who have this uncanny ability to pull a guilty face when I tell them what bad dogs they are.
Their abilty to survive is based mainly on their ability to use their bodies just as well as we do.
I am a star, I am a genius, a being of gifts , my existence has been blessed by my gifts .If I use them I will become a star. If I don’t well ….. what is the opposite of a star ?
Happiness means you are part of the crowd , the rich crowd that is , exemption from this means I have not utilised my gifts which are inherent within me .Why ? I have a brain .
The brain is the citadel of the body it operates on the premise that it is a controller a cpu , a vast memory bank that rules the body .
What if we did no have brains ?
Next time. We might talk about the brain , The body that is, yet is not ! huh ?
Frankly yours
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9jabook,Lagos 9geria :


Chile has been hit by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake which shook central part of the South American country early Saturday, according to reports from the U.S. Geological Survey.

It struck at 3:34 a.m., that is, 7:34a.m. WAT.


The quake's epicenter was near Concepcion, Chile’s second largest city, about 212 miles (341 kilometers) from the capital of Santiago.

A Tsunami warning has also been issued for Chile and Peru. Concepcion has a population of about 200,000.

There have been reports of major damages, deaths and power outages. The magnitude 8.8 earthquake that jolted Chile early Saturday packed roughly 500 times the wallop of the seismic disaster that struck Haiti last month. But the damage and deaths in Chile, still being tallied, will probably be much less devastating.

The Haitian quake was shallow and centered just miles from an especially densely populated urban hub: Port-au-Prince, the capital. The Chilean quake was much deeper and centered offshore, and Chile's Pacific coast near the epicenter is sparsely populated in comparison.

Chile is relatively well prepared for earthquakes. An area of intense seismic activity, the mountainous South American country has experienced numerous deadly jolts, including a 9.5 quake in 1960, the strongest ever recorded. Children grow up doing earthquake drills in school.

Laws require construction that can withstand temblors, and an immediate-response network of rescuers and emergency personnel was able to quickly spring into action.

Haiti had not had a major quake since the 19th century. Most of its housing and other buildings consisted of cinder block and un-reinforced concrete. It was that type of construction that proved a death trap when the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Jan. 12, killing more than 215,000 people and leaving a million homeless.

Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere, Chile one of the wealthiest. Devastation was so complete in the Haitian capital, the country's main population cluster and nerve center, that the government virtually disappeared.

In Chile, President Michelle Bachelet, with her capital, Santiago, battered but still standing, was visible in the first hours after the quake, clearly in charge, speaking to the public and overseeing rescue efforts.

"In this kind of disaster we are all involved," she said in one of many live television broadcasts as she calmly but forcefully ticked off the steps being taken to count the dead, treat the injured and inspect the damage.

Mark Benthien of the USC Earthquake Center said an 8.8 quake causes 512 "times the shaking" that a 7.0 does. It produces a larger rupture surface, meaning a broader area is shaken. The duration of the movement is also longer.

Unlike the Haiti disaster, Saturday's quake had an added potential for calamity when it unleashed tsunamis that hit parts of the planet thousands of miles away.
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Super Eagles' coach is Lagerback

Swedenborn coach, Lars Lagerback has been named the new Super Eagles coach,he replaces Amodu Shaibu who has been demoted to the home based SuperEagles.

The Nigerian Football Federation has given him a semi final target at the South Africa 2010 World Cup.

Lagerback was a Swedish football manager and former player. He is best known asthe former manager of the Sweden national team. He managed the Swedishnational team from 1998 until 2009 leading Sweden in five consecutivechampionships, the first time in Swedish history. He resigned asmanager in 2009 after Sweden's failure to qualify for the 2010 WorldCup in South Africa.

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The man behind the President

Turai Yar’Adua, the wife of Nigeria’s President, may have garnered a reputation as the viciously ambitious woman with a drive to occupy the number one position, her husband’s; but lurking within the shadows of the Yar’Adua-Saudi Arabian debacle is a man who may indeed be playing a more pivotal role than Mrs. Yar’Adua.


Yusuf Tilde, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the president, is believed by security sources to be the strongest force and influence in the national drama which began long before Nigeria’s ailing president succumbed to a devastating illness that caused him to be holed up in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Saudi Arabia for three months.

Mr. Tilde, unknown to many Nigerians, is not new to the business of executive decision making. Having established a league of formidable security officials in the presidency, a large number of whom who are loyal to Mr. Yar’Adua, Mr. Tilde was able to ensure that his boss remained in control and, for more than 70 days, had the Executive Council of the Federation (FEC) and legislators supporting the plans of Mr. Yar’Adua’s supporters - notoriously called the cabal - of which he is one.

Before leaving for Jeddah with his boss, the CSO, according to sources in the presidency who spoke on conditions of anonymity, was already carrying out presidential functions such as treating files, endorsing documents, and granting presidential approvals on behalf of the president whose failing health had begun to hamper his productivity.

Mr. Tilde, who has been described as ‘conservative but reasonably intelligent with good writing skills’ was surreptitiously handling affairs for Mr. Yar’Adua and had become one of the president’s most trusted aides.

The emergence of Tilde

The Bauchi-born CSO’s entrance into the presidency was not without some irregularities. Mr. Tilde took over his current position from the more cosmopolitan and broad-minded Bello Charanchi, a former State Director of the State Security Service (SSS) who spent a few weeks as Mr. Yar’Adua’s CSO before he was ousted.

