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Fathers, you may not realise it, but you matter more to your daughter yhan any other man. Why? because this is so important to her future. And how do you as a father take this crucial responsibility?

Some time ago my adult daughter wrote asking me to play what she called the "Dad Card." If you knew my free-spirited daughter, you would understand that this is not a common occurrence. She has grown up to be a confident young woman quite capable of managing her own life, no matter where she happens to be.

Later she confided that her confidence draws from the fact that she has the "Dad Card" up her sleeve that can be played in the unlikely event she might need it. John Miller

The "DAD CARD" Defined

The "Dad Card" symbolizes the strong relationship that should exist between every father and the daughter. A relationship that endows her with the sure knowledge that she can invoke her father's name and intrinsic authority to seek protection, comfort or security in time of threat or need.

It's a relationship that must be built over time; it's a relationship that will be tested during the stormy teenage years. Its strength is critical to her development and maturity because studies repeatedly show that "YOU" as a father matter more to your daughter than any other man.

How much importance do parents attach to parent-child relationship? How much is it valued? I think fathers shoul think deeply about this.

The prophet Malachi highlighted the importance of the father-child relationship in our time by prophesying that the "hearts of the fathers" must be turned "to the children" and the "hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse" (Malachi 4:6).

No loving father can look into the crib of his newborn daughter or gaze into her eyes in the years to come without feeling a sense of pride that awakens protective instincts deep within him.It can also arouse serious feelings of inadequacy at the daunting task at hand. Still, Dr. Meeker claims, and the Bible confirms, that it is a task that can be mastered-imperfectly prehaps but, even so, not without great positive influence.


1. You are the most important person in her life.

2. You are her hero and role model.

3. You are her first love.

4. Teach her Humility.

5. Protect her and defend her.

6. Be the kind of man you want her to marry.

7. Teach her to fight for what is right.

8. Teach her to know who God is.

9. Teach and show her pragmatism and grit.

10. Keep her connected.

Play your dad card very well !!! Your daughter will be proud of you !!! ...

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KATHERINE Jackson has kicked her grandchildren to the curb..

The Jackson matriarch has reportedly asked her kids’ kids to move out of her mansion.

According to TMZ, the 79-year-old told Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, who lives at the Jackson estate with two of her children with Randy Jackson and two with Jermaine Jackson, that they all must move out within the next week.

Katherine — who is the legal guardian of her tragic son Michael Jackson’s three children — feels that taking care of seven children is too much to handle and according to TMZ, her decision was prompted by the stun gun incident.

Katherine has arranged to move Alejandra, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy Jr. to a San Fernando Valley condo owned by the estate.

Rebbie Jackson recently revealed how Katherine likes to play Pictionary with her grandkids.

“Her favorite thing as a grandma is for everyone to come over and play games; especially Pictionary,” Rebbie said last month. “Everyone gets involved and we all act silly. She’s a mother every day and she always supports the kids.”

After Michael’s shock passing last June, Katherine was made the legal guardian of Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 11, and eight-year-old Prince Michael II, who is known as ‘Blanket’.

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Schwarzenegger wants to run for president

Calif. governor tells Leno he would run ‘without any doubt’ if he could

BURBANK, Calif. - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would love to run for president — if he could.

California's actor-turned-governor was born in Austria and the U.S. Constitution prevents foreign-born citizens from holding the nation's top job.

Jay Leno asked Schwarzenegger on "The Tonight Show" Thursday if he would make a White House run if the law was changed.

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There are few people who knows the ins and outs of the web as well as Joe Hewitt 0pt ! important; max-height: 2000px; max-width: 2000px; min-width: 0px;min-height: 0px; padding: 1px 0pt 0pt; border: 0pt none; font-style:normal; font-weight: normal; font-family: "trebuchetms",arial,helvetica,sans-serif; float: none; position: static;left: auto; top: auto; line-height: normal; background-image:url("";);background-color: transparent; visibility: visible; width: 14px;height: 12px; background-position: -1128px 0pt; background-repeat:no-repeat; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: top; display: inline;" src="">. For the past decade,he’s had his hands deep in everything from Netscape, to AOL, to Firefox,to Facebook (where he currently works). Hewitt also knows a thing ortwo about the iPhone. He’s the one who first built Facebook’s excellentiPhone web app (before there were native apps on the iPhone), and thenthe native app — which is one of the bestapps on the platform. So when he rants about something (as he doesfrom time-to-time),people listen. And today he went on one such rant.

Following Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ post min-height: 0px; padding: 1px 0pt 0pt; border: 0pt none; font-style:normal; font-weight: normal; font-family: "trebuchetms",arial,helvetica,sans-serif; float: none; position: static;left: auto; top: auto; line-height: normal; background-image:url("";);background-color: transparent; visibility: visible; width: 14px;height: 12px; background-position: -1128px 0pt; background-repeat:no-repeat; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: top; display: inline;" src=""> about Flash thismorning, Hewitt went on Twitter 0pt ! important; max-height: 2000px; max-width: 2000px; min-width: 0px;min-height: 0px; padding: 1px 0pt 0pt; border: 0pt none; font-style:normal; font-weight: normal; font-family: "trebuchetms",arial,helvetica,sans-serif; float: none; position: static;left: auto; top: auto; line-height: normal; background-image:url("";);background-color: transparent; visibility: visible; width: 14px;height: 12px; background-position: -1128px 0pt; background-repeat:no-repeat; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: top; display: inline;" src=""> and started going offwith some of this thoughts. I asked Hewitt if I could recap them; hisresponse, “sure, why not.” Hewitt, some may recall, quitiPhone development over his distaste for some App Store policies.Today, seeing a wave of anti-Flash talk on Twitter spurred by Jobs’post, Hewitt startedout min-width: 0px; min-height: 0px; padding: 1px 0pt 0pt; border: 0pt none;font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; font-family: "trebuchetms",arial,helvetica,sans-serif; float: none; position: static;left: auto; top: auto; line-height: normal; background-image:url("";);background-color: transparent; visibility: visible; width: 14px;height: 12px; background-position: -1128px 0pt; background-repeat:no-repeat; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: top; display: inline;" src="">:

Redirect your hatred of Flash to the W3C, whose embarrassingly slow pace forced devs to use a plugin because thestandards were so weak.

