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Kick off: 7.45pm.

CORRECTION: FOUR SPURIOUS OMENS BECOME THREE! I've just realised (2) happened in 2006, and Henry only left Arsenal in 2007. My. How time flies when your brain is slowly dying.

After much dull speculation - sorry - Cesc Fabregas is passed fit! Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Fabregas, Song, Diaby, Nasri, Bendtner, Arshavin.
Subs: Fabianski, Rosicky, Eduardo, Walcott, Denilson, Eboue, Campbell.

No Andres Iniesta for Barca, and Henry's only on the bench. Valdes, Dani Alves, Pique, Puyol, Maxwell, Messi, Keita, Busquets, Xavi, Pedro, Ibrahimovic.
Subs: Pinto, Marquez, Bojan, Henry, Milito, Toure Yaya, Jeffren.

Referee: Massimo Busacca (Switzerland).

Missing the next match if they're booked: Fabregas and Gael Clichy are treading a fine line for Arsenal, while needing to watch out in Barcelona shirts are Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol. Hmm, Fabregas and Puyol aren't setting much in the way of captain's examples, are they? But if the top players really must get themselves idiotically suspended for the next leg, then let's see some proper old-school haymaker throwing, please, no half measures.

Ersatz sub-Ronaldo teamsheet drama: Fabregas may yet not start! He's got special dispensation to drop to the bench, and loll on it, if his warm-up doesn't go well. CHRIST ALMIGHTY. Either he's fit or he's not. Does everything have to be such a drama these days?

Poor man's pre 1998 World Cup final carry-on: After all that, Fabregas starts. BLASPHEME BLASPHEME BLASPHEME. Now, can we just get on with it, please?

Click, clack, click, clack, click, clack, click, clack, clickity, clackity, click, clack, clack. The teams walk out onto the pitch. It won't be long, it won't be long.

Tippy, tappy, passy, passy. So, any chance you're running an illicit book on (a) possession percentages or (b) how long before the ITV commentator sees football so beautiful he starts humping his monitor?" asks Niall Caldwell. "A fiver on 57% for Barça and 14 minutes respectively." I'd go for 87% Barcelona and 0.0000000043234 seconds, were I running such a book, which I'm not. You've also forgotten to ask how long it'll take before said ITV mouthpiece starts banging on about Brazil 70-style football despite only witnessing a few simple passes being strung together.

And we're off! Arshavin immediately attempts to make things happen down the left, but his cross is too deep. Barcelona romp upfield and win a corner, just because they can. From it, sent in from the right, Busquets is found free in the centre, eight yards out. His sidefoot towards the bottom-left corner looks like creeping in, but is fingertipped away brilliantly by Almunia. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a start.

3 min: Barcelona are on the front foot. A lot of ball enjoyed by Keita, Busquets and Alves. Eventually Arsenal try to pass their way out of bother - only for Arshavin to immediately give it away to Xavi. Luckily for Arsenal the pass forward towards Ibrahimovic is heavy and bounces out of play. "All of this talk about Fabregas would lead me to make the dangerous assumption that Arsenal are just a one-man team," writes Peter Anthony Corway. "So it's not just Manchester United who have that problem then."

5 min: This is rather embarrassing for Arsenal at the moment. They have hardly touched the ball. Messi picks the ball up while racing down the inside-right channel, drops a shoulder to drift inside, and forces Almunia into saving with his feet with a low, hard shot.

6 min: This is extremely embarrassing for Arsenal at the moment. Alves swans down the right in acres, zipping a low cross into the centre for Ibrahimovic, who is free, six yards out. The big galoot balloons the ball miles over the bar, then has the brass neck not to look sheepish simply because the offside flag was up and it wouldn't have counted anyway. Dear God. Is he ever going to score in a big Champions League game?

9 min: It feels like the Emirates is tipped up onto one side at the moment, so often does the ball come back at Arsenal. Ibrahimovic zips down the right, cuts inside, and wallops a low shot into the right-hand side netting. Messi was clear in the middle; an early low cross would have caused Arsenal some severe discomfort there.

12 min: Just nothing whatsover from Arsenal at the moment. "Is it just me who expects Little Cesc to swap shirts with Yaya Toure?" wonders Gary Naylor. "I don't mean at the end of the match - I mean in August." He's here all week, ladies and gentlemen. He's here all year. Hell, he'll be here all decade.

13 min: This is preposterous. Three saves from Almunia, and blocks from Song and Vermaelen have just denied Messi (twice), Xavi, Ibrahimovic and Alves - in the space of one minute. The ball's just flying at the goal from all angles.

16 min: Vermalelen upends Ibrahimovic down the right. From the free kick, Pedro takes the ball down, just to the left of goal, ten yards out. His effort is deflected high and wide by a desperate parry by Almunia. "Some people have suggested that Wenger can't really lose from this tie: if Arsenal lose then, 'well, it was against Barcelona'; if they win then, 'what justification for Arsene!'; but is that really true?" asks David Wall. "If Arsenal are really thumped over the two-legs then they'll look like the European equivalent of West Brom in the Premier League last year. Mowbray's reputation suffered pretty badly from that (even before he reinforced the impression with Celtic this year). Could Wenger's pride take the same kind of humiliation?" We could as him now. This is the most one-sided start to a game I've ever seen.

18 min: Almunia - the only Arsenal player to turn up so far, and thank God for them that he has, else it'd be 7-0 - holds onto a Pique header from a right-wing cross. There were three yellow Barca shirts queueing up to stick the nut on that.

20 min: Arshavin is booked for a studs-up challenge on Busquets. It may have been frustration at seeing Puyol clear a deep Fabregas right-wing cross with a spectacular - and totally needless - diving header.

23 min: "This has nil-nil written all over it," writes Anthony O Connell. "For the next five minutes." And so, right on cue, just to ruin the gag, Arsenal finally do something. Nasri cuts inside from the left and, on the edge of the area, unleashes a purler of a curler towards the bottom-right corner. The ball flies just wide of the post. A superb effort - and one that gets a previously stunned crowd going.

26 min: Arshavin is limping, having injured himself making that daft tackle on Busquets. After waiting for Barcelona to pass it around for what seems like three halves of football, the ball finally goes out of play so Eboue can replace him. Incidentally, the ball went out for a goal kick, Messi running it out of play on the right - but only after Clichy had clattered into him. I reckon that should have been a penalty. Arsenal got away with one there.

29 min: Ibrahimovic wins a towering header at the left-hand post from a deep Alves cross. Almunia is sharp and first to the ball, though Galoot was offside anyway. How this is still goalless I'll never know.

32 min: Barcelona are passing it around. A lot. But that's not exactly news. "It's like watching Ajax 1972 after they have bathed in amphetamine," writes Ben Dunn. Maybe they should have taken it in pill form rather than taking a dip in it, because it's more like watching Holland 1974; a lot of fancy passing and forgetting to put the ball in the net. Luckily for Barcelona, Nicklas Bendtner is no Gerd Muller.

33 min: Messi twists and twirls just to the left of goal, outside the area, laying the ball inside to Galoot, who turns and sends a low, hard shot well wide left of target.

35 min: Bendtner diddles down the right and loops the ball into the six-yard area. Diaby gets the very top of his head to the ball, but can only divert it miles wide left. That's better from Arsenal, in as much as it's something, anything. "Is it interesting to note Ibra has never scored nor beaten an 'English' club?" wonders Stephen Alexander. "Note, this fact may be only half way interesting if you actually consider Arsenal an English club."

37 min: This is one of the most ridiculous games I've ever seen. After all that Barcelona pressure, Arsenal nearly go one up. Nasri crosses deep from the left. Alves misjudges the flight, leaving Bendtner alone in the centre with the ball at his feet. His first effort is saved by Valdes, the second is Ibrahimoviched against the right-hand post from a mere six yards. The ball then pinballs around before being hacked clear by Pique. None of it matters, as Bendtner was offside. How on earth is this still goalless?

40 min: Song is booked for not retreating from a free kick. On the halfway line. There really was no need to pick up that. Adding injury to insult, Gallas is down on the floor rubbing his leg.

43 min: Gallas has departed on a stretcher. Arsenal may leave this one until half time, the option after all being Campbell v Messi. "Ibrahimovic can hardly be expected to have scored against an English club since before this season he played for perennial European losers Inter," writes Simon Frank, who presumably doesn't support Chelsea. "Plus, big game bottlers don't score the winning goal against Real Madrid in the superclásico... having said that, he's horribly out of form, eh?"

44 min: Fabregas will miss the next match, booked for a late lunge on Busquets. The former Nou Camp youth player looks utterly distraught, not least because he got a big old piece of the ball.