“Yar’Adua’s kitchen cabinet felt that Charanchi was too professional and independent minded. They felt they could not encircle and control the president through him. Very quickly, they plotted for his exit and brought in a more pliable person,” a source said to NEXT.

According to our sources, succumbing to the call for a new CSO, the president’s only request was that the new person be ‘Muslim’. Mr. Tilde met this requirement and more; he had served as a state director of the SSS in three states, Adamawa, Katsina, and Kano.

While Mr. Tilde is thought to be very intelligent, his superiors at the SSS allegedly found his performance in his posting in Kano less than satisfactory, hence the redeployment to the Headquarters from where he was picked for his current assignment.

Mr. Yar’Adua’s kitchen cabinet, however, forwarded Mr. Tilde’s name to the president’s deputy Chief of Staff (COS), Moddibbo Aliyu, in the early days of his presidency, who made a special request to the SSS for the deployment of Mr. Tilde.

“Tilde became the first CSO who was beholden directly to the presidency. He was not interviewed by the director of the SSS for the new posting. Instead, he was interviewed by the Chief of Staff to the president. They side stepped the director of the SSS and asked for Tilde,” a source in the presidency said.

Growing Bigger

Mr. Tilde proved himself a Yar’Adua faithful. His hard work and commitment to his boss was phenomenal.

“In the early months, he [Tilde] would go through files for the president. He used to write comments on plain sheets after reviewing the files. The president would then copy his work. But in the later months, he [Tilde] wrote all the presidential reviews and had the president merely sign them. It is not uncommon for Tilde to work from 9pm to 5am,” our source said.

Some members of the executive council soon became aware of Mr. Tilde’s new powerful role and ‘began to accord him presidential respect’.

According to sources, ‘there was hardly any minister who could defy his orders’.

“There seemed to be a parallel between the Tilde Chief Security office and the Al-Mustapha Chief Security office,” a source said, comparing the CSO’s influence to that wielded by his contemporary in the Sani Abacha regime.

Mr. Tilde, presidency sources claimed, got every one who seemed to be in competition with him out of the way. The CSO also expressed a preference for ‘a unified security corridor’. According to sources, Mr. Tilde sought an arrangement that would allow the existence of only one CSO in the presidency. This process eventually led to the elimination of many Jonathan-loyalists.

“It was possible for him to do this because he worked with all major villa [Aso Rock] security officials, which he had himself planted, most of them Muslim northerners. The most prominent being Dahiru Dodo.”

Mr. Dodo, who is generally described as a very ‘wily fellow that is gifted in being street wise’, serves as the administrative officer for the president.

Returning to Nigeria

Since his return to Nigeria with his boss, who is still believed to be critically ill, Mr. Tilde has continued his covert activities. He, allegedly, continues to play a pivotal role in the current quest to keep the critically ill president in power.

Having successfully orchestrated the grand plan that brought in Mr. Yar’Adua stealthily into Nigeria on Wednesday, Mr. Tilde continues to map out ways to secure the presidential seat for his boss.

This past weekend, he had his hands full trying to convey the caravan intensive care unit set up in Katsina relocated to Abuja where the president will be transferred to because the one in the Villa malfunctioned and is generating a huge embarrassment for the first family.

Since his return to Nigeria, Mr. Yar Adua continues to lie lonesome in his sterile ambulance because there is no facility that can accommodate him in his degenerative state.

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Army denies Dambazau’s alleged statement .. Action speaks louder than words ! but who deployed soldiers to Airport ?
By Nicholas Ibekwe

The Nigerian Army has denied the statement credited to the Chief of Army Staff, Abdulrahman Dambazau that “he is only loyal to President Yar’Adua and no one else.”
In a

statement signed by Chris Olukolade, the director of army public relations, the army described the comment made by Joe Igbokwe, the publicity secretary of the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress (AC), as “completely unfortunate”, adding that Mr. Igbokwe’s comments is a “denigration of the person of Gen. Dambazau and the Nigerian Army as a whole” and “were meant to put words in the mouth of the army chief”.
PHOTO: Dambazu shaking hands with his Liege
The statement further said that Mr. Igbokwe was yet to state “when, where and to whom Gen. Dambazau made the statement they now attribute to him.”

Click here to listen to the interview

Who said it?

Interestingly, in a telephone interview with NEXT, Mr. Igbokwe sounded incoherent and was unable to state where and when Mr. Dambazau made the statement.

“I read it em... I read it em... just like any other ... I wasn’t the first to say it,” Mr. Igbokwe stammered. “It’s all over the place now.”

When pressed further to state specifically at what venue Mr. Dambazau made the statement, Mr. Igbokwe asked our reporter to go and search for it on the world wide web.

“Go to the internet,” he said. “Before I even said it, Ijaw people led by Clark... yes, it is David Clark. Quote it as it is. Quote what you saw there. Use what you saw there.”

Getting bolder, he added: “Go and do more investigation. “If you don’t know that there is a power game going on in Abuja, I won’t tell you.”