Also, I am looking at you, developers who bitch whenever a browser offers “non-standard” but .innovative APIs.

Browser makers need to go nuts with non-standard APIs and let the W3C standardize later. Waiting for the committee to innovate is suicide.

So basically, Hewitt’s take is that Flash (and all plug-ins) only exists because the W3C 0pt ! important; max-height: 2000px; max-width: 2000px; min-width: 0px;min-height: 0px; padding: 1px 0pt 0pt; border: 0pt none; font-style:normal; font-weight: normal; font-family: "trebuchetms",arial,helvetica,sans-serif; float: none; position: static;left: auto; top: auto; line-height: normal; background-image:url("";);background-color: transparent; visibility: visible; width: 14px;height: 12px; background-position: -1128px 0pt; background-repeat:no-repeat; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: top; display: inline;" src=""> (the governing body forweb standards) is too slow to formalize and approve innovative newtechnologies. He urges browser-makers to break away from the W3Cconstraints and start going crazy with new APIs.

He then comes in defense of Microsoft, the company that once all-but destroyed (through what just about everyone including the U.S.government thinks were unsavory means) the company Hewitt started hiscareer at (Netscape).

10 years ago we bullied Microsoft into stopping innovation on IE so the W3C could take over. How’d that work out?

For those too young to remember, IE was innovating like crazy from 4.0 -6.0, right up until the DOJ and web standards commies intervened.

@jeff_lamarche Oh c’mon. Aside from ActiveX, Microsoft moved the web forward faster from 96-00 than any other browser maker has.

I don’t know why MS abandoned IE, but I do know that web developers were begging them to stop innovating and just follow the committee.

Hewitt’s take here is that the antitrust action against Microsoft halted innovation in Internet Explorer. In 1996, when Hewitt says IEinnovation really started, that browser didn’t even have 10% share ofthe market, while Netscape had nearly 90%. As an underdog, IE had toinnovate. Until, of course, they took over the web, and then Microsoftinexplicably all-but abandoned the product.

Hewitt then turns to the rise of the app stores (including, yes, the App Store).

Why are app stores threatening the web and luring developers like me away from it? “Evil” proprietary tech is blowing theweb away.

I want desperately to be a web developer again, but if I have to wait until 2020 for browsers to do what Cocoa can do in 2010, I won’t wait.

The “‘Evil’ proprietary tech is blowing the web away” quote is pretty compelling (I’m still kicking myself for not using it in the headline).Again, Hewitt’s point here is that the web is nowhere near wherenon-web technologies like Cocoa are — and won’t be for a decade.

@KuraFire Did Microsoft patent their non-standard html/javascript/css extensions, preventing other browsers fromimplementing them?

@johnfoliot True, they [w3c] don’t dictate, but developers shame others who use non-standard APIs. That’s the problem.

He wonders here why some of Microsoft’s standards weren’t adopted by the W3C? Then blames the web developers for shaming other developers whouse tech not sanctioned by the governing body.

I am ranting because I want to drop Cocoa and go back to the web, but I am upset about how much power I have to give up to dothat.

How it should go: browsers innovate differently, users pick the best one, later W3C standardizes what users chose, losing browsers conform.

The core of Hewitt’s argument. Web technologies aren’t moving fast enough, and why should he have to use a less powerful language toconform to web standards? Again, he hopes that browsers will start toinnovate and force the W3C to conform to them.

@joseph_wanja I love what Cocoa can do, I just don’t like C-based languages for UI programming.

The reason why Hewitt doesn’t just stick with Cocoa if he finds it superior to web-based languages.

@eston Users might be aware of their choices if more developers wrote browser-specific sites. Developers really pick thewinner.

An urging for developers to take action to reverse the trend.

@JamesWatch IE6 was fucking amazing in 2000. It’s not fair to compare it to modern browsers.

A word of caution for those who bash IE6 — remember what it was like when it came out.

@joseph_wanja unfortunately I would recommend Cocoa [rather than web languages] at this point. Wish I didn’t have to saythat.

Cocoa, while not perfect, is better than web languages.

@michaelvillar So launch a different browser. Not a big deal. Know what is a big deal? Having to buy a different phone for eachapp store.

An interesting point. Hewitt is saying that while it may seem like a hassle to have the web coded for different browsers, it’s much more of ahassle to have apps coded for different phones.

@jjathman I’m not justifying ActiveX, but the html/css/javascript side of IE which at one time was state of the art.

Again, more defense of IE back in the day.

From here, Hewitt goes into a series of thoughts on web vs. native apps.

@ppk Yes, exactly. I’d rather developers had forced users to launch different browsers instead of making watered down x-browsersites.

@ppk That’s sort of what is happening with mobile web vs. native mobile apps, except app stores don’t extend the browser, they replaceit.

@slauriat “best viewed in X” was not as bad as “buy another phone”, which is what we got for letting the web go to shit so apps could rise.

@ppk As someone who has tried to do both cutting edge native and web iPhone apps, iPhone Safari is a joke compared to iPhone Cocoa.

App stores replace the web, simply because their languages are better, in Hewitt’s mind. And it’s our own fault for letting the web goto shit, and letting this happen. His last tweet is particularlypowerful: Hewitt does have a lot of experience on both sides, andconsiders iPhone Safari to be a “joke” compared to what you can donatively. This is a sentiment a lot of developers whisper about, butseldom say publicly.

Finally, Hewitt qualifies some of his statements a bit.

I’ve been hard on Flash, but we should all thank Macromedia/Adobe for 10 years of picking up the slack of the W3C,Microsoft, and Mozilla.

And really, how screwed would we be if the WebKit team weren’t so god damn competent? Ok, signing off now, thanks for listening. :)

Fair enough, plenty of juicy post-worthy comments for one day.