44 min and a bit: From distance, Ibrahimovic skies a shot which can't have stayed in the stadium. It simply can't have. Apologies to Simon Frank, but that is possibly the worst shot ever taken in the history of professional football, and we all remember Jaap Stam's penalty at Euro 2000. Denilson, and not Campbell, is on for the crocked Gallas.

45 min: For the second time in two minutes - the Fabregas booking got in the way earlier - Nasri scoots free(ish) down the left and nearly finds Bendtner in the centre, only for Puyol to slide the ball clear.

HALF TIME: There's no point me telling you the score, you simply wouldn't believe it. How on earth aren't Barcelona ahead? They could easily have been five up after a quarter of an hour. Oh for a goalscorer in the mould of, I dunno, Samuel Eto'o. For Arsenal, it's been pretty dismal viewing, although Almunia and Nasri have both been excellent. And for a team often accused of lacking bottle, you can't accuse them of not digging in and putting in a shift.

Ibrahimovic: Galoot. "I have to object to you referring to Ibrahimovic as Galoot," blasts Ted Storer. "He is Swedish and plays for Barcelona. Shouldn't there be an umlaut or other diacritic over a vowel?" Fair point, but I'm not sure I've got a fancy enough character set. Matty Nesbitt may be able to assist. "Is Ibrahimovic the new Serginho? The moustache on the Mona Lisa? The Catalan Nicklas Bendtner?" OK, Serginhovic it is. Until I forget all about this when he shins one over the bar from a yard out on 47 minutes.

And we're off again... and... ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC: FOOTBALL GENIUS!!! Arsenal 0-1 Barcelona. Forget anything I ever said, like you were ever going to remember it anyway. Chasing a long ball down the inside-right channel, Ibrahimovic outpaces Song and from the right-hand corner of the area, lifts the most delicious sidefooted effort over the advancing Almunia and into the empty net. That was outstanding. OK, why doesn't he do this all the time?

47 min: Ibrahimovic signally does not shin one over the bar from a yard out. He's too busy running around celebrating, accepting plaudits, etc. That really was a fantastic goal. It took a whole 23 seconds of the second half to score.

49 min: Pique and Fabregas run into each other just to the left of the Barcelona box. The stunned crowd begin to shout, shout a bit more upon the referee giving not even a foul, and then fall silent again. "I take Serginhovic back," mumbles Matty Nesbitt, who can take succour from the fact that he's not in my shoes.

51 min: Ibrahimovic, on the edge of the D, heads a long ball down for Pedro, who should get an effort on target but drags a shot wide right.

53 min: Ibrahimovic sets Barca going forward with a neat backheel in the centre circle. A couple of passes later, he's dragged down 20 yards from goal by Song. The resulting free kick is wasted, Busquets sending a soft shot straight down Almunia's throat.

54 min: Both teams nearly score with a header. First Bendtner hammers a really poorly directed close-range effort straight at Valdes, wasting Clichy's perfect cross from the left, then Xavi skims a dreadful one wide left from a right-wing Alves ball.

56 min: Bendtner chases after a Fabregas flick down the inside-right channel, but the ball skids off the turf and into the hands of Valdes. Speaking of wasted effort, Loz Kaye just spent the last few minutes typing "Gålööt, gålööt".

58 min: Maxwell tears down the right, nearly finding both Xavi and Pedro in the centre with a low cross. Song does brilliantly to clear.

59 min: GOAL!!! Arsenal 0-2 Ibrahimovic. Zlatan, the slayer of the English, zips clear of Vermaelen down the inside-right channel and into the area - and wastes no time in hammering the ball into the top-right corner. We always knew this was going to happen - but by two simple balls hoofed practically up the centre?

62 min: Eboue skates down the middle of the park. He's bundled over, winning a free kick, but instead of pumping the ball towards the area Barca-style - remember how those two goals were scored - attempt to triangle-pass it down the pitch. Soon enough the ball's lost. "Does the big man need renaming for this half GOAL-OOT?" asks Matt the Hat, salvaging a little something from the wreckage of this MBM.

65 min: Arsenal can't get the ball again. Nasri, who was their star player in the first half, is to be replaced by Walcott - but just before he runs off the field, he's told to stay on, Sagna departing instead. "Tippy tappy?" repeates Damien Neva, a callback from pre-Goaloot days. "No, just a ball to the big bloke is enough to undo Arsenal. Invariably it has worked for Chelsea."

68 min: Walcott doesn't take long to get involved, ripping down the right wing and sending in a low cross. Sadly for Arsenal, there's nobody there, allowing Valdes to dip down and collect the ball.

69 min: GOAL!!! Arsenal 1-2 Barcelona. Bendtner, in the centre of the Barca half, passes down the inside-right channel towards Walcott, who strides past Maxwell, opens his body, and sidefoots powerfully goalwards. It's a decent effort, albeit one Valdes should smother. The keeper doesn't, though, the ball going through his body and into the net. This tie felt all over - but not now.

72 min: Pique is booked for cynically dragging down Fabregas as he looks for a one-two, 25 yards out, just to the right of the D. He'll miss the second leg. Is this tie turning dramatically? It will if Fabregas can score from this free kick.

73 min: Fabregas can't keep his shot down, though. "Can we still say Ibrahimovic hasn't scored against English opposition?" wonders Etienne Michelet, reading aloud from a copy of 101 Classic Arsenal Putdowns.

75 min: Eboue is booked for an artless scythe on Puyol.

76 min: Messi skitters down the left and cuts into the box, but can't get his shot away. Goaloot - aka The John Fashanu of Barca, according to Ian Copestake - is replaced by Thierry Henry. Now then.

79 min: Diaby is booked for a hilariously blatant hack on Keita. "I was about to muse about the guaranteed ineffectuality of speed merchant Walcott," writes Francis Lee. "Luckily I was delayed by perusing Hadley Freeman's piece on Uma Thurman. I might now actually start watching the match for more than eight seconds at a time." You and me both, Francis. You and me both.

82 min: Walcott and Maxwell challenge for a ball down the right. The former bundles the latter over, for which the referee calls a foul. The Emirates explodes in fury at the decision - or is it frustration? "I think the fact that Arsenal have suffered injuries against a friendly passing team like Barca shows what a bunch of senistive flowers they really are," notes Silver Fox.m

84 min: PENALTY TO ARSENAL - AND A RED CARD FOR PUYOL! From a cleverly judged right-wing cross, Bendtner, standing on the spot, cushions a header down to Fabregas. Puyol and Fabregas come together, the latter going down fairly easily to win a penalty - though you can't blame him for that. A generous award, and adding insult to injury, the big defender is sent packing - and will miss the next leg. Fabregas will take the penalty.

85 min: WHAT A COMEBACK! Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona. Fabregas hammers it down the middle, the ball sailing slightly to the left before bulging the net. The only downside: he's kicked the ball so hard, he's injured himself and limps off. With no subs left, Arsenal will play the rest of the match with ten men.

87 min: Nope, Fabregas has limped back on. But he's not moving around much. Milito comes on for Messi; Barcelona will be more than happy with a draw now.

89 min: The Emirates, so quiet for most of the half, is bouncing now. "This is a farce," suggests Barrie Stevens, balancing out the noise. "Barca should be home and dry by at least four goals by now."

90 min: There will be three more minutes of this.

90 min +1: Xavi is this close to setting Henry free, alone in the Arsenal half. Song gets something in the way; that was such a crucial interception.

FULL TIME: There's no point me telling you the score, you simply wouldn't believe it. Well, how on earth have Arsenal got away with a draw there? They were thoroughly outplayed for approximately 88 of those minutes - and allowed Zlatigol to break his duck against English clubs - but showed immense grit to fight back for a draw. Chances are that Arsenal will need to win in the Nou Camp - but Barcelona will have something to worry about now, especially as Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique will both miss the second leg. The final word goes to Alex Richman: "Well, all Wolves have to do is follow Barcelona's long-ball blueprint at the weekend, eh?"

Thierry Henry

So Thierry Henry is back at Arsenal for the first time since leaving for Barcelona. It's not the first time he's popped back to Blighty, though, is it. Some positive omens for the Gunners, then...

1. He missed a penalty on his Barcelona debut at Dundee United. In the last minute.

2. He was the creative hub of a France team beaten in the Euro 2008 qualifiers at Hampden by a Scottish side featuring Garry O'Connor, Gary Teale and Christian Dailly, 83. "Wait until we get them back to Paris," he threatened after the match. Oh!