When asked if he personally interviewed Mr Dambazau, he retorted, “Am I a reporter? I’m not a reporter; I am a spokesperson of the party. Is not that I cannot remember. Just ignore me.” Meanwhile, the army’s statement proceeded to “reassure Nigerians that it has not shifted from its commitment to the tenets of democracy and absolute loyalty to constituted civil authorities”.
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A boy steps boldly into the night traffic and waves a gun to bring the cars to a halt, clearing a path for a motorcycle which screeches into the intersection. Riding pillion is another boy, brandishing a machinegun.

Later two teenagers, also riding pillion on motorbikes, flash their guns at other motorists; nearby, a boy can be seen taking aim with a rifle equipped with a telescopic sight. Other youths wander the street smoking crack.

For residents, the junction between the busy Dom Helder Câmara and dos

Democráticos, in North Rio de Janeiro, has become known as the Corner of Fear — and video footage of daily life there has shocked a nation already familiar with guns and violence.

PHOTOS:Youths flaunt guns on the streets of Rio de Janeiro

The latest images, captured by undercover journalists from the Rio tabloid Extra, have exposed the city’s criminal youth culture in a manner that echoes the journalistic investigation featured in the film City of God.

The age of the criminals — one pistol-toting boy is 12 — is obvious cause for alarm, but so is the seeming impunity with which they act.

The video footage has provided a glimpse into the city’s underworld that hardly touches Rio’s wealthier citizens.

Local newspapers rarely show at first hand the violence that permeates the city’s slums (favelas). Since the brutal torture and murder of the journalist Tim Lopes — who was caught filming secretly in the Vila Cruzeiro favela in 2002 — Brazilian reporters have been reluctant to take their cameras into slum areas. Any reports that are filed tend to come from correspondents talking from inside armoured cars, or are images showing the aftermath of a shooting.

“What is shocking is this parallel power, the fact that they are very young,” said André Cabral De Almeida Cardoso, 41, a teacher. “They are so brazen about it.”

Valera dos Santos, 34, a maid who lives in a favela in São Paulo, said: “My God, I’ve never seen pictures like this. It’s absurd, they’re just boys.” Rio_1__690618a.jpg

The journalists who captured the images were also taken aback. “Even knowing the reality of what could happen, you are still shocked by the glamour that these weapons represent in the arms of minors,” said Fernando Torres, 27, one of a team of three who spent four nights undercover at the Corner of Fear.

“These images are desolate,” said Lucy Petroucic, 56, a translator. “These boys have become little Taleban who think they have nothing to lose.”

Within hours, police arrested one of a group of bandits shown in the video and promised that changes were on the way. Luiz Fernando Pezão, Rio’s Deputy Governor, told reporters that a new police base would open nearby in May. Rio_2__690599a.jpg

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AMIDST the controversies trailing the dramatic return of ailing President Umaru Yar'Adua from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came reports that the government of the Islamic kingdom was responsible for his untimely return.


Nigerian Tribune was informed by a very competent security source that the government of the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) embarked on a subtle 'blackmail diplomacy' against Saudi Arabia, a development which, according to the source, almost put the Islamic Kingdom in the 'dock'.

The source also gave an insight into how the air ambulance, which brought in the ailing president, was acquired. A frontline construction giant and a former governor from one of the South-South states were said to have brokered the deal that provided the air ambulance.

The multimillion dollar air ambulance was provided by a medical firm in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, after the said construction giant contacted some highly-placed officials of its home government to intervene on its behalf.

According to him, the intelligence community in the country was in the know of the planned return of the sick president, but that the information was not fully shared with the acting president, Goodkuck Jonathan, until very late.

"People still do not understand the undercurrents of this dramatic return. Left for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it would not have allowed the president to leave its soil without fully recovering from his ailment, but then, here is a situation that has put it as a collaborator in the whole saga.

"It got to an extent that the US government and the European Union had to engage in a subtle blackmail diplomacy with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it had not done too well as regards the secrecy surrounding the health of the Nigerian president since he arrived in the Kingdom for treatment.

"Of course, we know that if the government of Saudi wanted to be off the dock, it had a duty to correctly advise those very close to the president to quickly take him home rather than attracting unnecessary international attention to the respected kingdom known for its close ties with the United States.

"It was a very simple thing they did: allow the president stop subject to see him or take him to your country and maintain the secrecy of his sickness because the situation was already drawing Saudi Arabia to the international arena as part of Nigeria's political impasse until Jonathan was made the acting president two weeks ago.

The source said this was not the first time the Saudi authorities had tried to make close allies of the president see the need to allow people to see him.

"The first time they attempted to bring the ailing president into Nigeria, the man collapsed and they had to go back to the drawing board; but this time round, the construction giant and the former governor played key roles in approaching a Los Angeles-based medical firm for the air ambulance," the source said.

It will be recalled that Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana, had, last week, threatened to drag the government of Saudi Arabia before international adjucation bodies for its alleged role in the Yar'Adua health saga..

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Omosexy returns with second album

If you think her entry into professional music was a gamble and Gba – her debut album, a fluke, think again. Nollywood’s beauty and screen diva, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has decided to reiterate her commitment to music by releasing a thirteen-track album tentatively titled ‘Feel Alright’.

This follow up album is coming after five years of musical silence (her debut album was released 2005).omotola1.jpgThe sexy mother of four, has teamed up with a group of professionals including, singer and guitarist Harrisong- who doubles as her voice coach, producer DelB and singer cum producer Paul PlayDairo, to produce, mix and master her sophomore album which consists songs divisible into the Pop and Rock genres.