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Editor's note: Pete Cashmore is founder and CEO of Mashable,a popular blog about social media. He writes a weekly column aboutsocial networking and technology for

London, England (CNN) -- Facebook dropped a bombshell on the tech industry last week in the form of a Web-wide"Like" button and the launchof the "Open Graph."

Using this new platform, Web sites can drive Web traffic from Facebook by including Like buttons on theirpages; every Like posts an update to that user's Facebook page.

What's more, any Web site can customize its experience for you, if you'relogged into Facebook: Suddenly stories can be ranked not just byan editor but by your friends too.

Likes replace links?

Facebook announced Likes as a form of "social links" -- better than a link because it's related to a specific user. If Like buttons take off,that's really bad news for Google, since its algorithm uses linksbetween sites to determine their order in search results.

Facebook seeks to replace this open system of links between pages with the"social links" (or Likes) that it controls. Google and other searchengines won't have full access to all these Likes, so the company bestpositioned to rank the Web will be Facebook. No wonder the "open Web" advocates are sounding the alarm, concernedthat a single company will stockpile all of our personal informationand preferences.

Already there are calls to create an "OpenLike" standard that's accessible to all, reports Facebook watcher Nick O'Neill.

Facebook optimization?.

Can the measurement of an industry affect the output of that industry? If an Academy Award is the ultimate measure of a movie, dodirectors set out to create great films or Oscar-winning ones?

Appearing on the first page of Google results for your chosen search term isperhaps the online equivalent of an Oscar win.

As Google rose to become the barometer of all that's worthy on the Web, publishers rushedto change their sites to appease the Google god. "Search EngineOptimization" became a massive industry; a multitude of SEO consultantssprung up, offering to tweak your Web site to better fit Google'smeasure of the Web.

What if Facebook Likes take off? Or to use the proper jargon: What if the Open Graph becomes the measure of theWeb? Will publishers change their sites to appease our new overlord?

I'm already seeing it: Thousands of sites are adding Facebook's version of semantic data in preference to the open standards as Facebookbecomes the new kingmaker. In the week since launch, more than 50,000Web sites have added Facebook's "social plug-ins." All of which willmake it blissfully easy for Facebook to organize the Web:

Facebook Optimization may be the new SEO.

Open Web advocates have reason to be concerned. Privacy experts are also raisingred flags. No doubt they'll find an ally in Google: Without access tothe stitches that bind Web pages together, the search engine couldfalter.

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The highly publicised ‘One man, One Vote’ rally organised by the Edo State government to promote democracy ran into trouble yesterday when Wole Soyinka, and leaders of the Action Congress, including Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, and party chairman, Bisi Akande, staged a public walkout.

The boycott was carried out to protest the presence of former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, and Senate President, David Mark, who were at the rally.

Earlier, the former Lagos State governor, Bola Ahmed Tunubu; National Publicity Secretary of Action Congress, Lai Muhammed; the party’s governorship candidates in Osun and Ogun States, Raufu Aregbesola, and Kayode Fayemi; and party secretary, Usman Bugaje had flown out of Lagos to the Benin rally around 10:00am while Mr Fashola and his team joined the event shortly after.

However, two hours after the plane that took Mr Fashola to Benin took off, it returned to the Presidential Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, followed by a private jet with Mr Soyinka on board. The men had refused to remain at the rally grounds, thus shunning an event attended by the Edo State governor and AC member, Adams Oshiomhole; Bayelsa State governor and representative of the Acting President, Timpreye Sylva; Mr Babangida; and most of the governors of the South-south.

Explaining why they had to turn their back on the event, Mr Bugaje told journalists that participating in the rally would be tantamount to his party endorsing the presidential ambition of Mr Babangida, who is not an AC member.

He also said it was not possible for the party’s delegation to have remained in Benin to attend a rally with a senate president who destroyed the report of Mohammed Uwais’ electoral reforms panel.

“We went to Edo for a rally on “one man, one vote,” meaning a rally on electoral reform, so that we can press home the point that we cannot afford to continue with the kind of electoral system that we have seen. That we must have a free, fair, credible and transparent election. But when we went, we found out that a stage had been set for one of the presidential aspirants on a platform, which is not our party and we thought our participation will mean some kind of endorsement, which we were not prepare to do.

“Secondly, and perhaps much more importantly, the fact is that the guest of honour as we saw in one of the dailies inside the plane, was the Senate President, David Mark. This is the same senate president who literally supervised the destruction of the Uwais report that went to the National Assembly. In other words, this was the man who supervised the mutilation, and destruction of the hope that this country had for a better electoral system. We cannot see how such a man can be the special guest of honour in a rally, which is all about free, fair and credible election after he has destroyed the report that virtually provided for free, fair and credible election.

“So, with all these contradictions, we discovered that the place was not for us and, therefore, we withdrew, excused ourselves, we wished them well and see how things unfold and we will let you know what our views are.”

Mr Soyinka, in reply to reporters’ questions, said: “Let me just put it this way, this is the last straw (pointing to a newspaper ). I saw this and this is the last straw, the guest of honour (David Mark).

That is all I will say to you right now. I think the people that gave me a ride will have a lot more to say (referring to Mr Tinubu and the AC delegation). The special guest of honour, for me, is Oro pesi je, as they say.” (Oro pesi je’ literally means ‘the matter is beyond comments.’) Mr Bugaje said attending such an event was antithetical to the beliefs of his party..

“Nigerians are already wise enough to see through some of these tricks and gimmicks. I don’t think anybody will be deceived by that kind of crowd, that this is the kind of crowd that gathers for electoral reform,” he said. “Nearly all the dignitaries that are elected officers there were the very beneficiaries of this corrupt, mutilated electoral system that was supervised by Maurice Iwu and how can these people really be there in the forefront in a rally which is all about free, fair and credible election?”

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El-rufai returns Tomorrow

Then Mr Ribadu the more popular of the two .

The former Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nasir el-Rufai, will return to Nigeria on Saturday, NEXT can exclusively report.

Mr. El-Rufai has been on a self-imposed exile since November 2009, and even though he had announced that he would return to the country in December, he released a statement, five days to his planned arrival, saying he had postponed his return for security reasons.