3. He couldn't score against Rangers at Ibrox in Europe. You don't need anyone to explain the inherent problem with this.The two stages of Thierry

4. He missed a glorious chance to put Barcelona into the 2008 Champions League final at Old Trafford. A missed header, from six yards with 13 minutes to go, described as "feeble" by our very own Barry Glendenning.

It doesn't look too clever, does it? Hooray for Arsenal! Hooray for Britain, what a glorious nation! Though on the other hand... (1) He put away the rebound at Tannadice, (2) took France to Euro 2008, (3) reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, and (4) won it the year after. So he'll be unlikely to be worrying too much.

Also: (5) Arsenal have been thrashed in their two other big matches at the Emirates this season, a 3-0 pasting by Chelsea and a 3-1 walloping by Manchester United, (6) Barcelona are better than Chelsea, (7) Barcelona are better than Manchester United, and (8) Henry might not get a sniff of action this evening anyway, rendering those four spurious omens totally worthless. Oh!

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What Do You Do As A Woman If Your Husband Cheats continously ?

What do you do as a woman if your husband is a serial cheat and there are children involved? The question was put to me but I was stumped and I didnt have an answer.

1.Do you immediately divorce him?

2.Do you get your own back and start having affairs of your own?

3.Do you become a nervous, miserable wreck?

4.Do you pretend that it isn't happening & face the children instead?

5.Castrate Him ?

or any other other solution?

As far as I'm concerned, aside from the death of a loved one, there is no greater trauma than to find out your 'significant other' has been seeing someone else.

In light of the aforementioned, and in particular due to the current media frenzy detailing the astonishing, alleged/supposed 'double life' debacle of Tiger Woods -I am re-printing here (with some tweaking) one of my most popular articles while, simultaneously, one by one his so-called mistresses seem to keep coming out of the proverbial woodwork to spill the beans on their liaisons. The victims in this tragedy are the children, and his wife, who never asked to be thrust into the national spotlight and dissected under a microscope and humiliated. Here, then, is one of my most-read and most-requested articles on the subject of 'serial cheaters'.

My personal opinion of married men who cheat is -- to kick them to the curb - the sooner the better. Of course, you have other options if you feel that you cannot live without the lying cheat.

These men have issues - deep-seated issues. These issues are not going to go away in a month or two. Sure, they got caught and now they are on their best behavior. But, how long will it last? until you start feeling comfortable - and look the other way -- then, one day -'re back to where you started from. The phone rings - the person on the other end just listens to you while you say 'hello'. No response. You finally hang up....wondering. Then, you quickly dismiss it. To ponder it too long might bring back unpleasant feelings and memories.

I was involved with two of these 'serial' cheaters in my life. I don't miss the pain of being in those negative, destructive relationships one iota. Yes, they made me wiser - they also made me older - in the respect that I wasted many years of my life on each one, thinking, or hoping, one day they would change. I realize in hindsight they were both deficient in a main ingredient needed as a building block in a relationship -- values. They were deficient in character, good character. They did not have the value system that I did. In my book, lying, cheating, manipulation and deception are not qualities you want to see in your 'significant other'.


sorry for cheats is not the hardest words as they are usually ready and willing to sorry and they always sound like they mean it !
No one wants to date someone who is a serial cheater. How do you know if someone is willing to cheat on you though? A number of different signs may indicate that someone has cheated many, many times in the past. Here are some of the common characteristics of serial cheaters.


Cheating in Past Relationships

If someone has cheated in a previous relationship, this may be a sign that they are a serial cheater. While there are some people who cheat once and never cheat again, the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” is generally true in most cases. When you know that the person you are dating has cheated once or more, then you should know to be cautious when entering a relationship with them. Even if the person has not admitted to cheating, it is likely that you will still hear rumors about them that may or may not be true.

Lots of Short Relationships

Some serial cheaters remain in one long relationship with someone who they frequently cheat on. This is not always the case, however. Many serial cheaters have a lot of very short relationships. The best way to find out is to ask the person how many relationships they have been in. Also keep in mind that you will want to ask what the length of their longest relationship was. If the relationship was only a few months long, this may indicate that they do not have success in this department and it very well could be because they are a serial cheater.

Words and Actions

It is often easy to spot a serial cheater based on their words and actions. Anyone who makes themselves seem like the perfect person to get into a relationship with may be trying too hard. When someone is a really great person, they will not give you more complements than necessary or talk about a perfect future with you. If the person that you are seeing is insisting that you become sexually involved after one or two dates, this is also something that may indicate that they have been around the block more times than you can count.

Friends and Family

When you begin seeing someone, it is very common to not meet any of their friends or family members right away. Once the relationship is made official, it is very unusual to not be introduced to anyone that the guy or girl you are seeing knows. If you almost feel as though you are being kept hidden, it could be because you really are. Be sure to bring it up and if the person becomes defensive, it could be a sign that the person is really a serial cheater.

These are just a few of the signs that may indicate that someone is a serial cheater. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if someone has been willing to cheat in the past, they are also willing to cheat on you. Even though you may feel like you’re special or different, the truth is that you probably aren’t. Spotting a serial cheater early on will help prevent you from being the next brokenhearted victim.

Women, remember, knowledge is power! Stay empowered - stay healthy.

Hope to hear from you!
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Pet shop owner fined £1,000 and told to wear an electronic tag... for selling a GOLDFISH to a boy aged 14

Her offence was to unwittingly sell a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy taking part in a trading standards 'sting'.

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LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Pop singer Ricky Martin declared publicly this week what he avoided discussing for years: He isgay.

"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man," Martin wrote on his official Web site. "I am very blessed to be who Iam."

A decade ago, when ABC's Barbara Walters pressed Martin to address rumors about his sexuality, he declined to confirm or deny them."I just don't feel like it," Martin said.

Now, Martin wrote, "these years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded methat acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truthgives me the power to conquer emotions I didn't even know existed."

The 39-year-old Puerto Rican native started off with the Latin boy bandMenudo before launching his solo career in 1991.

His song "Livin' La Vida Loca" rose to the top of the music charts in 1999 and propelledMartin to stardom.

Martin said he decided years ago to not share "my entire truth" with the world because people he loved warned himthat "everything you've built will collapse."

"Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy ofsabotage," he wrote. "Today I take full responsibility for my decisionsand my actions."

The decision to come out was initiated a few months ago, when he began writing hismemoirs, he said. "I got very close to my truth," he wrote.

"From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the toolthat was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying withinme for a long time," he wrote. "Things that were too heavy for me tokeep inside."

Martin said that disclosing his secret is important because of his two sons,born via surrogate.

"To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with," hewrote.

"Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen five or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now.Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment.".

Writing the seven paragraphs, he said, "is a solid step towards my inner peaceand vital part of my evolution."

"What will happen from now on? It doesn't matter. I can only focus on what'shappening to me in this moment."

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Nine people have been arrested after ransacking the headquarters of one of India's most famous Hindu holy men, Paramhamsa Nityananda, after a local television played a video that appeared toshow him in bed with two women.

Nityananda seems to have gone into hiding before the villagers attacked his compound, some 19 miles from the southern city of Bangalore. 100 police officers are now reported to be protecting the ashram, which houses a variety of Nityananda's followers.

A Hindu holy man, Swami Nityananda is reported to have over 2 million followers and has over 11 ashrams in India and 26 in different countries around the world.

The video tape of the swami, though relatively tame by Western standards, has greatly angered both his followers and critics. One villager told the BBC, "He is a high-flying Swamiji doing fraud on innocent people, he should not be spared."

The Nithyananda Mission ashram released a statement calling the video "a mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumours".

A Hindu holy man in India has denied any wrongdoing, days after video emerged apparently showing him engaging in sexual acts
with two women.

A spokesman for Nithyananda Swami said he was at the Kumbh Mela festival and would soon "clear the air".

In a video released on Sunday, the guru said he had done nothing illegal and
the scandal was "a false campaign".

His ashram near the southern city of Bangalore was vandalised last week after TV channels broadcast
the video..

'Nothing illegal'

In a message on his official website on Sunday, the guru asked his followers
to remain calm and patient.

"I assure all of you that nothing illegal has been done by me or my organisation. We are in the process of
collecting evidence to establish this lie and the motive behind this
false campaign," he said.

Swamiji, as he is known to his followers, said he would soon provide an explanation and answer all
their queries.

"There is total transparency at the ashram and all allegations of illegal activity are baseless and motivated," ashram
spokesman Satichandananda told a press conference on Monday.

Meanwhile, cases have been filed against the holy man in the southern city of
Madras (Chennai) for "outraging the people's religious sentiments".

The guru's followers allege the video was created and distributed by a
jealous inmate of the ashram in a bid to defame him.

Last week the ashram called the footage "a mix of conspiracy, graphics and

Nithyananda Swami has a huge following in southern India and the video shocked his devotees and angered locals.