And unlike Gba which was targeted at commercial success, Omosexy says ‘Feel Alright’ is a different kind of project.

“The songs (in her new album) are not the type that’ll become popular easily. They are songs deliberately written to send out particular messages. The focus is not to get attention”, she said in a telephone chat. Ask her who writes her songs and she says, “I write them myself except for the parts where I featured other persons”

Some of the tracks contained in the coming album are Feel Alright, Get Busy, Harmony, Through the Fire and Barren Land. Barren Land was specially written for the United Nations to address food crisis in affected countries.

Already the lead track titled Feel Alright is receiving air play and a second single will be joining it on radio in the first week in March, says the actress turned singer and songwriter.

Rights to her debut album were sold to Sound Factory- a music-oriented company which operates in Nigeria and the United Kingdom- for a sum she wouldn’t disclose but ‘enough to reward my hard work’. It was a three-year agreement. The album, according to the singer ‘was one of the best deals in 20005’ and sold ‘over a million copies’.

Omotola does not plan to sell out her new work. Now she’s interested in the music business and how it works especially in Nigeria. As it is now, the singer is talking to certain international music companies and a few Nigerian fellas on the commercial details of the new album, she further revealed. Feel Alright is expected to drop in May, ‘by God’s grace’.

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Dangerous Security Breaches Amid A Terrible Snub Of Jonathan

After the assassination of General Ironsi in 1966, one account of why the most senior military officer alive, Brigadier Ogundipe, did not take the rein of government was the refusal of a very junior NCO soldier of northern extraction to obey his order. The dejected brigadier had to step aside and became Nigerian top diplomat to U.K. We never heard of him again. In a stable polity, this errant soldier would have been court-martialed and dealt with in accordance with the finest military tradition. Gowon could be excused for not taking action given the relative infancy of the nation as an independent state and the prevalent political chaos of the time. In any case, he was the largest beneficiary of the disobedience. In fact, this incident contributed to the preponderance of misdeeds that motivated Biafra secessionist bid.

However, the Ogundipe slight paled in comparison to the latest Goodluck’s snub and the unprecedented breaches of security protocol that ushered in the return of Yar’Adua to Nigeria. If these breaches are not satisfactorily redressed, they could threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria as an indissoluble state. According to reports, Goodluck was not aware of Yar’Adua return until he was fully ensconced in the Presidential Villa at Aso Rock. However, to prepare for his arrival, about two-battalion strength from the Presidential Guards Brigade were deployed to man strategic locations from Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport to Aso Rock. It is not far-fetched to speculate that a company of these guards was probably stationed near Akinola Aguda Residence to ensure that the Acting President was effectively under ‘House Arrest’. c

Whether one agrees or not with the constitutionality of the process leading to the conferment of acting presidency on Goodluck by the National Assembly, the fact of the matter is that he remains the de facto commander-in-chief of Nigerian Armed forces until the substantive president informs the National Assembly that he will resume duty or a court order voids the V.P elevation on constitutional grounds. Even in USA which is the model for our democratic experiment, resolutions of US Congress remain binding until they are set aside by courts because of their incongruence with the constitution. Consequently, it is only in a state of anarchy that troops would be deployed without the authorization of the commander-in-chief. For the avoidance of doubt, the primary allegiance of the presidential guard brigade should be to Goodluck as long as he remains in the acting capacity. Therefore, whosoever authorized the troop deployment without his blessing has a case to answer. It is apparent that if Jonathan was in the dark as to the arrival of his recuperating boss, he could not have authorized the deployment. The only occasions when troops were deployed without the blessing of de facto commanders-in-chief had been during coups! What occurred in those wee hours was nothing short of a bloodless coup that is unacceptable under constitutional democracy.

A second related breach was the entry of the jets conveying Yar’Adua party into Nigerian airspace without the knowledge of the acting President and, by extension, members of the national air defense system who are loyal to him as commander-in-chief. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that these Goodluck supporters within the Air Force could have scrambled fighter jets to intercept the planes, leading to a crisis of unimaginable proportions. The civil aviation authorities owe the nation an explanation on the process leading to the approval of the flight plan and the closure of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport without the knowledge of the acting president. If this authority is delegated, the official needs to explain why he did not deem it fit to inform the acting president given how important ‘the cargo’ was.

Until now, the Nigeria military forces have distinguished themselves by permitting politicians to sort out their political issues without military option. However, these breaches would certainly bring the military and aviation establishments into serious disrepute if not satisfactorily resolved. It is high time that Dr. Goodluck showed his capability by immediately convening a meeting with the defense minister, the service chiefs and the head of the brigade of guards for a full briefing on the circumstances leading to troop deployment without his assent. As Atiku aptly demonstrated, he is the only official of the executive arm of that Yar’Adua cannot dismiss when and if he eventually resumes work. The reputation of the National Assembly is also at risk. Its government oversight committee should conduct a public hearing into this debacle to express its displeasure. Members of Yar’Adua team responsible for the breaches ought to be relieved of their responsibilities. If the authorization came from the very top, this may be another ground for conducting an impeachment hearing.