At the time, his lawyer Bamidele Aturu, in an interview with NEXT, said that “in the light of the uncertainty surrounding the exercise of public power in Nigeria in general, and security matters in particular, it would be decidedly unguarded for Mallam El-Rufai to return to Nigeria on 27 December 2009.”.

Since then, a lot has changed on Nigeria’s political scene, with the former Vice President stepping into the shoes of ailing President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. It is still not clear if this has a bearing on Mr. El-Rufai’s decision to return, but sources close to him told NEXT that his flight is booked and he will be arriving at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, on Saturday, aboard a British Airways flight BA0083.

It is also unclear what Mr. El-Rufai’s plans are once he returns to Nigeria, or what he intends to do about the two arrest warrants issued against him. The first warrant accused Mr. El-Rufai of conducting treasonable activities abroad. While the second, issued on November 5, described Mr. El-Rufai as wanted “for acts contrary to Sections 96, 120, 123 and 124 CAP 532 laws of the federation of Nigeria” as well as “some provisions of the Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act (of) 2000.” Former Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Michael Aondoakaa, had also announced the commencement of extradition proceedings on Mr. El-Rufai, based on the Senate Committee on FCT’s report, which also allegedly indicted the ex-minister.

Mr. El-Rufai is also being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to account for almost $250 million spent during his tenure as Minister of the FCT. He, however, in a terse email letter to the anti-graft agency, ahead of his planned return last year, stated that “for the avoidance of any doubt, I am returning to Nigeria on the 27th of December, 2009. I will never be afraid to face a bunch of lackeys like you.”

He is facing an eight-count charge for criminal conspiracy and abuse of office while he served as minister along with Altine Jubrin, a former director general, Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS), and Ismaila Iro, former general manager of the same organisation.

As of the time we went to press, neither Mr. El-Rufai nor his lawyer Mr. Aturu could be reached for comments.

Mr. El-Rufai’s return might add to the complications and internal crises presently experienced within the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He is a card carrying member of the PDP, although it is not clear which of the factions in the party he belongs to.

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THE only man ever to admit involvement in the assassination of American civil rights leader, Malcolm X, was freed on parole on Tuesday, 45 years after he helped gun down the activist.

Thomas Hagan was the last man still serving time in the 1965 killing, part of the skein of violence that wound through the cultural and political upheaval of the 1960s. He was freed from a Manhattan prison where he spent two days a week under a work-release programme.

Hagan, 69, has repeatedly expressed sorrow for being one of the gunmen who fired on Malcolm X, killing one of the civil rights era's most polarizing and compelling figures.

However, one of the groups dedicated to Malcolm X's memory condemned Hagan's parole.

Hagan declined to comment after his release..

"I really haven't had any time to gather my thoughts on anything," he told the Associated Press (AP) by telephone.

Hagan acknowledged that he was one of three men who shot Malcolm X in front of a crowd of hundreds - including several of his young children - as the civil rights leader began a speech at Harlem's Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965. Two other accomplices created a distraction in the audience, Hagan has said.

But he said the two men convicted with him were not involved. They, too, maintained their innocence and were paroled in the 1980s. No one else has ever been charged, a fact that has perpetuated debate and theories surrounding the slaying.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office, which prosecuted Hagan and his co-defendants, declined to comment on Hagan's release or his account of the killing.

Hagan applied 17 times before being granted parole last month. He had been sentenced to life in prison for what he described in a 2008 court filing as the deed of a young man who "acted out of rage on impulse and loyalty" to religious leaders.

The assassins gunned down Malcolm X out of anger at his split with the leadership of the Nation of Islam, the black Muslim movement for which he had once served as a prominent spokesman, said Hagan, then known as Talmadge X Hayer.

Malcolm X had spoken out against its leader, Elijah Muhammad, in comments that some of Muhammad's followers denounced as slander.
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RCCG pastor arrested over N7.5m unpaid loan

Thursday, April 29, 2010
A Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor, Akin Obatusin, has been arrested and detained at the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, over a loan of N7.5 million.

Daily Sun gathered that another RCCG pastor, Abimbola Oresegun, wrote a petition to SFU that led to the arrest.

His detention at the Special Fraud Unit was also confirmed by a senior police officer, who spoke to Daily Sun but wouldn’t want his name in print. Problem started when Pastor Obatusin, an Estate Agent, allegedly borrowed the sum of N7.5 million, from the complainant on August 2009, to execute a contract.

The condition attached to the loan was that the suspect would pay back, after one month with 8 per cent interest. Also, the duration of the loan was one month. Two days after collecting the N7.5 million, Obatusin approached Oresegun and requested for another N2 million loan, this time, for himself.

The cleric had told Oresegun he wanted to use the money to complete the construction of his parents’ building, located at Layori Soetan Street, Sawmill, Gbagada, Lagos. The suspect was said to have promised to pay back the money, with 5 percent interest per month, immediately tenants moved into the house. He was also expected to pay back in one month..

However, Oresegun started to smell a rat when his pastor -colleague failed to pay back at the expiration of the one month.

According to a source, when Oresegun approached Obatusin, he (Obatusin) begged him to allow him use the money for further business transactions, a request which Oresegun turned down. After he failed to convince him to allow him hold on to the money, the pastor, again promised to pay in September 2009, before the lender traveled to Toronto, Canada, for further studies. But he never did.

While in Canada, a couple of e-mails were exchanged between the two pastors, during which Obatusin promised to make the money available by the first week of December 2009, when he would have returned to Nigeria. It was gathered that he again extended it to January 4, 2010. Following many breach of his promises, Oresegun decided to take the matter to their senior pastors, through a letter dated March 18, 2010. In the letter, the lender narrated how he lent some money to Obatusin and how he failed to honour the gentleman agreement he entered into with him.

Oresegun sought the Senior Clerics’ intervention, to prevail on Obatusin, now a Church Administrator, to pay back the money he borrowed from him.