WATCH: This appears to be the original broadcast, but can't say for certain (CONTAINS MILDLY EXPLICIT CONTENT)

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….Now in EFCC Net

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), is currently interrogating a notorious fraudster, Olabamiji Michael, who was alleged of defrauding over a 100 persons of about N30m in the guise of providing befitting accommodation for them in Lagos.Alertfake[1].jpgThe con- man, whose targets are mostly accommodation seekers, has been parading himself as a housing agent in Lagos. He had succeeded in tricking his victims into parting with large sums of money for procuring accommodation in an uncompleted one -storey building, located at No. 2, Amuda Street, in Kirikiri Town.

It was gathered that, the said building which was formerly a bungalow was later developed into a storey building. It has two sets of two bed room flats in it which was rented for N700,000 each, a four set of two rooms, self -contained went for N400,000 each and that of one room apartment were rented for N200,000 each.

The victims, including those that have already been served with quit notices by their respective landlords, unguardedly fell into the trap of the fraudster and ended up paying for flats still under construction. Unfortunately, most of them were greatly disappointed when, on completion of the buildings, they found out that they could not have access to their flats. Worse still, they were shocked to see many others claiming to have paid for the same flats to the same person. The scenario painted by the struggle for rightful possession by the victims is better imagined than witnessed.

On the penultimate day, the man who received their money suddenly showed up. He reportedly came to collect the balance of the remaining money from his unsuspecting victims when he suddenly saw the large number of his victims.

While the fraudster quickly took to his heels, his victims kept themselves busy by struggling for rightful ownership of the flats. The struggle soon degenerated into chaos. It heightened as those who have relatives around called for help while those who do not, were left with no option than to hurriedly contract thugs to help them do their biding.

The suspect: Olabamiji Michael
It took the timely intervention of policemen from the Kirikiri Division, who raced to the scene, to prevent what would have turned into bloodshed. The Divisional Police Officer advised that they should get themselves together and lodge a formal report at the police station..

Some of the victims who spoke to Crime Alert said they were not aware that the contentious building was rented out to many people and they regretted ever getting themselves into such ugly situation.

Sunday Joseph, a trader who lost over N400,000 to the fraudster narrated how he was lured into parting with his money. According to him, he contacted Michael after he read through an advert that was published along the road. “I called the numbers on the advert and he directed me to Amuda Street Kirikiri Town. There, I saw the building. It was still under construction.Fakehouse[1].jpg
He showed me round and I opted to take one of the flats. I asked for the price which he said was N 700,000 excluding agent and agreement fee, which he said I would pay N 50,000 each. I argued that it wasn’t an agent that showed the house to me, but he insisted that I must pay because the building belongs to his family and the only waay he could make his own money was by doing the agent’s job. After a long negotiation, we agreed and I paid N 400,000 and promised to balance him when I move into the house.

I kept on checking on him to see how things were going. All those times, I did not see other people call on my apartment, but on the day he asked me to bring his balance and take the keys to my apartment, I discovered that over 20 persons had paid for my apartment and at that instance, they were all struggling to get in. Doors were pulled out and replaced with another, padlocks were shattered and replaced with another, it was a complete chaos. At that time, I became confused and decided to call the attention of the man that gave me the flat but his lines were all switched off.

The crowd was much and people were running helter-skelter. Some were even trying to force their properties into the apartment. It eventually turned out to be a survival of the fittest. But some even went ahead in contacting their relatives to help them occupy an apartment; some others took the opportunity to occupying apartments hey did not pay for.

All of a sudden, the police arrived the scene and took control of the chaotic situation. They took us all to the police station and some of us made statements and surrendered the receipt of payment to the police. They next day, they tried to trace the man that received money from all of us called Ola through the address on the receipt.

But the address was not even in existence. We all got confused and the police were also handicapped because nobody knew where to trace him But I think the police actually alerted the command headquarters and also the Zone 2 headquarters in Onikan. Surprisingly, we got a call from the police that he has been arrested in Victoria Island in Lagos, after he was sighted by a victim whom he had duped of N5 million in a previous deal.

We quickly alerted the EFCC, because we learnt that some persons have been trying to get Ola out of Zone 2. The operatives at the EFCC responded immediately and Ola was transferred”.

Spokesman of EFCC, Femi Babafemi who confirmed the story, said the Commission is doing all within it’s powers to ensure that Olabajimi, as he is fondly called, did not escape justice.
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Fraudsters relocating from Nigeria -Report

Fraudsters relocating from Nigeria -ReportAgency reporterFraudsters are beginning to move out of Nigeria to neighbouring countries in the region, according to a report by PCworld, an international news web site about technology based in the United States and United Kingdom.This is just as an Australian-based woman is receiving back part of the money she lost to con-men, Empowered Newswire reports.Besides, a 2009 report from the Internet Crime Complaint Centre, disclosed that although internet scams are common in Africa, countries on the continent made up only 10 per cent of the reported number of complaints, with the US and UK comprising more than 75 per cent of the total.In its report, PCworld, released a report quoting an internet security expert, Steve Santorelli, as saying that con-men were relocating from Nigeria.Santorelli, who is the director of Global Outreach, said that while it was generally perceived that the 419 scams originated in Nigeria, there is now "a growing perception that the miscreants involved have now started relocating to neighbouring countries." Santorelli is the director of Global Outreach, an internet security research firm.PCworld also reported that "greed and the desire to make quick money have been given as major reasons why people fall into these scams, but gullibility and loneliness have also been advanced as reasons why people continue to pay attention to scammers."The report also quoted another IT expert, yaw Owusu, as saying , "The more naïve, the less educated and less exposed a person is to different people, a variety of life experiences, the more susceptible he or she becomes to scams of any form."Meanwhile, media reports from Australia stated that a Queensland, Australia woman who was conned out of more than $40,000 in an online scam would get some of the money back courtesy of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The EFCC had reportedly recovered some of the money" from which the scammed Australian woman would get a cheque.The local media report said the "56-year-old woman was tricked into helping a 25-year-old Nigerian university student who posed as a middle-aged British widower needing money for medical and travel expenses."The student was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in jail by a Nigerian court last year..According to PCWorld "The campaign to freeze accounts associated with former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and former Zaire dictator Mobutu Sese Seko led to the birth of Internet scammers, who were posing as family members with stash of millions of dollars to hide from the authorities."The report quoting Bill Zimmerman said "As ICTs (became) more sophisticated, advance fee scams evolved to take advantage of new mediums such as instant messaging and online social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning), and in the process became the global phenomenon (they are) today."
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The students, who invented a solar-powered electric car automated module, represented Nigeria at the exhibition which was attended by young scientists from 120 countries between March 23 and March 27.

The Vice-President, Nigeria Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology, Dr Yusuf Sara, disclosed on Monday in Bauchi that the students won a trophy at the exhibition.

Sara, while presenting the trophy to Alhaji Abdullahi Kashuri, the acting chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), said the students had, in 2009, won similar international scientific innovation competition in Germany.

Sara described the performance as "noble," adding that such competition would enhance the quality of education and encourage the growth of science and technology research and development in the country.

He said the association, in collaboration with private firms, would showcase its talents to enable other students to benefit from the experience.

Sara urged SUBEB and the Bauchi State government to provide scholarship to students to enable them to further their education.

Kashuri commended the students for promoting Nigeria among the science and technology developing countries, adding that the board would ensure improved funding of schools to ensure sustainable development of science and technology in the state.

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Tuface Idibia

Tuface Idibia

HOW do you feel about your recent award at the MTV Africa Music awards?
I just thank God. I am happy about it and it means more challenge for meto keep up the standard and keep working.
You have been performing in a lot of shows lately, where do youget all the energy from?
Within Nigeria it’s all the fufu I eat you know….emm outside Nigeria naburger (Just kidding o!) I think when your job is what you love to do;it makes it easier for you. So I guess it’s because I love to perform onstage and I love music.

Your latest album, Unstoppable doesn’t seem to be doing as well as your previous albums, what do you think is responsible for this?
I can’t really say because the kind of deal I had on this album had todo with the marketers being responsible for the sales so na dem knowwhether e sell or e no sell. I can’t really say its moving in terms ofselling in the market but maybe the buzz is not like that of theprevious albums.

Why is that?
I can’t really place a finger on what the problem is..

Tuface Idibia

Tuface Idibia

Do you think it has anything to do with you losing your touch?
I don’t think it’s the song, I think it is….. Wow! What do I think it isnow sef? (Pauses)
I think it is the promotional strategy that didn’t work well for thealbum.