The alternative to the above is a toleration of anarchy when it is convenient. Anything short of the above remedial steps will reinforce the impression that, but for the unique exception in Obasanjo, a segment of the nation has the sacrosanct right to rule the country and command her armed forces either under constitutional democracy or military dictatorship. Paradoxically, Goodluck hails from the segment of the country that produces the nation’s wealth and funds her armed forces. This can only fuel the growing clamor for the nation’s disintegration and dashes the hope expressed in our national anthem about the labor of our heroes past not being in vain.

I hope every arm of government in Nigeria will live up to its responsibility and do the right thing.

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a Nollywood movie from the Sequel of "Lost presidents, The Yaradua Story "
Starring Eucharia Anunobi as Turai Yaradua , Segun Arinze as Aondoakaa , Mr Adeniyi as himself .Isa Yuguda as Fave Inlaw ,Stella damascus as Dora Akunyili
and Sunday Omobolanle aka Aluwe as The President in this comedy of errors based on a true story .

Poser on Yaradua, is the Calipha still in Saudi or Has anyone even seen him on Naija soil ?

Many unsuspecting Nigerians believe that Mr. President is now in Nigeria after his medical sojourn in Saudi Arabia, but intelligence sources have revealed that he is still in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment. Has anybody actually seen the President in Nigeria? All we saw at the airport were two aircraft that landed and an ambulance zooming away into the city centre, thereby creating an impression albeit false that a recuperating President had landed!

There are many unanswered questions in the purported arrival of Mr. President. The basic rule of the thumb (as any experienced spy or secret agent knows) during an extraction assignment or covert operation, anything that would draw unwarranted attention to the task is jettisoned. If the primary task was to sneak Mr. President into the country what was the purpose of deploying truck loads of soldiers around Abuja (attracting attention) when one truck load would have been more than adequate. Why would you ensure that the ambulance with lights flashings was made noticeable when the two aircraft were kept in the dark and out of the sight of journalist at the airport?

Was it an impossible task to switch off the siren lights of the ambulance or was it a deliberate act to convey the false impression that Mr. President was in the ambulance?

It was stated in the news that the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and ADC to Mr. President sauntered into the executives chamber of the Federal Executive Council (FEC)to exchange pleasantries with their friends and some ministers. This to me is strange when they ought to be around the vicinity where Mr. President was recuperating (if he was actually around) but instead the TWO of them chose (or were ordered) to make an appearance at the chambers to create the false impression that Mr. President will preside over the meeting of FEC .Some monkey business was definitely afoot!

Mr. President arrived and he was met on arrival by some serving Governors from the northern part of the country instead of the Acting President and service chiefs. Who better to assist and protect an ailing President than his trusted (?) vice and service chiefs, unless it was a grand charade put up for the benefit of the gullible public?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite happy with this pretense because the diplomatic pressure placed on them by the international community that they were hiding the Nigerian President will automatically melt away and they can continue with the treatment of Mr. President unhindered without the vexatious motley of Nigerians coming to Saudi Arabia to seek the whereabouts of Mr. President and also to waste tax payers money.

By the way who leaked the purported arrival of Mr. President to the press and guaranteed the arrival prime time. Former Nigerian Presidents have arrived into the country before at odd hours to avoid the press and succeeded why was this different? I would have thought Aso Rock was built equipped with a helipad, could they not have airlifted Mr. President from the airport to Aso Rock if they truly wanted to avoid publicity?

The next few days will definitely be revealing. Nigerians…”SHINE YA EYES”

By Imohimi Uduigwome Airenevboise, Re written for 9jabook by Paul EFCC Adams

War in the Yaradua Family as Daughters fight for Vice Presidency for husbands ! Zainab vs Nafisatu Bauchi vs kebbi One winner Mummy ! ;
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! Zainab vs Nafisatu . Bauchi vs kebbi One winner will emerge . Who ? Mummy Turai !


The return of Umaru Yar’Adua in a vegetative


state, with the reality of his not being able to ever function as president, has set two of his daughters, Zainab and Nafisatu, both married to sitting governors ,at war path over whose husband will be vice president to Acting President Goodluck Jonathan. The former is married to Kebbi State Governor, Saidu Usman Dakingari, while the later is fourth wife to Bauchi Governor, Isa Yuguda.

Sources close to the Yar’Adua family told Thursday night that since reality has dawned on their mother, Turai, is set to anoint either Yuguda or Dakingari as a VP candidate that would protect the interest of the family.

It was however learnt that Turai is more disposed to Yuguda considering his role during the drama. He was in Saudi Arabia, and was later in the US to, aside from be by his wife’s side that recently gave birth, he was also scouting for a hospital that could provide better service for his father-in-law. As for Dakingari, he is seen by turai as laid back, but our source said that his wife, Zainab, is the apple of Turai’s eye.

Both Yuguda and Dakingari are among those on the list of PDP hopefuls for the coveted office of vice president further gathered that in the last few days Turai has been speaking with her kids, and some top brass of the PDP concerning who works with Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan as VP She has told the PDP she would submit a name soon, but the disagreement between Zainab and Nafisatu is delaying the move..


According to our sources, the sisters have for a while now been campaigning for their husbands. Turai who is close to feisty Zainab, wants them to agree within themselves as per who she should anoint for the PDP, but the sisters are yet to agree.