Also in the letter, he told his fellow pastors how the suspect had in a separate business deals, assisted his wife to refurbish a building, let it out and allegedly collected N3.6 million, but refused to remit the money to his wife. It was when his efforts to collect the money failed that Oresegun decided to report the matter to the Special Fraud Unit. At SFU.

The complainant narrated how he had known the suspect at RCCG, Maranatha Chapel, Gbagada, Lagos, since 1999, which his wife attended.

He explained that his trust in Obatusin was based on the fact that he (Obatusin) once assisted him to procure a land and Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). The complainant also attached copies of e-mails exchanges between two of them to the petition he sent to SFU. The e-mails also were made available to Daily Sun.
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A balancing act says Judge .An Eye for An Eye.

The court heard that trouble started when Ajikere, his brother and two girls boarded an unpainted taxi cab operated by Fabiyi, who was in plainclothes. The group had to alight from the cab following disagreement on the fare charged by the driver.

Fabiyi was angered by the group’s decision to abandon his taxi in preference for another and made his resentment known to the group, following an exchange of uncomplimentary words between both parties.

Bent on getting his pound of flesh, Fabiyi trailed the group to a mobile police check-point close to a five-star hotel along GRA and hurriedly lied to the policemen that the occupants of the other cab were criminals and should be dealt with.

Testifying at the trial, the younger brother of murdered Ajikere said the group was ordered out of the cab and frog-jumped, beaten black and blue and ordered to lay face-down on the tarred road. This was even as the policemen refused to listen to their own side of the story.

Photo:instance of police brutality

Unable to bear the torture any longer, he said, Ajikere tried to stand up and was shot at point-blank range by Cpl. Aminu. His life could not be saved as he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital that said Ajikere died of excessive bleeding.

Delivering judgment after sentencing the men to death by hanging, Monday, Justice Boma Diepreyi said the sentence would serve as a deterrent to other uniformed men “whose stock-in-trade is to kill innocent citizens under the guise of accidental discharge.”

Diepreyi said it would be unfair to take the plea of both Fabiyi and Aminu for mercy, adding: “In as much as I sympathize with them, there is the blood of the young Nnamdi Ajikere, the deceased 20 year-old final year student of University of Port Harcourt crying for vengeance.

“Justice is a balancing act and the only way to a balanced justice in this case is to make the accused persons face the consequences of their reckless act and hope that this will serve as a deterrent to those who may want to emulate their terrible example.”

Meantime, in preparation for the 2011 elections, the Nigeria Police Force has warned its officers to steer clear of inducements by politicians or their agents during the elections stressing that officers found culpable may be dismissed from service and jailed.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Operations, Mr. John Hamza Ahmadu, who gave the warning, Tuesday, while addressing the officers at the state command headquarters in Ilorin, also announced that N2billion has been released for the housing projects for officers nationwide.

Ahmadu charged the officers not to compromise their professional ethics and destroy their career because of what he described as chicken fees from politicians assured them that all their allowances would be paid before the elections.

He also urged politicians to warn their supporters to restrict their campaigns to their manifestos and play the game according to the rules adding that those who foment trouble will be dealth with.

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Military medics hope the experiments on Prahlad Jani can help soldiers develop their survival strategies.

The long-haired and bearded yogi is under 24-hour observation by a team of 30 doctors during three weeks of tests at a hospital in the western city of Ahmedabad.

Two cameras have been set up in his room, while a mobile camera films him when he goes outside, guaranteeing round-the-clock observation.

His body will be scanned and his brain and heart activity measured with electrodes.

"The observation from this study may throw light on human survival without food and water," said Dr G. Ilavazahagan, who is directing the research.

"This may help in working out strategies for survival during natural calamities, extreme stressful conditions and extra-terrestrial explorations like future missions to the Moon and Mars by the human race."

Since the experiment began on April 22, Jani has neither eaten nor drunk and has not been to the toilet.

"The exercise of taking this yogi under the medical scanner is to understand what energy supports his existence," Dr Ilavazahagan added.

"Jani says he meditates to get energy. Our soldiers will not be able to meditate, but we would still like to find out more about the man and his body."

Jani, who dresses in red and wears a nose ring, grew up in Charod village in the Mehsana district in Gujarat.

He claims to have been blessed by a goddess when he was aged eight, which has enabled him to survive without sustenance.

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(CNN) -- At least 28 children were injured when a man with a knife attacked a kindergarten in east China on Thursday morning, state media said.

Most of the victims were four-year-olds, the state-run Xinhua news agency said. Three of the children were in critical condition.

Police said they have arrested a 47-year-old suspect.

The incident happened in Taixing city in Jiangsu province.

It comes a day after a man attacked 18 students and a teacher with a knife at a primary school in southern China's Guangdong province, Xinhua said.

It was not immediately known how many people were injured or whether there were any fatalities Wednesday. The man, described as being in his 40s, entered Leicheng First Primary School Wednesday afternoon and committed the attack before he was seized by police, Xinhua reported.

A man who stabbed eight children to death and wounded five others at an elementary school in eastern China last month was executed Wednesday, Xinhua said. Zheng Minsheng, 42, was shot in Nanping City for the March 23 attack..

Authorities said he carried out the attack because he was frustrated at "failures in his romantic life," Xinhua said.

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Iwu gets the sack INEC sheds dead weight

The five-year reign of Maurice Iwu as the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission came to a sudden end yesterday when the Acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, ordered him to proceed on a pre-disengagement leave, with immediate effect.

Mr Jonathan’s directive was given in a terse statement signed by his spokesman, Ima Niboro and released to journalists in Abuja. “The Acting President’s directive is in consonance with Section 155(1) (c), which stipulates that the Chairman and members of the Independent Electoral Commission shall hold office for a period of five years,” the statement said.

“He has also been directed to hand over to the most senior National Commissioner, who shall oversee the activities of the commission pending the appointment of a substantive chairman”.

Mr Iwu’s tenure expires on 13th June, 2010 and he had actively lobbied for an extension of his service. But most Nigerians blame him for the controversial general election held in 2007 which produced the incumbent administration, and one of the early promises of the Yar’Adua administration was that it would reform the electoral process.