You spent a lot of money establishing Hypertech, what happened to the label?
Nothing actually, it is just that right now I am trying to reorganizeand rearrange so that whatever Hypertech is going to be involved in nexttime will come out well. You know it was my first time setting up alabel and there are a whole lot of lessons I learnt. And I believe thatis the way of life, we learn in order to grow.

Can you outline some of the wrong steps you made as regards Hypertech?
I am not going to answer all that. It is a baby company and like I said,the promotion did not flourish as expected.

Why did you go back to Now music?
I think they are capable to do the job because I have worked with thembefore and I think they will be able to carry me to where I am going interms of management.

There were speculations that R. Kelly denied featuring on your song entitled Flex, what do you have to say about that?
Let me just put it this way; R-Kelly has not sued me, so let anybody notsay anything. That is the only thing I have to say because it is now asif I have to start defending. Let whoever said R-Kelly said that showme a tape or something.

Tuface Idibia

Tuface Idibia

But you did feature R-Kelly, didn’t you?
Yeah. There was a collabo and whoever is trying to say there wasn’t justwant to rubbish my name. They are tired of talking about the baby mamaissue and they want to use something else to tarnish my image. It isjust the work of some people who are trying to spoil my name.

Now that a lot of people believe the rumour, don’t you think you should have R. Kelly officially make a statement about it?
Well, don’t worry, I am working on it. I am going to do something aboutthat soon. I will just say father, forgive them for they don’t know whatthey are talking about.

What are you working on at the moment?
Right now, I am packaging a Disc Jockey master mix. I am trying to pick aDJ that can use my music and do the best mix. That is what I am doingright now and it will be ready next month. And I am still celebrating myten years on the scene and there are a couple of events lined up forthat. I did one in Abuja and I am doing one in Bayelsa next month aswell. There is a whole lot I am coming up with but I can’t really talkabout them now because they are still in the pipeline. When e don done, Igo let una know.

I am working on another album right now and I am preparing for the UK release of Unstoppable.

Do you think the album will do better there than it is doing here?

It is doing better there. Many Nigerians told me that the songs are notNigerian enough. And I don’t know what that means. They say they are notcommercial; they said why I didn’t do something like what the boys aredoing right now. So I am like, the thing wey the boys dey do now, who doam before the boys dey do am? Some people just want you to remain aNigerian artiste; they don’t want you to cut across to the other partsof the world. I have heard it a lot that the album is not Nigerianenough and maybe that is why they are not playing it.

Examining your other albums and this particular one, did you do the same things you did?
I will say almost the same thing. Not really the same but its still me. Iwill say the only difference is one or two styles of music I introducedon the album because I did some afro beats and I didn’t do so manysinging songs.

What do you think about the Nigerian music industry?
The industry is still in a little bit of chaos in terms of copyrightlaws, in terms of combating piracy and artistes getting their properdues. I think it is still a little bit unstable but in terms of growth,creativity and awareness, in Nigeria, the music industry is growingfast. It is like that everywhere in the world; you have the verytalented artistes, you have the business minded artistes that don’tnecessarily need to be talented and you have those that don’t have boththe business and the talent.
They don’t have any business in the show. And then in terms of audience,you have people who respect good music in Nigeria and we have those whojust want to party without listening to lyrics and then we have thosethat don’t have respect for Nigerian artistes, they only respect foreignartistes. Nigerians easily put people aside. We have a lot of great oldschool artistes who no one talks about anymore.



People just come up today to say they are this and that whereas there are people who have been there from the outset and they really did alot of work in the industry and nobody talks about them today. I havenever seen any radio DJ come on air and play old school songs alongsidewhat we have now. But the way it is, when new artistes come up, theyjust sideline the older ones. When 2face Idibia came on board, everybodyforgot about older artistes such as Onyeka Onwenu and Sunny Ade. Ithink that thing is one thing that is really bad in terms of respect forartistes. The way dem dey forget old school artiste dey very unfair. Nomatta wetin the person do, Na only the person mate dey celebrate amsome time. In all, the music industry is growing pretty fast right now.

Recently at the Arthur Guinness Concert, P-Square created a scene inyour defence, what is your take on the matter?

We actually came back and some people tried to disrespect us. Theyalways disrespect Nigerian artistes when it comes to stuff like that. Itis not necessarily Guinness; it’s the people they employed. You knowthey employ some agencies to handle stuff sometimes and these peoplejust disrespect Nigerian artistes.
And the Guinness staff actually came to apologize to us. That was whymyself and P-Square came back on stage to perform. I will advice bigcompanies to tell those who run the agencies they hire to stopdisrespecting Nigerian artistes. I left the Guinness show but themembers of staff who understood what went wrong, came after me andpleaded for me to come back.

Why do you think these agencies disrespect Nigerian artistes?
It is because they tend to look at us on their own level and see foreignartistes in a higher level than we are. It’s just like when you say aprophet is not respected in his home. They want to impress foreignartistes when they come to Nigeria. They want to kiss their butts orsomething in that line. When they have shows like that, Nigerianartistes also make demands but everything they would prepare would bejust for the foreign artistes. For instance, I made demands for my ownbackstage arrangement and on that day, I come to the venue of the showand they have a general backstage for all the Nigerian artistes and theyhave one particular area for the foreign artistes. And then sometimes,even the area that is created for the Nigerian artistes, when theforeign artiste come, they deny Nigerian artiste access to the place.Although sometimes, some artistes do not make these demands when we getto the venue of the show, they complain that they are being maltreatedmeanwhile in their rider they did not make these demands. Even those ofus who make these demands are not even satisfied and there areconfrontations and one just decides to refrain from displaying andmaking trouble.

Who was 2face as a fourteen year old teenager?
I was very shy but very playful, very friendly but extremely shy.

Are you still shy?
Yes I am but I can’t afford to be shy anymore because of the line ofbusiness I am in.

So how are you taking in all your fame?
Well I just look at it like I am still me. The fact that people know medoesn’t change anything.

Do you think you would have made it this big if you were still a member of Plantation Boys?
It is only God and time that can answer that. Maybe I would have grownbigger than this, maybe not. I can’t really say.

Are you guys planning a come back?
Right now, no! But we are thinking about

Are you planning to tie the knots anytime soon?
Hmm…I am already married o!

Really when did you do that and why did you hide it?
I no want make una know o!

Who did you marry?

Una no go let the person rest so….

Is it Annie Macaulay?
Don’t worry, you go know when we don tire to keep am secret. (Laughs)

So you are no more in the market?

No I am not o!

For the records, how many kids do you have?
Dem plenty o. I am still counting sef.

Don’t you think your having kids here and there will affect your career negatively?
One thing is that we are in Africa; it depends on which angle you arelooking at it from. Polygamy is a normal thing in Africa. I am nottrying to say anyone should do like I did; it’s a matter of how you wantto live your own life. What I did was the noblest thing I could havedone in that situation. I don’t care about what anybody thinks about me.I just know that I didn’t kill anyone and I did not commit any crimeand I did the right thing given the situation. So, however anybody looksat it is a matter of opinion. If they want to crucify me for it, noproblem, I go take care of my pikin them.

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Little did the duo of Erhauyi Ogbeide a.k.a Ukeke and Eghosa Idehen, arguably the two most talented actors in Edo State movie industry knowthat on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, they would fall to the bullets ofassassins. Prophet Ukeke, in company of his colleague, was reported tohave gone to see his in-laws, when he was murdered by unidentifiedgunmen in the presence of his in-laws. Our Edo State correspondent,PATRICK OCHOGA, writes on how it all happened..

The entertainment industry in Edo State and Nigeria in general on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 woke up to the heart wrecking news of thegruesome murder of Edo’s two most talented movie practitioners, an actthat has cast a dark cloud on the future of movie industry.

The circumstances which the duo were reported to have been killed appeared like a movie script that was played out on that day. Ace actorcum comedian, Erhauyi Ogbeide a.k.a. ‘Ukeke’, according toinvestigation was said to have received an invitation to come to hisfather in-law’s residence, where it was learnt that he had gone to seekintervention in his matrimonial dispute.

LEADERSHIP however learnt that no sooner had ‘Ukeke’ in company of his colleague, Eghosa Idehen settled for the discussion to commence,than armed men obviously on their trail force themselves into thecompound and opened fire on ‘Ukeke’ while his colleague who had takenrefuge in a toilet in the compound was equally gunned down not even hisplea to spare his life could assuage the killers.

As the shockwaves of the dastardly act continue to grip the ancient city, over twenty other persons in a cult related war were reportedlygunned down at different locations in the city in a renewedconfraternity war between groups identified as Black Axe and Maphiteconfraternities.