Said our source” it has been fight to finish between them. They cannot agree on who they should present to the mother. Turai although is close to Zainab, cannot take sides so she wants them to sort it out. This arose when, Turai realized it is over for her husband, so to protect the family’s interest, she wants a son-in-law to step in”

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Media reports claiming that Mallams Nasir El-Rufai and Nuhu Ribadu are set to rebuff government's invitation to join in nation-building have recently been circulating the rumour mills and have been brought to the attention of these preeminent gentlemen.
We the undersigned, acting not on the instructions of these patriots who have enviable and proven track-records of service to the Father-land and whom are committed to the task of re-engineering this country into its rightful place of leadership and prominence in the continent and within the community of nations; hereby state unequivocally that Mallams El-Rufai and Nuhu Ribadu are willing to support the efforts of His Excellency, The Acting President Goodluck Jonathan to set our nation on its proper course, give hope and pride once again to the polity and deliver on the promise to our people.

Both the former FCT Minister and the former EFCC Chairman are willing to put the uncomplimentary events of the past behind, dissociate themselves from these rumours and are available to support the task of nation-building in any way possible.

We are unable to ignore the alleged assassination a few days ago of Danjuma Mohammed, a former EFCC investigator. Being aware that some elements continue to work relentlessly to rule this nation by proxy through intimidation and acts of terrorism, we urge all fair-minded Nigerians to disregard the afore referred rumours and chalk them up to the machinations of persons who are desperate to keep the nation under their thumbs and in perpetual slavery to their selfish ambitions and aggrandizement. Those statements emanated neither from Nasir El-Rufai nor Nuhu Ribadu.

Nigerians are not intimidated. We are not terrorized. May the gentle soul of the departed rest in peace.

G5 – Olowo





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Oceanic Bank International plc has upgraded 730 staff across various grades in keeping with its policy on staff motivation and reward.thumbnail.php?file=Oceanic_logo_149913509.jpg&size=article_medium

A breakdown of the figure shows that while 338 staff were upgraded upon confirmation, 392 others had their appointments confirmed after meeting the bank’s performance parameters. The Bank’s management said it remains committed to bolstering staff performance through sundry reward schemes and training opportunities that will be extended to all categories of staff. "Our workforce rank among the best in the industry and we are happy to acknowledge and celebrate their expertise and dedication to the cause of making Oceanic a leading brand which offers top-of-the-range banking services."

Describing the Bank’s workforce as the "bedrock of the Oceanic recovery plan", the bank’s management said its workers’ resourcefulness and resilience have been instrumental to stabilizing the bank and repositioning it for superior performance and profitability. "We have implicit faith in the professional abilities of our staff and have mapped out continuing capacity building programmes that will make them even more motivated to always delight our customers."

John Aboh, Managing director/Chief Executive Officer, Oceanic Bank International plc, said there are plans to formally recognize and reward outstanding members of staff in the Bank’s upcoming Special Thanks and Recognition Scheme (STARS) event. "Our over-riding desire is to inspire excellence, professionalism, good corporate governance, transparency, and the ‘can-do’ spirit in our workforce. We will continue to empower our staff to excel and surpass the targets that will ensure better services and returns to all our stakeholders."

On the bank’s business development drive, he noted that Oceanic was recording consistent growth in liquidity through robust marketing, deposit mobilization, and renewed focus on retail and transaction banking products.

The Oceanic Bank boss added that the Bank’s superior service delivery platforms and retail products were part of unfolding deliberate and far-reaching strategies aimed at generating value for its stakeholders on all classes of transactions.

"The desire to create value for our customers and shareholders is a passion that is shared by the management and staff of Oceanic Bank. Our quest to ensure all our stakeholders experience peace is a promise that we are committed to fulfilling in all our transactions."

It would be recalled that in a bid to cater for the needs of existing and prospective customers, the Bank had since commenced the migration of existing account types to new product platforms.

The new products include Platinum Accounts, Gold Accounts, Silver Accounts and Easy Savings. As the names suggest, at each level, the customer is offered financial and non financial benefits which increase in value, such as balance linked interest and commission rates; number of free transactions in each month; loans and overdrafts; best value health, life and professional indemnity insurance and discounts at merchant partners, among others.

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INTRODUCTION: We wish to draw your attention to the grossly and blatantly desecration of the sanctity of good governance and accountability by the award of fraudulent contracts by the governor of Edo State Adams Oshiomhole, to his cronies and obtaining loans on behalf of the State government for unspecified purposes. This act has now gone to a point of crescendo that we feel that unless something is done, the State debt profile may put us in a perpetual state of debt repayment for generations to come.


We feel these are breaches of the Nigerian Constitution and Code of Conduct. Following this mischievous and orchestrated virus of corruption infested in our government today, we have deemed it necessary to avail all stakeholders and indeed the entire people of Edo State of the implications of Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s financial recklessness.

1). In November 12th2008 when Adams Oshiomhole took over the reign of government from Senator Oseirhemen Osunbor, he met a debt profile of 4.4 Billion Naira (this was confirmed by Oshiomhole’s State Commissioner of Finance before the State House of Assembly in his budget defense).

2). In December 2009, the State debt profile rose astronomically to 18.8 Billion Naira (also confirmed by his Finance Commissioner at the budget defense before the State House of Assembly).