Many local and international agencies and governments have specifically asked Mr Jonathan to sack Mr Iwu if he desired a credible election next year. The acting president demurred from making any categorical statement regarding the fate of Mr Iwu until yesterday..

Wishing him success

Three weeks ago, Mr Jonathan was pointedly asked by Christianne Amanpour on a CNN programme if he was going to retain Mr Iwu. He said recent elections in Anambra and Abuja have shown that the man could organise credible polls if given the right tools.

Some civil society groups, including the Save Nigeria Group, have also organized rallies to press for the removal of Mr Iwu, although counter rallies were also organized in his favour -including a well reported one led by maverick artiste, Charles Oputa, also known as Charley Boy.

A number of senior positions will soon be vacant at the electoral commission and this gives Mr Jonathan the opportunity to nominate a new crop of Nigerians into the commission, as he told an audience in the US during his last trip.

The Acting President, in the letter announcing Mr Iwu’s disengagement, thanked the outgoing chairman for his service to the nation and wished him success in his future endeavours.

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From Microsoft line of communication devices are the all new Microsoft Kin One and Two phones. The dual phones have been designed specifically to enable people actively engage and navigate their social lives..

The KIN has been designed as the phone to provide an ultimate and never before social web experience and excitement with sites like facebook,Twitter, YouTube etc.

“We built KIN for people who live to be connected, share, express and relate to their friends and family. This social generation wants and needs more from their phone. KIN is the one place to get the stuff you care about to the people you care about most.” said Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft.

The home screen of the KIN (called the Loop) has been designed such that it always keeps users informed with events within their social world via notifications and beeps. It also automatically collates feeds from social sites like facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc, making it easier to always stay connected 24 hours.


The KIN One and the KIN Two phones both come in different designs and also both have a fun and simple interface. Social networking has been built as the core platform for the Microsoft KIN phones.

The KIN one and Two phones both feature capacitive touch screen, with slide-out keyboard style. The KIN One is compact and smaller in size to the KIN Two. The Two features a larger screen size with higher resolution. It also records high definition video.

The KIN one phone has a screen size of 2.6 inch and 320 x 240 pixel resolutions while the KIN Two has a screen size of 3.4 inch with a resolution screen of 480 x320.

Both phones feature single silver home buttons with glossy black bezel and have tactile QWERTY keyboards.


The two major features on the KIN phones are the Spot and Loop. With the Loop, social contents (facebook, twitter etc) are collated in an order of priority by how they are sorted. The Spot which works more like an attach button, enables users drag and share different contents like maps, images, videos, status updates and share among friends.

Both devices are powered by 600 MHz processors and packs 256 MB RAM. The KIN One and KIN Two have 4GB and 8GB internal storage respectively .They also both come with rear facing cameras,a 5 megapixel camera in the KIN One and an 8 megapixel Camera in the KIN Two. The Camera has metallic shutter buttons and LED flash.

The phones also integrate with the Zune experience- providing music, FM radio, podcast playback and video, which can all be accessed on online store via a Zune Pass subscription from Zune Marketplace.

The devices come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, Micro USB port, Wi-Fi and 2.1 Bluetooth. Both phones also come with a tiny 5V USB adaptor and have batteries of 1240mAh and 1390mAh respectively for the KIN One and KIN Two phones.


Pricing of the phones have not yet been disclosed, but they would be available as from May 2010.

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Popular actress, Oge Okoye, is no doubt an embodiment of talent, intelligence and beauty, and has impressively made her name to the top list in Nollywood. The soft-spoken actress, in this interview with Adunola Fasuyi, speaks on her life, career and other issues..
I was born in London, I am the only child of my parents and from Imo State. I had my early schooling abroad and completed it in Nigeria. I had my secondary education and I’m a product of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University where I graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. My growing up was fun. I am married, a mother of one and married to an international auto merchant, Duru. Having made excellence and commendable appearance in my second movie, Sister Mary, now I have lost count of the number of movies I have featured in..

Acting for you, was it by accident or design?
Though I studied Theatre Arts, I never wanted to take acting as a profession in life. It just happened. I actually accompanied a friend to a location to rehearse a role, then the produce saw me and encouraged me to try out a role. Since I have acted drama in school before, I took up the challenge and that was it. The producer said I acted well and I just brushed up. So, that was how it started.

Some of your works in Nollywood?
Some of the movies I featured in include Corporate Maid 1&2, Against My Blood 1&2, Angels Forever 1&2, Beyond Dreams 1&2, Crime Planner 1&2, Daytime Lovers 1&2, Last Offence 1&2, The Snake Girl 1&2, Total Crisis 1&2, Untapped Gold 1&2, Beyond Passion 1&2, Black Bra 1&2. Others are Desperate Love, Eagle's Bride 1&2, Emotional Battle 1&2, Face of Africa 1&2, The Girl Is Mine 1&2,trinity 1&2, Trouble Maker, Arsenal 1&2, Spanner 1,2&3 to mention but only a few.

What movies are you working on at the moment?
Well, at the moment, I should be travelling to Asaba, Delta State to continue with the new movie I am fixed to do. It’s yet to be titled but I can bet that the best of me is yet to come as the storyline of the movie is something a lot of lovers of Nollywood would applaud.

You seem to be a workaholic in this profession of yours, do you make out time to relax?
You are right. I am a very busy person, no doubt but in as much as I am busy, I still make out time to relax. I do relax anytime I am not working. Not that I am complaining anyway, when duty calls, you need to attend to its call. So at anytime it calls, I should be there. Though, I deal with life the way it comes, but anytime I am not working, I try to spend it with my boy. I mean my child, I try to spend all the time with him because I know I am not always there. You know, work takes me round the city all the time. When I need to relax, I relax in the comfort of my home with my little boy. We go shopping and we do some recreation together. Once in a while, I can take him out and probably see one or two friends around.

Your husband seems to be missing in your relaxation, why don’t you relax with him?
He’s not around for now, whenever he’s around, we are always together. He stays abroad attending to his business. We are one big family, whenever he’s in town, he, our baby and me, are inseparable.