The assassination of the two movie producers coupled with the renewed cult war have further opened up another possibility that theassassination could be linked to a reprisal attack. Be that as it were,the immediate reasons why the middle aged artistes were cut down at thepeak of their profession remained a mystery for security agents in thestate.

Erhauryi, popularly known as ” Ukeke” unarguably was one of the biggest exporters in Edo movies. The duo took the Edo movie industry bya storm in 1990 with a movie entitled ‘Prophet Ukeke’ thus confirming‘Ukeke’ as a talented actor whose acts have culminated into the releaseof over thirty other movies in Benin languages. Having carved a nichein the industry both at home and among Edo’s indigenes in Diaspora,Ukeke, a graduate of the University of Benin, was said to have concludedplans to embark on a six European tour with his latest work before hefell to the bullets.

Lovers of Edo movies and stakeholders in the ancient city on hearing the sad news, staged a protest over the killing. The members of moviepractitioners who came out in their thousands dressed in black attires,marched through major streets of the metropolis and finally terminatedat Government House.

The Edo State Governor, who received the news over the killing of the two movie practitioners, expressed deep sorrow. In a condolence letteraddressed to the the Congress of Edo Movie Practitioners, Oshiomholesaid: “I learnt with deep shock about the tragic death of our foremostmovie and entertainment practitioners. I wish to convey to you and allyour colleagues and the people of Edo State as well my personalcommiseration. Their death is a great blow to the entertainmentindustry; they made such fundamental contributions to the growth of themovie industry in Edo State and brought happiness to thousands of fansat home and abroad. We pray God to grant them eternal rest. We also prayGod to comfort their families, friends and colleagues in this difficultperiod,” Oshiomhole mourned.

In a similar vein, the Special Assistant to the governor on Arts and Culture, described the duo as the leading lights of Edo rich artisticand cultural heritage. He said the killing of the artistes has cast adark cloud on the land. “No doubt the artistes community will miss themdearly, so also the entire people of Edo State both home and abroadwhose hearts they daily filled with laughter and humour in their offmoments”.

The effort of the state government to ensure the safety of lives and property of its citizens appeared threatened with the spate of murdercases in the state. Since the renewed cult clash, security in the statehas been beefed up according to the Police Public Relations Officer, ASPPeter Ogboi.

According to him, “I cannot tell you all we have been doing to stop this dastardly act. But all I can tell you is that we are on top of it.We have made some arrest and we are clamping down on the cultists. Weare also looking at those who were arrested but were charged to court inthe past. We are also going to hold meetings with community leaders andother stakeholders because those committing this crime come from onecommunity or the other”.

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6 Things Men Do To Get Laid That Science Says Turn Women Off

By Kathy Benjamin Mar 29, 2010 652,952 views" alt="article image">
Complimenting Her Looks">

You've got it this time. After a night of chatting up ladies, acting disinterested and dancing like a seizure victim, a gorgeous woman for some reason comes up to talk to you. Amazingly, you're holding it together and all signs are pointing to the two of you bumping uglies at the end of the night. In an effort to seal the deal, you compliment her on how attractive she is.

Moments later, she's scurrying off with the drink you bought her to rejoin her friends and make jokes at the expense of you and your Ed Hardy T-shirt.">
The Cracked office dress code.

What the Hell Happened?!

Shockingly, women really do want you to care about more than their great tits. In a study by one of the leading dating sites on the Web, they found that telling a woman she was attractive actually made her more likely to reject you. Also making her more likely to reject you: that collection of Pokemon cards you refuse to dispose of because "they'll make you rich someday." But we digress.

Words like "sexy," "beautiful" and "hot" made a woman much less likely than average to respond to your initial overtures. Meanwhile attempting to show interest in her by mentioning some of her pastimes, favorite things, etc. resulted in a much higher than average response.

Keep that in mind if you ever get the chance to chat up Megan Fox. Don't tell her she's gorgeous. Talk about all the other things you know she's into like bad acting, terrible tattoos and not wearing a lot of clothes. She'll be yours in no time.">
Don't forget, "being shinier than a G.I. Joe."

Being Nice">

What more can women want from you? You feign interest in attending their Real Housewives of Orange County viewing parties, listen to their drama with their asshole ex-boyfriend, help get them home free of the risk of date rape when they're really drunk--you even stop by with painkillers to help with their hangover the next morning.">

There is literally nothing you could do to be nicer to them and yet you're still just a friend, a "great guy," and therefore completely rejected.

What the Hell Happened?!

We really hate to say it but women are scientifically proven to like "bad boys." Apparently there is something called the "dark triad" (dibs on the band name) of personality traits that still exist and even flourish in humans despite the fact that, evolutionarily, they are bad for the continuation of the species.

They include exploitation, thrill-seeking/callous behavior and self-obsession. Since people like this are assholes, science dictates that they should have been bred out of the gene pool a long time ago. Of course, they weren't. And it's because the ladies love bad boys. Scientists found that the higher a man scored on the "dark triad" (seriously, that name is the shit) scale the more sex partners he had had and the more likely he was to be looking for short flings.">
Assholes have all the fun.

Basically, while they won't make great long term partners, for thousands of years women have been engaging in one night stands with "bad boys," getting knocked up and prolonging not only the suffering of man but also the use of Axe Body Spray.

You hear that ladies? The self-centered, destructive jerks of the world are all your fault. Try using some self control once in a while. Or, at the very least, a condom.

Having the Wrong Name">

So far, nothing has worked, and that girl you've been putting the moves on up and started dating someone who can only be described as "Jersey Shore-like." Desperate, you attend a singles mixer. One of those things where everyone has to wear a geeky little name tag and guys try to look successful but laid back by wearing both a tie and jeans.">
Good luck, shit-eyes.

Everyone here is looking for a date. There is no way you can strike out. Yet every woman you approach smiles, then glances at your name tag and suddenly turns away. You haven't even said anything yet! What could you POSSIBLY have done to turn her off this time?!

What the Hell Happened?!

You can blame your parents for this one. Apparently, your first name can drastically influence how successful you are and, yes, even how attractive people consider you. According to a study of 6,000 people, men named Michael, James and David are the clear winners, with all three placing in the top ten for Most Successful, Luckiest, and yes, Most Attractive names. George and Paul on the other hand? Well, just resign yourselves to a life of minimum wage jobs, accidents and loneliness (unless you're a Beatle, apparently).

Your best bet is to go for women named Anne, who suffer from the same horrible affliction as you: uglynameitis.">

These scientists are totally serious. One even wrote a book that includes a section helping you change your name as an adult in order to reverse all the misfortune your parents unknowingly saddled you with. So to all the Georges out there, simply start answering to Ryan and the ladies will come flocking.

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(CNN) -- Justin Gawel says there's nothing too incriminating on his Facebook page.

"There are a lot of pictures of drinking [but] nothing naked or anything -- at least I don't think so," he said jokingly.

Even so, the Michigan State University junior recently changed his Facebook display name to "Dustin Jawel" to keep his personal life from potential employers while applying for summer internships.

Although Gawel ditched his rhyming alias after two weeks when he realized Facebook users also can be searched by e-mail address, school and network, he is not alone in his efforts to scrub his online résumé. Many students and recent graduates say they are changing their names on Facebook or tightening privacy settings to hide photos and wall posts from potential employers.

And with good reason.

A recent survey commissioned by Microsoft found that 70 percent of recruiters and hiring managers in the United States have rejected an applicant based on information they found online.

What kind of information? "Inappropriate" comments by the candidate; "unsuitable" photos and videos; criticisms of previous employers, co-workers, or clients; and even inappropriate comments by friends and relatives, according to the survey report, titled "Online Reputation in a Connected World."

Such prying into his online life makes Gawel uncomfortable.

"I understand that when [employers look] at someone's Facebook page, they're just trying to paint a bigger picture of the people they're hiring -- so they're not just a name on a résumé," he said. "But that doesn't demonstrate whether they can do the job. It shouldn't matter what someone does when they're not in the office."

Gawel said he's not sure that employers would object to the information on his Facebook page. For him, it's more about personal privacy.

"Too many people take pictures of you. I didn't want to go through and 'untag' all of them," he said. "There's nothing illegal or too ridiculous in the photos ... but people don't take pictures of people studying or doing school work. They take pictures of people at parties and doing silly things."

For better or worse, online screenings may be a permanent part of the 21st-century hiring process. The Microsoft survey found that 79 percent of U.S. hiring managers have used the Internet to better assess applicants.

Dan Eggers of Partners Marketing Group in Marietta, Georgia, is among that 79 percent.

"We review and certainly do research on anyone we're looking at hiring or using as a contract employee," Eggers said. "We would Google their name, look at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter."