3). Added to this, Oshiomhole’s government secured new loans on behalf of the State government for other unspecified reasons between January 2010 to date as follows:

a). From the Sky Bank he has obtained a loan of 5 Billion Naira

b). From the United Bank of Africa (UBA), he obtained another loan of 5 Billion Naira.

c). From Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB), he obtained yet another loan of 2.2 Billion Naira.

d). Let me also inform you that as at the time of this my interactive section with you, Governor Oshiomhole has concluded negotiations to obtain another loan of 2.9 Billion Naira from the First Bank of Nigeria.

Other information available to us, is that the State government has over 10 Billion naira debt owned to various contractors who has appropriate certificates for payment.

What is worrisome in this scenario is governor Oshiomhole’s penchant for taking loans without due regard to the State finances and the implications of such loans to the present and future generations.

In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s reforms to bring sanity in our banking sector, we use this opportunity to call on the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, as a matter of urgency to examine the fiscal policy of the State, as it is now clear that the debts being incurred by Adams Oshiomhole’s government can no longer be serviced by our statutory allocations and the IGR just as we feel the banking sector may further be endangered by the State’s indebtedness. We therefore challenge Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s government to disclose and make public our financial state of affairs in the spirit of accountability and the oath of office he swore when he assumed the office as the governor of the State.


We have also observed with dismay the manner and ways the administration of governor Adams Oshiomhole award contracts in the State. Most of the contracts recently flagged off were never advertised nor due process followed as some of them are not even captured in the 2010 budget. Examples are the Anegbete-Ekperi road and the Ewohimi-Igueben road.

In other to promote corruption and over invoicing of the contracts, the governor has cleverly refused to state the distances of the roads and the contractors handling the projects. We also call on the governor to make public the details of these contracts awarded.

1). 2.7 Billion naira was said to have been spent on Auchi erosion control. As I speak with you now, the money has been fully paid and there is no single work done.

2). Adams Oshiomhole gave over 20 million Naira to some traditional rulers in Edo South senatorial district to request for a constitutional position of Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly. This is the taxpayers’ money.

3). During the briefing before the State House of Assembly, the Commissioner for Environment claimed to have spent over N4 Billion Naira on ordinary designing of erosion control in Benin City and its environ. The said design project was never advertised.

4). The Commissioner of Environment also told the State House of Assembly that the government had expended over 250 million Naira to remove sand from the gutter and disilting. Yet everywhere you go, no gutter is found disilted.


Today in Edo State, we live in unprecedented times.

1). On the 11thAugust 2009, Adams Oshiomhole awarded a contract to his in-law’s company, Source – EM Global Services. The company was engaged to supply two (2) New Dando Watertec 24 Mobile Borehole Drilling Rigs, complete with tools and accessories to Edo State government at a cost of three hundred and seventy one million, nine hundred and forty four thousand Naira (N371, 944,000) only. This was to be supplied within three months from the day mobilization fees were paid.

2). On the 28thAugust 2009, the sum of two hundred and twenty six million, five hundred and thirty thousand Naira, eighty hundred and ninety (N226, 530, 890) which was 70% of the contract sum was paid to this his in-law’s company (with payment voucher Head 455, sub head 5 on month of August, 2009 P.V. No 2). The contract was signed by the then Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Mrs. C. Edo-Osagie for the State government.

We wish to inform the public that, six months after the mobilization has been paid, the contractor had neither supplied the items nor refunded the money collected. The specified three months to deliver the items as agreed upon in the contract had long expired. Information available to us is that the contractor has absconded...

Granted that this said contract was highly inflated as our contact with the manufacturers revealed, we wish to call on governor Oshiomhole to call on his in-law to refund the Edo State Tax payers money and the contract should be terminated. Those who seek equity must come with clean hands.

Thank you.

Chief Dan Osi Orbih

PDP State Chairman
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Yar’Adua lives in an ambulance

President Umaru Yar’Adua who was smuggled into the country in the early hours of Wednesday is spending his third day in a mobile ambulance pending the completion of an Intensive Care Unit inside the Aso Villa. The house is being fitted with sundry gadgets that will keep him alive and hopefully aid his recovery.

Sources in the presidency confirmed that the president will only be moved into his official residence when the frantic work going on to complete a state of the art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within the State House, is concluded. As exclusively reported by NEXT, there has been increased activity in the State House since Sunday after several trucks were spotted going in and out of the place.

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It was a very serious commotion on the set of ONE LOVE, a movie shot on locations in Asaba and directed by Michael Jaja for IMMORTAL FILMS LTD on that faithful Sunday, 30th of August 2009. On the process of fighting as demanded in the movie between Mercy Johnson and Biola Ige, another talented fast rising Nollywood actress, their clothes were torn, revealing every vital parts of a woman. thumb2.aspx?img=Y29udGVudC9jb250ZW50LzU4NzIuanBn&s=Mi8yNi8yMDEw&w=188
It was until after the shoot that Mercy's personal assistant who was very close to the monitor with the director told her that all her boobs were out, so bad that even the nipples were showing. She was worried and walked up to the director and pleaded to have a preview of
the scene but he refused.

She got mad and the ladies on the set also protested, yet he wouldnt change his mind saying that he got the exact shot he wanted as the director, then trouble ensured. Mercy was ready to either reshoot that particular scene or refund her fee for that project and walk away, but the director was ready to quit the job rather than give into mercy's demand.