How often do you see each other?
We should be taking our vacation next month; we are definitely going to be together soon.

When do you plan to have your second baby?
Hey! Adun, you shouldn’t ask about that common, I am not God. At the right time, God who has blessed us with one will also bless us with two, three…

Anything you won’t like to be caught doing?
Hmmn, I can’t be caught exchanging words with someone in the public. Even before I became a known face, I try to shy away from confrontation with people in public, not even now that I am a celebrity, it doesn’t speak good of me. I avoid embarrasement and anything that will belittle my personality in the public, I am very cautious of that.

Why do people think you’re a club freak?
I don’t understand what you mean by a club freak…does it mean I can’t unwind or what exactly do you mean?
Thy say you love to go to club without your husband and that you sometimes come back late at odd hours. As a responsible married lady and mother, how true is this?
I still can’t place their idea of me going to club. Club houses are meant to unwind and it’s not that it’s a bad thing going to clubs. In fact, saying I go to clubs all the time is baseless because I am not always in town and you know I am a very busy person; I am always busy at locations. But whenever I am around for like two or three days, I go to unwind with my family. Even if I have to go to club, it must be probably that a friend is celebrating something or there is a special event which I needed to attend.

How many movies have you shot so far?
I have lost count, seriously, I can’t even remember.

Which was the most challenging?
All my movies are very challenging and good, but the one that I put more than enough energy on was my second movie, entitled Sister Mary. It’s a thriller, a beautiful and painstaking work of art.

People say you snub when on movie locations, how true is this?
Very, very false. Location is meant to act and for business strictly and that’s what it should be for and that is exactly what I do there.

Your favourite food and drinks?
Semovita with Edikaikong and for my drinks, aside water, I love champagne and red wine.

Besides movie, is there any other thing you are working on?
Yeah, I am working on my fashion label. I have been on it for a while now and very soon, it’s going to be in the open.

How soon?
Very soon, you will be the first to know..

How do you choose your friends?
I am not really good at making friends. I hate lies and any friend who is not trustworthy, I am not game with such friends. A true friend should always be there for you no matter how bad the situation, that’s what friends are for. So, I am really choosy with my friends.

How do you intend to stand out in Nollywood?
How I intend to step up my game is to come out with good movies and not just be on the set for every movie, good or bad. I intend to stand out for excellence and perfection. Right now, before I move into any set, I will look at the script very well and if I am comfortable with the story, I am in. You don’t expect me to show my face in any quack movie that may later have a bad effect on my personality when released into the market. By so doing, I entertain my fans in a way they will love to be entertained, so I try to keep my game up in the industry. One thing I know is that such wishy-washy movies will only degrade you and since I’m not in the industry just for money, I will be choosy about the films I feature in. If I had entered the industry because of money, I would probably be acting anything for huge amount of money. The purpose of shooting a movie is to teach people some moral lessons, something that will have positive impact on people, something very meaningful that they will make something useful out of it.

What has kept you going this long?
What has kept me on till date is because I am very versatile. Not only that, as a professional in the business, the nitty-gritty of the business is what I understand perfectly. My fans also are another factor that has kept me going on, their appreciation, attention and love for the roles I play and my person, all these are enough reason for me to still be relevant in the industry. Without my fans, there wouldn’t have been me and the fact that they enjoy what I do and I also on the other hand enjoy acting, has all given me the course to play on, forge on in spite of any distractions or challenges. I keep going and keep pressing on because of my fans and my passion for the career.

How would you rate Nollywood vis-à-vis quality of production?
We’re getting there. I don’t believe we’re there yet because we still have some people bringing out some craps as movies. But, if we have to rate the industry, for now, I think we are a little bit above the average.

What is causing derail in progress in the industry?
Piracy, mediocrity and lack of finance are the axes that have cut down the considerable progress in the industry. If corporate and government establishment could form an alliance and support the industry, the better for us and the nation at large because entertainment and Nollywood is a goldmine for government, great revenue can be generated from the industry only if the infrastructure is there and government sincerely helps to curb piracy to the barest minimum. Just take a look at these telecommunication outfits that have now shown interest in our people, anointing them as ambassadors. It’s a good thing and it will give the industry a face that every lover of the industry is craving for. Their gesture is a wonderful encouragement.

Word for your fans?
I love them all and I will keep on loving them and I can never stop because God has used them to make me, Oge Okoye.
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Every day close to 50 people are killed in auto accidents that are caused by drunk driving. Drunk drivers cause physical injuries to people every two minutes, that's 720 people every single day that are injured by a drunk driver.

If you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you are between 7 and 380 times more likely, depending on how many drinks you have had, to be involved in a fatal auto accident than someone who has not been drinking.

Aside from the increased risk of being involved an auto accident, you are also at risk for legal troubles including losing your driver's license and even going to jail, whether you are in an accident or merely get pulled over for a traffic violation or even just because an officer suspects you have been drinking. Havin...g a DUI or DWI on your record can also increase your auto insurance rates.
People who have been injured by or lost loved ones due to a drunk driver have the right to seek compensation. In this day and age, everyone is aware of the dangers of drinking and driving and should be held accountable for driving under the influence of alcohol since they knowingly put every other driver and passenger on the road at risk..

Any auto accident that results in injury or death is a tragedy, however it seems even more tragic when it could have been avoided if the driver had not chosen to drink and drive. Thousands upon thousands of lives could be saved each year if drunk driving could be eliminated.
Insurance costs would be reduced and fewer people would be handicapped as well. The pain that drunk driving causes extends well beyond those injured and killed in drunk driving accidents. The lives of the family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of the victims are affected as well.



From salako omolola
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Vocal Slender to Play At the O2 Arena Same place Michael Jackson waas to play ! ! !

Let's support Eric Obuh, the Vocal Slender, through your purchase of his work on ITUNES. The charismaticEric Obuh (aka Vocal Slender) is an aspiring rap artist based in Lagoswhose day job is to scavenge for scrap metal at one of the major dumpsites in the city.