He said his firm usually only consults an applicant's online reputation to make sure he or she hasn't misrepresented their work experience.

"We try not to pay a lot of attention to wall posts from others. It would take quite a bit for us to be reacting to that," Eggers said.

But racist or homophobic comments will land your résumé and cover letter in the garbage, he said.

"People have a false sense of security about their personal information out there on the Web ... they think only their friends will see it," said Jack Rayman, senior director of career services at Pennsylvania State University.

Elana Borchers, an Indiana University senior, said she exchanged her last name for her middle name on Facebook in November when she started applying for jobs. Borchers even decided to keep her alias after landing a full-time position a month later.

"Not everything is certain," she said. "If my employers saw something on my profile now that they didn't like, they could take my job away."

Not that she's worried about the content on her Facebook page.

"There's nothing bad [on my profile]. I'd rather they learn about me in person," Borchers said.

"Big Ten schools have the reputation of excessive partying. That's something that's here with me in college, I don't plan to take that partying with me in the future and I didn't want someone to see that and judge me."

Borchers said she thought about removing pictures of her partying, but "they're my memories and I want to keep them for now."

Many of Borchers' friends are playing the Facebook name game, too -- dropping their last names or using a nickname to hide from potential employers and grad-school admissions officers.

"A lot of my guy friends changed [their user names] to a nickname that their friends call them, so everyone still knows who it is," she said.

Facebook spokesperson Kathleen Loughlin said she could not comment on the number of users who change their name on Facebook, but students who spoke to CNN said that among their peers, the trend is rampant.

Another Indiana University senior, Jeffrey Lefcort, changed his Facebook user name to Jeffrey David -- his middle name -- when he began applying for jobs, even though he doesn't think his page has anything inappropriate.

"I just didn't want to be found by someone who was looking for me that I'm not friends with," Lefcort said. "My Facebook profile is not intended for employers. I didn't want them looking at my personal life."

Like Gawel, Lefcort eventually ditched his pseudonym and opted instead to tighten his Facebook privacy settings -- something Facebook's Loughlin said is encouraged.

With the Internet playing such a large role in business today, few recruiters don't assess applicants' online reputations in some capacity before hiring, said George Matlock, director of operations at Matlock Advertising and Public Relations in Atlanta, Georgia.

And while Matlock said he almost always Googles a person's name before hiring them, he steers clear of Facebook.

"I haven't looked at [an applicant's] Facebook page," he said. "I try to stay away from it, myself. I think it's too personal ... maybe I'm just scared to see what's out there. Facebook tends to be something pretty private."

Emily Mitnick, a Michigan State University senior who also changed her name on Facebook, said she has nothing to hide but wants to keep a low profile and avoid being searched by potential employers.

Mitnick uses LinkedIn to communicate with the "professional world." She describes Facebook as a place "where I can be social with my friends and I don't have to be professional.

"I don't have any of my [tagged pictures] available to the public -- just for precautionary measures, not because they're inappropriate," she added. "I would just like to remain somewhat private."

Rayman, the Penn State career counselor, said he recommends that students with potentially incriminating photos or posts change their name on social networking sites. But it's not always that easy to escape your online reputation, he said.

"Web sites are almost impossible to eliminate," Rayman said. "They get cached somewhere and they'll keep coming up. It used to be if you had a poor reputation in one school, you'd move to another and your record didn't necessarily follow you. It's getting harder and harder to do that as everyone is on the Internet and everyone knows everyone's business."

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finallygot a close up of Jay Z's chain. He's had it for some time, but we'venever noticed that it had Jesus crying bloody tears. We're not sure WHATTO THINK.Note kanye West's own Chain in picture quite different eh ? Sealed Signed and Delivered to mr Jay Z Done deal !

R&B SINGER CHRIS BROWN PHOTO'D WEARING EXTRA TIGHT PANTS . . . AND DUDE IS PACKIN!! with career in nose dive nigga will try anything to get back on top but he aint gettin on top of Rihanna again the Girlfriend Beater !

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Known for crazy headgear it is now crazy no gear ! Exclusive from internet Safari !

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Erykah Badu shed her clothes as she walked along a Dallas, Texas, sidewalk until she was nude andthen fell near where President Kennedy was assassinated.

The result was a controversial video, released Saturday, for her song"Window Seat," which Badu said was "shot guerrilla style" with no crewand in one take March 17.

Children could be seen nearby as Badu stripped in Dealey Plaza, a popular tourist spot since Kennedy's 1963 assassination.

The singer's management did not immediately respond to request for comment,but Badu responded to the controversy via Twitter.

She tweeted that "there were children there. i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized."

The R&B singer said she was making a statement against "groupthink," which she tweeted was an "unwritten rule" that "iwill not express my true opinion if it opposes those i love and fear."

Some fans sent tweets praising Badu's artistic vision.

One fan tweeted to Badu on Sunday: "thank you, because yourbeing brave, i no longer feel afraid to say what i really feel."

The video opens with a November 22, 1963, radio broadcast describingKennedy's motorcade turning onto Elm Street seconds before fatal shotswere fired.

In the video, Badu is behind the wheel of a 1965 Lincoln Continental, parked along Kennedy's route. A single camerafocuses on her as she walks toward Elm Street and the book depositorywhere Kennedy's assassin fired his rifle.

Badu tweeted that "i was petrified while shooting this video ... but liberation began to setin. i conquered many fears in that few moments."

She said she was "too busy lookin for cops" to be embarrassed by her nudity. "i beennaked all along in my words actions and deeds. thats the real vulnerableplace," she tweeted.

The video does not include shouts from people off camera, she said. "they were yelling, 'THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE: YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED : PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON : DAMN GIRL! etc," Badutweeted.

More than a dozen people stood along the plaza's "grassy knoll" when Badu took off the last piece of clothing.

"the people caught in the shot were trying hard to ignore me," she tweeted.

As she reached the spot where Kennedy was first struck by a bullet, the crackle of a gunshot is heard and Badu's head snaps back and shefalls to the ground as if dead.

Badu said when the camera stopped "we ran."

The singer was born in Dallas, where she is raising her three children -- ages 1, 5 and 12

She tweeted to fans about her 5-year-old daughter's response when told of her plans for the video:"she looked at me with a blank face and replied ok mama can i haveanother pudding?"

The video was released days before the singer's next album, "New Amerykah Part Two: Return of theAnkh," hits record stores. The single "Window Seat" is at No. 28 onBillboard's R&B/hip-hop chart.

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INCHEON ― Ireland's Kamal Ibrahim was named Mr World 2010 at the contest's finale at Sondo ConvensiA, Saturday.

The Czech Republic's Josef Karas was runner-up and Nigeria's Kenneth Okolie was second runner-up.

The competition was designed to find ``the world's most desirable man'' ― someone not only tall and good-looking, but also intelligent and amiable. During the 16-day journey in Korea, the three winners had stood out more than others for their sense of leadership and camaraderie toward fellow contestants.

The grand finale opened with a graceful Korean traditional fan dance and energetic taekwondo performances. The 74 national representations were introduced, and the three presenters of the evening ― actors Lee Da-hae and Julien Kang and British pop star Alesha Dixon ― took the stage.

Dixon hyped up the crowd of some 1,500 singing her smash number ``The Boy Does Nothing,'' and the first part of the event culminated with the announcement of the 15 semifinalists.

The show followed with Girls' Generation. The top K-pop group, dressed in white and orange as cheerful cheerleaders, sang their hit dance songs ``Oh'' and ``Gee'' to a sensational audience, which included many vocal young fans. The numerous VIP guests from near and far, including Angola's charge d'affaires to Korea, Alfredo Dombe, looked on with a smile.

Tenor Paul Potts also seized the show with his breathtaking rendition of classics including ``Nessun Dorma'' from the opera ``Turandot.'' Bravos sounded as the audience ― including judges who took seemed to take a break from keeping tabs on contestants ― reacted with a standing ovation.

The air in the hall tensioned, however, as the semifinalist group was narrowed down to five. Many in the audience were disappointed with the elimination of Korea's Yoo Ji-kwang, who had won the fast-track to the top 15 by winning the talent show. The contestants of India, Greece, Germany and Guadeloupe, among others, expressed regret when Dixon announced the top five.

The top five included, in addition to the winning representatives of Ireland, Czech Republic and Nigeria, the Netherlands' Honza Jan Filipi and Lebanon's Abdul Rahman El Balaa.

The evening came to a close as Julia Morley, chairperson of the Miss World Organization, co-organizer of the event with The Hankook Ilbo-The Korea Times Media Group, announced the winners starting with third place.