After two hours or there about, people were able to calm the situation and eventually the scene was reshot. She kept talking all the time about her arrangements to get married soon and she wouldn't want any stumbling blocks.
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Sexy Girls: 'Misadventure by another name'

Onoshe Nwabuikwu

This is the film to wipe my tears from My Sister's Tears. Judging from its title, it would be nicely without depth, all flash and glamour. Alas, alas. Here I am, grappling with cultism and lesbianism none of which is established.



Ken (Nonso Diobi) the leader of a campus gang hands his sister, Ifeoma (Benita Akpofe), to his female friends who also happen to be a member of the Yellow Babes, an all female cult. They initiate Ifeoma after killing her boyfriend, Charles (Raheem Caz Chidiebere). Before all of this, Ken has been 'raking' and boasting, puffing and lots of flaring of nostrils the way only Nonso Diobi can. It's all "sound and fury signifying nothing". He ends up accidentally shooting his sister as he pursues Zita (Mercy Johnson) and NK (Uche Obodo).

There's supposed to be a lesson somewhere but I have to consult my ophthalmologist and optician to see it. All I see are unanswered questions: How does Ifeoma manage to switch to the cult when there isn't that real pressure and knowing her brother could've protected her? How does Ken conveniently disappear till after the initiation?

I did make one discovery not exactly earth shattering, but I now know that Mercy Johnson, even in her two-sizes-too-small, buttons-about-to-pop shirts, cannot do 'area babe,' which is surprising, considering her humble beginnings. She's too much 'the' Mercy Johnson, to carry this role. She goes through the motions - but she doesn't lose herself and the viewer obviously can't forget she's 'the'... Not with the close ups on those famous curves and breasts.
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KSA drops new juju classic on Mike Adenuga

KSA drops new juju classic on Mike Adenuga

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Juju music maestro, King Sunny Ade, in his latest album has shown why lovers of his style of music may never grow tired of any musical work from him. His latest, Ayo Owuro (Morning Joy), is another classic from the master crooner himself.



In the fourth track of the newly released album which is dedicated to the quintessential African businessman, Dr Mike Adenuga Jr., KSA�s rendition of the track sets him apart as the master of what Yoruba music lovers call alujo (dancehall).

It is an irresistible musical peace as anyone who listens to it will take to the dancing floor in appreciation of the beauty of the song.

KSA describes Adenuga as Giwa ti n se ile, Giwa ti n s�oko (the leader who is excellent in all areas) adding that he has been exceedingly successful because ko te lowo onile, ko baje lowo alejo (he is loved by everyone).

Elsewhere, he sings of the sterling qualities which are not usually possessed by many businessmen. These include aje (acumen), owo (money), ola (wealth) and iyi (influence).

It needs no restating that Dr. Adenuga possesses all of these in plenteous measure. The legendary generousity of Adenuga is also not lost on KSA.

True to his electrifying style of Juju, King Sunny Ade made excellent use of electric guitars and synthesisers while achieving such a perfect synchronisation with his vocalists that the voices seem to merge into a single, sonorous rendition, a seamless appraisal of the subject in focus.

The vocal styles often impose deep cultural influences, a medley of the old and the modern, all blending to produce a masterpiece which will be unrivalled for some time to come.

Equally a master of recalling ancestral and contemporary panegyrics of Dr. Adenuga, KSA reeled out the genealogical praise of the Oke Sopen descendants of Ijebu Igbo, in Ogun State, where the business mogul hails from.

It is noteworthy, however, that the track is fast-paced enough to appeal to young audiences while it also possesses mature and meaningful content to excite the old but culturally appreciative adults who would be happy to enjoy family praise songs.
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Ailing President, Umaru Yar’Adua has acknowledged Goodluck Jonathan as the nation’s Acting President.
In a broadcast, the Senior Special Adviser to the President, Segun Adeniyi, who read a note from the ailing president, said all aides in the presidency, including all those who just returned from Saudi Arabia, are to work under the acting president until President Yar’Adua fully recovers.

In an interview with newsmen, Mr Adeniyi said, “We run one presidency and the Acting President has already called for a meeting and I believe the meeting will hold tomorrow to brief us on how things will go and how he will run the presidency and everybody is included, especially those who just returned from Saudi Arabia. So it’s just one presidency and we are all under Mr Jonathan now as the acting president and commander in chief until the president returns to office fully.”

He also said it was unfair for people to say Turai Yar’Adua has taken over power, because Jonathan wanted to pay her a visit, adding that Mr. Jonathan paying a visit to the first family is the right thing to do.

“It’s been very unfair to the first lady at the time she is nursing her husband. So there is no such thing and you don’t expect the Acting President to report to the first lady, it is abnormal and it won’t happen. What the Acting President actually said was that he was going to see the first lady and ask about the husband, that is the president, and probably see him. To me, it is a normal situation, which I believe, is the natural thing to do.” Mr. Adeniyi said.

On the relationship between the president and Mr Jonathan, Mr Adeniyi said “Good. Very cordial relation. I know for a fact that when the president was in Saudi Arabia medical report of the president was being sent to the Acting President on the instruction of the president. The last one last Friday, Dr. Salisu, the president’s chief physician, sent to the Acting President through the ambassador, I was copied, I have a copy of the medical report on the president’s health.”
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