Eric Obuh aka Vocal Slender, the guy featured prominently in the first part of the BBC documentary 'welcometo Lagos' is about to transmute from scavenging at olusosun rubbishdump in ojota Lagos to singing live at O2 arena in London - the samearena where Michael Jackson was billed to perform before he died

Obuh is so focused on his music dreams and is not fazed by his economicalchallenges. Obuh rummages through piles of rubbish to salvage valuableplastics and metals which he sells and uses the monies from his sale toinvest in his dream. He has our respect and his story is remarkable.Watch part I of his story below. Part 2 and 3 of BBC's Welcome to Lagosdocumentary airs on April22nd and 29th, 2010.

His first major shot at the limelight was on the BBC 2 Programme 'Welcome to Lagos' aired at 9pm on 15, 22 April 2010. Vocal Slender, born Eric Obuh, was a scavenger at the Ojota refuse dump. He earned a living by rummaging through trash and selling items he was able to salvage. For Eric, this was merely a means to an end.

His true passion was MUSIC! He had big dreams of becoming a “vocal slender, lyrical inspector”! In the BBC documentary, Eric was featured recording his single “Owo Yapa”, and saving up money to buy new clothes and take photos for his album cover.

Against all odds, Eric has fulfilled his lifelong dream, not only on a national level, but on a global scale

The BBC 2 documentary has certainly changed this young man's life forever. His debut single ' OWO YAPA' is currently making waves worldwide..

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Women in the senate and a coalition of Nigerian women’s groups, including the Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN), Women Rights Advancement and Pro-tection Alternative (WRAPA) and the Global Association of Women Attorneys (GAFA), are protesting the marriage of former Zamfara State governor and Senate Minority Whip, Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima to a 13-year old Egyptian girl..
They took their protest to the Senate, urging the Senate President, David Mark leadership of the Upper House to suspend him for marrying an underaged girl. They are also asking his constituents in Zamafara Central Senatorial District to recall him from the Senate.

The women argued that Mr. Yerima’s action is both medically unsafe for the child-bride and legally wrong. They also asked that the senator return the Child to her Egyptian parents or face more protests and possible court action.

Mma Wokocha, a gynaecologist and the national president of Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria, argued that the marriage will expose the child to vagino-vesicular fistula (VVF). This is a situation where, because the child’s pelvis is too narrow to give birth, pressure from the baby’s head blocks the circulation in the area between the bladder and the vagina, killing the tissue and creating a permanent hole in which urine constantly passes through the vagina.

GAFA representative, Mrs. Chinelo Iriele, said “Nigerian women are sad because the Child Right Acts, Section 21 prohibits Child marriage.

“Section 22 prohibits betrothal of a child under the age of 13. Today one of our senators, Senator Yerima, who is a member of the highest law making body in the country, is committing the same offence that attracts the penalty of five years imprisonment or N500,000 fine or both."

He married a fifteen year old girl two years ago who has a child for him. Now a 13 year old girl? How sick sad...
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North Carolina beach town bans thongs

CNN) -- If you plan on going to Kure Beach, North Carolina, bring your sunscreen and shades, but please leave your thong behind.

The seaside community has adopted a zero tolerance policy on anyone wearing the barely-there bikini by the shore on their part of North Carolina's Pleasure Island, just south of Wilmington.

"You can do what you want to in your own space," said Mayor Dean Lambeth, "but for public decency, keep it off the public beach."

Lambeth told CNN he and the town supervisors last week unanimously approved the ordinance banning the skimpy bathing wear.

"Everything we do is family oriented. We like the small town atmosphere," he said..

The decision to forbid thongs was triggered by a couple's recent inquiry about spending their honeymoon in Kure Beach, Lambeth said.

According to the mayor, the couple wanted to know if they could wear thongs. The man thought the town's policy on the matter was ambiguous, Lambeth said. After consulting with the police chief, he determined the ordinance should be amended to better address the issue.

Section 12-32 of the Code of the Town of Kure Beach, which was adopted on April 22, makes it illegal "for any person being naked or insufficiently clothed ... to bathe or swim in the Atlantic Ocean" or any other area within the town's jurisdiction. Sun-bathing "naked or insufficiently clothed" is also banned.

"Thong bathing suits or similar attire are specifically prohibited," the code says.

Anyone wearing a thong on the beach will be fined $25.

Lambeth said reaction to the no-thong policy has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I have gotten probably 100 e-mails from all over the U.S. supporting our stance," he told CNN. "I'm getting calls from New York, California that they are glad somebody is finally taking a stand for public decency."

Lambeth, who said Kure Beach's population swells from 2,500 to 11,000 in the summer, described the town as "nice, slow-mo and conservative."

"We're just a small southern community, and that's how we're going to keep it," he said.

He also suspected the decision on the thongs could end up in court and blamed liberals for that.

"You can file a suit -- the way this country is leaning so far left, it wouldn't surprise me," he said. "They want to challenge it? They want to spend the money? Go for it."

Lambeth said people can wear thongs in their homes and backyards. And with his policy in place, he told CNN he's content.

"I'm sitting out here looking at the ocean and don't see a damn thong in sight.

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23-yr-old girl dumps baby in toilet

BENIN — A 23-year-old girl, Vivian Oghenero, was, yesterday, paraded by the Police in Edo State for dumping her baby in a pit toilet in Benin-City.

Oghenero, who hails from Delta State, lives at Eyeanogie Street, Benin, the state capital, where the incident occurred.
Parading the suspect before newsmen, Edo State Police image maker, Mr. Peter Ogboi, disclosed that it was a good Samaritan who alerted the police on discovering the baby in the pit toilet.
… and the child died
He explained that efforts made by the Police to ensure that the child survived failed as the baby later gave up the ghost..
Ogboi advised young girls against unwanted pregnancies and dumping of their babies in toilets or in uncompleted buildings after birth.
He described the action of the suspect as criminal.
The suspect, Oghenero, in an interview with newsmen, regretted her action and begged for forgiveness.
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