After Nigeria and the Czech Republic were announced as runners-up, Ireland's Ibrahim was seen holding tightly onto his fellow contestants, and then break into a smile to hear ``Ireland.''

``I feel a bit numb right now at the moment, it really hasn't sunk in yet,'' the 24-year-old told the press after receiving his trophy.

``I came hoping to make top 15, that was my goal,'' he continued. ``I think pride is the strongest feeling right now; I keep thinking of my country, my family, my girlfriend.''

Karas congratulated the new Mr World, saying he possess everything required of the title ― physical strength and stamina, intelligence and character..

The winner is also entitled to a cash prize of $50,000 and various engagements with the Miss World Organization.
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Toba Gold is the guy who sang the popular song Jeje. He is tall andhandsome. He has an aura that will make women fall over themselves tocrave for his attention. .

This musical act, information emanatingfrom the UK reveals that, his last trip to London was not favourabledue to his double shuffle’s act he displayed to his alleged gay partnerwho paid for his air fare. Toba, amongst other artistes, we werereliable informed, is known to be a pervert. Several times he has beenlinked to man-to-man affair with top politicians and entertainers, andhe was said not to have denied or confirmed any of such insinuations bythe public.

The straw that broke the camel hunchback in his lasttrip to London is that, when he got to London, he was said to bestaying with his ‘partner’ in the illicit act and for weeks, the two aresaid to be together doing all sorts of immoral acts. After a while,Toba, rumour has it, started sleeping with other friends (males) of hisbenefactor and partner even to the knowledge of the guy.

The guysees that as a slap on him and he was said to have plotted a coup thateventually took Toba Gold back to the country. As you’re reading this,Toba is said to have lost virtually everything in the process of tryingto leave London in a hurry. Toba Gold also release a song titled ‘OmogeWa Femi’ about two years now. One of his musical video was shot by thediminutive Jordan Johnson.
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Bisi Ibidapo-Obe featured in a Yoruba flick some years back,many people believe that her character in that movie has a truereflection on her real lifestyle as she’s known to live a recklesslifestyle when it comes to matters relating to man and woman.

Eversince her incursion into the esoteric movie world, Olabisi, an Ilesha,Osun State born actress cum producer has become one of the beautifulfaces that adorned the four walls of the entertainment industry.

WhileBisi is stepping up in her career as an actress, controversies,however, are not leaving her tail. Aside the numerous men she hasalleged of sleeping with, recent scoop reveals that Bisi, sometime ago,was alleged of stealing a gold jewelry that belongs to a friend.

As the story goes, Bisi was said to have visited a friend at home andshortly after she left, a 24k gold jewelry was said to have developedwings and flew away. When they searched everywhere and they couldn’tfind it, someone was said to have being on her trail and the saidmissing jewelry was found in her custody weeks after it was declaredmissing.

Could this really be true? This event, though, welearnt, happened a while ago, the people who witnessed the disgracefulact, we learnt, still haven’t forgiving Bisi for her major role in themissing jewelry..
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There are some secrets that are secrets but for those who are always In the news, their secrets are sometime, open secrets. Amongst those who fall in this category is the current Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of United Bank of Africa Plc, Tony Elumelu whose tenure as the CEO/MD expires in June, as he was said to have enmeshed himself in a sex scandals that resulted to him having a beautiful baby girl outside matrimony with a lady named Carol. The 7 year old girl, according to information, was born in January, 2003 and christened Helen but nicknamed Chuchu.

Carol is a Christian but grew up in Jos. Her mother is from Kogi State. Carol is a seamstress and contractor on the side. Tall and fair in complexion, she has a prominent scar on her arm from an auto accident. We gathered that the ‘Banking Cowboy’, as the boss of one of the best financial institutions in Africais being referred, offered Carol some millions of Naira to get rid of the foetus when the news of the pregnancy was regaled to him by her. When Carol seemed to be stubborn about considering abortion, inside source informed yours truly that, he offered another N1.5m with all expenses paid-trip to Germany for the abortion procedure, an offer Carol was said to have deliberately refused.

Thereafter, Tony, we learnt, cut her off and they don’t communicate but see each other at functions and look the other way. Carol lives at Lekki where she’s coping with single motherhood syndrome with her baby. Although, life, according to findings, is not too posh for them, however, she’s able to send the split-image of the banking guru, Tony Elumelu, Helen to one of the best schools on the Island with the little profit she makes from her this and that businesses.

Though, Carol herself has her own dark sides as she was said to have romanced one of Tony’s cousin shortly after she got delivered of the baby. We shall bring to you other secrets of the big boy Tony, how he was said to have sent some thugs to eliminate them and the other deeds that ensured between Carol and the out-going CEO/MD of UBA next week. Keep a date with your soar-away magazine website, nfc.
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The call by Ahaji Dokubo-Asari is legitimate. He is exercising his freedom as a person and the way he perceives the ongoing, in Nigeria. I would tow a rather different line but not too far away from Dokubo. My stand will be for a peaceful co-existence of nations within Nigeria.
There many Nigerian professionals abroad, who have ideas, gained from our profession and from the experience garnered over years, in our country of sojourn, on how to fix one or more wrongs in Nigeria’s infrastructural decay and socio-political malady, given the chance. But because of the implanted, institutionalized and systemic corruption in Nigeria, those recycling themselves, either in Khaki or flowing gowns have prevented this from happening.
It is this blocked opportunities, which the present political arrangement, not only encouraged but incubates every time there is a change of power that the call for 'SEPARATION FOR COOPERATION' will address.
By the way, I am not advocating that Nigeria should break up. On the contrary, I hold on to the belief of 'one' Nigeria with a special kind of arrangement, which we might call United State of Nigeria.
I have lots of friends who are both Moslems and Christians from the north and in my father's house, we have practitioners of both religions. As a matter of facts, I lived with an uncle in Lagos, with whom I followed to fast during Ramadan month.
However, I see the country called Nigeria has being retrogressing, in all forms, since independence against the 'developing nation' tag that we are called, the world over.
If the only way we have developed in the last fifty years is the number of living beings we have brought to the world, with no attendance for food and social amenities to match, and we are still to do anything positive about it, then, I make bold to repeat myself, let us BREAK UP INTO MANAGEABLE AND HOMOGENOUS COMPONENTS.
This proposition, I believe will be in the interest of all concerned.
Concerning the issue on how resources are managed and distributed, I will advocate that the states wherever natural resources are found, be allowed to decide on how to explore and market it, leaving behind in the kitty of united Nigeria, an agreed percentage or as advocated in professor Suji's posting.
The so-called oil money has never trickled down to the ordinary man anyway, apart from General Gowon's misguided Udoji award of 1973. The vast majority of money realized from oil have been stolen by a few, who are opportune to have been in government or are allies of those in power, hence a retired general could boast to have made billions from oil well, and we are not told the criteria for its award.
All the component nationalities, be they six or fifteen, should go back to the drawing board, declaring state of emergency in every areas they are once known to be buoyant, but now abandoned, using latest available technologies.
The discovery of oil in Nigeria, to me is a curse for ordinary man but maybe a blessing for few khaki boys and their civilian friends.
If Nigeria will grow, oil money should be invested appropriately, using the accrued interest to develop specific, measurable and time attached infrastructure, spread evenly in all the 36 states, including the federal capital, Abuja..
I believe the different reactions that attended the controversial statement credited to Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, are because of his suggestion for a division of Nigeria based on religion.
David Mark, who called Gaddafi a madman, was not the first to say so. Gaddafi got the nickname from former American President Ronald Reagan, who named him Madman of Africa. David Mark has reason for his reaction apart from being Senate President, he is a Christian, from Benue State (one of the Christian states from the north) whose country, according to Gaddafi will now be a Moslem country.
David Mark happens to have spoken first and reacted because of his position in the country. What do you think Yakubu Gowon would have said if he had the same number of media attention? How about Theo Danjuma, Jerry Gana and a host of others from Benue, Plateau, Kaduna and many more from the north?
Growing up, I was taught, 'in every situation, the first reaction is always the best.' There are many sins of David Mark, to which he will, one day account for before mortal man or in the presence of God but on this occasion, I will spare David.
This is no time to be abusive, Moslems, Christians, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ibo, Ijaw, Tiv, Kanuri, Efik and others, it is a time to be truthful to ourselves.
The marriage we have endured for 96 years, managed by the colonial master for 46 years, is simply not working. Absolute decree leading to divorce is not an option though, but a separation and breather from each other so that we all earn our respects from each other and grow thereby. We have been going round in cycle for 50 years; it is time for something more profitable.
Amos Akin Adejinmi wrote from London, United Kingdom.
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